Syllabus  Addendum:  Graded  Assignments  Detail  

N143  Quality  Improvement  (QI)  Research  Project  Proposal  
During  the  course  of  the  semester,  students  are  required  to  create  and  write  up  a  
proposal  for  a  Quality  Improvement  Research  Project.  This  proposal  will  reflect  
knowledge  of  the  QSEN  Quality  Improvement  competency  and  QSEN  Evidence-­‐based  
Practice  competency.    No  actual  data  will  be  collected;  this  is  a  proposal  for  research  
During  your  clinical  contract  appointment  with  your  instructor  and  the  preceptor  
discuss  the  QI  project  and  solicit  the  preceptor’s  support  in  identifying  the  project  
topic.  This  project  will  be  completed  in  groups  of  five  (5)  students.  You  will  form  your  
own  groups  based  upon  similar  interests.    Students  precepted  in  different  clinical  sites  
or  units  may  collaborate  on  a  QI  project.    
The  assignments  you  will  turn  in  related  to  this  QI  project  consist  of  three  (3)  parts:  
1. QI  Proposal  Draft  Paper  
2. QI  Proposal  Final  Paper  
3. QI  Professional  Poster  presentation  
1.  QI  Proposal  Draft  Paper:  A  written  proposal  of  your  proposed  QI  project/study.      
• A  cover  page  with  the  project  title  and  name  of  students  proposing  the  study  
• Identification  and  description  of  the  nursing  problem  
• A  brief  summary  of  the  available  evidenced-­‐based  practice  literature  including  a  
discussion  of  the  evidence  as  it  relates  to  current  policy  and  procedure  (you  will  
develop  your  discussion  of  the  literature  further  in  the  final  paper).  
• An  outline  of  the  proposed  research  project.    What  are  your  early  plans  for  
studying  or  alleviating  this  problem?  
• An  APA  reference  list  including  a  minimum  of  4  related  peer-­‐reviewed  research  
• Proposal  must  be  in  APA  format  
Turn  in:  Have  ONE  MEMBER  of  your  group  submit  on  N143  SacCT  site  by  
midnight,  March  11th  at  midnight.  
2.    QI  Proposal  Final  Paper:  A  written  800-­‐1000  word  paper  of  your  QI  project/study  
proposal  including:  
• Introduction:    Identification  and  description  of  the  nursing  problem  
• Literature  Review:  A  brief  summary  of  the  available  evidenced-­‐based  practice  
literature  including  a  discussion  of  the  evidence  as  it  relates  to  current  policy  

  Implications  for  improving  nursing  care:    Evaluation  of  the  project  including   impact  on  patient  care  including  the  QSEN  Safety  and  Patient/Family  Centered   Care  competencies     References     Paper  must  be  in  APA  format  and  must  be  kept  within  the  word  limit  of  800-­‐1000   words.    These  papers  will  be  graded  according  to  the  rubric  (on  SacCT)  and  this   description  with  close  attention  to  detail!     Turn  in:  Please  have  ONE  MEMBER  of  your  group  submit  on  N143  SacCT  site   by  midnight.     o You  can  have  your  poster  printed  on  campus  (for  free!)  or  you  can  use  a   tri-­‐fold  poster  format.    Beware  of  the  “too  many  words”   pitfall!     Presentations  will  take  place  on  Monday. Sample  Population:  Who  will  your  participants  be  and  how  will  they  be   selected?   b.  a  bar  chart  with  x-­‐  and  y-­‐axis  labeled  and  dummy  data  to   show  where  actual  data  would  be  presented.   for  example.  Professional  Poster  Presentation:   • You  will  prepare  a  poster  to  be  presented  to  your  peers  and  faculty  on  the   assigned  date.  May  2nd.   c.  interview  guide.• • • • and  procedure.  for  example).     • Your  poster  will  be  reviewed  and  evaluated  by  School  of  Nursing  faculty.  intervention   description.  is  there  a  lack  of  randomization. Methods:    How  will  you  learn  more  about  the  nursing  problem  and/or   what  intervention  are  you  testing  in  order  to  attempt  to  alleviate  the   nursing  problem?    Please  provide  a  copy  of  the  data  collection  tool  you   will  use  (survey. Data  Analysis:  How  will  you  analyze  the  data  you  collect?    How  will  you   know  if  your  data  is  significant  enough  to  act  upon?    Please  provide   “dummy  tables”  or  charts  showing  how  you  would  display  relevant  data.     3.  etc).    Must  use  a  minimum  of  6  related  peer-­‐reviewed  research   articles   Proposed  Study:     a.  focus  group  guide.     “Dummy  tables”  do  not  pretend  to  have  actual  data.   .    These  are  posted  on  SacCT  under  “Assignments”  on   the  course  website.   Limitations:  Discuss  the  limitations  of  this  proposed  study  (is  the  sample  size   small.     o Please  print  and  bring  to  the  QI  poster  presentations  a  total  of  5  QI   Evaluation  forms.  they  simply  show.   o Poster  should  include  relevant  and  sufficient  information  to  act  as  an   “invitation  to  discuss”  your  proposal.  This  poster  presents  the  information  provided  in  your  QI   abstract.  April  8th.

