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2015/6/15 9:54AM

L at e on e n ig h t , deep down in a musty basement,

a great inventor set out to build the most incredible

robots the world had ever seen. But to his surprise,
his finished creations were so tiny that some could
only be seen with a microscope. The inventor called
them N ano B OTS, which means tiny robots,
and he gave each his or her own special power. These
NanoBots will change the world! he declared.

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2015/7/22 11:02AM

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2015/7/22 10:43AM

Soon, the inventor realized

the NanoBots could fit in places
that bigger robots could not.

Take a look at these S EEKERB OTS they explore

unseen worlds. They love meeting strange new creatures,
such as the nearly invisible beings living in a drop of pond
water. Theyve never met an amoeba they didnt like.

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2015/6/15 9:54AM

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2015/6/15 9:54AM

Everyone needs M ech ano B ots!

They can fix anything, even in the hardestto-reach places. Hammering! Riveting!
Welding! They even keep the inventors
computer running smoothly. Sticky spilled
juice? Crumbs in the cracks? No problem.

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2015/6/15 9:54AM