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1941 in Bronxville . and that computers were quite neat. So he decided to head programming and systems. Because of he said : “My undergraduate experience convinced me that I was not smart enough to be a physicist. Unix. But they created it with Ken Thompson. using a cross-assembler that ran on GECOS. His work soon attracted me.” Also he was interested in computer science." [1] Figure 1 : Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritc3hie 2 .Yusuf Patoğlu 151044027 – BIL 101 HW 1 28 Eylül 2015 DENNIS RITCHIE: FATHER OF C AND UNIX He was a physicist: His full name is Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie. I joined in the enterprise. though most of the ideas. Thompson wrote the first version of Unix for a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-7 in a month. Ritchie and Ken started to lay the foundation of Unix operating system. were his. He was born September 9.Many people thinks that just Dennis Ritchie created Unix operating system. the Keystone : After these. They were working on computing theory and programming languages. The PDP-7 he used had 4K of 18-bit words. But he didn’t become physicist or mathematician. He studied Mathematics and Physics in Harvard University. He graduated from Harvard University and joined Bell Laboratories with his friend Ken Thompson. He also worked in Multics project and wrote a complier for ALTRAN Technologies. My graduate school experience convinced me that I was not smart enough to be an expert in the theory of algorithms and also that I liked procedural languages better than functional ones. NY . and most of the work for that matter. Like he said : "It began in 1969 when Ken Thompson discovered a little-used PDP-7 computer and set out to fashion a computing environment that he liked.

then retired in 2007. is so important. If you want to understand this simple thing you need to be genius. These things which he done. Also got National Medal of Technology in 1999 with Thompson again. World”). same time everybody could do the same” This explains he also has a nice thinking style and character.Also he was thinking that Unix was so simple operating system. Figure 2 : This picture shows us Dennis’s works were so important. He gave first sample of C programming language like this : main( ) { printf(“Hello. Ritchie worked on Plan 9 and Inferno in his late life. The keystone of computer world. We owe Dennis for his works. He was thinking like that. applications etc. 2011. Creator of C language : Ken Thompson was working on a language named with “B”. } Today we using it for improve operating systems. Dennis said : “ In the same place.And he passed away in October 12. 3 . About C subject .” His late life and awards : He earned Turing award in 1983 with Thompson. So they achieved such a phenomenal success for whole computing world.Yusuf Patoğlu 151044027 – BIL 101 HW 1 28 Eylül 2015 Unix wasn’t like other operating systems. Dennis joined him and improved it to C.Because Unix was able to improve itself by users.

com/usr/dmr/www/ http://amturing. https://en. 3.cfm [1] 4 . https://www.Yusuf Patoğlu 151044027 – BIL 101 HW 1 28 Eylül 2015 References 1.wikipedia.