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To many who see them, the

legacies of the ancient are beyond

Strange creatures Exotic spirits

Mysterious Gods Architectural marvels

Researchers still debate their origin and meaning,
They appear unearthly. Alien. Leading some to believe
the knowledge of the ancients arrived from another world!
What strange forces were at work there?
Did alien Gods instruct our ancestor or is there
another explanation hidden in history? Other
clues, strewn through human antiquity,
revealing the real ancient astronauts!

Perhaps the most puzzling are the
suggestions of the ancient flight.
Shaman Alien

But these people were not aliens, they were shaman!

Shamans have the special talent to alter their consciousness to
regulate their awareness so that they can obtain the information
that other members of their social group cannot access!
To understanding the science of the ancient
shaman, Carol Sabick is preparing for a flight
beyond her body!
The phenomenon is called “binaural beating”.
Carol’s state is better described as
Body asleep, mind awake!

In Chinese, it means “灵魂出窍”!

Shamans have the ability to fly to a
realm of spirits and Gods and return
with inspiration and ideas!
That’s why our ancestor had the ideas
to describe the fly being and built the
architectural marvels!
Researchers says it’s very amusing by people who
say that the Great Pyramids of the world must have
been transmitted by aliens from outer space!
Thank you!