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Tohn Yarker

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Publisher's Introduction

The publishers have recently reissued a rare English-language translation of E.I. Marconis de Negre's classic work The. Sanctuary 0/ Memphis (1849) which serves as the best introduction to the rituals of the Order from the view-point of its advocates. In will also be found the "Universal Tyler," which provides acomplete description of the secret work (tokens. signs and words) of the Order from the First through Thirty-third degrees. The firstThirty-three degrees of the Rite of Memphls were essentially the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of freemasonry.

The present work includes John Yarker's last revision of the high degrees of the Rite of Memphis, i.e., those from the 340 through 950 inclusive. Yarker was head of the English branch of the order, then known as the A ncientand Primitive-Rite. Under his leadership the Rite underwent a reformation and abridgment.

While many of these degrees consist of little more than the secret work so-called, it should be remembered that this esoterica is the root of the secret tradition. If appropriately chosen, the signs, tokens and words should hint atthe secret tradition and symbolic instruction which serves as the foundation of the degrees, In preparing his description of the degrees Yarker, in conformity with standard practice. reversed the order of the letters of the secret words. Thus, all capitalized secret words must be read from right to left as one would read Hebrew. In the 340 for example, EOGIS becomes SrGGE. EZAMORO becomes OROMAZE, and so forth.

Although some of the rituals are skeletal in nature they will be supplemented by the simultaneous use of other publications.' Even in the rather complete ceremonial of the 490 Sub1ime Sage bf the Pyramids, for example,we find that the reader is referred to Yarker's Lectures of a Chapter, Senate and Council, also available through Kessinger Publishing Co,

1 In connection with our exclusive Secret Ritual Series. Kessinger Publishing Company intends on reprinting as many of the degrees of the Rites of Memphis and Mitzraim as possible.


IN 950

Book. Third





TI_lis is a; Philosophical d.egree;.and ctinsistsof 3 parts or points: -- - 1, the Elect; 2, the Mystic; 3; the ERoptae. In these are stu.died the :Ma$onic doctrine; the histork .and pllflosophic-: the Sciences teemed Occult or Secret. The temple is-a square; the hangings of sky blue, sprio,kJ:ed with silver~ta-rs. The East has .a Dais of violet stuff fringed with gold. where is the throne of the Venerable'; on the 3 thrones are 3 Hierophants w_earing Crowns. In the centre is an Altar u'pon which are the Sdirtures,a glaive, and the Square and Compasses, The 1St •. 2nd and 3'rd thrones have 3, 2 and 1 steps, The banner is £fame cploitreo,:1nd in the midtUe is represented a s:word,apalrn branl:b, the two crossed.

The' Ribbon IS colour of fire worn with a black rosette" and the Jewel sll~perided ·thereto is a S'tarof Silvet for Knights? and of gold for Dignitaries. There is no change made d-llring the points.


The Very High-' (K 1l(JekJ 333-333)_, Worthy Brother, WilY arewe assembled here?

TIle High-To instruct, each other in Sacred Things.

The Very H_igh-WotthyEqual,.. how do we hope to do thi's?


The Equal-Dy knqwledge brought fr9m A~ga'3.,r?

The Very l;ligb-The.o 1 d.ec1ar,e the AssernbJy duJy open Ior instmctfon,. (Each gives 335)

1. E1ECr - llECEPTI'ON (ntrQducer-(Kt,loch 333, doo,r opened a little iUdy.)' Guatd-Wheqc.!! comes~ thotJ, Stranger,a,nd what Is thy desire~ Aspitant-M y naf11e is Pilgrim; 1 have wandered 'long: 'and,am

weary and desirerest. To whom,lliis fair mansion 7' GUilrd-ToU1e King and to .him will 1 Iead thee. (Aamitted) AccQr:npa,g.ie1'-(V,yaws; Stu.ord, Ii'ands on- defe-nsive, andleaJs,Aspir.tnt si» times rotmd. the Hall, saying softly "Stan every gate! Ere Ihofigo 01l'~, Jr/'ilhgr-edJest c411lion, Fortir hard to: Jay/' ll7here /o'esare Iilrking! 'In this, fair MariJiiJ,,". After the 6th! rolllld AsPi)·'{tnt' ,~iJ lJroilght iJftppliatitly b'e,/ore' the three thrones, one,.,ais-ed higher' IhiZnlhe oJhertwouton -which, ate sealed the tbree with CrotiJnf.)

Ac("ompanier-'Pilgdm behold theTIiree! He who Sitteth on the lowest throneis taHeH. Tf'lE 'HrGH~ or Lof.tyone; tfll= 2nd is named EQTJAL T~O THE B'tCH; and the 3,rd is called THE HmHEST~ Listen to wllito they say to thee, Qu,estion them and they will answer.

3. The High-Stranger.· thou art welcome, and: may.est eat and drink, without cost in the Hall :of the Sublime. What i.$ thy errand arid what do_st thou' desire tC()m us?

Pilgrim-I desire: instruction inyo,ut Myste,ries.

2. Equal of the: High-Thekno:wledge: which you seek was brought from Asgaard by Sigge the High, Prie,stoJ our AlIAather Odin, when he led his ~I1.conquering armies from the PaDmS and llusdne 'Seas. As Priest he scughtnot Kingly' rank but gave to the Scandin-;tviaosa Mystic Theology 'Which desc~nded to after ilges jn'a~ymboliC poem named-the V61up,tia_ amr.lified in the Eddas. He it was who e,sJablished inS.candinavia theisecret religious Mysteries and appointed .as ffidr Gua;rdi:an Twelve Great Pontiffs, From .,these N1ystedes sprang numerous Fraternities ot Gllilds-· warlike, religious, social, -and operative; whose members were bound -by Oath t-d give each other mutua] aid and




assistance. It is believed that Sigge haviQg quarrelled with the Roman General Popmey, withdrew lrom that imperious and all tOriquer'ing nation :and making King$ as he pas-sed along to Sqmd;na<vi(l he found Gylphi, otrupying that throne, and, having

estabHshed his ,Mysteries the king sought Initiation. '

6ylph1 hastened .to acknowleqge the gteat and warlike Hiero, phant SI-gge, and went to hi's ternw1e. to. seek Initiation 'disguiseCi as a Gangler Qt Pilgrim. -He beheld' 00 hisariiv:al ;a ve~ lofty mansion, the rqofof w-hich was covered w,ith golden shields. This Gangler formed ,the entrance to the mansion to be Gua-rded., by one who was 'tossing sevensmallswotds in the ale, and catdt-i,ng them as they descended. UpOA seeing, the Gangler he ad'dr'essedhim, in the .same wordsas :you were, when you sought entrance, Gylphi \'('<tsadmitted and the great IcOn -door dosed with a crash like thunder. They trave'rsed many stalely, rooms crowded with people,some ari~Aking, some fen'cing, and finally he was brought before the Three, as you have been.

Thegrear and warlike priest of Odin, the AU·father, is 'said to have ,acquired Magica] command of the Elements, to have p'ossessed the power of rendering himselfirtvisible, as is asserted of manynrrcient religious persons: and when he reached old age. andw-as weary 9f" life, he called his friends areand, him, and piercing his _body with wounds, departed to the' AII·fitthet.

Before I go further; I must requhe from you a sacred iand _solemn promise, upon your honour,' and· upon your life; that you will concealfrom all men what you hive seen or 'heard. at may hereafter see and- hear Further in this Ass~robly.

Po you, promise, on such terms?

Aspirant-I promise sacred .fidelity upon my- honour and upon my life.

The Highest-l accept your: promise,- Stranger, demand from us what thou wilt. What ~isbest thou?

Rilgrim--TeU me. O! LofO' one, who is the first of the Gads,?


Where i:lolh lre dwell? What'is his Power? \Vhathath he done to di>splay his Glory?

3, TIle High (1) -He Iivct,h from ~H .ages,he ,govf;rneth all realms; he swaydh all things, great and small.

2. The E. H. (2) -He hath f orrn ed the heavens;' the Bartli; tHe arr,;and all tlri'1,gs thereunto belonging.

1. The H;igJ'test (3) -And \Vh~l is more, still, he ha,th made man, and given him a SOil" which wil! never perish; though the hody shall have mouldered awny, or may have "been bnrned to ashes.

Pilgtim-\Vhen a,nd how was the beginning of all things? .3. TIle High (Q'U)litl g t/fe f/ alas fa) .

'Twas times first dawn; When n<l-ught yet was, Nor sand, nor sea, Earth was oat there, Nor heaven above, Naught save a void, And 'yawnI":g gt.,li, But-verdure none.

2. The Eqtia,I-, Fo-r the urrregerrcrate jnan there, is Niflheirfl, (or Hen), the abode of anguish, misery, andanihilation, But before all there is Mt,lspelsheim,or the lurriinou~ world, where rules Surber the black,-"Surburlil1ed with deceitful ~trat:lgetns, whocometh from the South, The paths . of death, and heaven was -split asunder."

-The Gods wereereated-e-Bnre the father ef Bote, whose wife

was Beytla the ,dallghter of Baldron, 'of~ whom was born Odin, Vile, and Ve, who rule this world. the. Voluspa says~-'

"Formerly .the sun. Knew not his place,

The Moon wasignorant-.of ito; powers,

And the Stars Knew not their stations."

"Of the fle'sh of the Giant Ymer W:J.S formed Earth, Of his Sweat the, Seas, of his bones the Mountains,

Qf his hair the herbs of the field,and of' his skull the heavens


But the Merciful Gods bujt~· of 'his eyebrows the City MidgarC! For the GhlIdren of Men, and "of his brains the douds

TIle Sense of which it is for you to discover."

Defin, Vile',:tnd Ve,the sons or Bore, wa.lking on the sea shore of this wotld treated the, first rnsn .Aske. and the first woman

. .... ,. . ,.

Ern la. Odin is therefore jU:'ltly en fled theA II ~fath~l\atld Hdskjalf is his palace. His 'wife Fdgga" 'is the goddess of nature, fertility, 'and love, and is the daughter of Fliorgun.

Odin, says the 'nelda, has, 46 names, beqniseeach Nat jon, having: a different langpage translated it into their own tongue; the Earth is His cl:nrghte,r and wife, on her bath .he begotten AsaThor, his first born, the god 'of war, ,strengtband, valo\:lt eMars}. toke is theevilGod, (till of tunrii'ng and· deceit, and caused the beautiful Raider to be slain ~y a shaft of the baleful Mistletoe, for he was otherwise itl'vtijnerable., Balder having thus perished, his mother Frigga proclaimed thatwhosothfer would descend to .Nerflheim where .rules Hela; and restore him to life 'shbuld merit .all .her love. Herrnode, his brother, the nimole of foot, travelled in dark valleys for 9 days, and when he arrives at the abode if the, Hela agrees, to deliver him up, if all things animate and inanimate would weep for, him, As in 'other aHego~'ies, and mythologies, an nature wept and mourned f!?r the be~utiful Balder, save toke disguised as a cave-dwetHrig, witch) who said-' "Thok will weep with dry eyes the (tinera'I of Balder, Let all thing!i. livi'ng or dead. weep if they will, But let Helakeep her prey," So remains with Hda till' the restoration· of all thing~. and Loke 'was bound jn a .caver'nby, the other .Gods, and serpents discharge their venom upon him.

'Pilgdm-\Vhat did the .AIl-fa;th~rafter building Asgard?

1. 'TIle Highest-,He .established Goyernors. Therr first work was to build a Hall wherein are 12 seats for themselves, besides the throne of Odj'n, Us name is Gladheim (gJadnome), They also built another Halt for the go"H.esses, , . they called it Vin'glad or the Mansion of 'love and 'friendship ... That age was caHed the

, ",


golden age . ~ . and lasted till the women arrived from the eouatry of the giar1ts~

-Pilgr'im-'Whicr, is the 6apit'oI of the Gods, or slc;ted dty?

L The Hjghest-It is under the Ydtasll where the gods ~sehtble every daya.od adminIster ]usJice, It hath ,. toots, oal! -am¢_ngst the Giants; one amon-gst the Gods; the third covers- Nerflhe~m (HeB). Under thereof of that in .the country of the Gian:ts.i_:; a spring, and vlj}oever drinks of tha,t is named Nimis-and is full Of wisdom, The Voluspa says:--

"Where hast thou concealed thine ~ye'o.din?

I know where; even in the limpid fountain of Minis, Every rnoming-does Minis pour· Hydrornel,

Upon the pledge which he receives from the Ali-father. DQ you - understand this?

The third. root of the Ash is in heaven,

'. . ..' . . .