 close-­‐toed.    No  late  forms  will  be   accepted.    One  point  will  be  given  for  each  full  hour  completed.  quiet  shoes  and   scrubs  for  skills  lab. You  may  work  in  the  simulation  lab  or  assist  in  the  labs  during  skills  check-­‐offs   for  1st.  Lab  Coat.  Arrive  10  minutes  early  with  Name  Tag. Sign  up  for  a  mentorship  opportunity  via  signupgenius  or  with  clinical  faculty  per   Mentorship  Opportunities  file.  or  clinical  days.N143  Mentoring  Assignment  (10  hours)   Mentoring  and  teaching  are  an  integral  part  of  the  nursing  profession  and  an   expected  part  of  leadership  development.   3.      For  CNSA  first   semester  student  mentoring.  Through  CNSA.   2.   Assignment  Completion   1.       2.  2nd  or  3rd  semester  students.  This  assignment  requires  you  to   participate  in  10  hours  of  mentoring  a  student  in  an  earlier  semester.  prep  days.    You  can  meet   this  requirement  in  one  (or  a  mix)  of  three  ways:   1.                         . Complete  10  hours  of  mentoring  activities  (can  be  any  combination)   2.  get  CNSA  faculty  signature  AND  student  signature   with  contact  information.   See  Mentorship  Opportunities  on  SacCT:   1.  you  can  mentor  an  incoming  first  semester  student  according  to   CNSA  guidelines.     Turn  in:  Submit  completed  and  signed  Mentorship  Sheet  to  SacCT  by  midnight  on   May  6th. Get  signatures  for  each  hour  you  spend  in  mentoring  activities. You  may  partner  with  a  clinical  faculty  member  and  make  the  first  or  second   day  of  a  clinical  group’s  first  days  more  comfortable  by  being  present  to  support   them.

”     Crucial  Conversations  Book  Club  and  Discussion   • • • •   Turn  in:  Submit  on  N143  SacCT  site  by  midnight.• • • • •     Leadership  Paper     Creatively  write  about  a  nursing  leader  who  greatly  influenced  your  thoughts  and   nursing  practice.     o  The  second  posting  should  be  a  response  to  a  posting  by  one  of  your   group  members  and  is  due  by  midnight  on  the  Wednesday  of  the  week   the  reading  is  assigned.    This   paper  should  link  your  opinions  about  this  leader  to  nursing  leadership  concepts.   No  more  than  4  and  no  less  than  3  pages  using  APA.   In  order  to  receive  full  points.  or  someone  you  identified  during  your  journey  through  nursing  school.   o The  first  posting  should  be  your  own  response  to  the  prompt  posted  and   is  due  by  midnight  on  the  Sunday  of  the  week  the  reading  is  assigned.               .  you  must  contribute  at  least  two  thoughtful   posts.     Be  sure  to  relate  your  choice  to  components  of  leadership  from  the  course.  you  might  elaborate  on  a  statement  like  the  following:   “John  Jones  expressed  his  leadership  through  clear  communication  when  he   advocated  for  his  patients.     Use  at  least  2  references  to  support  your  choice.  I   will  clearly  and  calmly  explain  my  reasoning  to  him  or  her.    For  example.   The  posts  must  reflect  thoughtful  reading  of  the  assignment  and  your  thoughts   of  how  it  will  assist  (or  not!)  you  in  your  future  professional  relationships.  one  must  be  from  one  of  the  class   texts  and  one  outside  of  class  texts.    I  will  do  the  same.  see   course  calendar  above.  when  a  physician   asks  me  to  do  something  that  I  think  may  not  be  in  my  patient’s  best  interests.    Give  several  specific   examples.  Florence  Nightingale.   Include  a  section  regarding  the  elements  of  the  nursing  leader  that  will  inform  your   leadership  ideology  and  role  as  a  professional  nurse.    For  instance.  Jean   Watson).  April  22nd       Four  times  during  the  semester  you  will  be  assigned  reading  from  Crucial   Conversations  (see  weekly  calendar).  You  may  choose  a  formal.    For  due  dates.   Turn  in:  Submit  on  N143  SacCT  group  discussion  site.  Clara  Barton.  published  and  well-­‐known  nursing   leader/theorist  (ex:  Patricia  Benner.   Each  of  the  four  weeks  you  will  respond  to  a  prompt  on  the  discussion  board   that  relates  to  that  week’s  reading.  Version  6  are  required.

  Teaching  dates  are  listed  on  the  syllabus  weekly  calendar  and  SacCT  Weekly   Folders  but  teams  may  trade  amongst  themselves  as  long  as  they  let  the  Faculty   of  Record  know  at  least  a  week  ahead  of  time.    Particular  attention  will  be   paid  to  your  team’s  ability  to  get  important  content  covered  and  maintain  your   peers’  attention  throughout  the  presentation.   o INSTEAD  say:  This  school  of  midwifery  fits  my  needs  because  its   mission  makes  clear  that  they  have  the  same  philosophy  for   approaching  child-­‐birth  as  I  have.  each  team  will  have  one  opportunity  during  the  semester  to   teach  some  of  the  course  content  to  their  peers.       o Do  NOT  say:  This  school  of  midwifery  is  good  for  me  because  I   want  to  be  a  midwife.    Your  class  doesn’t  learn  anything   if  you  can’t  keep  them  interested!    Teaching  is  hard!  J   “My  Future”     • Choose  two  professional  organizations  and  two  graduate  school  programs  that   might  meet  your  needs  in  the  future.    This  means  that  no  one   student  should  speak  longer  than  2  minutes!    Be  sure  you  practice!   o Please  ask  the  Faculty  of  Record  about  how  to  narrow  your  topic  if  it   seems  too  complex  for  a  20-­‐minute  presentation!    You  will  also  have  five   minutes  of  time  for  class  discussion.   Your  teaching  session  should  last  no  longer  than  20  minutes  and  should  cover   the  most  important  aspects  of  the  chapter  assigned.    Write  a  few  sentences  about  why  each   might  be  appropriate  for  you.• • • •   Team  Teaching  Presentation     Leadership  and  management  in  nursing  always  includes  teaching  groups  of   people.  April  26th       .   Grading  will  be  according  to  the  rubric  on  SacCT.  which  is…   Turn  in:  Submit  on  N143  SacCT  site  by  midnight.  therefore.