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Behavior Management Project Report Form

Student's Initials: N.O.

Time Period: 2/1-3/22

Age: 11

Data Points:

Grade: 5th

Gender: M

Targeted Behavior:
N.O. spoke appropriately about himself and others,
 3: with no reminders
 2: with 1-2 reminders to speak positively
 1: with more than 2 reminders
N.O. attempted frustrating tasks without putting his head down or saying he cannot
 3: for a 30-minute time period
 2: for a 15-minute time period
 1: for less than 15 minutes
N.O. arrived to class prepared
 3: all materials needed for class ready
 2: had to leave class to get materials
 1: materials were not at school
N.O. was able to stay in classroom this period
 3: the entire class period
 2: for at least 30 minutes
 1: for less than 30 minutes
Data Collection Form:
1. The form is being sent out on an online form to all of N.O.’s teachers to collect baseline
data. N.O. is unaware that this data is being taken. The teachers will provide this
feedback for 3 days.
2. During this time, N.O. will be given a few reinforcer surveys to determine what the
appropriate reinforcers will be for positive behavior.
3. After baseline data is taken, N.O. will receive a paper copy of the behavior chart, which
he will carry around all day. There will be a set goal for the student to reach every day,
starting with receiving 65 of the available 84 points to receive the reinforcement. The goal
will increase weekly or as needed according to data.
4. N.O. will be responsible for getting the chart signed by each teacher and keeping up with
it until the end of the day.
5. The chart will be given to the teacher after the last bell and a reinforcer will be given
based on the reinforcement survey that was given previously and the amount of points
N.O. earned that day.
The intervention is having the student carry the chart around to see the effect of his/her behavior.
The student will be responsible for asking teachers to sign the chart, as well as keeping up with
the chart. By having the behavior specified on the chart, the student clearly knows what the
expectations are.
If the student is not achieving at least 80% of appropriate behaviors, the chart will be rearranged
to meet the needs of the student.
If the student is achieving his set goal every day, the goal will be increased to the maximum
amount of points available (84).
Summary (attach graph):

This intervention has proven to be very effective when working with N.O. The student enjoys the
reinforcers that he receives for good behavior and is even happy with receiving a high-five or a
“Great job today!” Based on the chart, it is clear that the student has made significant
improvement, with the exception of a few off-days. N.O. continues to achieve his goals and even
had a perfect week on the most recent data collection (84/84 earned every day). This intervention
will continued to be used throughout the rest of the school year and may be edited to target other
behaviors exhibited by N.O.

Percent of Appropriate Behaviors

Student Teacher

Cooperating Teacher