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Carbonated Drink and

Menthol Chewy Dragees

Mixture as Alternative
Rocket Launcher

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they would immediately turn the Coke bottle upside down. the researchers look for some procedures that will help them to achieve their goal. they poked on Mentos on a paper clip. which is attached to a cork that would serve as the cover of the bottle. which made them conclude that a simple Coke and Mentos could be an alternative rocket propeller or launcher. Lastly. they made a base similar to the base of a real rocket. cars.Abstract Nowadays. In line with this. specifically Mentos. After numerous trials and errors. we experience global warming which is the sudden increase of the normal temperature due to several harmful gases in the environment like smokes from houses. think of ways in which rockets would not emit a single harmful gas which lead us to use carbonated drink. as an alternative rocket launcher. and then the explosion would begin. First of all. Therefore. specifically Mentos and a chewy Menthol dragees. after securing the Coke bottle with the cork. Second. the researchers finally achieved their goal which is to prove that Coke and Mentos could be an alternative rocket launcher despite the several problems that they have encountered. One of these are the gases emitted by rockets during their take-off. some of us grade 9 students. factories and many more. .

Maria Goretti .Acknowledgements Marlene Panganiban Aliyah Aguilar Cielo Almeda Vernice Bongato Samantha Escalante Francheska Limpiado Stef Melendres 9 – St.

gimbaled thrust. it produces fire. and/or gravity to help control flight. During the 17th century. especially our environment by using materials that won’t immensely damage it. because they want to help the society at the point this time. specifically the ozone layer because of the chemicals a rocket ejects. spacecraft. they decided to work on a . airfoils. and why are they able to work in the vacuum of outer space. auxiliary reaction engines. the stick guided the rocket to head in one general direction as it flew into the air. rockets didn’t come out of the blue so the scholars who worked on it. These laws explain how rockets work. Rocket engine exhaust is formed entirely from gunpowder or propellants carried within the rocket before use. specifically the ozone layer because of the chemicals it ejects. That is why they also want to help the society at the point this time. Some of these rockets were so forceful that their escaping exhaust flames bored deep holes in the ground even before lift-off. propellant flow. Rocket engines work by action and reaction. researched and craved on how to develop it. spin. momentum wheels. rocket experimenters began working with rockets with a mass of more than 45 kilograms. These flying fire lances were a simple form of solidpropellant rocket. Sir Isaac Newton formulated the 3 scientific laws about physical motion. aircraft or other vehicle that obtains thrust from a rocket engine. A rocket is a missile. smoke & gas that escaped out the open end and produced a thrust while. capped with one end that contains gun powder. The researchers decided to choose this study to work on because they want to discover and produce earth-friendly fuel. and push rockets forward by expelling their exhaust in the opposite direction at high speed. deflection of the exhaust stream. Rockets rely on momentum. That is why. Soon. specially our environment by using materials that won’t immensely damage it. When the power is already flared up.CHAPTER I Introduction Background of the study Like the other inventions. It is tube.

2.) To produce a rocket that is helpful and environmental friendly.) To produce an affordable. the investigators came up with an idea of how they can use materials available at hand. they also believe that they have the ability to produce a unique.) To extend the use of Coke and Mentos.) To produce a rocket that is affordable and easy to make. 3. Specific Objectives: 1.) To prove that the Mentos & Coke can be an alternative source in making a rocket. and affordable rocket launcher to extend the use of the carbonated drink and menthol candy. earth-friendly.) To make an alternative for rocket using materials that are easy to find. like the carbonated drink and menthol candy. Statement of the problem The study seeks to answer the following problems: 1.) Can the researchers make a fuel out of Mentos and Coke only? General Objectives: 1. unique rocket. the Rocokettos team thought of “What if the day will come that all rockets are gone. . 3. In addition to this.) To produce something that can help the students and the people around them.) Can a Coke & Mentos be an alternative source of fuel for rocket? 2. as a substitute to a gas-fueled rocket launcher.) To make an alternative fuel. safe & affordable. that also contains some of the components similar to the components of the rocket. 2. They want to create an alternative fuel for the future generations to come.carbonated drink with menthol candy mixture. 4. and its components are also completely not available?” and so. Lastly. 4.

then it can launch a rocket ship. and carbon dioxide gas. so both of their contents contribute to the explosion. if this experiment succeeded. because instead of using gas. aspartame.” . the future generations can use the components of the carbonated drink with menthol candy for rocket launching. and can be used as a sub for “Rocket gas. while the Coke have potassium benzoate. Scope and Limitations The researchers found out that the prod used in experimenting have something to contribute in the future rocket. The menthol candy has this content that contributes to the formation of the foam.Hypotheses In view of the preceding question.) If the force is strong enough. the following hypotheses are advanced: 1. Even though they are still testing the experiments. which is the gelatin and the gum Arabic. Significance of the study The investigators strongly believe that the result of the study will be beneficial to the following environment specifically. they have come to conclusion that this will work.

