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Introduction of marketing and Internet marketing

Marketing is a widely used term to describe the means of communication
between the company and the consumer audience. Marketing is the
adaptation of the commercial activities and use of institutions by the
organizations with a purpose to induce behavioral change on a short-term or
permanent basis. Marketing is the management process through which
goods and services move from concept to the customer. It includes
the coordination of four elements called the 4 P's of marketing:
(1) Identification, selection and development of a product,
(2) Determination of its price,
(3) Selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer's place, and
(4) Development and implementation of a promotional strategy.
Marketing refers to the process through which businesses and organizations
promote themselves and their products by communication with potential
customers. Marketing includes all types of advertising, ranging from websites
and television commercials to print and outdoor advertising. Businesses
spend huge sums of money on marketing to improve their sales, but
marketing also benefits society as a whole in several key ways. Marketing is
the advertising of product to new customers and used customers. Marketing
is necessary for each and every aspects of society. Through marketing
people can get knowledge of what they want and what they have in market.
Society are highly beneficial by marketing it provides employment to people
and raise people living standards. It utilizes the natural resources available
and create utilities.
Informing Consumers
One of the ways in which marketing benefits society is by informing and
educating consumers. Marketing often has a persuasive intent, but it
generally begins when a company identifies a customer need and seeks to
explain how its products or services meet that need. For customers with
clearly defined needs, marketing provides a means of learning about new
products and what they do. Marketing can also include more practical
information to assist in making a purchase, such as addresses, phone
numbers, product release dates, store hours and Web addresses.

Managing Consumer Expectations
Besides providing consumers with useful information about products and
services, marketing can also help set and manage customer expectations.
Consumers rely on trusted brands and the consistency that comes from
brand loyalty. They also use information from consumer advocacy groups to
learn about which brands are most reliable and represent the best values.
Businesses use marketing to make consumers aware of major changes, such
as mergers and transfers in ownership that affect product offerings or seek
to improve quality. Government regulations prevent marketers from making
false or misleading claims. This allows consumers to make informed
decisions without as many risks as they would face if they had to buy without
the benefit of marketing.
Economic Benefit
Marketing drives a consumer economy, promoting goods and services and
targeting consumers most likely to become buyers. Higher sales for a
business that employs successful marketing strategies translate into
expansion, job creation, higher tax revenue for governments and, eventually,
overall economic growth. In addition, the marketing industry itself creates
jobs and wealth as businesses seek new and innovative ways to promote
themselves and their products. Consumer demand for marketing in new
venues, such as cellphones, creates new branches of the marketing industry
and furthers growth.
Modeling Behavior
Marketers work to understand consumer behavior and produce advertising
that is most likely to influence it. This provides a place for behavioral
researchers and economic analysts to model consumer behavior. By
examining marketing data and its correlation to consumer behavior, analysts
can learn about how and why people make the decisions they do. This is
useful in crafting awareness campaigns for major public and social issues. It
also serves to advance the fields of behavioral psychology and economic
There are many ways people can advertise their products in huge mass
community. Most of the used method are use of mass communication media
like TV, radio, newspapers, poster. Among widely used method are yellow
pages and ad. Nowadays internet marketing is been used mostly as the form
of marketing. It uses latest technology to reach to new users from different
group of people to one common place. The internet has transformed
business marketing. No matter what we do, the internet is likely to be at the
heart of our marketing strategy. There has, of course, been a rapid rise in the

But many other business models are using the internet to promote their business via websites. and organic search engine results via search engine optimization (SEO). blogs. promotional or informative Web sites. and interactive marketing of products or services using Internet technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. 3) Social media marketing involves both advertising and marketing (including viral marketing) efforts via social networking sites like Facebook. which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium. in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio. online advertising on search engines. measurable. internet marketing enables us to carry out marketing activities that range from market research to improving customer service. email marketing and media marketing: 1) Web marketing includes e-commerce Web sites. Internet marketing. It is embodied by an extensive selection of service. Internet marketing. email. in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are typically used in conjunction with traditional types of advertising such as radio. television. in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. social media sites like Twitter and networking sites like LinkedIn.number of ecommerce enterprises selling goods online. YouTube and Digg. Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing. affiliate marketing Web sites. build preference and increase sales through various Internet marketing techniques. Some operate solely in the online sphere. What's more. or online marketing. The key objective is to promote brands. Twitter. 2) Email marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketing efforts via e-mail messages to current and prospective customers. newspapers and magazines. product and brand marketing tactics. refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. . refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. Many others are bricks and mortar businesses that are also offering products and services via their websites. or online marketing. Internet marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted.