Under it lies the.holy fpup-tain of P;t,st times,

There are ,in heaven 'l:ery many pleasant cities, And none without a, divine garrison

The large Ash _suff~rs more than man would believe A Stag' eats and spoils It ,above

It rots on tile sides, and a serpent gnaw! it below There are Nemies (Fairies, past, presentand~ future) Of different origins, some proeeed from the gods .Some from the' Geni,i"and some from the dwa~(s-.··

Pilgrim-What. cities ate to be seen in heaven?

1. The Highest-There are m~ny fine cities to be seen til ere. One of them is Alfheim,; where dwell the luminous Genii; the blade dwell under the Earth and; differ from the 'others, still more in _ffieiractions fhan in their appearanc~, the JuminousGenii are more _splen,did than the Sun, But the black Genii ate darkerthan pitch. The inside of Breidablik is of gold., th~ roefof silver. The 'great City Valasridlf belongs to Odin, and is of pure silver. Men ofgoodness and integrity shall a~ide rhere for ages.


(Volnspa) "thlOw that there is a place brighter tha-n the Sun.; Entirely covered, wIth gold, in the dty of Gimle.

There the virtuous are to reskJe, there they Jive happy through all ages,'"

- . - .

Pilgrirn-_Can you tell me-ollght of the nature of the Gods?

1. The High-- Therear:e 12 of these. Besides Odin and Frigga) Thor already mentioned whose chariot is dCrawn by two He-gcafs; there is Snider who 'hath his palace, in Breidablj-k; and there I know (saysVolospa) 'are Columns upon which are engraven verses, capable 'of r-ai5ing the den-d to life;"

KiQrd is the, ruler of the windsand. dwelleth in _Nou tion , and

.,. . ..

took to wife Skada the 'daughter of the _giant Thiasse: his child-

ren are frey who presides over nino and is, the mildest of .the gods: and Freya, the propit·iotls from whom the: Iadies take their name. Tyris the most bold and. ;intrepid of the got:is. Brage is celebrated for his wisdom, his eloquence.rand his ~ajesHcair; his wife is Iduma who hath in charge eertain apples that renew

yOuth. ,

Helrndall ,is the son of 9 v,irgiris, who are sisters, he dwells atthe end of Birfrost ina casfJe called the "c:~lestjal Forf", !lncl 'is the Watchm~n of the 'Gods. HoclerIs blin~ but exceedingly .strong'; 1"he Ni-nth God is the silel1t, Vidar~The 1mh God vn~ ot Vali is the son of Odin, an{-f Rinc(:'t,bold in war apd an excellent archer. The 11th 'is 'Tellar JI)e offsp-dng of GissiaaQd ;sbn -in- law of Thor; 3 nel a 'guick archer . The 12th: is F orsette son of Balder he administers Justice, an~ dwells in Glibaer, "Giibner i.s the name of a pfaj:e which IS supported upon pillars of gold, and is coveredwi'tfi ,a roof pf si1~eJ;. nere it is that Forsette resides the greater p~rt of tht; rime, to reconcile and appease all sorts of quarrels," toke is .designated .. the Calurnniator of the Gods; the artificer of {ranch; the disgrace of Gods andmen' (aChristian devil) ; he has children fike himself, and these irrclnde Wolf Fends, theserpent Nidhogg'er. and a third caned Hera, to whom is 'sent "the indolent who' die of old age andsickness. The Valiant! and those slain 'in battle are, wel-come<;l by the AII·father Odin.

Pilgrim-Who are the:. Goddesses?

3. The Equal-' The pFjn,Ei.p,aiis Frigga, who ~,a:tha ll).agnificent ,palace called .FensaIar, .or the dlvinenbode, Thc;2,nq is ,Sp.gar:. £iraperforms. the function efhealer; Gelione is a virgin., and. 'ta~es ihto her all chastetnaids after theit death. Fylla is also a virgin and wears her beautiful locks .flowing over her shourders. Freya ranks next to Frigga. She was m~attied to Ode! who left het 'to travel and, her tears fpt his loss are dCQN of Rurego1d. The 7th is Sione who draws- young m.cp and maidens together. Lorna is so gracious that she bas the power ofrecon!Zili'hg lovers at variance. iVara the 9th, presides over oaths, and punishes those who ate false. Vora is wise, and can penetratevsecret things. Synia ,is the Poetess of the heavenly palace. 'The 12th is Lyna and she has care of those whom Frigga interids to de'liver From peril. Snofra i,$, a wise and intdligent Goddess. The Messenger of Frigga is' named Gna.

We reckon also Sol ;lndBil amongst the Ases or Divinlti'es,;and there-are besides a grea~ number of Vir,ginsirt Valhalla who supply mead to the herpes.

Pilgrim-What cart yeu tell me iof the lime of Dar~ness of the yo.ds,?

I.. The Highest-It is the end of thecycle. First will arrive ageeat and desolating winter, nnd snow will come from "the Fourcorners of the world. There will be severe frost. and. violent and dangerous ,tem.pests .. · See how:' the 1st- Hierophant states it in Voluspa, "Brothers ""m become mutclerers,atldwiH stain themselves with .a brothers, blood ; kindred will forget the tie;o; of 'consanguin.ity; and li fe will become a burthen ; adultery shall reigit throughout the world. A barbarous age! An age of swords! An age of tempests! .An age of wolves! "The bucklers shall be broken In pieces. and these' '<:3"hmities .shall ,sllc(eedea,Ch other until the world falls in ruins.

"Heirndal ,wiH lift u'f> his crooked trumpet and sound it aloud, Odin consulJs the head of Minis; _the great Ash; the sublime and fruitful Ash wi'lI be Violently shaken and send forth a groan. The Giant bursts his irons,"


"What is' then d0ing amoJlgst the Gods? What 1,S oQing arnofl}g~t the Genii? The land or the' Giants is fitJed with uproa;r, The Deiriescollect' ~nd assemhle together. The ,dwarfs sigh and ,groan before the .entrance of theirc:tV'erns.O! ye inhabitants of the rnountainsvcan ye say, whether anything shall remain .fo existence? TIle sun is darkened, the earth is overwhelmed by the sea; the shining stars disappear frem the heavens; vapour'mixed with fire arises, vehement heat p~evaifs 'even in heaven itself.

"Slit T know that there is in Nastradean abode remote from the

• • ' " • . _ ' A

Stiil, the gates of whi(h 'look towards the North; their ,drops: of poison rain through the, windows: for itIs built on the cattases of Sernents.

, l

"There inra'pid river's SW1m the perjurers, the assassins" and those who seek to -seduce the wives of others, In another place there is .still worse for an all.devouring Wolf perpetually torments the bodies of those who . ate .sent in thither." Such is the account givenlls by the V (1lt~Jpt1; of what the Hindu Vedas term the great Prelaya,the night or in"breathirig of Bralim, the Unknow-


Pilgrim-Whom of the' Gods wilt thensurv:ive? WiH they all petishandwill there no longer pea heaven, and. an earth?

loThe Highest. There willatise out of the sea, which has overwhelmed the old, another Earth 'most lovely and be:mtrful {'Vi'da.r and Vale shall ,survive;,' because neither the Hood, nor the black conflagration can do them harm. Mode, and Magne, .the son oC-'Thor repair Thither. Thither will come Balder, the, beautiful, and Hoder from the mansions of the departe'd_ Two persons, male and female-c-Lifand Liftbraser lie, 'concealeduhder a hill, and will propagate' so abun:dantly that the new Ear~h is soon peopled anew. 'Fhe Sun, once again,. "the' hriIliant monarch of 'fire, '.s.hallbcg~t an onW daughter, 'before the d:evouring WoU commits, hisdeva$lation;Si and, after the death of the gods, she will pU[stle the same route 'as her parents."



2. TIle High-Now have Sublime Strains, been sung in SublimeHalls: 1 Useful are they to the sons .of men. Hail to him who sang them! Hail to him who hath seen, and understood them! May they profit him who hath reta-ined them! Hail to those who hath lent an ear to hear them! 'O! Pilgrim, thou who 'hast seen and heard! Make the best use of what we have imparted to thee! Study the inner meaning of the aUegory.

1. The Higbest=-Befcre-you depart, I would say to you, that we have deemed i~ best, In beginning this. special section of our Rite to point out to you, that we have deemed it best to give yoti the Initiation funy of the Scandinavian King Gylpke by the Highe-st Priests, of the Temple of Odin, as it is related in the Eddas. Youwitl be the better enabled to understand 'in studying the mythology of the Scythian Priest Sigge that of others which follow.

There are in it traces of the primaeval creed which taught that humanity arose from a marriage of Heaven and Earth. Much of the Aryan Theology of the Vedas is to be found in it, and its dosihg strains are of the Destruction and Renovation of all things in the Outbreathing and Inbreathing of ~he Unknowable Deity, the Para-bratin of the Vedas.

I cannot better- reward the attention you have given, than by formally treating YotIa Knight of Scandinavia in it's highest point. Youwill therefore kneel before me.

Does so. Master strikes both shouIderssaying:-Io the name of the All-father, I create you a Knight of Scandinavia. Be valiant; bold, and true: ever esteem death with honor, 'before a life with dishonour. I decorate you with the Insignia of the Order, and proceed to instruct you ib the modes by wh ith we recognise each other.;

1 Section S. of Order-Draw the sword with right hand and hold it by the middle of the blade.

S. of Recognition-Strike 2 blows on Sword with left hand, fingers of the right hand 00. the heart.


Ans*,'cr-Place right index, oti the lips.

S. of Help.--Right han:d on Jef] shoulder. left on brow,

T.-Pfac:c r_ight foot to brothers, left hand on heart. take eaches

right' hand with arms held vertically.

W:P.-EGGlS:Answer-. EZA!~ORO (most pure light) Rec. W.-SteHa Sedet Soli. (Science .• Wisdom, Holiness).

W. S.-OAZ; BaUery-3"33-333.

March--Six ordinary steps, drawsword. Stancf to otder,

II Se'ction-NTDO Answer EiSPOTUA (Contemplation)

W. P.-.f:lGOGA.NA. (Elevation of Spj'rit)

HI Sedion-- W: R-·ENE.GlR_0BA (Society without origin)

W. $.-ATSORt..m. (Truth) .


Hi.etophant-You wiJI now: take- YO'ur .seat and listen to the Lecture. 1 Q.-Do you believe in the immortality of the Soul.

R_- Yes. It is, 'the anci~nt t~,ching of ,this degree.

2 Q.-Do., you believe that the. Soul is an Emanation of God? R.-God is truth, then all ~'hi(h Jives must be in a f11nity.

3 Q.-What i$ inqivi.duaJity?

R.-I{l(lividuality is the. Soul which is immortal. Jt Is the Ego which may sleep, but never cease .to be, Free and immgrfal, movedby grievous thi'ngs of necessity; the wiJl can .em.bral=e worlds and r~iseitsel Feven Jowards Divinity.

'Q.-What is will?

R.-, Will is the pr:in<:ip'le of our actions, and· an that i·s organised. Q.-Ar.e. the 'exter1?l' senses .then the instruments of the soul to

form itself?,

'R.-Yes. Because the soul feels through the bo~y:: it sees w.ith 'its eyes; hears through its eats; and these caobe developed ·andper. fectioned in like mariner as the exterior senses, perform. these functions, the soul has also its inter:ior and spiritual sen~atiC)ns. -to witr-

1. It has- humanefeelings and sentiments of;

2. Atnot:alsense, with sentiments of ,human good ;

5. The intellectual, Or sentiments of the true and the just;


4" The aesthetic, or sense of the beautifiil Sublime. 5. The r:e1igtous .Scrise, or of the holy and~ivi:ne.

These 5' ~pm'irablc Senses" like those of the natura] body,are 5usceptihle of the highest development, and it hin this art of perfectioning it-self that ,the education of the soul consists.

In oid:~t' for this development, conformable to the souls natural 'dignity, we must ,recognise all its fcfcilities,3nd put them in activity ib the way that reasen prescribes.

The soul 'can only receive the imrressions of exterior nature; a,oJ must therefore f eel, receive. re ned, imagi 0 e, u nderstan d, W. ill ;-. in one word it is the soul which thinks. It, is more or less perfect. in proportion that it is more or Iesspure, ~rid the petfed go'odness: of a man 'cori!:;tittltes~his soverign perfection"

-nle soul which perfects its divine nature may thus, by degrees, approach the divine; it knows its, origin, its nature, anctils destiny ;it feels that it comes from G6d,and, seeks to return to Him,

The divine essence of the humane Soul, is shown in 1110ughts of 'God, and of immortality, and is part of itsintellectual and' spirituaina-ture ;it constitutes its divine nature, its sover'eign good,

its supreme felicity.