the gas stays trapped in the solution by the surface tension of the water. it is easy to see how you have yourself a geyser! One factor that may affect the size of the Mentos and Diet Coke eruption is how quickly the Mentos candies sink in the soda.1 Review of Related Literature You might think that there is some ingredient in a Mentos candy that is causing a chemical reaction with the soda. but that they are simply re-arranged. which forms bonds with water. When you pour some soda into a glass. That means that all of the pieces of the reaction are there. But those gas bubbles want to escape.CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature 2. the candy causes the production of more and more carbon dioxide bubbles. This rough surface allows the bonds between the carbon dioxide gas and the water to more easily break. With all of the tiny bumps on a Mentos. But if you were to look under a microscope. helping create carbon dioxide bubbles that cause the classic Mentos and Diet Coke eruption. where a bubble of carbon dioxide gas can form and escape the solution. A carbonated beverage. Looking at a piece of Mentos candy. you would see tiny bumps coating the entire surface of the candy. This means that each tiny bump acts like a place where the physical reaction can get a kick start. the gas is kept in solution by the pressurized conditions inside the bottle. meaning that its particles are very tightly compacted . like a soda pop. While the soda is in the bottle. making it no wonder that soda makes you burp! To create bubbles. the carbon dioxide needs to interact with itself. But this is not a chemical reaction at all! Instead it is a physical reaction. is packed full of carbon dioxide gas that is dissolved into the soda solution. The rising bubbles react with carbon dioxide that is still dissolved in the soda to cause more carbon dioxide to be freed and create even more bubbles. All of the bubbles in a soda pop that make you burp come from the dissolved carbon dioxide gas. which means that its bonds with water in the soda must be broken. Because a Mentos candy is relatively dense. you may think it is very smooth. like the way baking soda reacts with vinegar. As the Mentos candy sinks in the bottle of soda. A Mentos candy can help with this.

. 2010) 2. F. dextrin. the candy would be less compact.higher surface tension = more difficult environment for bubbles to form.2 Related Studies Mentos have a strange chalky color and texture and they do taste rather like antacid tablets. If the chalkiness comes from carbonates. F.1999) They're basically just a big pellet of flavored sugar with gummy stuff added to give them structural integrity and to keep them from sticking together in the package. You can also increase the effect by adding more surfactants to the soda when you add the Mentos.together. you will see if using crushed Mentos candies instead of whole Mentos candies. and gum Arabic. So why do Mentos make diet soda foam so violently? It's a physical reaction. because there is now more space and air between the little pieces. it’s because aspartame lowers the surface tension of the liquid much more than sugar or corn syrup will. sugar or (potentially) aspartame. also help in this process. 2008 & Senese. allowing for even more rapid bubble growth on the porous surface of the Mentos. like adding a mixture of dishwasher soap and water. 1999) In addition to that. glucose syrup. the fizzing might be explained as a neutralization reaction that produces CO2.. in Diet sodas. and consequently less dense. H. As to why diet sodas like Diet Coke produce such a bigger reaction.. gelatin. the gum Arabic / gelatin ingredients of the Mentos. the ingredients end up lowering the surface tension of the liquid. All variations of Mentos contain sugar. corn starch. (For your reference. But the ingredients don't include carbonates. compounds like gum Arabic that lower surface tension are called “surfactants”). hydrogenated coconut oil. If a Mentos candy were crushed and broken into little pieces. (Senese. F. not a chemical one. "natural flavor". (Mujir. which should sink faster in the soda. (Senese. The crushed Mentos candy should sink slower than a whole Mentos candy. Another factor contributing to the size of the geyser is how rapidly the object causing the foaming sinks in the . it sinks relatively quickly in the soda. combined with the potassium benzoate. In this materials science project.. will change the height of the eruption.or any other significantly alkaline material. In these cases.

so when you drop the Mentos in. The higher the temperature.. This is another reason Mentos works so much better than other similar confectioneries. The faster it sinks. but also a much smaller geyser. Coffey. If you crush the Mentos. so it doesn’t sink much at all. slower reaction may release the same amount of foam overall. (Dr. the reaction happens faster. Yet another factor that can affect the size of the Mentos / Coke geyser is the temperature of the soda itself. Mentos are fairly dense objects and so tend to sink rapidly in the soda. T. 2008) . and faster reaction = bigger geyser. the bigger the geyser due to gases being less soluble in liquids with a higher temperature.soda. they are more “ready” to escape the liquid. the faster the reaction can happen. So. you won’t get nearly the dramatic reaction. basically.

