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World Link Book 2

Unit 3, Lesson A
Page 23, Listening
B. Listen and check the box of each correct answer. (CD 1, Track 1 6)
The Greatest Detective
Sherlock Holmes is probably the greatest detective ever knownwell, at least hes
one of the most famous. But he never actually existed . . . hes an imaginary detective
who appears in sixty stories created by the Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Doyle was not always a writer. He started his career as a doctor. Fortunately for us, he
did not have many patients. He needed money and so he started to write stories.
The first Sherlock Holmes story was published in 1887, and was called A Study in
Scarlet. Later, a magazine published The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and readers
loved it
What makes Sherlock Holmes so special? Well, he was very intelligent and
successful. He always arrested the criminalevery single timewith the help of his
partner, Dr. Watson.
In the stories, Holmes lived at 221B Baker Street in London, England. Thousands of
people visit that address every year. Theres also a Sherlock Holmes Museum in
Page 23, Pronunciation
B. Listen and check your answers. Then practice saying the sentences. (CD 1,
Track 1 7)
1. That man seems angry.
2. She speaks French.
3. Your sister looks tired.
4. He practices the piano every day.
5. My aunt always watches the news.
6. My friend knows the answer.
Page 24, Speaking
A. Listen to the conversation between Detectives Styc and Frye. Then practice
World Link Book 2

the conversation with a partner. (CD 1, Track 18)

Stye: Do you know the Dodd Diamond?
Frye: Of course! The museum owns it.
Stye: Not anymore! Someone stole it last night!
Frye: Really? How did it happen?
Stye: Well, its unlikely the criminal walked into the room. Theres an alarm on the
Frye: But theres no alarm for the skylight.
Stye: Youre right! I bet the criminal climbed down a rope. Then he took the diamond
without touching the floor!

Unit 3, Lesson B
Page 28, Listening
A. Listen to this news report. What did Nick Brown do? Number the steps ito 5.
(CD 1, Track 19)
Mike....So, we can look forward to warmer temperatures. Itll be a good weekend for
the beach. Over to you, Alexa.
Alexa: Thank you for that weather report, Mike. And finally, this story just in.... We
have a report that a local man, Nick Brown, saw some strange lights. He was driving
home at about 10 p.m. He said the lights were bright and they moved across the sky.
He stopped at a gas station and talked to a police officer about the lights. The police
officer had seen the lights, too.
Mike: Hmm . . . thats a strange story. What happened next?
Alexa: Well, Mr. Brown took some pictures, but there was no film in his camera.
Finally, he called his wife on his cell phone. But by that time, the lights were gone.
Mike: Well, I know that there is a legend around here about mysterious lights... a lot
of local people have seen the lights. Its starting to seem like these lights really exist.
What do you think, Alexa?
Alexa: I dont believe it. I think its some kind of hoax!
B. Listen again. Who saw the lights? Check the boxes. (CD 1, Track 20)
Review: Units 13 Page 34, Listening
A. Listen to the people talk about different foods. What kind of foods does each
person like? Write the answers under the pictures. (CD 1, Track 21)
World Link Book 2

Adam: Im about 20 pounds overweight. I went on a diet. Theres only one problem: I
just love buttery foods. Everyone says that I should eat less butter. Its hard!
Janet: I lived in Thailand for six months. It was really fun. I really like Thai food! Its
too spicy for some people, but not for me; I love the peppers. I came home a month
ago. The food here tastes so blandI dont like it anymore.
Abby: My mother says that I have a sweet tooth. That means I like to eat sweet
foods. Dessert is my favorite part of any meal. I like anything with chocolate in it!
Minh: Im training for a swimming competition. I have to eat healthy foods all the
time. At first I didnt like it, but now I do. I actually prefer healthy foods to sweet or
buttery foods. And I feel better, too!

World Link Book 2