A noble and great Soul is one ",hich feelsiri .itself the Dimne force, and thinks anp~ acts in it, and reposes constantly in thoughts

of God and iimnona-Hty. .

,With this single thought when atJ else fdils in-the empir~ of tbe world, 'it rests unn,im:.hirtg. .and presefYe~ its energy, its liberty" its almost divine power. Nothing else, under the Sun, can be (001- _ pared toa strong' soul: if the universe was anihitated beforeJts eyes; it would survive and remain peaceful. fot it is immortal,

O! Man, as tl_ty - soul rs immortal fmrnit for imm()r:~ality, by raising it towards the S.A.O.rU. Listen to the voice of Go4, to tha] celestial voice which speaks: to thy heart, cty:ing_ pe,rp,etually-

'Jrnmortality·.· .

Q.-Dost thou believe in the transmigration of Souls?

A.-If the perfect{on of theviral ~reath w,hith animates us is the direct reason of civilization are we n,otinvtHunfarily led to condude thatcettaln souls which are 'impeccably filled with the divine breath; may be attached to a more perfect existence in

order that th~y may tend to aprroacll the in finite Being from whom they have srrung?'

Even the insect wliKhthen is the object of ourdisdain, may give up its last breath to. a being 'of supedpr order; thus by trahstnigratia", 'up,on tr;mimigration. 'wi:tha serif's of being:;, the mostim;. perfect, may arise towards its creator, to repose in tl;e bosom ,of God; such ~as the beHefof the ancient priests,

Hierophant.-These Andent Priests said'.-~·The soul is immortal" bllt to reach lie,aven,Tt has, to pass thr1;)J1,gh 7 doors of lead; tin, coppet, Iron, bronze, silver, and gold." The Akhemists:had anaJogous doctdnes,th~ysupp9sed that the soul must pass through the, development of the, $evenplaoets, &ef:ore it reposed In the centre of felicity.


1. The lfighest-(Kno{kJ 3,33·353) ~Qur Labours being~ ended I dose the' Assembly. Depart to your homes and {he blessings of the AIl·father b~ w'ith you.

The battery is repeated by the 2, other Priests (see plate 3;t end of volume)-Runk Cypher

Jewel.~word arfd pal'mctm;sed, form of a, star ; gold for Officers. silver for Knights', The tiqbori is, red.

You have a printed' Ritual 0 t til is degree ;:a I ter the number.

Marconis recommends what may be added as 'a 2nd Point wifh the title of Commander.-

bH/rflction in Ih~ dit#ion of the Seasons. Th,eappareht motions of the Stars, their velocity, Clistance, terms, andgravirafion. The putification of meta,Is and how to render them ductile. The botanicaIpropetties of plants and ,yegetables; and the modeof extracting,


their sap to peelong life. Thos to acquire a knQwted,ge of the tern-

'pIe of the Un'lYe'rse. .

S.-Right hand to heart, extend arm paltndoJtn.

Ans·weF.-. Interlace fingers and place with tlmmbs erect on the

heart to form two squares.

T.-Press. 3 times the right hand on An'swer.-. With right hand 3 light shakes .. Reply.-Ebce fp(eflngerio ralmof I:efthand. W.P. SUIRI'S <Dog Star) .

Answer---SiH:tOS. (The Same and ... ~ Cycle of 1 to 61 years). W.S.-ARUTAN.

Answe'r'.-·. HAILE. (Fortitude.) Battery 7777777.


Founded _in 1780 'of 3 grades, or' Points,-Believet-·Eled-.



1. Purification: by the 4 elements.

2. The Symbo'Is should, recall the Unity of God.


It has, reference to. pri!Jl·itive wdrshipand the consequences

resulting fr,om the AstronolJlkal observations of the Priests of Babylon;Chllldea, and Sidon. It quotes a Chapter in AI Koran, fJeing the protests of Abram against Star and idol worship. The labour

is consecrated to ,Geotnetry. and astrcrromy. .

President ,(Says)_·i·YOlJ understand now our Myst~ries, our Science, our Altar, :and out God ; it is with the idea of Unity that the luminous trhLOgl:e~JOjtes all our symbols.

;'Ih investing you with the Hcibit, I!:' you to let it cover: for ever the darkness of error and prejudice."

1. Section Believer.- .. Place left hand over the eyes and the 2 iiqt fingers of right on the lirs;

T.-· rake, each others little finger.

w. P.;-. I?nNUEM.

2. Section. Elect S.-Right knee orr floor, cross arms on breast; T.-Take mutually the fingers of dght band;.



3. Section Perfect S.-Place open hand on forehead as if to screen

the eyes, thumb in square.

T.-Take r'ight hand mutually, and give seven light shakes, W. P.-MAHARBA. A nswer-AMHARB.



Battery. 1. (TIle Unity)

Jewel & Symbol.-A luminous triangle.



For this degree take the Printed Ritual you have. It deals with ancient Initiation arid Marconis recommends that it should be Catechetical to test the Aspirants progress.

S.-Points upwards with right forefinger.

Answer.-Form a triang'le with the thumb and index finger before the stornach.

S. of Help.--Clasp the hands palms outwards, above the head, saying: "To me children of the Widow:"

S. of Order.-Right hand supported on the hip.

T. Master Masons Grip, one says UM, reverse hands other says AH, a.gain reverse NOB.-The other says-NOB-AH-OM (Re4 rnembrance of the dead).

W. P.-SETIHTAKEK, (One who knows the wri'Uen law) Answer-LEMOG (Recompense)

W. S.-LJGAC-NEP-LUDF. (Do that thou wishest should be

done unto thee) Answ:er-HTURT. Battery-t or tit 11 t t t u t

Jewel and Symhol-A 6 with the letter M in the centre.


You have already this degree under the 2nd title in a Printed Ritual and can use it for 38°. Marconis says that the ceremonials resemble the ancient Initiation of Egypt.


In Ule centreIs -a br.asrc'l' with a pure name:, an.d. it is preferred to allothers, as the custom ·of the' greatest ,natfons, the Egyptians, GreekS',Peruvians.

On his entrance tIae Neopllyte is v.eilcd, and lrcarsanAddress. comparing ,the ancient Mysteries of different Countries which, itt effect, rCfl.escntci'I the' contest between Vgj,-rand Darkness.

S.-Military Salute witb th~ Sword, Answer.-'.Make a hiangle on

the foreh'ead with thumb and index.

T.-· Press;; times on the palm of .each othersr.ighi hand with' 2nd finger.

W. P.-. IRQR (cefestical day). Answer-NYENOM.HCA (Name

aEa tomb).

W. 'S.-IAODOJISIRUZ (God is my strongest rock). Battery 55555

Jewel 8c Sy~boI~.(\ Silver Keycrossed with a cubit rule.

In the Phoenician language AEon signifies a central point of development. It hasa:Jso reference to the Avatars or Saviour Gods treated by the Mystedes.

Marconis .says that its precepts are drawn from the Izesclrne, .a Zoroastrian work Q( 72 chapters, Out Order, born with the .first races of mankind has in'itiated .a'nJ developed everything that ha.i; been of sen-ice to bumanity: As the chiIdof the dogma of true 1I.ght 'it has marched at the head or civilization and advanced the progress' of intelligence.

Our Order is the depository of aJI is valuable to man, as it preserved. In its temples that which the profane world has long, Iost-s-the virgins:impJicity of'natura] laws.

Properly spea.king the Zorastrian Masonry- of last century was divide4 .into 3 poi'n,ts,-tfue Veil~d,,-. the Elect,-and the Seer, .and its object was the, rehabilitation of Man. So that he might ,approach his Creator, Thus it brings' the Seer irr xontact w.ith the fa:ctsof Magnetism, Somnambulism, dreams, presC'ience or prevision, and. sympathies; .and antipathies.


1. Section (Veiled) S.-Right hand on' brow, T.-Place left Ha:nd on heart of 'Examiner.


2. Section fElect)S.-Pla'ce 2 fingers of left hand on the mouth, and, the right over the bearj.,

.. W,P.-Archimage {No. T.)

3. Section (Seer) S.-, Join the '2 hands, flex the left knee and fix the eyes on .heaven.

T.-· Take each right hand :mil press seven: times.

R. W.-EIGOGANA (Elevation) A'nswer.-·NUONNUOD.

(Ahod.eof the Lord), .

W. S.-SUI11JCOL-SUJA (11k Word" the -lord) (The last need !lilly be givr;n).

Jewdand Symbol.-- Star with a: central point. Battery r.t L


Marconis -instructs that this grade should consider the Iundamental laws of nature and instinct. Touc:hing upon the, existence' of a God; w-ho draws us tohimselt by eternal chains, whose links are the Iove of-goodness.

This faith ,is .so f:tr from hdng revolting to our -re,asoh. that it lends us wings to fly In search of Tmthand provide~ :i powerfu]. authority wherewith' tbestabli.;;h the' rrin~drle:f of true moral light. Our Mysteries shut up in physkaland metaphysical sciences," are the revealing torches which speak to our Spirit, and which thus consecrate 'our -faith.TIrat whichGodwills he Conserves .. He is the AD, the Alpha and the Omega. the begi'n'fiing and the ~~d in the nature of his essence. 'From Him all things proceed. and to Him all things return.

,S.-·Point to heaven with the index of right hand. T;-Link the two index lingers, W.P.-SETILEARAK

W.S.-SETIHTAKEK (one who knows the written law.) Batte.ry-22·33J-22

Jewdand Symbol.-Ona tri;mgfe, seven stars, placed 2, 3 and 2.,



. .

The title of the degree refers to the Rainbow which receives its prismatlc colours as a r~Rexion from the sun upon the humid atmosphere, and the ancient operative Free Masoris held that it was the patterns on which they worked Arches.

The degree is intended to teach that the Sun is a Well of beneficence, and the Regenerator of Natures beauties, it quickens these into life. All nations have bowed down and kissed their hands to this grand symbol of universal life, which signals the fatherly aid, that God bestows on al1 creation.

It has not always been thus. Stellar or Star worship was succeeded by that of the Sun and Moon, and the Pole Star was in the earlier worship, .and still is in many countries, as China, the eye of heaven, the Mystery Sun, and the Symbol of the highest deity. The Gamrnadion 4 gammas or I', was a grand symbol of the earlier cult, and is yet venerated amongest operative Free Masons. In this form (male swastika) it would seem toibe Stellar thus (female swastika] Sunrise. It is the diagrams of the Great Bear, of 7 Stars, in its revolution, round the Pole Star N.E.S.W.

The President closes his allocution,-. "The cause of that grand beneficent existence is a Mystery to us, of which we can appreciate the material effects. Thus faith is not in contradiction to our reason. We believe in those sublime, divine, and supernatural principles which are above our intelligence, because the second causes of these impressions strike our Senses, and demonstrate the existence of a

. f "

superior orce.

S.-Draw the sword and plant it on the Earth. Recover sword, and

place self on gua.rd as if for co~bat.

Answer.--Salute to right, to left, and in front. T.-Place right hand upon the guard of sword.

w. P.-HAKADEST (Justice) W. S.-RU [Light),

Battery .-7777777

Jewel and Syrnbol.-A Rainbow.



This degree teaches that OUf Order is a social chain which dates from the foundation of the world; that in spite of savage and bat", berous wars, and the catastrophes of time which have overthrown a.nd changecl the face of the world, it remains pure and stainless and a shelter from the contagions of earth.

It takes as symbolic basis the grand work which God has placed before the eyes of alJ men, in prpviding with equa_' and impartial Justice for the wants of all terrestrial existe-nce. It is with this idea that Masonry inscribes on her banner the word "Fraternity", orin the language of wisdom "death to egotism".

The Receiver says.-"Consuft the heavens,the greatest and most beautiful of all books, written by the hand of God himself".

S.-With index' fil1'ger of right hand trace the stars; holding an in-

strument with lef~ hand.

T.-Point with index finger to the Pore Star. W. P.-NOTRO (The Constellation of Horus)

W. S.-HAJ (It is' the Pole Star among certain Arabs.) Battery-"~J5 5-22.

Jewel and; Symhol.-Upon a triangre, a broken Star.