GNN died rather suddenly. In October 2000 google launches AdWords. This started the ball rolling for a huge revenue opportunity – although it very nearly didn’t happen. advertising was a no-go. .1. In January 2012 Facebook enables advertisements within news feed. In September 2007 AdSense for mobile is launched.2 billion internet users worldwide which the number of just 19 years earlier was 75 times. if we take into account NSFNET’s T&Cs which state that “use for commercial activities by for-profit institutions is generally not acceptable”. in 2006 Facebook launches advertisement in their Facebook pages. In 1998 GoTo. In the embryonic.1. In July 1996 first “pay per click” is launched by planet oasis.1 History of internet marketing It’s been 20 years this month since the first online advert was sold – and. In 2002 there were estimated 558 million internet users (now Yahoo. Anyone who wants to remember what public opinion was of the World Wide Web and the Internet back in 1993 need look no further than this documentary piece which spoke of “the growing phenomenon of Internet”. having been bought by AOL in June 1995 before being shut down a year later. In April 2010 twitter launches promotional tweets. a company formed as a subsidy of O’Reilly holds the first search advertising keyword auction. it’s a fascinating look at how far we’ve come. utopian days of the web. Whilst the momentum kept building up. The first online ad was sold by Global Network Navigator (GNN). to a Silicon Valley law firm. like a lot of technological journeys. After 2 years of launching of Facebook. In 2012 there were 1. Then in September 2009 internet advertisements outnumber television advertisements for the first time in history.

We can sell goods in any part of the country without setting up local outlets. Reach By marketing on the Internet. if we want to sell internationally. We can also build an export business without opening a network of distributors in different countries. Convenience . However. low-cost personalized communication. Localization services include translation and product modification to reflect local market differences. They can browse our online store at any time and place orders when it is convenient for them. reflecting the move away from mass marketing. Studies by analysts such as Gartner indicate that increasing numbers of consumers use social media and research on mobile Internet to carry out preliminary product and price research before making final decisions. Internet marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions.2 Objectives of Internet marketing The main objectives to change business from traditional marketing to internet marketing are: Convenience Internet marketing enables us to be open for business around the clock without worrying about store opening hours or overtime payments for staff. widening our target market.1. Internet marketing enables us to build relations with customers and prospects through regular. we can overcome barriers of distance. we should use localization services to ensure that our products are suitable for local markets and comply with local business regulations.1. Offering our products on the Internet is also convenient for customers.

Emailing customers regularly with special. Relationships The Internet provides an important platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels. widening our target market. They can browse our online store at any time and place orders when it is convenient for them. we should use localization services to ensure that products are suitable for local markets and comply with local business regulations. we can overcome barriers of distance. We do not have the recurring costs of property rental and maintenance. . We can order stock in line with demand. Reach By marketing on the Internet. personalized offers helps to maintain the relationship. we can begin the relationship by sending a follow-up email to confirm the transaction and thank the customer. We can also build an export business without opening a network of distributors in different countries. we can make targeted offers that reflect their interests. helping to build a sense of community. Offering products on the Internet is also convenient for customers. We can also invite customers to submit product reviews on our website. Personalization Internet marketing enables us to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences. However. We can sell goods in any part of the country without setting up local outlets. When a customer has purchased a product from wer online store. We do not have to purchase stock for display in a store. By tracking the web pages and product information that prospects visit. The information available from tracking website visits also provides data for planning cross-selling campaigns so that we can increase the value of sales by customer.Internet marketing enables us to be open for business around the clock without worrying about store opening hours or overtime payments for staff. keeping wer inventory costs low. if we want to sell internationally. Localization services include translation and product modification to reflect local market differences. Cost Marketing products on the Internet costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet.

Marketing aspect is no exception to this. We can browse various menu to order . From reading newspaper to calling to friends people use internet. Internet has convert our traditional uses of marketing to internet marketing. It has convert our basic task into internet uses. 1.2 Objectives of the study As we know that internet is growing day by day and hence its influence to people and society. Rapid growth of use of internet is helping to convert every aspect of society to go into global internet village. An article on the Harvard Business School Executive Education website highlighted the link between social networking and online revenue growth. a group of consumers that responded most strongly to the influence of social networks generated increased sales of around 5 percent. We can take advantage of this type of influence by incorporating social networking tools in our Internet marketing campaigns. According to the article. We have ecommerce sites to sell and buy our necessary product online. Nowadays people uses internet for various purposes. Every parts of our society is converting into internet means.Social Internet marketing enables us to take advantage of the growing importance of social media. We can view what’s new on market by using our smartphones and laptop. We can see google AdSense or Facebook advertisement in internet daily.

