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Image of Nursing

Student Code of Conduct

Academic Honesty, Policy & Procedures

Nursing Student Handbook

History of Nursing: Recorded PP Presentation
The following is a link to the supplemental History of Nursing PowerPoint with
voiceover presentation.

 Nursing Process: Recorded PP Presentation The following is the link to the supplemental Nursing Process PowerPoint presentation with voiceover. Nursing Research: Recorded PP Presentation The attached link will take you to the supplemental Nursing Research PowerPoint with voiceover presentation. .  Nursing Theory: Recorded PP Presentation The link will take you to the supplemental Nursing Theory PowerPoint with voiceover presentation.

SacCT Tutorials. and useful software downloads. .  Technical Support & Computing Resources Links to student computing resources.N112 Web Links Content  Pharmacology Reference  Endoscopy Self Study Module GI Endoscopy Self-Study Learning Module  Campus Resources & Services On campus resources and programs available to help assist you in your academic studies and student life.

 Physical Assessment Videos (requires Flash --.edu:8080/ramgen/usr/kristi/cdc/02_preventing_transmission.csus.csus.rm running time 12:53  Standards for Infection Control: Part 2 Preventing Transmission Video http://media1.edu:8080/ramgen/usr/kristi/cdc/01_infection_control. Link available also on the Sourcepage for access throughout the program.  Standards for Infection Control: Part 1 Principles of Infection Control (recommended) http://media1.will not play on iPads or iPhones) Videos that are required viewing for N113.rm .N113 Web & Video Links Content  Simulation Lab Orientation Video 10 minute orientation vidoe on Sim Man and his functions/monitoring equipment/ and our simulated hospital room.

You may stop viewing when counter reaches 21:48  Protecting Yourself From BloodBorne Pathogens (supplemental) .rm running time 13:24  Required Charting & Medical Records Video This is a required video.csus. There is a quiz due after viewing  Required NG Video: The Nurse's Guide to Enteral Feeding Tubes  Required NG Video: Nasogastric Intubation. Balloon Gastrostomy Tube Replacement You only need to watch the first portion of this video.edu:8080/ramgen/usr/kristi/cdc/03_tb_prevention.running time 18:32  Standards for Infection Control: Part 3 TB Prevention http://media1.

csus.rm running time 28:23  TB .What the Health Care Worker Should Know (supplemental) http://media1.edu:8080/ramgen/usr/kristi/rilda/universal_precautions.edu:8080/ramgen/usr/kristi/rilda/tb.csus.http://media1.rm Running time 14:54  Supplemental Videos  Student Conduct Code  .edu:8080/ramgen/usr/kristi/rilda/pathogen_protection.csus.rm running time 18:45  Universal Precautions Video (supplemental) http://media1.

The LEAP Prgram page has great information regarding foot assessment.look at the page for the word LEAP and click on it.  A Practical Guide to Neurological Examination-UCSD This is the neurological assessment exam that is part of the comprehensive physical examimation used by the medical students and other health care professionals. Policy & Procedures  Interactive online guide to the neuro exam This is an interactive online guide to the neurological examination. or iPod formats.  Monofilament & LEAP When you clink on this web link . Flash.  Skin Assessment  Head to Toe Assessment Video 12 minute head-to-toe physical assessment. available to view in QuickTime. .Academic Honesty. Review the two short videos on using a monofilament.

 Phase I Gathering Information  Phase II History Taking  Simulation Lab Orientation Video .