The degree you have in print wi1l answer for this; but when "reprinted might be much improved (consult our English lectures of a Chapter, Senate, and Council}, The Aspirant, in Marconis last revision, everuns the 12 Symbolic Houses of the Sun. The degree leaches that birth and death are represented by the two emblematical columns, and enclose our eartJ1Jy destiny that life is the workshop in which is found the hidden treasure- house, where the wise learn to accomplish their destiny with strength, courage and dignity. The ancient Hermetic language is threefold. re1igious, philosophic: .and scientific; as a religion it is that of the initiates of all ages; as a philosophy its principles must be sought in the schools of Egypt;


40 Art in the pages of Lulti, Paracelsns, Flammel, and a score 'of Alchemists.

The temple is apprQa~hed 'ay seven steps, the ,first is a square, or symbol of the 4 'elernents';toe sesond a tr.iangle for the 3 priaciplesj a:nd thesehave an imp0~tantsignification in reference to our ~wn hUqlanity" arrd are foundi" systems anaJagous to but own.

S.-Point u:pwards with the right thumb and say ODNECAT< (si-


Answec.-Place right hand Rat on the heart, thumb forming a square, 'and say OPNERPS (Hope)

T-Make the .Hermetic cross left hand palm down, the other covers with left, same with right.

I. W.P~-·, TOBA (The East) i'\nswe-r---.SOILEH (Sun, or gold) ENE:M (Moon or -Silver) NOTAMMARTET (Sacred 'name oE God).

I. S. W.-KANRAK Answer-SEMREH(Greek Thoth). 2 S-I.N:R.L (Given only in ConsiJtoxy).


Battery-5 5555·22-55"555

Jewel and. Symbol.-On a triangle 7. stars 4' an 3.

N. H.-The newpait might be used forarrothe» Hetmeticdegree.


Teaches 'a knowledge of that great ~pen book the Stellar Universe, as the stars are mapped out in the Constellations", the positions of the Planets or Plutarch says that the roost ancient Herakles of Egyrt. Tjre, amI .Greece represented the force which s'end~ the Sun 'in its appar.ent path thro the 12 signs, but the Sun itself and an its planets has- a journey of its own.

Hermetic allegory,-S,evere proofs for complete initiatiQrt-, trial of M~ero.!ry--- fire lost by Negligence-new embarrassment-_ an instant tost-the Great wqrkadvances-planets .t~ke their ,places--proofof fire~x[?iation necessary-c-formation of a new man-- pr;o· dutt of labour-truth discovered.

S.-Ta'k'e sword, and circle round the floor.


T.-r"futually join right; and left hands. \Y/. P .-REB EG. ( A rablan alchemist)

W. S.-. IANODA (Lord). :Batt'ery~12equaI.

Jew.el and Symbof-· A book of which is 12 stars, and the letters J. H.


Second life of inan-mean.o;pf setting: out From darkness:-continoation of the erection of a symbol it edifice: The. pUrified 'man is 'led bya child-First ,intelHgenceof in;termed-i.ary beings that form a chain which unites us to divinity. Reflections tipon the Number 3;--the White; green" blue-the messenger indicates, the gates,.Rendered worthy of Jnitiafion in fhe Sanctuary.

S.-Grasp the beard with the risht hand_

T.-Grasp the finger'S of each others right hand wifh the left. W. P.-SEDJ-r (Faifh~

W. S.-'¥MILOS (Princes of th~ Preademire Pitris, or :Genii, and

an Assyrian divinity:)


Jewel arid, SymboL-Tria ngl e. upon -which is an eye.

I .


The degree paints our mcrals.s=The twocolumns Symbols of life and death. My;stedous }t;web pass [rom hand to h-and and change Masters; the :descent of true doctrine march of the NeQphyte _-encounter wiih the- green lion-labour of -the Great Work-AI·' legory 'of the fig·tree as an emblernof the Jruth-seeker,-discovers

a useful number.

S.-Pfaceredpcocally the left hand orreach other's right shOlilder. and .the rigbthandon each other's head.

T.-Place right hand 9"- the heart. -am;l theleHon .each other's

right shoulder.

W. P.-XVL (tight) W, S.-SUED (God) Battery-. 22·333 .. 22.

Jewel and Syinbol-, On a circular plate, seven tents-2. 3, 2.


.The most anc-ient of all Symbols, the 7 Stars of Ursa MaJor's .annuai revolution round {he Myste.ry SU(l;a talisman (swastika), rheseven Ristusand their consorts in the Pleides; one unfaithful.

The 6olurim~i' fa"i-sten~ changes-flaming sta-r shows the roule the ade'ptshould ta·ke~ Downfall 9f the braveIkr-' passage cf the obscure vault-- Candlestick of 7 branches which giVes. light to aU the: world, :-itsii:J,fluence ads un(~sihgly on natu~e - and mannew cakitiatioofJJ numbers-use and virtue 'of the mapped signs of the Zodiac, and their spiritual influence. invention of the Compasses.

S_.-. Incline head, place right index on brow. T.-Wilh both hands seize eachothers shoulders.

W: P~-OREPS. (Hope) .S. W.-. OLlGIV (Watch)". Battery .-1· 22 ~4444

]ewd and Sym1501-A .Heptagon with a star it each angle.


The d:egret teaches 'much of natute.~the purified man reading from a mysterious book. The Sun rises. the dooropens, the Neophyte is surrounded with flames. Allegories which represent the highest mysteries,

Emblem of disordered love!~aniber o.f punishmen~,.-altar of .sacritic~.-fury of the e1ements,-theproducer and destroyer of forms.-necessarycombat:,-new apparitiQnof a Celestial Guide.-· Secrets of Medi:dne.

S.-Makea hasty step and thea .• tecoi~.

T.-· With right hand tap thrice the 'hilt of the Sword. W.P .-AITN A TS:NOC (Constancy)

W. S.-ETATILEDIF (Fidelity)


Jewd and SymboL-On a .. triangfe, are three Interlaced circles,


As this degree has a fu II ceremonial it may be used .as a break where to confer the lower degrees from the 340 to this by name



Sublime- Dai (knockj 1 )-Sage '1 st Mystagogue a.sSltre yourself -tbat we-are covered from the in!;le;screHons of the profane.

Ceryr« li110Cli.J 7777777 u-bicb is ttnrtl'ered.

t st MysL-The bqu,nds or the temple- ate deserted: its echoes are. silelit;.n.ooe can ove~Hear us._

SubJ ime D;ti.-- Arise to, order. (clmre) Sage Ce ryt;:e , overrun the Tribunes and assure- yourself that an are members of Ihis degree. He demand.r P: 11:7;- and reparl;.

S. D.---sage -1St Myst .• at what' hOl.lf do w;e open? 1st Myst-_ - At the dawn of day. S. D.

S. ,[).-Why?

1 st ~ly5t.-For the instruction' of our 'Brothers, S. p.-What ate the first duties of S, .of P.

Ist Myst.-- Benevolerrce to·war-cls the men, our Brothers, justice to all, to combat the vices which dishonor humanity -and to.havebut one thought, that of bei,ng upright and the propagation of Light and Truth~

S.B.-May God give us strength fot this rrnssron: He is Truth,

.teach then the Truth. .

AIL-We promise it. t extendinghf!l1d) . s. O.~a:ge 2n.dMyst., What hour is it>?

2nd Myst.-The hour to begin our labours. S. O.

5. b~""-sInGe it is the hour to begin out labours; let us Invoke T.S.

A.O.T.U. to "bless and prosper oor work

S. D.-(D-eJC.efTds to the centre Idling East, the 2" M,1t. place the;m.re1veJ on each side. !1n antiqfle VaIe bitrnJ -idcred per-

fumes) .

"Sovereign God W~Q reigns alone, AU Powerfu! Jehovah, Father of N~t'ture, Source of r.ight, Supreme law -of the Universe,


receive; O !My G6d, the homageot our loVe';0Ul' ,ad-rniraficm and om worship. We prostrate ourselves beF.ore the! eternal law of thy Wisdom; ,direct Qut 'labours;. enlighten them 'with tby Hgflt~ dissi'-' pate the darkness which veils TrutH from ourey,es, that we ,may leam sornethi,ng of the wisdom oy which th'ou gOVetnest'the world in order that we may become more w·orthy of Thec;Tnat We: may: be able to celebrate in endless hymn~ the u:rii:versalhal'm0QY :Whith Thy pr:e:sence'impresses on aU nature.-Ad0I1ai,-Ad'onai-. Adonlti.

S. D. mqoiilJ the Dais, the Officer-I lak'e their plates, he gives theb41lery dnd SdYl,-

S: D.-To the; gIqty of T:" So A. G.t. U., I plaee the labours, in activity.

The Sage Hierostotista reads the Minute'S.


The 'Hydramos retires to prepare the Candidate, He places in' his ,han~ the Golden Br<!, Symbol of Initiation, and Knocks at door.

Hiero'Cerysc.-(Gf!arJianopens the door, throws over the h,eadof Jhe Cd!1Jid4Je a(JrdP~ Veil emd tand!'cls bisn 10 the place' for Nt eophytei),

S. D .-"They have doubtless told ,you that to h¢ received amongst tis ftis necessary: to speak. with all ~h~ ,~Iqquenq:. of the heart" of aU those things which raise the spirit-and enlighten the Soul ; in order tosepar'ate the true from the false, and to be just in ,judgment and above aJI,in morals, Will you tell me the priod .. ples of the natural law.

Rev1y.-Th.::y are the gener"l truths upon' which we can effecfiveiy compfehend: thewitI of the S,A.O.T.U- bra lust and reasonable

applieatibn of these laws, .• '

5_ D_-It ishurmiQ nature that we must consult for the recognition ofgenel'al truths. What is the .£jest cause?

Reply-The first cause is that which depends upon no other.therefore the S.A.O.T.lJ.,

S.D.-Ari'd the second cause?


Reply-Th~ second cause is that which depends upon the first, such as an created causes.

S. D.-- -And the immediate an-d, mediatecatise?

Reply.-The immeJ;d/~ cause is that which produces its effect by an action, and the mediate is that which has produced the immediate.

S. D.-AmI the physical and moral cause?

Reply.-The physical cause is that which contains the sufficient reason of a being~ .byits own ad; it is the efficient cause considered in another point of view. The moral cause is that ~hich influences , a being by .a Iaw, council, or example. These questions are ex-

tended upon providence, chance, goodness. etc (See also the Eng1ish "Lectures ofa Chapter, Senate and Council"}

S. D.-Sage Odos speecH is accorded you upon the history of Initiation.

Od05.-- About'the 95th Ofypiad.e, an Epoptae or perfect seer, went the length of the Nile to study Theosophy and demand the revelation of the Mysteries_~

After having overrun the Thebiad, that classic land of the fine arts he presented himself in the Pronaos of the Temple of Memphis, in the hope of obtaining initiation. He struck the 7 Mystic blows, and the Ceryce, after admitting him to the enclosure, presented his right hand in sign of fraternal amity, for he had made

the usual Salutation. .

After a seriousexamination entrance to the- .temple was accorded him, and the S. Dai addressed him with Severe questions upon his ,past life, lind unrolled before him mildly all his actions, The Visages of the Sages, assembled in the Sacred Temp.le exhibited nothing of sympathy, evoked by a career fuUof ardent researches in science and in virtue.

Upon a sign made by the S.D. all the Illustrious Sages, grouped themselves to Form a triangle with the Master at the Summit. Afte.r some minutes deliberation the triangle opened at its base to form but a right angle.


Thy demand is accorded, said the S. Dai, thou hast undertaken a iong and painful journey. Forget not that mqh in obt~jning life, bears within himself a passion which ought one day to dominate hiS soul. If thy reason directs all thy passions by love, or the sentiment of tenderness, of piety, of benevolence" of generos,ity, of humanity, thy dominant pa~sion wilfBecorne sensibly reasonable. If thou knowest the dignity of thy nature thou wilt raise thysel f towards its author, if thou'knowest love, then thou wilt love the first of Beings; thou wilt love thyself. thou wilt love thy country" humanity, mankind,and love wiJl be thy passion, Forget not that triumph over the passions IS the union of wisdom and virtue with Jm;tice and liberty. The Sage Ceryce will accompany thee; to know it is necessary to learn, to learn it is necessa'ry to Ia:bour.-Seek and thou wilt find, Go, and may the Spirit of God watch over thee.