We should cooperates with what’s new on technology and be familiar with them. We need to broaden our minds and view the world into new horizon. We should not conceal our minds into traditional ways. Every members of society is related to internet marketing directly or indirectly. Our big market of world has convert into small market through internet. but costs 62% less. Then we can progress ourselves and develop our society. We should not fall behind when the other parts of world is running ahead into modernization. We can sell our product online. We can advertise our business in global village of internet which helps our business to grow rapidly. As we are the future generation we should not bound ourselves in traditional thinking and doing.products. 1. (Source: HubSpot) . Hence I felt this topic as right topic to my report writing as this helps us to understand what new on technology. As we westernize ourselves by following western culture we think we are modernizing ourselves but modernization comes from thinking what’s best for us but not blind follow of what other side of people are doing. its various aspect and its affect to society. So I chose this subject for my report writing.3 Significance of internet marketing The advantages of internet marketing are as follows:  One third of businesses are planning to introduce a Digital Transformation programme and one third already have (Source: Smart Insights and TFM&A)  Content marketing in 2015 generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. Hence internet marketing has become a hot boiling topic for every business people and members of society. This topic helps me to understand what is internet marketing.

(Source: KaPost)  On average. Content creation and management now claim the second-largest share of digital marketing budgets.  71% of companies planned to increase their digital marketing budgets this year (Source: Webbiquity)  78% of companies now say they have dedicated social media teams in 2015. (Source: CMO Council)  73% of B2B marketers use video as a content marketing tactic. but only 12% feeling they have an optimized content marketing strategy. (Source: Adobe/Econsultancy)  Nearly three quarters (71%) of businesses creating more content in 2015 compared to 2014. fuelling demand for digital marketing skills (Source: Smart Insights and Ecommerce Expo)  28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing. (Source: Adobe/Econsultancy) . 60% of a marketers' time is devoted to digital marketing activities. and 7% of marketers plan on increasing their YouTube marketing. up from 67% in 2012 (Source: iScoop) 1.4 limitation of internet marketing As the proverb goes” every coins has two side” internet marketing too has its disadvantages.  50% of companies are using digital marketing. but they don't have a plan! (Source: Smart Insights and TFM&A)  62% of companies did not agree with the statement ‘we have the analysts we need to make sense of our data’ whilst 63% did not agree with the statement ‘we have a good infrastructure in place to collect the data we need’. Quality is still a challenge with 68% still rating their content marketing as basic or inconsistent (Source: HubSpot and Smart Insights)  70% of marketers were not confident in their companies’ ability to measure the return on mobile ad spend.

(Source)  Almost half– 48%–of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Twitter (85%). 52% of Americans think that most online shopping sites need improvement. while 50% say the same for Twitter and only 30% of B2B marketers view Facebook as effective. whilst 79% of Brazilians and 87% of Chinese people think this. (Source: Webbiquity. and only 11% of emails are optimized for mobile (Source) . despite the fact it is often rated as the platform the delivers the highest ROI of any digital marketing tactic. and Facebook (81%).(Source: Adobe/Econsultancy)  83% of consumers reported that they have had a "bad experience with social media marketing". just 62% of marketers say that LinkedIn is effective. December 2014 (Source: CMO Council)  Only 8% of companies have an email marketing team. However. Yet 39% of marketers say they have no strategy for mobile  The top three social networks used by B2B marketers are LinkedIn (91%).

5 Research methodology 1. It is often undertaken after the researcher has gained some insight into the issue by reviewing secondary research or by analyzing previously collected primary data.5.2.2 Secondary source of data include some publication from internet sources 1. b) Secondary data Secondary data is the data which is already collected and used by someone. 1.5.4 Data are collected from secondary as well as primary sources and complied presented in the form of tables.1.1 This analytical case study of internet marketing is based on secondary data as well as primary data 1. Data have been interpreted through field observation use of statistical tools. Secondary data can be obtained from either private or public sources directly. Primary research consists of a collection of original primary data collected by the researcher.5. Secondary data are the data used by but for some other purposes.5.2.2 Research design 1. bar diagram and graph. The advantages of secondary data are that they don’t require much time to collect.3 Primary source of data includes interview with concerned personal 1.1 Definition of research methodology A descriptive and analytical research has been applied to fulfill the requirement of the study is research methodology.2.3 Sources of data a) Primary data Primary data is that data that is usually collected by investor. However it .5.

