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We would like to thank everyone who
continues to fundraise for our charity.
Please see some suggestions below if you
would like to help us expand our services.
 Sign up to Give as you Live
when buying online (it will cost
you nothing but benefit us
greatly). Please visit the following

 Send a donation by cheque payable to
Purple Trust. Address on the back of
this leaflet.
Providing you pay income tax at the
standard rate, you can make a gift aid
donation which adds a further 28%
from the government.

Run a coffee morning or afternoon in
aid of Purple Trust. This will not only
raise valuable funds, but spread the
word encouraging others to join us.
Contact Yvonne for our marketing


Recovering from
an illness
Feeling socially

Recently retired

Are you over 50 years
and identify with any of



Helping people over 50 Enjoy
Today and Look Forward to

Bored with life

Children left
Been made

If the answer is yes to any of these, we
are here for you!

Yvonne Clark
11 St Mary’s Walk
SG19 2JQ

Mobile: 07929 264946

Registered Charity No.: 1162510

Promoting the idea that everyone
has the right to feel listened to
and valued.

Bedford MK40 2DA BEDFORD Time / Date to be confirmed Charter House Bedford. Bedford. based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Please contact us for more information. MK40 3NR BEDFORD Time / Date to be confirmed Oasis House 20 Linden Road. 2pm-4pm Dame Alice Court. Leighton Buzzard Library. group outings and themed events. such as quizzes. why so different?  Beginners Guide to Brain Injury  A Brief History of Photography  How to Lead a Happy Life Training Courses for Professionals:  Value Based Recruitment and Value Based Training  Capturing the Art of Compassionate Caring. Dunstable St.  Help reduce depression/anxiety. 1 Kimbolton Road. Lavender Court. 2pm-4pm.  Promote community inclusion.Purple Trust’s Aims for all over the age of 50 years. we will aim to provide throughout the year! Training courses we offer:  A Changing World 1930’s—Now  Understanding and Developing Healthy Self-esteem  Understanding and Managing Stress  Male and female. _________________________________ Telephone information line 10am to 1pm. Lake Street Leighton Buzzard LU7 1RX ______________________________ Chair Based Exercise classes:  Biggleswade  Potton  Arlesey  Stotfold  Bedford Not to mention all the other activities. £1 entrance BEDFORD First Thursday of each month. Ampthill MK45 2BX LEIGHTON BUZZARD Last Monday of every month 2.  Reduce isolation and loneliness.  Encouraging trust in ones own ability to lead a positive fulfilling life. Monday-Friday on: 07929 264946 Monthly 50s clubs: for fun and to 4. 19 Newnham St. Bedford MK40 2PU SANDY Last Tuesday of each month 2pm-4pm Quince Court.  Promote healthy self-esteem and building confidence. .  Help maintain healthy wellbeing. Engayne Ave Sandy SG19 1BW AMPTHILL First Tuesday of every