A masked door opened to the ri'ght, the candidate followed the Ceryce; it gave access to a vast vault, lighted. by a single lamp suspended from the rentre of the hall. The walls were so much affected that they seemed to threaten ruin in every part. But supported by the arrn of the Ceryce he. sowly descended by an incline, into the bowels of the earth; all was performed in obscurity; but a strong voice said to him:-

"Arrest thee! Learn to know thyself and form thyself for God, such is the natural Jaw. Presume: not to unveil di.vinity; the proper study 0 f mankind is man; he is plated in a species of isthmus; being of a mixed state, obscurely able, grossly great with much of understanding for sceptical doubt, and much of feebleness for the proud stoic. He is, as it were, suspended between twa ideas, in the _uncertainty whettier to act or to do nothing; of being a god or a brute, whether to give. preference to the body or to the spirit. He reasons but to wander, and. such is that reason, that he errs equally by thinking too much, or thinkingJoo little; a chaos of reasons .and of passions, all is confused, continually abused, or aisabused, by himself; in part created to rise, and in part to fall: Master of all things, sole judge of truth, and endlessly precipitating himself into error; the glory, the playth'ing, the enigrna of the world. Go;surpri~ ing creature, Mount to where science, carries thee, measure the earth,

Reply-The second cause is that which depends upon the first, such as an treated causes.

S. D.-And the immediate' and mediate cause?

Reply.-The immediate cause is that which produces its effect by an action, :md the mediate is that which has produced the immediate.

S, D.-And fhe physical and moral cause?

Reply.-The physical cause is that which contains 'thesuffident reason of a being by its own act; it is the efficient cause considered in another point of view. The moral cause is that which influences . a being by a Jaw~council, orexampfe. These questions are ex-

tended upon providence. chance, goodness, etc. (See also the English .. Lectures of a Chapter, Senate and Council"]

S. D.-Sag~ Odos speech is, accorded you uppn the history of Initiatian.

Odos,-About the 95th Olypiacle, an Epoptae or perfect seer, went the length of the Nile to study Theosophy and demand the revelation of the Myste,des.

After having overrun the Thebiad, that classic land or the fine arts he presented ihirnself in the Pronaos of the Temple of Memph is, in the hope of obtaining initiation. He struck the 7 Mystic blows, and the Ceryce, after ad,mitting him to the enclosure, presented his right hand in sign of fraternal amity, for he had made the usual Salutation.

A fter a serious examination entrance to the temple was accorded him, and the S. Dai addressed him with severe questions upon his past life~ and unrolled before him mildly art his actions. The Vis· ages of the Sages, assembled in the Sacred Temple exhibited nothing of sympathy, evoked by a career full of ardent researches in science and in virtue.

Upon a sign made by the S.D. al1 the Illustrious ,Sages, grouped themselves to form a triangle with the Master at the Summit. After some minutes deliberation the triangle opened at its 'base to' form but a right angle.



Thy demand -is accorded, said the S. Dai, thou hast undertaken a long and painful journey. Forget not that m~\n in obtaining life, bears within himself a passion which ought one day to dominate his soul. If thy reason dir~cts all thy passions by love, or the sentiment of tenderness, of piety, of benevolence, of generosity, of humanity, thy dominant pa-~sion will become sehsibty: reasonable. If thou knowest the d.ignity of thy nature thou wilt mise thyself towards its author, if thou knowest love, then- thou wilt love the first of Beings; thou wilt love thyself. thou wilt Jove thy country, humanity, mankind; and love will be thy passion. Forget not that triumph over tHe passions is the union of wisdom and virtue with Justice and liberty. The Sage Ceryce will accompany thee; to know it is necessary to learn, to learn it is necessary to fabour.-Seek and thou wilt find, Go, and may the Spirit of God watch over thee.

A masked door opened to the right, the candidate followed the Ceryce ; it gave access to a vast vault, lighted, by a single lamp suspended from the centre of the hall. The walls were so mum affected that they seemed to threaten ruin in every part. But supported by the arm of the Ceryce he sowly descended by an incline, into the bowels of the earth -; all was performed in obscurity; but a strong voice said to him.:-

"Arrest thee! Learn to know thyself and form thyself for God, such is the natural law.-Presum.e not to unveil div-inity; the proper study of mankind is man; he IS placed in a species ot isthmus, being of a mixed state, obscurely able, grossly great with much of understanding for sceptical doubt, and much of feebleness for the proud stoic. He is, as -it were, suspended between two ideas, in the uncertainty whether to act or to do nothing; of being a god Of a brute, whether to give preference to the body or to the spirit. He reasons but to wander, and. such is that reason, that he etrsequally by thinking too much, or thinkingJoo little; a chaos of reasons and of passions, all is confused, continually abused, or disabused, by himself; in part created to rise, and -in part to fall;- Master 'of all things, sale judge of truth, and endlessly precipitating himself into error; the glory. the plaything, the enigma of the-world. Go, surprising creature. Mount to where science carries thee, measure the earth,


, the air, rule the waves, instruct the planets in the coursethey should take; correct the old time and guide the Sun; raise thyself even to the first of beings, to the first perfect. Go, and teach eternal wisdom how it should govern, then return into thyself and what witt thou find,-nothing,"

After these words a panel of the wall glided away before him. and gave passage to a vast ground where an hundred odoriferous flowers rejoiced the sight and smell.

Music, afar off, reached their ears. Their march is then arrested by a lake of gteat extent, but shallow, which they traversed.

Arrived tlpeo the further bank the candidate findshimsel.f before a splendid .rnonurnent. Its Portico is of marble of Pares, where they arrive by 21 steps of red granite, resplendent with the rays of the settihg Sun, and indicating to the Neophyte the termination of his journey. The marvellous architecture struck him with astonishment. It had a circle of Crypts which ha.d to be overrun before a.rrival at the only entrnnre ; they formed a labyrinth -of inextricable crypts where the Neophyte would have wandered a couple of days and night~ without finding the entrance .had .he not been led by his guide.

He entered with conrage the' first crypt but aFter retra.cing hIS steps several times, he arrived by observation and perseverence at a Vestibule, above, which was writt'en,-GdJe of the ({edd. As soon as he had freed this Ao;ylum a Tepisyte went to his aid and presented him with the Go/den Brancb, the Symbol of initiation, and threw over his head a black transparent veil, and conducted him into a ternpie where were seated 21 patriarchs, clothed in black tunics. The place was covered with hieroglyphics. and painted in lively colours, and all the signs of the Zodiac were represented; in the midst of this Sanctuary was a. triangular pyramid surmounted by the Sun, and below it a small-richly decorated Altar, upon which laid a' book bound in red leather. This the Ceryce opened andcaused the NeQ· phyte to write his name, his prenames, and qualities. was this dane when one of the Patriarchs a.ddressedhim thus:-

"Learn that the Universall Cause acts with one aim, but it acts by different Jaws; let this great truth be alway; present to thy memo ory."Consider the world in which thou art placed, examine that chain of Jove which gathers and unites all belbw as well as 011 high; see how fruitful nature labours with that end, one atom drawing to another, and that which is drawn in drawing another, figw-res the embracement of its ndghbour.

"Behold nature, varied in a thousand forms, pressing towards a common centre for the general good.

"Dost thou believe that God labours only for thy good. thy leisure, thy ornament, and thy nourishment? Is that a cause to give thyself airs and. graces" Is it for thee the birds sing? No, joy excites their sO'"R. Is it for thee that the nightingale utters its melodious accents? No, it is for Jove. Is it for thee only- that harvest covers the earth? No, the birds claim their grain. Is it for thee only. that the corn show-sa fertile year? No, the ox. merits his art for his labour. See then that all nature partakes of God's care.

"Such is tile grand harmony of the world from which union has birth the general order and concert of all things. Ii: is thus that the S.A.O.T.U. and of nature that self love and social love shall make i

but one,

"Thus. my 'Brother, work. without ceasing, to acquire the rrecessary knowledge, in order to be able to ameliorate the human species; and to inaugurate that happiness which exists only with virtue."

S. D.-If thou wilt persevere. thou wilt learn amongst us the Am· momgtte (Mysteries of Antiquity) and the Hytopadessa, the most ancient book in the world, the repository of wisdom. Wilt thou continue thy journey?

Neophyte.c-ThatIs my desire. ,.;

Ceryce.-(Presen/J a globe round which is twhled a serpent, 1t1J· /ained by/tvo open 'wingJ,al1d the President JaYJ.)

S. D.-Look!

Reply.-I comprehend by this that you give to the earth a double


movement, conformable to the Jaws of nature, and the calculation of reason.

S. D.-· Light thou thy torch before darkness arrives. Pardon others everyth'ing, thyself nothing. Rejoice thou in what is just, combat iniquity. Suffer without complaint. Be good, for goodness enchains all hearts.

Ceryce-(Takes the hand of the Neophyte and retires 1l'ilhhim.

They march for a long lime without d word. Then they reach a sycamore ~"eeJ respecting which there is a fat/ching tradition of the Copts mba uenetate it e~'eiz 10 tbis ddy~ The 'Ceryce raises the 1-1l!il which covers the NeophJt~'s eye!.) "The, night i'5 upon US:

It is necessary to descend a narrow way bounded on one side by rocks, and on the other by forests." (Then thnnd er is hedrd at d d ist ance. 117it h trem biin g sse p s they arrit 'e 4f a fldt" t) .

Ceryce (sa:ys) -Hast thou courage to pursue this journey? Neophyte.· I have. (They ;ontJnfle theirmdrch in profottnd obIcurity, and arrioe at a place enoironed. with mountains. under shades of olive wood. lighleniJrg f'apiill] trace! a lozenge of fir,. The wind becomeI im petnons. After an boar's mttfch they arrive at a grtJ"llo which is cloud by an iron door. Near it II man of oenersble dP peaf'ance, tall in stsmre, the beauens brilliant and tIN moon Jhininlt bealllilMly.

Ceryce.-·Behold this man, he has been a benefactor to humanity; he is here to teach virtue; thou canst interrogate him. The Neo~ phyte went towards him, he was Zoroaster, and said,-

Z.-"If ,in doubt whether an action is goo.i:l or bad abstain from it; ever march in the way of Justice".

(After saluting the Sage they advanced to the iron door. it opened and then dosed with such force that the body of the Neophyte was shaken: he looked and the Ceryce 'had disappeared. After a vai n search he marched by chance, sometimes he seemed to see his guide supported against an obelisk, he looked but found only a mutilated statue. Then he perceived at some distance a brilliant light towards which he went with caution, untit he found himself on a platform with 3 persons who surrounded him. One placed

himself: a:~ his right. be is ,half invested-in a whit~e tupic and holds in his, hand a mirror, in the left -a ~ranth of,' the- tofus, flower,a Sun emblem; ihe leat!esope.n .to the fays of~-he Snn at riJhlg and close on it:; dhapp_earallcebelow the horizon,' its fl<!wer tovered ;vith fl' species of Jorun seeiiis to mi!fd.k~ the ra({ian_t disc 'Q-f ~hdf plci"et€the Eg_yp'liam consecrated fhi!. plam to the God of ,day),

TIle Neonhyte r'etogtiizes -a figure of Trruh, the 2nd Is vested in a 'tunk pf errierafdgreen, ~t1d wears a collar of se:vc:h brilliant stars: in His han.p he holds an anchor (If gold, and the frav/!ltet murmurs NO/!,e-. The }xq. manremains 9 ,st~ps b~hind, a:~d i~, b,ar-ely visible, and is more a light condensed v.apour than :I.' teal being .. The, neophyte sees in it a-n emblem of hflfnan iiI'. 'l'hey all march for a while in silence, Then

H';ope(says)-";Courage. my child, there ,is hospitality and happihess."

Truth (.felyJ") -. 'Took on this mirror, itrefI:ects: thy paSt, seek in that Hope for the future."

They arrive' 'at an edifice which bars passage, and Hope knocks at the door with his anchor of Gold and to the surprise of the Neophyte it .opens and leaves a free pass·age,_.toa 'vast hall over which are the words-'" ASIylrim of the Dead;" Here are ~o long ranges of coffins and,. mummies a,gaihst the wall on each side. In the middle are sever-al. _tombs arranged trJangulady, He is disposed to leave by another doorwhen the black robed, says to the white one "Re4d these tJ7:ord:r r

Neophyte reaQS'-"Vanity of .vanities,aIl .is' Vanity." Demahd-;·J\_n.d wHy this, aU is. but Vanity?"

Neophyte,-It is that ourheart is too 'great for small tntngs which are not intended to 'fill it It is because Godwho has formed this heart na~ formed. it for hims~!f, and has impdntea_ ther_eiri 'the necessity of finding happiness alone in hlm, .

