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There was once a man
who had two sons.
One day, the youngest son
said to the father, Father,
I want my part of the
family money now.



The father gave his younger

son the money. Shortly
afterwards, the son packed
all his things and went to a
far country.

There, the young son

wasted all his money.



Soon, there was a famine
and the younger son had
no food. He went looking
for work and found a job
helping a pig farmer feed
the pigs.
The son was so hungry
that he would have been
happy to eat the pigs



Finally, the son decided, I will go
home to my father and ask him to
allow me to work for him as a
servant. And off he went.
While the son was still a ways
away from the house, the father
saw him and had compassion on
him. He ran out to meet his young
son and hugged and kissed him.

! "



The father called the servants

and said, Give my son a new
robe! Put a ring on his finger
and shoes on his feet! Lets eat
and celebrate! My son who
was lost has been found! So
they all celebrated together.

God loves you. He's loved

you from the very
beginning and He'll love
you to the end.
Illustrations Zondervan. Text courtesy of; final quote from Motivated magazine. .