2 Materials / Equipment One of the most important thing to remember in doing an investigatory project is the detailed materials list needed to perform the experiment. Cork.5L of Coke. which will cause explosions like those of the rockets which is the main goal of the researchers. Tape. specifically a cold diet Coke. Sticks. pieces of meter stick and duct tape.1 Methodology As the researchers conducted their activity. wooden sticks. is one of the important materials used in the study because its chemicals would react more. and the colder the carbonated drink. they gathered and prepared all the materials needed (1. Mentos. than the other possible materials that can be also use. first of all. the bigger the geyser. the found a new way to conduct their experiment in which the coke bottle would have a base that will support it.CHAPTER 3 Materials and Methods 3. The main materials that were used in this study are one liter (1) of carbonated drink (Coke) and one (1) pack of menthol chewy dragees (Mentos). Meter Stick) but because of some problems encountered by the researchers. The carbonated drink. specifically Mentos. . which will help in making the carbonated drink’s substance to explode due to the chemicals it contains. Another important material used in the study is a one pack of menthol chewy dragees. The other materials used in this study are cork (optional). (Refer succeeding Chapter 4) 3.

wooden sticks (chopsticks). 2pieces of meter stick. Stick . because who knows how high can it reach?) And finally. (The researchers used 2 pieces to be sure. 1 liter of carbonated drink (Coke) 3. 1 pack of chewy menthol dragees (Mentos) 3. Wooden sticks are used to hold the bottle in place. 3. 2 pieces of meter stick is used to measure how tall the explosion can reach.1 B. and duct tape.1 D. duct tape which will be used to hold the wooden sticks in place. for it will help it to stand easily and as its guide or base.1 C. Cork (optional) is used to cover the opening of the mouth of the carbonated drink so that it won’t spill before putting the menthol chewy dragees inside the bottle.1 A.While the other materials used in the study are cork (optional). Duct Tape 3.

. hardware (for duct tape & stick). but quite difficult to do. Cork 3.1 E.3 Treatment / General Procedures The procedures in this project is actually simple. But of course.3.1 Gathering of Materials In the gathering of materials in this study. 3.1 F. Meter stick 3. and bookstore (for meter sticks). it is somehow easy to look for the materials needed since most of them are found on a convenience store or any supermarket. it takes time & effort to buy the materials since the researchers needed some from the supermarket (for Coke and Mentos).2.

the researchers made sure that the Coke is at high temperature. it’s quite exciting to do the experiment already because of curiosity and so much questions. to achieve their goal. and prepare the Mentos. while the pieces of wooden sticks were used to support the carbonated drink. the researchers the needed some pieces of wooden sticks and the duct tape. equidistant with the wooden sticks as possible. However. .3 Creating the Base In creating the support for the rocket. A duct tape was used to hold the wooden sticks in place.2. to have a steady launch platform. to support the Coke to stand as it launch.4 Preparing for Launch After creating the rocket’s foundation.2.2 Preparing the Materials Now that the researchers already have the materials. They placed the meter sticks as like that of a backbone. To have a higher geyser.) 3. 3. the researchers started preparing for launch.2. the researchers kept everything in order and gathered the materials first before doing the experiment. (The researchers made sure that the duct tape will occupy the whole circumference of the bottle.3.



In this time. since it would prevent the Mentos from falling. they failed to achieve their goal.1 Results and Discussion The researchers actually underwent many trials and errors. which is to find out if a carbonated drink and a chewy Menthol dragees could actually be an alternative rocket launcher. they tried on using another method which was this: . when the researchers tried the step-by-step procedure on the last chapter. specifically 4 trials before achieving their goal. and lastly. On the second trial. which is essential to the experimentation. the unstable stand that would help the Coke bottle to stand firmly. the surface in which the researchers did their experimentation. due to some several problems like the lack of cork. However. the researchers did their activity on the grounds of Holy Family School during their break time. The first trial was on the fields of the UP Sunken Garden using the methods stated on the last chapter.CHAPTER 4 Results and Discussion 4.

specifically on the quadrangle.1.1 Durability This is the measure if the rocket doesn’t easily breaks into pieces while launching. But then again. since they thought that sticks are not enough to support a 1. After several trials and errors.1. on their fourth trial.1. the researchers used again the method they have used on the 2 nd trial.1 Durability test through application of rocket bases First trial Score 2 Second trial 2 Third trial 2 Fourth trial 3 .1. Their experimentation took place again on the grounds of Holy Family School. Also. and 1 if it is not strong at all. 4. it erupted but the bottle fell and launched sideways which was another problem faced by the researchers. 4.5L of Coke.1. But due to its high pressure when it hits something. The researchers used 3 if the base of the rocket was strong enough to hold the Coke. the coke fell and launched sideways just like what happened on their 2 nd trial. the researchers took a qualitative and quantitative manner of testing to measure its effectiveness. the researchers done it again on the grounds of Holy Family School using the method they used on their 2nd and 3rd trial but added some pieces of rocks to the stand of the bottle Coke to make it heavier and stand firmly. Last but not the least. 2 if the rocket base was not that strong enough. On the third trial.1 Physical Qualities 4.Unfortunately.1. it finally launched upward. the researchers prevented it from reaching a very high place.