Cetyce.-tet us descend. iii spirit, under th~.sacr~d vaults which these tombs COYf!t, -and seek there the pompous cortege which acco'mpanies,the happy of this world, by the sombre shade of a sepQkhral Jamp; let us.admire the saa monuments 'of their past

grandeur, or seized with a religious fervor, and in profound silence behold ,all their past gr(l.ndeur annihilated and reduced to dust; Ler us evoke their shades and they will say to us,-lnstruct thyself by our example, behold these cinders, all that remains here below of those who have preceded thee, in a brilliant career of honours and wor'fdly pomp". When we slept in the full career of sweet security in the bosom of glory and pleasures, all at once death terminated for tJS the dream of life; we awoke, and what a sad awakening! Read these fastideous inscriptions, these epitaphs of names and tit.le~ in teAching thee what we have

-been, we say to thee still more strongly, that all which p:tSses is but vanity. Amongst these inscrip~ion~ thine own One day, per-· haps soon, thy own will be found, and if thou had not joined to such vain eulogiums that of constant virtue and solid piety what will be announced to the world? That there is but on earth a feeble mortal Jess, and in the bosom of death another reprobate! Forget not that nothing is real but the good which we do, and of wh ich we (an wait the recompense in future ages. .. Continue thy voyage, Jearn to die well, and, may the Eternal enlighten thee. with his li"ing and pure light; it win dissipate an the charms of thy passions, and all the illusions of thy pride, and thou wilt know Truth,

Truth passes first, and Hope conducts the Neophyte. but soon disappears, andH·!lman Life vanishes like a shade .. After a long voyage the, "Neophyte Jed by Truth arrives at a. splendid Portico. The Levites, dressed. in tunics of bordered linen, come to aid him to free an Abysse of which he cannot measure the depth. Encouraged by Truth he throws himself on the Mystic .ladder, it trembles under the weight of his body. Here some young Patriarchs come and plate upon his lips some drops of a strengthening liquor, and introduce him Into the temple.

This temple is resplendent with light, and richJy decorated.

Three prilliant' suns inflame the East; all is golden. Inc~nse rises in light clouds, undlllating to the top of the vault. At each side are ranks of warriors armed w'jth glaives, and heads covered with mitres of Egypt.


S. D.-(Who is seated upon an ivory throne awaits the Recipiendre, conducted by the Ceryce, and inve~ts him \vith a bordered linen robe says) "This Robe is the emblem of that pttrity which thou ought always to pre~erve; the Companions of thy voyage have accomplished thcirmission~, Go place the symbol of thy Initiation on the Altar."-(Does so). "Swear never to reveal' that which we confide to thee."

Neophyte-I swear it,

Then the bottom of the temple opens and ~t Patriarchs desct:nd a large gallery in marble of Pares, The Levites advance in procession, to the new Initiate. -The standard is unrolled before him, a sweet melody is heard. Then:-

S. D.-"Since thou hast resisted the proofs. come receive the new life which has been prepared for thee," (Raising. the sacred knife). "I proclaim thee a Sage of the Pyramids, and will instruct thee in our secrets of recognition. Learn .that all. men are equal, and that Justice is based UP0ri the great Jaw of reciprocity. Sage Ceryce, conduct the N. to his destined place. Hoff Omphet,watch and be pure."

"Ceryce calise the Neophyte to advance," (Does so ). "Have you well understood theproof, which our predecessors, the Initiatesof Egypt had to submit to obtain Initiation?"

Initiate-"Yes, S. D., and I will swear never to stray, from the straight line which will conduct me to the perfect P9int of UJe triangle."

The Ceryce presents a rup.

-S, D.-"This' cup is the symbol of life" drink and forget thy past, think only of the future. Give to thy body, to thy heart, and to thy Spirit, al1 the strength, .and the greatness of perfection of which thou art capable. Form thyseif for God, fer thy country, for humanity of which thou art part; in one word form thyself for good,'

"Sage Ceryce, 1 pray you, conduct .the Neophyte to the Altar to take theO, B. To order."


All arra:nge themselves before the' AI~ar 'in a triangle itt '5Utili sort. that the S. D. is at the Apex 'and the Iwo rqystagegti'es. at the base, The Neophyte has his right hand tlport his heart, and his left tlFon the V.S.L

"1. A .. B., in presence of the S.A.O.T.U" of this August :Assembly,artd upon the Sacred Book of the Law; swear fidelity to' Our venerated Institution. r prom~jse to be submissive to the Jawso[ mY co.untry;, and 'to 'practise all the virtues. r promise to be compassionate, affabJe. generotJs,,'and constant. a worthy spouse, goQd [ather, tender son, respectful andsubmisstve: I promise to defiv~r myself to alI,gooclworks" and to labor' constantly to cany truth. ,jW';tice; and pe;;tce to a I'! hearts. I promise to .propa~ ,gate science, and the sweet morality that our Rite professes 'and to exact no more from Neophytes who desire admission amongs~ us than probity and gentleness."

S.D.-(Pla.cing lhepoint of his sword on his head). "To the ,glory of 1'.S~A.O.T.U .• and in the name of the Grand Hierophant I create aha constitute you a Sage of the Pyr:unids, GQ in peace

andrnay the spirit of GOd ever watch over' you." .


S, D.-···To· the glory of theS.A.O,T.IJ., and in the name of .the Grand Hierophanr, Sublime Master of tight, I proclaim for the present ;lod fpc always, member of the Grand' .Consistory or Sages of the Pyramids, Thrice 111. A., 8., and request you to recognise

him in that capacity, and a,id 1lnd pcotect him." .

"101n me' III. Bros; in felicitating.ourselves on 'tht;, happy acquisition we' have this day made. To me." (AJJ give .. sign and batte'ry.)


S.D.-(Strikes t) "Arise toordec Sage Mystagegue, at what hour should w~, suspend our labours?"

1 Mys;-"When the sud Is in the West. ,. S. D.-."It is time to suspend out labours."


1 Mys.-'·;Yes, Sublime Dai.;'

S, D.-"Sage Ized, (Messenger) Come receive a Mission." Ized does SO~ and S. It whispers In his 'ear, "Sige et Alcthe" ($Hence .and virtue}, the. lzeadoes the same witb '{ and 2·a li~hts the Incense.

S •. D.-"SinG,e it is the hour to suspendour labours, join' w'ith me, my Bros., in; that proceed.iog:"

He descends and all the Officers, place themselves as 'at the O,t)enin,g.

S. D.-"Father of the_ Universe,~tet:na.1 source of light' and truth, full of recogn~:ti6ns of thy infinite gooqness~ we' offer thee a hundred th<!nks for all the gcodnessgranted to us, of the useful and gloriol-ls in this journey'. Continue, merciful father, to, protect our labours, and to direct us in the way 'of perfection, and ,grant that harmony, concord end unidn f:nay he~ver the triple cement whkh unites U$. Gloty to. thee, Lord ; Glory to Thy Name'; Glory to 1111 'Works,"

The Sublime. Dai' faKes, his place. also the Officers.

S; :O.-(Strikes 7777777. Each Myst; 'repeats it). "To the glory of the S.A.O.:r.U., 111 the name of the G. H. the labours are suspended, Retire in pea:ce, Q1Y Brqs.;and may the Spirit of God, ever wafchover us,"

,S.of Order-Raise right 'index finger to heaven. (It indicates the Unity) ,

S. of Recogrrition-c- "Place thumh pf left hand on breast to fcrrn

a L.

T.-Graspea,h other ~y .the two fir~t ~ngers and give 3 shakes. Answer-c- Extend, j fingers, last twoIn palm.

W. P.-EGIS. VI. S.-EHTILA. Battery 7777777.

Jewel and Symbol-Square medals on which. is a -Masons Square, , from the angle j,$so'es a serpent,


11,e Ancient Arabs believed the 'Pyramids were Antediluvian. and that one is the grave of Setli, On the other hand the more


modern Koreish teach that Abraham instructed the Egyptians in the building of Py.r~mid.s, and that Abraham, Issaque, and Ishmael built Mecca.

The Rite of Memphis in Egyrt says that Kleiber, and Napoleon received Investiture with a ring at the hand of an Egyptian Sage. at the great Pyramid.


The Mysteries of Samothrace were Cabitian, and are supposed to be Phoeni.cian in Qrigin ;as they claimed to trace back to the first ages. TIley were religious, when we hear of them in Christian times; but they claimed to have been the Inventors of the Arts and Sciences, and all useful Knowledge. Their great .Mystery -was the death of one of their 7 Gods who was attacked, by two others, between "2 Corinthian 'pillars, slain and. his members carried to Etnrria.1"heir Rites were performed in the cave Zereinthus or Saon, where stood a large Pyramid with an enclosed central chamber where the most important part of the ceremony was celehrated.

It is said that the Candidate was purified by water and blood.

As he had to begin a: new tife he was Ied to the fountain iethe where he drank forgetfulness, and then to that of Mnemosjne that he might remember what he learnt. He w:ts thrust into a. dark cavern, amid appalling sound" the roar of water, and the rage qr the elements. Grim and ghastly phantoms show themselves, funeral objects in which a dead body rises at the feet of the Candidate. To this succeeded light, the toffined dead spring to life with pa::ans of yictory.

Marconis' instruction for the Conferences that the degree illustrates the sources and vile desires orMan. Nine perfect columns are formed by peeling away the bad portions. The Neophyte reads some useful inscriptions which are explained by a search for the true basis of the great work.

S.-Place right hand on the heart and say F~ifh.


T.-Join right hands and balance 9 times. j W. P,-CIRIBAC (Cp,biric 7 Gods)

W. S.-K;YDAS (The Just, father of the Cabiri}. Battery-7777777

Jewel and Symbol-The Square and Compasses, interlaced with an even balance.


The Mythalogical legend is that the Cabiric Promethius stole the nre of heaven to help mankind, and was chained on Caucasus.

There is a ladder of 7 steps. The allegory elucidates the errors and vain efforts of ignorance, fanaticism,. and superstition, which fall under the blows of the Just. Balm necessary Jar the Aspirantnew departure of the Celestial ,guide. represented under the figure ofa child, Aspirant beholds the seven gates and knocks; futile efforts.

S.-Rjise eyes to Heaven and say Hope.

T.-Grip' arms mutually advance length of the arm, and press there-

on 7 times.

W. P.-EGIS. (Silence)EHTELA. (Truth) W. S.-TISTS. (The Chaldean Enoch). Battery-333 - 4444

Jewel and Symbol-A ladder of 7 steps and above it a star.


The degree is a recapitulation of Hermetic Mason-the new Initiate shows his mantle, reduced to tinder and afterwards returned to him. Penetrates a chemical laboratory, but is not admitted to practise the Art, uHtii after some expiation-·proof of blood insufficient. Paints the enthusiastic follies of false Adepts, whose work is of avarice.

Allegory of the Palm of the Valley of Oddy, the Mystic rose of Kab; the two generative principles; the tower of Ugolin; the plant Moly, whose three roots were black, the five leaves green, and


the flowers white-a symhol of the' Universal medicine, the red tincture which can prolong fire. Consult Vitgi1~ Hamer, Nicholas, Flammel, C1.gliostre·sEgyptian Masonry, etc.) Spirit of the dogma, Maxirrrs-i-etc.

S.-Join right and left hands, as if walldn,g to:gether.

T.-Join.tly, right hand on forehead, bow the head, place left hand

on breast. (It implies ihfell'igence,humility,_ fidelity).

W._ P.-_ The Same as last 3 degrees_}. W. S.-- NOVOMA. (Be discreet}, Battery-,333- S5 555-4:444-

Jewel and- Symbol-A palm Hee.


Iii: the-pe'e-lROO degre_e the work was thus: In the centre pI the Room ;tGhafin.t,ilish. and a brazier (ull of fire. On the table, or floor, various $Ymboh. and amongst them a Phoenix, -sarreunded by-a serpent with its tail-in its mouth.

There is an O.D, of Secrecy, and th~ Master says: "'This brazier is inteoded to teach you -thaf - fire (of course the Logoic fire. or Serpent fire) is 'the principle .of·all 'things, and the g-rea~ !I_;gent -of nature,and imparts action to all bodieS. From this agent man receives life! with the power of thinkir,g_"

':'This Serpent, forming a circle, is an eml:5letn of eternity) ·which. is without either beginning or end. It h~s the fHopelty of renewing its skiii~a:nd. thus fiIDlres the destruction andrehewal o( nature, which a-ppeats to weaken and even perish at cert~in epochs'; but which only grows .otd to renew itsfoutb, _ and p:r~pare itself for

new revolutioris."

"The Phoenix is a still more natural exposition of the successino and the perpetuation of this principle in nature. Mythology has represented the bird as reviv-irig (£omits-own ashes, embJemising'

how.all thins:s earthly :will .coritinne to be reborn (rom -itself." .

To this- may be added that it sytnbonsed the' cycle of the Star .Sirius or Sothis of 14151 years. Marco-nis summarizes it:.J."Co.nfer-


ences" 'thus: Study of Nature-propert;es of~' things-, 'Knawl'e,dge of created 'beirrgs=-Scienceof Astronomy.