1. Research shows that people use frequently email video social media websites and search engine optimization for digital marketing. People can use banner ad. make digital videos and can use many websites like Facebook to advertize their products. . google advertisement.5. People can use different medium to advertise in internet.4 Tools and techniques a) b) c) d) Simple bar diagram Multiple bar diagram Pie-chart tables Chapter 2 PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA Nowadays most of business houses uses internet to advertise their product through internet.has disadvantages such as the data may not fit exactly as prerequirement for the research problem.

while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1. Pay Per Click. According to research done people uses google more than other search engine to search globally. crowdfund and causes are used 5% each in digital marketing People uses advertizement for advertize their product online. People can know new item launched or information about their desired product through search engine easily. 86% of consumers stated that using a search engine allowed them to learn something new or important that helped him/her increase his/her knowledge. SEO and video are used 15% equally for internet marketing. Content advertize. 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine. Search engine is one of the effective ways to search for new products.7% close Advertisment is powerful ways to reach new customers.6% close rate. SEO leads have a 14.internet marketing 5% 5% 5% 20% 5% 10% 15% 10% 10% 15% email SEO VIDEO PPC Mobile social content games crowdfund cause Fig 2. games.1: diversified internet marketing In this figure to advertise people use email 20% more than other. . and social media are used 10% each for advertisment.

2: search engine used globally In this pie chart it shows that google is most used search engine outnumbered others by 69%. laptops. Two third of world internet users are from developing countries. 6% yahoo. 2% baidu. It is most effective search engine for searching and internet marekting. The number of interent users are growing day by day. 6% google. Since it is about internet marketing we need to consider about interent users too. Almost 3 billions people are using internet that is 40% of population. Many people have internet access through mobile. 69% google yahoo bing baidu other Fig 2. 17% engine used other . According to research one of three people stay online in developing countries. . computers.

It is not a easy step but rather takes a lot of step to finish it.Fig 2.3: Internet users through-out the history After all this looking we also need to consider that there are many steps in organizing and maintaining internet marketing. Pie-chart below shows the internet marketing budgeting. We need to budget ourselves ahead before going into internet marketing. . Various cost are estimated for differnet purposes in internet marketing. From mainting web pages to online research internet marketing is conducted. Many steps are followed one after another to make internet marketing successful.

Hence one need to plan ahead and think carefully before he launches his company online and globally access through Internet. For creating online public relationship it needs 16% more budget than rest of others.4: Internet marketing budgeting In this pie-chart. it shows that maintaining a web presence cost more than any other budgeting. . This research is helpful to those who are willing to go online and advertise their product in Internet market place. Research shows that we need to consider each and every aspect carefully before going online. When someone searches for the product of certain company it needs to show first than any other companies.Internet marketing budgeting 2% 15% 16% 68% maintaining a web presence online public relations online marketing support online consulting and research Fig 2.

There are many ecommerce websites which are dedicated for buying and selling products. It is better to use latest technology to make ourselves fast-forward than to use traditional marketing method to fall behind our competitors. Google provides google AdSense that helps us to display our products in many websites. By liking the Facebook pages of certain companies people can gain information about new products and their services. Internet users can browse books. They may sell used or new products to their customers. We don’t have to go markets to buy any products. Banner ad are one of the effective means for marketing our websites online. We can use multiple option to advertise our product. By sitting in one chair we can view what’s new on products and order them online if we like. So there is no limit to advertise our product in global internet community. Hence we should not hesitate ourselves for using internet to advertise our products. Facebook pages. Everything we can do on our local markets can be done through online markets. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 3. kaymu are some of ecommerce websites for the purposes of selling and buying goods. read books or buy/download books through internet. We can use search engines to display our products in top list so that many people can visit our websites. By using social media websites we can reach more consumers globally and get recognized easily. We can get various types of products and services through internet. People can book airplanes ticket.1 Summary Nowadays many business are converting into internet marketing and they are profited by them. By using internet we can do shopping in single click. We can make websites and create Facebook pages. Anyone can easily can access knowledge about certain company through internet. amazon. There are many ways we can advertise our products in internet. twitter account and LinkedIn account for business companies. products and services. Using internet marketing we can be one step ahead than other competitors. We can make digital video that can be uploaded in video streaming websites like YouTube. People are starting to make websites for their company. There are blogs. We can send email to internet users about our products.CHAPTER-3 SUMMARY. . bus tickets and reserve hotels through online. EBay.

To save time. Internet marketing is beneficial from small-scale company to largescale companies. 5. 3. 5. By proper analyses of budget. 3. Both buyer and seller can save huge amount of time by internet marketing. 4.3 Recommendation This projects recommends following points: 1. So it is better for any company to use latest technology. It is better to any company to go online than to use traditional way of marketing their products. efforts. Consumers can also be benefited by internet marketing by easy access to new products and services 4.3. It helps company to be one step ahead of competitors. 2. necessity and time one can choose right way of internet marketing. cost internet marketing is better than traditional marketing. Internet marketing helps people to reach more consumers 3. By analyzing the targeted consumers people of business house can use different facilities provided by internet marketing. products.2 Conclusion This project accomplish the following points: 1. 2. Internet marketing will someday overcome traditional marketing method. .


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