1. 3 if 4 seconds.3.1. 4. The researchers used this as their marking system. 3 if the rocket launched the way it should be.2.1. 2 if it launch but has some complications. 4.1 Affectivity Test First trial Second trial Third trial Fourth trial .1. 4. that's why it would always fall and make the launching sideways.1.1 Reactivity test First trial Score Second trial 5 5 Third trial 5 Fourth trial 5 Based on the results. which the main goal is to support the coke bottle in preparation for its launch. the researchers concluded that the quickness of reaction between the Coke and the Mentos was similar to an actual rocket. and 1 if 6-7 seconds 4.The given data above shows series of trials and errors.1.2 Reactivity This measure how quick the Mentos reacted together with the Coke.3 Affectivity This is the measure whether the rocket launched the way it needed to prove that Coke and Mentos could be really an alternative rocket propeller.1. the researchers failed to achieve their goal due to the base that lacks durability. 1 if it failed. 2 if 56 seconds. For the 1st up to the 3rd trial. The researchers did the marking system 5 if 1-2 seconds. 4 if 3 seconds.1. showing that the only 4th trial is the one and only trial that succeeded.

1. it launched up in the air but it does not stayed long enough. but instead it fell and launched sideways instead. They also discovered that they have to consider their surroundings and as well as the ground where they are conducting the experiment.2 Findings The researchers had concluded that you need a heavier base for the rocket to launch the way it needed to.1. While in the 4th trial. 4. 5 for 5-6 seconds. they scored the 1st trial to 3rd trial as 1 because when the rocket launched.Score 1 1 1 2 The researchers scored only one on 1st up to 3rd trial because all rockets launched sideways instead of launching upward. the 4 th trial launched upward even though its height is not high enough for a rocket. 3 for 3 seconds. They also found out that in rocket launching you have to have the right timing because if not the rocket will either launch very early or it will go on the wrong places. At least. it did not launcher through the air. 4. . First trial Score 1 Second trial Third trial Fourth trial 1 1 3 Based on the researchers. 2 for 2 seconds and 1 for 0-1 second. 4 for 4-5 seconds.4 Lasting Effect This data will show how long the rocket stayed in the air.

Then it shoots out fast. But on their fourth trial. While on their fourth trial it lasted for 3 seconds in the air because the base that was used in this trial was different than the other trials that helped the rocket to launch for at least 3 seconds .It is also advisable to use diet coke or the light one if diet coke isn’t available in your country because diet coke has a higher acid content than the ordinary coke. The affectivity of the experiment did not work the way it should be. it still had some complications when they tested it or performed it.3 Analysis of Data The durability of the said rocket is very unstable. 4. And lastly the lasting effect of the experiment. since it was given a two. The researchers have had a hard time to launch the rocket. it was given a three. It can be assumed that the base that was used in their fourth trial was tenacious enough to support the rocket. The rocket model kept falling sideways that prevented it to launch upward. Once the bottle is flipped it reacts immediately to the carbonated drink. This is befitting to the researchers experiment since reaction time is one of the main factors for the experiment to succeed. although they did it in the fourth trial. The researchers also observed that the reaction time that it takes for the menthol chewy draggers to react was very fast. Based on the table from the first trial until the third one the rocket had some complications that resulted the experiment to fail. The researchers can conclude that the base that was used in the first trial until the third trial was not that capable to support the said “rocket model”. Again from the first trial to the third trial the rocket only lasted on the air approximately from 0-1 second. based on the table that shows how strong the base is.

Luckily. the bigger the explosion because based on their previous researches about the same article. gases are less soluble in liquids with a higher temperature which means that gases would really find their way out. there are related studies and related researches as a source. . so they’re better for bigger explosion than the other one mentioned. it made an reaction similar to those actual rockets. The researchers recommended to research more about Coke and Mentos and how did they come up with an explosion. the researchers finally come up with their conclusion.1 Conclusions After several trials and errors. remember that the higher the temperature. Yes. Also. 5. that will result to higher and bigger explosion. Somehow their work was acceptable in terms of launching the product. it is possible to use a carbonated drink and a chewy Menthol draggers as an alternative rocket launcher because due to the different components of the Coke and Mentos. which is the main goal of this investigatory project.2 Recommendations The researchers tried different procedures to come up with the appropriate one at the end. They also recommend using Fruit Mentos not Mint Mentos because Fruit Mentos has a thicker candy coating but same roughness.CHAPTER 5 Conclusions and Recommendations 5. The researchers fully recommend using Diet Coke it’s because aspartame lowers the surface tension of the liquid much more than sugar.

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