S.-,Represent examination, as if. through telescop~~

T.-Jain Jeft hands, and point to Serius, or Sothis, with right

ind:ex finger:

W. P.-,(As' last).

W. S,-XlNEOHP. (Symbol of Sothis) Batte ry-l- 22-666.6<56·1

Jewel and Symbal-' A triangle on which is;tPhoenlx.


This teally is the Bard; or Bards, of the 34°. Marconis xecornrnends for its "Co'nferences"-Search 'far 'Truth,-, the 'unique aim of Social life,-Iesso.d,s of wisdom from all tile circumstances of Jife,-' -paak '0.'( Proverbs. TIle mythology of Si:~n:dinavia'had a primitive source with thoseof India ; and they tea-ch in 6'ccu[t assernblies the ~C)wers of the various Mantras :Iud rythmst 'P_ythago.r;tS' "Musicof the Spheres", is of this nature.

S.-Take a book 20d ap'p~ar to. be reading.

T.-Each take holdef a 'side of the bopk~

W. P--' (The same as the last degrees).

w. S.-RED-LAB. (A Norse Sun God).


Jewel and Symbol-. On a tri:angle, a book.


MarcQnis' Notes for the "Conferences'Lare en the Perfectioarnent of Man,-Search 'for ,truth-.loveof Justice; and the practise Qf all the virtues, These may'-he'greatly extended; the 'Greek Tbeurgis'ts. had ,great verier~.ti(in for him; and many hymns of his' are preserved, and,indica,te a magicaJ koowJedge of the Spiritual Forces to which they are address-ed.TheMysteries of Eleusis were founded on his System,andd,edicated to Ceres and Pro~erpine.

S.---Cro~ arms below stomach, and stand as if .musing,


T.-Touch each others left side with right hand. W.P.- (Same as last degrees).

w. S.~UEHPRO, (FQunder of Greek Mysteries). Battery-.7777777

Jewel and Symbol-A Key crossed with a wand.


The grade is a School of Wisdom which treats on the Sublime aim of the Great Work, viz; the rehabilation of man in divine per. ception. We can stud.y the 7 musical tones, the 7 colors, the 7 vowels, and the Seven headed Serpent to each of its heads a vowel was consecrated; all are symbols of the Ancients.

After Cabiric, or Pelasgic Greece, was desolated by Aryan conquests, Egypt ioteresteditself in the rrestoration of Greece and sent Orpheus, then Cadmus. who was of Phoenician descent. He erected ihebes in Boetia and the Citadel retained the name of Kadrnia until late times;

Mythology, in a myth of which we most seek the meaning says that he killed. a Dragon, and having sowed its teeth, a host of armed men sprang up. who fOlIght with each other until five only remained to help to build the City. The legend says that he had five children by his :wife Herrnonia, the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. whom the God Zeus (Latin Deus) gave him.

He is said in his old age to have fled to Illyria, and he bas been credited with the introduction of the Greek Alphabet to which additions were made at a later period. His era is about 1500 B.C.

S.--Cross arms, let fall to the side, repeat twice.

T.-Take each others right and left hand, and loose them three


W~ P.-(Same as last degrees).

W. S.-SUMDAC. (A hierophant in Greece) Battery-i -22.

Jewel & Symbol-A triangle upon which is a heart in flames.





.~evelopmenJ of the true Secret; derivation of all things from

one Alm'ighty Spirit; pmgressive steps of creation from the mineral to the vegeta"ble,arid thence to' animal Ii fe-the elemerits soften stones and minerah, these feed the' plants, then t011).imals arid men. Key to all aUegQr'ies-spirit and" matter-God in natureK:no~y.'ledgeof the. proper~y' of pl"ants from the Cedar of Lebanen, to the Jowly hyssop'-'subIi.mity of rn.ora.1.

S.-Touch forehead, and say-"'To Qlee belong~th"; left sboulcIer, and s:ty "Glory";. ,rightshouJdi:r, "Power'"; stomach, "Whdom"; heart, ·'TheKingdom".

T.-Right hand on each others heart, -Io,ok upwards.

w. P.- .. (Sarneas previous). '

W, S.,-. H'TANEHPAS (Spiritual Temple] Battery-5.5J.55

Jewel and $ymool-A Sun 'Upon which IS the doubJe triang1es.


Instruction in natural andspirltual science. How worlds are in process of formation ; how suns disappear. whilst others are newly: born.vand how globes.are in a state of incandescence forages .. The Night and Day';of Brahm, or his lnbreathingand hisO~tq[ea;thjng,

.or Awakening. .

Howorganic Hfe begins at theIowest step' of the ladder and progresses, in untold ages~ throug,h the mineral, ve:getabte. and animal k.ingdom, and is crowned by the birth of humanity. The Lunar race, and the Solar races. I have translated the foHowing from the Confel'enCe,dn Indian doctrine. It represents, that of Reason, and Reply ot Divirie' Wisdom.

R.-· O! Sublime nrst born of GOd.. we say that thou hast created the world. thy child Red.!onasks how' ail was produced.

D. W,.-My child, deseive not thy self, think not that I have -ereated the world .iodependently of the first mover: Goo hath made all things, I am but the instrument of his will, He calls upon me to executehis eternal designs;


R.-How must I think of God?

D. W.-That He is immaterial, incomprehensible, invisible, without form, eternal, all-powerful, that he knows all things, and is everywhere present.

R.-How then did God create the world?

D.W.-The Will dwelt with him from all eternity; He being triple as Creatot. Preserver, aml Destroyer. The Win of God conjoined with his goodness, produced first matter i and the two movements of the will produced motion.

R.-Whnt are we .to understand by Sentiment?

D. W.-It 'is a portion of the Great Soul of the universe,iitrests in all creatures for a marked time.

R.-Wha~ becomes of it at death?

D. \V.-It animates other bodies, or it plunges like a drop of water in the immense ocean from whkhit set Out.

R~-Will virtuous souls be recompensed, and will criminal souls escape punishment?

D. W.--'111e Souls. of men are distinguished from those of animals ',inasmuch as ~hey have the 'k~owledgeof ;COd. and, evil. If man ,does good his soul when dtsengaged from his body by death, will be absorbed in the divine essence and not again enter an earthly body. But the Soul of the wicked is vested in the four elements, and after it has been punished it will retake an earthly body,hnt if it takes on ih first purity it will be absorbed in the, bosom of God.

R.-What is the nature of this Union with God?

D. W.-·-It isa participation in the_ Supreme essence. We no longer know passions, the entire Soul IS plunged in eternal feHcity.

R.-O! my mother, thou hast told me that if the Soul is not pure it cannot dwell with God. The actions of men are sometimes good, and at other times bad; where go all these mixed souls immediately after death?

D. W.-TIley are divided into classes, for some time they hardly realize their iniquities, then they either enter heaven, or they receive sometime the recompense of their good actions; or finally they enter new bodies.


R.-What is that which we calf time?

D., W.-It exists with God from eternity, hdt we cannot comptehend, or measure, the, period when God created movement. (Those interested will find much additional translation beatif'l:g hereon in our "Lectures of C. S. & C.")

S.-Clasp fingers and bring back of hands to brow.

T.-_Fingers clasped bring palms together and, give the S. W.

A-U-M. (Implying, Firc, Water, Ether.) W. P. (Same as last degrees). Battery-777777T

Jewel and SymboI-A circle within which is a Star.


Explanation of the Poetic Myths of Antiquity. Mythology says that after the human race had developed a civilization of its own a thousand sorrows arose by the opening of the "Box of Pandora", with which the Gods had dowered her when she married Epernethius the brother of Prornitheus, who as we have previous d.egrees, stole heavenly fire to dower the Cabir]. For- centuries the races, thus illuminated, grew in skill and pride. At J~gth a great Rood arose to destroy them, it covered the land and everyth ing perished. In Atlica and Boetia it is called the Ogygi,m Flood, after the le~cndary King Ogyges ; in Argos the Inacblam Plood' afrer King Inachus, Sometimes it is called the D"/Miol1 Flood, said to be the only son of Promethius and Pyrrha the daughter .of Epimetilius; his sari Hellen is said to be father of the Hellenes and his sons Ailos, Doros, Zarithos, IQn, and Achaios, the Aryon Greeks who -deva:sted the old. Pelasgians,

Again Ulysses on leaving Troy arrives at the island of the goddess Circe whose hospitality has a herb potion- which transformed his company into S",ine, i.e. brutalised them by sensuality. Hermes the Greek name of Thoth, protects Ulysses and .gave him a sacred pIant;-"Black was the root, but milky white the flower; Moly the 'name, to mortals hard to lind." Circe's Magic arts Iaili'ng, by the spiritual virtue of the plant, she proroses a Union, and swears,

-"Rr those dread qatbs tha.t~ie the powers 'bdb;o/~ the blessed in. the sky,'" .and, fhe,n restores her !twjne to human shape. After one year in this'st~te, Ulysses; is pr;ep:tred to converse with the Shades and enters the Cimmerian' Cavern leatting to Tartarius. The necessary sacrifices are made, fhe· blood of which is used by the Shades to enable til-f2'msdvesto assume a corporeal s'hape. Aftet visiting Tiiftatius the hero' begiRs his voyage 'arid 'reaches the island of Ogygia, -w'here he begins a happy fife with Cal ipso, and remains seven years with her HIT Hermes commands hi'S, return to his own land.

We have again the ji:mmey to fe-teh the golden Reece, whic;h the Alchemists assert was _their-Tr(11UfJllf/dl_ion, and they syrnbolised it by the plant J\1oly. Ogygitt was the name of oneof the gates of Thebes. The j\-lythology of Greece, like that of Egypt is threefdld--human, cosmogenical, and spidtual; and we have a specimen of the latter in the beautifi.~1 fa,bie of Cl{piq .~nd Psyche.

S.-'Place open righ~ hand below the' eyes, thumb ereet, and forming a squu(eon the temple,

T.-Left hand on sword gnard, right on each of hers -right shoulders.

w. P.-(A,e; last) - .




Battery-,l-l- t

Jewel<'lnd Symhol-A sqnare on which is a pen and :'ahov:e that a Stat.


Upon three altars burn three is' body, soul ana Spirit. ,Again 'we :haye the invisible Electric; the Actual, fire by friction. Ag'!;lin the 'Temple fire; the bodily fire, House fire. The first inifiatio'n of the ancient oq:ult orders was by water, .the nex:t by fire" or Marconis says.-It is 'theexplana~ tion of the regenerating -fire of occult science. The partial rentof a great palace-r:ays' of Adamic force, cdnfolindrng human reason, and hllmifiat'ingbefdre the' power bf God. It is a phenomena of the Prophetic Order;-the rrincip_l~ of life and of, .all organised beings. A part of the instruction of the pdestof oId-- the Myster-



ions Key which 0r~ns the forgotten intelligence of th~ world of Hghtand truth, and joins. the finite to the infinite. It- ,is, the "chain' of gpld", frequently sung by the poets; the basis of the hi dd en p'b ilosophy of Demorritis, Pythag-oras, Plato, A pollon iuswh ich theyweht tb demand of the Hierophants of ~gypt, 'and the Gymnosophists of India and Ethi-opia-· .i'n:visihle to 'the eJes of the senses, it is the Study of tlre Soul. '

The r~httiQnship whjchex,ist~between toe tue'! anel- rhe firei is: symbolical of that which exists in the severed, means of obta.ining spiritual enlightenment; as, fire is the mosl vactive civilizer, so IS WistJoin fat immortality.

S.-JOin fingers of both han'd:s and raise 'them 'above the head. T.-Join hands in a friendly way and 'say-·'Be vigifant", W: P;- (Same as last)

W. S.-CIAS[ (ReiatihgtoIs:is). Battery-l- L 1

Jewel and: Syrnbol-A Square ,containing a Circle" with 3 triangles united at the points __

Studies the old occult Medicine of curing disease by plants correlative to the parts of the body ,affected. These observations extend to the'colbur of t,lie Sap. the number of. the leaves, and the petals. TheMandrake. The astrological import of 'the plants, and these relation's to the different parts of the human body.

The colollfspreferredin costume, coupled:with physiognomi!=aI traits as a. guid.e: to. character arncrrgst mankind.

