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TOP 10

City with the most hit by hurricane ranking

1) Cape Hatteras, North Carolina every 1.35 years #1 most affected area in the Atlantic basin by
tropical storms and hurricanes . This area has probably more brushes than any other area in the
top 50 with many recurvatures just offshore. There are also numerous back door systems from
the Gulf of Mexico that have cut through Hatteras on the way out to sea.(affected a whopping
103 times since 1871)
2) Morehead city, North Carolina every 1.53 years A recalculation in 2010 to include a few
brushes and extratropical systems puts Morehead city near the top. Located just S.W of Cape
hatteras affected by many of the same systems.Top of the 1.53 group with 25 hurricane hits.
(affected 91 times since 1871)
3) Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas every 1.62 years Had a quiet 2010 Hurricane season but a
recalculation in using accurate wind fields in 2010 puts Grand Bahama Island the most affected
island in the Bahamas in the #3 position ahead of previous #1 Cayman islands . Located in the
N.W Bahamas the island see's many storms turning N.W off the state of Florida. (Affected 86
times WOW since 1871)
4) Cayman Islands every 1.64 years Brushed or hit by Hurricanes & Tropical Storms 79 times
from the 1871 season until now. Includes recent changes from HURDAT files at NHC. This
former #1 affected area (when the criteria was 40 miles) drops to #4 but still has plenty of
Hurricane hits 27 as well as many systems forming in this area.
5) Wilmington, North Carolina every 1.78 years A recalculation in 2010 to include large back
door systems and extratropical systems puts Wilmington in the top 10. Located in S.E North
Carolina gets a lot of back door systems and recurvatures just east.
6) Great Abaco Island, Bahamas every 1.81 years Affected by T-S Bonnie and recalculated in
2010. The second most affected island in the Bahamas just east of Grand Bahama. If this list was
for hurricane hits only this island would be #1 with 37 hurricane hits since 1871(affected 77
times since 1871)

7) Andros Island, Bahamas every 1.81 years had a quiet hurricane season in 2010 but a
recalculation in 2010 puts Andros in the top 10. Less hurricane hits than Great Abaco being
further south and missing many recurving hurricanes with 8 less hurricane hits than Abaco Isl...
(affected 77 times since 1871)
8) Sable Island, Nova Scotia every 1.88 years A recalculation to include large & extratropical
systems puts Sable Island just south of Nova Scotia mainland in the top 10. Top of the 1.88
group with 14 hurricane hits and with many extratropical storm hits is higher ranked than any
other northern location. This tiny island gets hit frequently by systems moving out to sea just to
the south..(affected 74 times since 1871)
9) Boca Raton, Florida every 1.90 years Quiet since 2006 season but a recalculation in 2010 to
include large & extratropical systems puts Boca tops in Florida. Top of the 1.90 group with 26
hurricane hits with hits from all directions. (affected 73 times since 1871)
10) Miami, Florida every 1.96 years Affected by tropical storm Bonnie in 2010 and a
recalculation to include large past systems puts Miami in the top 10. Tops of the 1.96 group with
31 hurricane hits.(affected 71 times since 1871)


Top 5 Hurricane Of All Time


1970 Bhola cyclone

Taking the cake for the deadliest tropical
cyclone ever recorded the 1970 Bhola Cyclone
hit East Pakistan (Bangladesh today) and India's
West Bengal on November 12, 1970. While the
exact death toll is unknown it is estimated that
300,000-500,000 people perished in the
aftermath of this storm, making it one of the
deadliest natural disasters recent history.
This cyclone was not extremely large, reaching
strengths equivalent of a Category 3 Hurricane.
The killing power of this storm was almost

completely attributed to the cyclone's surge which flooded most of the low lying islands in the
Ganges Delta, literally wiping villages and crops off the face of the earth.


Typhoon Nina 1975

Not to be known as some regular typhoon Super
Typhoon Nina came onto the scene with a bang, hitting
China hard and quickly destroying the Banqiao Dam.
The collapse of the Banqiao Dam led to such great
flooding that it set off a series of dam collapses
throughout China, greatly magnifying the damage
caused by Typhoon Nina.
With a 100,000+ death toll Super Typhoon Nina is the

2nd deadliest Typhoon in recorded history though we think it should

be #1 since the most deadly typhoon, which hit Haiphong, Vietnam
in 1881, didn't even get a name.


Hurricane Kenna

Kenna, a category 5 hurricane, was the 3rd most intense Pacific hurricane to ever strike Mexico's
West Coast. Hitting San Blas, Nayarit on October 25th, 2002 was the 3rd cat 5 hurricane of the
hurricane season. 140 mph winds and a 16 foot surge devastated the coast line causing $101
million dollars in damage.


Hurricane Pauline
Not happy to just be one of the most destructive
Pacific hurricanes to make landfall in Mexico,
Hurricane Pauline had to be one of the deadliest too.
Working its way up the Mexican coastline Pauline
dumped torrential rain falls with 16" of rain in
Acapulco alone! The relentless downpour caused
disastrous landslides in some of Mexico's poorest
villages, killing roughly 250-400 people and leaving a
striking 300,000 people homeless.

Beyond all the lives destroyed Hurricane Pauline caused a massive amount of damage, exceeding
$7.5 billion (USD 1997).


Hurricane Iniki

When people think of Hawaii they often imagine

lazy days of surfing and long luaus that go into
the night. The last thing most people think of is
hurricanes yet in September of 1992 that's just
what they got.
Born from the strong El Nino warm phase of 9194 Hurricane Iniki reached cat 4 level winds as
the eye passed over the island of Kauai.
Not surprisingly the Hawaiians handled the
effects of Hurricane Iniki amazingly well.
Communities held parties to cook all the perishable food since the power was knocked out.
Grocery stores offered free food to anyone who needed it while most insisted on paying
anyways. While there was some looting in the aftermath of the storm though it was very limited
in comparison to what happened in Katrina and other disasters.
Amazingly there were only 6 deaths attributed to Hurricane Iniki although the islanders were
given less than 24 hours notice. The monetary damage however was huge for the small island,
totaling over $1.8 billion (USD 1992).