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Bacteria: Friends or Enemies?

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Gia Mar Ramos
November 20,
Science 7-3
Mrs. Joselyn Latimer

I. Bacteria, Allies or Enemies:

One day a patient went to the hospital since he felt very sick and had fever. He
goes to the nurse and she says, You have a type of infection called Lymphangitis.
Bacteria that are called Streptococci, which usually enter part of the immune system
from a scrape or wound in an arm or leg, cause it.
Are bacteria bad? says the patient.
Not all, some help us in many ways like make food, such as cheese and peanut butter
which without dairy products we wont have all the nutrients needed to be healthy, and
medicine to help people survive some diseases, which help us live a fuller and longer
life and, of course, get cured from whatever sickness we had. They also help
decompose dead organism and plants, which help us keep the world clean and without
them we wont have clean beaches and there would be dead organisms everywhere.,
says the nurse.
Wow I didnt know that. Now I know that its a good thing.

Not exactly, sometimes it can be very bad. Im not saying its not good but Im just
telling you that its not completely good it comes with some bad stuff too. It can give
you infections, which give us a lower chance of survival and can take our life, ruin
food, which gives us a higher possibility of food poisoning which leads to a lower
chance of survival, and do other bad stuff like help give us cancer, which is a terrible
disease which can lead to death. She says
Then what is it? He replies
The nurse starts to think on what to reply and she says.
Well lets try to put it together with something else. Maybe people, as you know not
all people are good some can be bad or even our enemies, but others can be really
nice, be our best friends and be very helpful. Bacteria are like people some are good,
like the ones that help us with medicine, and some are bad, like the ones that give
Oh now I get it so you are saying that they are both good and bad, or like others
would say, some are our allies and others are our enemies. Said the patient.
Yes, thats exactly what I mean. By the way where is the doctor he has taken
forever? Says the nurse.
I dont know but thanks for teaching me so much about bacteria and how they can be
good or bad.
No problem, if you want to know more just ask me Says the nurse
Thanks, will do, says the patient.
Thanks for watching this show on bacteria, Allies or enemies. Next show we will
talk about viruses, alive or dead and how do they work. Thanks for watching come
back next Tuesday for more Science Live. Says the show host.