NameOfAuthor1 SurnameOfAuthor1, Name2 Surname2 and Name3 Surname3 (TNR 12pt) (Bold, Centered)
Institution1Address, Institution2Address (TNR 12 pt)
E-mail1, E-mail2 (TNR 12 pt)

1 blank line TNR 12pt

TITLE OF THE PAPER (Maximum 15 Words)– Times New Roman, size 14, uppercase,
bold, centred
1 blank line TNR 12 pt
Abstract: (TNR 12 pt, bold, alignment left, Indentation None)
Text of the abstract: The abstract should summarize the content and conclusions of the paper in less 250
words (Typically around 10 -1 2 sentences). It should not contain any references or displayed equations. Typeset
the abstract in 12 points, italic, justify alignment.
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Keywords: keyword 1, keyword 2, …keyword 6
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JEL Classification:
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Double space. Times New Roman. Sample:Figure-1: India Inflation Rate during April. 2014 to Januay. Double space) Authors are encouraged to have their contribution checked for grammar. INTRODUCTION (TNR 12 pt. 12 point. The text is to be typeset in 12 pt Times New Roman. Double space) Sub heading 1. bold. Double spaced. at 11point .1: Text of the introduction. Indentation None. justify. Indentation None.THIRD AND SUSEQUENT PAGES 1. All components are to be grouping. Figures are to be sequentially numbered in Arabic Numeral. Figures are to be inserted in the text nearest their first references. Main text (TNR 12 pt.1. alignment Centered. alignment Centered. align justify. Sub heading 1.1 2. bold. regular. 2015 1 blank line TNR 11 pt 1 blank line TNR 11 pt Source: (Eventually) 1 blank line TNR 11pt .

Capital letter) Conclusion text. Multiculturalism in the United States: A comparative guide to acculturation and ethnicity (pp.428 13527485. 3. (1979). 3. Alignment Justify. NY: Greenwood Journal Article with DOI: Paivio. A. bold. (1975). Perceptual comparisons through the mind's eye. Indentation First line 1 cm) 1 blank line TNR 11 pt Mathematical Expressions. In J. New York. 5. B. in multiple/line equations. Alignment Justify.. “Eq.019 49 F 75. REFERENCES (TNR 12 pt. & White.1)” or “(3.. bold. Typeset tables and captions in 10 pt.. centralized above.text……………. E. the number should be given on the last line. W. . NY: Macmillan.. ………………text …………………………… 4. Memory & Cognition. M. Indentation First line 1 cm) References are to be listed in alphabetical order and cited in the text e.435 Sig. Typeset references in TNR 12 pt. A. Equations should be referred to in abbreviated form. Buenker & L.324 752657. Ratner (Eds. Alignment justify. Regular. Case studies/experiments/ demonstrations/ application functionality ………………………. Displayed equations (TNR 12 pt. Jr. (2002)]. TNR 12 pt. (3.).g. CONCLUSION (TNR 12 pt. The tables must has a title. Indentation First line 1 cm. (1992). D. Sample: Table -1: ANOVA Results ANOVA Last Year Dividends Between Groups Within Groups Total Sum of Squares 12774827. Chapter of a Book: Bergquist.. [Davenport.000 1 blank line TNR 12 pt Source: …. alignment center. Alignment Justify.Tables should be numbered sequentially in the text. References are not strictly defined – authors have some freedom here.915 df 9 Mean Square 1419425.g. German Americans. .text……………. The guide to everything and then some more stuff. (TNR 11 pt. New York. e. 53-76).1)”. with the number set in right sight and enclosed in parentheses. Displayed tables are to be centered on the page width. Indentation First line 1 cm) should be numbered consecutively. J. Follow the style shown in these examples: Book: Strunk.103 40 18816. alignment centered.

edu. Mari (Ed. 319-327). 38 -48. In Encyclopedia Articles: Brislin. New York.lib.W. Prairie farmers reap conservation's rewards. E-journal of Applied Psychology. 2001 Annual Report. pp. Cross-cultural psychology. R. . A. doi:10. W.225 Journal Article without DOI (when DOI is not available): Hamfi. (Reprinted from National Geographic. Simmons national consumer survey [Data file]. (2001. Wilson. Technical and Research Reports (often with corporate authors) Hershey Foods Corporation. In R. E. J.24. Corsini (Ed. New York. Retrieved from http://ojs. (1984). August 1998). Retrieved from http://www. NY: Wiley. 2(2). The New York Times.hersheysannualrep Data Sets: Simmons Market Research Bureau. New York. 3241). The funny nature of dogs. March 15). 1. NY: Author Reprint from Another Source: Newton.php/fdo Online Newspaper Articles: Becker. (1981).1037/0278-6133. NY: H. Encyclopedia of psychology (Vol. (1999). (2000).swin. Retrieved from http://www. August 27). Space Exploration ( pp.2. Return to Mars.).635-647. 2-26. (2001. W. G.).