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Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery SIT40413

Unit Code & Name: BSBITU306 Design and Produce Business Documents
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I hereby certify that this is my own work or group, based on my personal study and/or
research. I have acknowledged all material and sources used in the presentation of this
assessment whether they are books, articles, reports, lecture notes, or any other kind of
document or personal communication.
I have kept a copy of this assessment.I understand that my assessment may be selected for
use in the College’s moderation audit processes to ensure validity, reliability, flexibility and
fairness in student assessment.
I also certify that this work has not previously been submitted for assessment in any other
subject or at any other time in the same subject and that I have not copied in part of whole
or otherwise plagiarised the work of other students and/or other persons.
Should it be shown that the assessment is plagiarised or is a direct copy of another students
work, student or students involved will have the unit marked as NYC and be given an
opportunity to re-submit on a date specified by the assessor. Fees may apply.

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Please Note: If a candidate is not satisfied with the assessment outcome an appeal may be lodged
with the college. Please file your appeal with student services at reception.

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Kingston International College
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Assessment 2 Project
This assessment is in 5 parts
Part 1: Produce a flyer for the event to inform and persuade the guest to attend.
Part 2: Provide standard recipe cards for 5 of the menu items suitable for finger
food for the event.
Part 3: Create a powerpoint showcasing KIC suitable for including in a presentation
at the event.
Part 4 Create a menu with descriptions of the five items.
Part 5 Using excel create a Function plan, with timeline, areas of responsibility,
equipment required, a
contingency plan for poor weather.

Background Information
You are responsible for organizing the Graduation of Kingston International College
catering for 100pax 26th August 1-4pm.
Your menu must provide finger food items 3 hot and 2 cold sweet suitable a cocktail
Part 1: The flyer should advertise the event including all relevant information as
indicated on the Assessment 2 spreadsheet.
Part 2: Provide standard recipe cards for all 5 dishes ensure there is variety in main
ingredient, cooking method etc (one hot meat, fish, vegetarian/ special diet, 2 sweet
options) Food cost should be no more than $10 for 5 items per person. Recipes are
for 10 portions, using metric measurements suitable for large scale production in a
commercial kitchen.
Part 3: The powerpoint should be minimum of 10 slides, promoting the excellent
opportunities for study at Kingston International College, using plenty of visuals and
limited captions.
Part 4 Create your menu using well written descriptions that showcase the food
items. Ensure you use the CRAP rules for producing clean and well constructed
Part 5 As the organizer in order for the event to run smoothly you will create a
Function plan including items above with special attention to:
 Delegate who will be responsible for what, when and how
 Set up (front and back of house) how will food be prepared, cooked and
served at Highgate given the kitchen is located elsewhere.
 Beverage choice and service, glassware, cups and saucers for tea, coffee,
urns etc.
 Specific equipment for cooking, heating and service include what type and
how many.

Provide a contingency plan to allow for bad weather on the night (a Plan B).

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