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Sobre as kids:

1) Let's say her name is Caroline]. Hi, how should I call

you? Is Caroline fine?
2) How many children are there and what are their names?
3) How old are they?
4) How is their daily schedule like?
5) What do they like to do?
6) Do they have favorite toys or games?
7) Do they practice sports? If YES, which ones? Do they
swim yet?
8) Are they going to school yet? If so, how far from your
house is the school?
9) Do they go to school by bus or by car? Do I have to
drive them?
10) Are they allowed to have friends over?
11) What do they like to eat? Do you follow a speciel diet?
12) Would I be responsible for their dinner, lunch and
breakfast every day?
13) What time do they go to bed?
14) Are they allowed to watch tv/listen to music/play
video games?
15) Are they allergic to something?
Sobre os parents:
16) Where do you work and what do you do?
17) Do you have any hobbies?
18) Do you have family members living near by?
19) Do you travel a lot? If Yes, where do you go? Would I
have to go, too?
20) Do you live in a house or apart.?

21) Have you ever traveled to other countries? Did you

like it?
22) Do you know anything about my country?
23) Have you lived abroad? If so, how hard was that for
24) Why are you hosting an au pair?
25) What qualities do you think your au pair should have?
25.1) Have you ever had an au pair before? What do you
mind if I talk to her or send her an e-mail? Why did she go
home? How was her relationship with your kids?
Sobre a cidade:
26) How is your city? What are the other cities nearby?
27) Are there a lot of schools/colleges/universities near
your town/city? If YES, which ones?
Are they too expensive?
28) Do you have pets?
29) Do you have a housekeeper? Is she/he going to clean
my room, too? Does she/he come every week?
30) Are there many au pairs in the area?
31) Where can I take the kids? What things are there to do
with kids? Any parks? Library? gym centers?
Sobre os deveres:
32) Do you have any house rules? What are they?
33) Where is the au pair room located? Can you describe
the room?
34) Do I have to share the bathroom with the kids or do I
have my own?
35) What happens if I am talking to your kid and he/she is
not behaving well? Am I allowed to give them some time

36) Am I reponsible for any household duties? If so, which

37) Are my friends and family members allowed to come
over to visit me?
38) Is there a car for the au pair to use?Can I drive it
during my free time, too? Am I be responsible for gas?
39) Is there a cellphone for the au pair to use?
40) What activities do you expect me to do with the
41) Will I have access to internet? Is there a computer I
can use?
42) How will my schedule be like?Will I have the
weekends off?
43) Will I have time to study?
44) Will I have a curfew?

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