Thus (Marconis says_) the basil, the lavender,a:nd the Saffron fat curing derangoments of the stomach, because the viscera is under the dorninien ot the, Lion, and these phmts correspond to that Sign. llH~y also erilployedplahtsof which the form had some similitude ,to the parts a.ffeded-· the Alithora resembles two hearts united, and wasrecomrnended for maladies of the heart. The Cdmomlle passed for an Opthdlmic p'lanl, because ~he flower hassomesiraihhrde to the organ of sight


Thus th!;: :l,mnitie~_or tile 3 ki_ngdoms" with the Mtrologkal applicafions -of the Hieropbants, who had determined the concerdances between mt-n, the elements" and the 'cel~5Hal bodies,prbve that if they sometimes erred in their system, fhey hail pushed far in the observations of nature.

S.-Carry the 3 fingers of the right 'hand to mouth. T_-' Join the insides of left foot, 'knees touching. W, ,P.- (The same .as last). ' W~ P.-AIMEHC (The Alchemy, of old.)

Batten' ,-66<5666-' 666666.

Jewel and S-y mb 01 ,A ddt-a tlpon which is a hranch having 6. leaves on each side.


, "

In nature th~te: is:Jj:j~ Occult power behind, the material 'form, viz.-'The fashioning of~pirjt. First matter is eternal :lnd exists cv_erywl"eq:;and was' 11 cfoGtrine' taught in Egyrt. (Poemancler_) Space is eternal, imiuobile :and irnmatable. Oli -heat and humidity. Time not a principle. 111~re -ase 3etertial things in Il:iti:ue,v'iz:-c ,Mind,firsJ rJ1:ttt~r and space, quantity ofmafter always the same. Pre-existence iof ~otlls'; t~e b9dy the Sepuldue of the Soul: "We live: their death, and die to, their life."

It has long, been worked in Scotland by the Council of Rites, derived 'from Dr. Wan~er Arnott, as, a higher degree, Perhaps they ha,d it hom Dr. Mo~jsoi1,whowas a member of our Rite in Pads, artd in- lS45 founded the Rite of 33" :at Edinburgh. Today they work the degree as follows. TIley -may have modified earlier work_The Ceremonies are' fwo fold, the first founded on the ancient Eleusinian 'My~te6es; the second part a christian version of the same, TheQfficersare,-Hier"pbd,tt or Master, Hsperet or Conductor; Diacbnnos or I. G~; Cerbems or Tyler. The-Candidate is led into' the Consistory by Hllpert'l, the door being left Open for the purpose;


. . --_ .-."

D.-(Meetsctand. 'at door) WhtttProfane is this who intrudes :within these $;lct~d Precincts?

H.- (for Gandidate) I am noProfane, tho' butad:weUeron the thJe5nqI~, and am come, -humbly see,King light' in Eleusis.

D.--lf you .:lee slneere In your oesire enter, and, ha:ving partaken in the cetePlony of Lustratiott. emit the: dedar'atiori wlthollt whIch noprogre-ss can be made.

Washes hands in a: basin, and dries themon a towel pre5cnted to him.

D.-Repea'tafter me, holding up your right hand;-

I. A. B., '00 solemnly declare that in s~eJdng advancement here. I am actuated by no unwerthy mQtive,and I sacredly pledge myself to keepiilyiotabJysecret;_ from thewholeworld~ -thesenets of or belonging- to this de~ree,should the .Hierephant rsee: fit to en, '1;,tilst' ~ew::ith the .same, and may the Great Dispenser of Life and

Liglit deal with- me 'as I keep my pledge. '.

D.-As you have thus far conformed to our Regulafiotls,' you will proceedto the I-fierophant for further jns~nictioti

. Huperet leads him to lhe East.

Hup.,_Wise Hie.rophant!behold before ,you a Dweller OR the Threshold; who has washed his hands of the vanities -of the world, and vowed -unalterahle- fidelity to our Order"

Hier.-· Approach. O! O.on the T:, (Candidate approaches -by 4 long a_,rid3 short steps and kneels).

Hier.-('FakeSiJne step to meet him,and touching himtipdli the. ear"eYeI, and 1n(Jlllh says); And thus' I seal' you, that you may bear, see, and Jeeak concerning the Ord,er, but as you may be instructed, Do, you again- renew the p.ledge you formerly made?

Candidate.-I do.

Hiero.-(R-aising Candidate). OAM. I$up'.-· (Taking his left hand}, _I)EUM.

Hiero.s-. (Touthingeyes and ears). Hear, Se~,aod be Silent con'cemitig the Secrets of Eleusis,in which] will now instruct you.

Gives G.W.-I P.W;,-2 P.W. and Sign. Steps back and says:

Konx OmpiJx. (It is fini,shed.)P. Gf Eleusis, be secret and silent. (All give sign).


AJl retire to: 2nd Apartment-Jed by the Hiero., Cand., and Huperet. being last. As Cando enters' a vdl is. thrown over him, .and he is' laid on the floor. Thenall taketheir places. The Hierophant is 'now' H'igh Priest, and Hnperet ;is Vice High Priest.

H. ",,-What is the cause of our Present J\s~embl'Y?

Y.H.P.-To fearn for qurseives, and to explain to a Priest of the oldEleusis, the' M.ysteries of the New Jerusalem. which is the true ·~Ieusis.

H.P.-· ,~;ihere is he that is to. profit by the lesson?

v,". n. P.-He is dead in error, but awaits the vivifying teaching of the new law.

'H. P.-Let. him be raised from the grave of error by the power of the word. and by aid of tne 3pdjnt~Faitb,. Hope and Charity.

V. H. P.-(Taking right hand and whispering) Rise, by the powe:r of the Word, from cle:tdly error to. iiviog truth.

Chaplain-(Reads Rev.XXIC, whilst Cand, is led slowly round hailing before the H. P.)

V. H. P.-T here present you Reverend H.P.,a Priest at the old Eleusis whom from the death of error has been :Raised to living

truth ..

H. P.-Co~pa,nion A, B., I welcome you as aPriest .of the true

Eleusis, and now put 101:110 possession of the Secrets of the grade, which consist of Sign, Q.W., P. W., and G.

~e then gives an Address onandent Initiation. Cltaplain: 'reads xxnc Revelations to dose tbe c:er.emony.

(In the "'Early Grand" of Scotland? this grade. is' given between Pri~st· of the Sun, and Royal Secret, both a scant abridg~me{lt df

S. n.)


G.-look l!P~O heaven, then' down to earth. T.-Join inside of right feet and 1et knees touch. W. P.-( As last previous, degrees.) W.S.-SISUEEE. (Secretor- Grecian Mysteries). Answer-c- XNO;K XAPMO. (It is fin'iShed).


Jewel and SymboL-A Sun on which is 3 Yods.


The Universal Soul, the breath of Deity. Charity, 'or lover is its ruling prihciple,-Ernancipation from the bonds of matter ,proseeds perfecHon-Jreedortt of the pate spi,rit,-the 3 paths' to bliss. ~jfjerty;e,quality and fraternity OUf basic principles; Jove, union, labour' the moral prindples_,anC:l progtess the reward. The weed. K4Wi means a Poet, and is tbe· equivalentof Bard, Scal'd:e" etc, The Sacred Javanese character is called Kawi, and, Sanscrit origin ..

G.-Touch the forehead. lips and heart, with tight hand. T.-Upon a Book join openhands, one on the other.

W;P. (The same as several oJ Iasrdegrees}. >

W, S.--ANifSlRK. (Predecessor :of Gautama},

Jewel and Syrribol.-A delta', with a central point.

Preliminary NOM. As these Mysteries lastedwell into Christian times, we have fullet information' than the.rothers, Or!gen quoting Celsus 'says thal in the Caves of Mythras there WaS' a.'·representation of the bVQ heavenly 'lnovements, namely those qf the fixed stars and the planets or tbat whidl takes ,place, in them, and the paSsage of the Sbul thmugh these. The representation 'is of the following nature; there is a ladder with lofty gates and on the top of it an eighth gate. The 1st gate'consists of Iead ; the 2nd of tin ,; the 3 rd of copper; the 4th of iron; the 5th o( a mixture of


rnetals; the 6th of" silver; the 7th of gold:" and .he ,goes en to describe the' dedication of these_ metals,andgates. Jst to 5.aturn; 2nd to. Venus ; 3rd to Jupiter; 4th to. Mercury; 5th to Mars: 6th to the Moon; 7th to Sun. At Reception they baptised with water, a.nd offered bread and wine or waier-~l crown was offered which he cast away; 1 white stone was giverthim. 1t is said that when the Emperor l~llianw:;t:s received he W{1S baptised with blood, the: Hierophant .~ayii1g,-"With this blood' I wash away thy sins, ,that the Sri rit of the diVInity mayenJet Into. thee, the oew:l'y begotten; 1110U are the Son .of the -highest God". The de,gree,as d-rawn by Marconis, is very beal1tiJ~ll andhe adheres closely to_ fact.


There ate 1'1 Dignitaries. to wit-i- t , Grand Pontiff (9r S.D.) ; 2 and 3,,'I11C two Mystagogues'; 4. the Odes, or Orator; 5, the Hierostolista or Secutary ;6~ the Zaeoris,or Treasurer; 7,. the Cjrlce o.r Expert; 8, the Plisteor HosritallC:fr; 9, the Jiydranos, 'Or ~t. of Cer.; 10, the (~istophore or Archivist; II, the Tbesmophores or Gua.n;:I of Consistory.


In the Centr-e are 3 Circles to represent the" pIanetalo/ system, with the Sun in the' Centre. There should be 7 chambers, or caverns of Initiation, and 7 doors of 7 Metals. 1tl t-he South is the transparency of a Sun rising over a tomb: 'Near to it is a Myrtle, ,and some astronorn tea I' i nstm ments.


Gd, Pontiff-(Knocks 1 with ttia-ngleheadt:d mallet.) Silence Brothers! Bro. I st Myst., what is your duty in this temple af

truth ?

Tst, Myst.-It is to protect theinviolapility of our Mysteries .against profane intrusion.

G.P~-Bto. Ceryce, assure yuurself that the c,ehttance is gu'atcted, Ceryce-(AEtergoing to the clam 10 see) Gd.Pontiff, the avenues of fhetemple are deserted, -its echoesare silent, none (an overhear us.

G. I'.-Sinc.e-we are covered, arise to order:) My 1st aAd 2nd Mystagogues; examine your columns,and assure yourselves that an are Brnthers.

Ist Mys.-G. P., all the Bros. present are members of the degree. G. P.-2nd Mys. you~ place in this Temple of Truth?

2rid Mys.-In the Angle of the Colurrln to t'heNorth.

G. P.-Why?

2 Mys.-. To see (hat order js maintained; and to the perfmexecution of the work. To forseeand transmit to, the 1st Myst.; any diffirulties that may arise, and obtain tITe solution which may be necessary; to the perfectdevelopmentof theq'uestiqns submitted to our brothers.

G. F.-Bro. 1st Myst,. where j's yourplace?

1st M.ys.-At,' the Angle of the Column in the South West.

G_. P.-Why?

1st Mys.-To aid the G:P.indevel-opirtg the work of this degree. G.'P.-"Whereis the Grand Pontiff's placet

1st Mys.'-In ,the East, to open the labour, and spread. the ta:ys of

light and truth.

G. P.-aro, 1st Mys~.,at what hour do we assemble? tst Mys~-At seven in the evening, GtandPontiff:

G. P;-What hou.ris it,o Bro. 2nd Myst?

2nd Mys.-The hour of labour, Grand Pontiff .

. ,

G, P.-Joi'o me. my Brothers, in Prayer. Qmnipotent God, Author of aJl good, Source of all Oemency, Spread 'Thy blessingsover our labours, fortify us with the bonds of Fratemalaffection. We', prostrate ourselves before the eternal Ja:'W~of Thy Wi~d~m, we invoke Thy name for weare Thy children,. Dissipate the darkness of our souls; continue tO$pread over us Thy protecting hand,


arid lead us COtlst~ntfy towatd.s: goodness, of 'Which the' petfec~ tic" resides only in Thee. Glory to "Thee, O! LordjGlory to

Thy Name; Glory to Thy Works.,

To the Glory of T.S.A;O~T.U.the· Consistory is 'Open. Attend to me, my Brothers,

All give the Battery, 7777777 tand- Sign.


'The Knights- w,earawliite Sash, Saltire wise, from which -is suspendedn plate in form ofatriangl~;on one side is engraven the name "jeh6v-:th " , is is; surrounded by the words "Virtue, Wis::. dam, Science", en. the; other a Serpent. coiled in circle within which is the Lion, of a degree of Mithras. The: triangle, symbolises divinity; the; serpent and Lion' are the emblems, of Wisdom and Strength.

G.P.--fstrikes). To your pr:t(:e~, My Brothers. Ce:ryce-(Repeals the Knock) Hydranos-(Knocks 7777777_, For Asp-itant)

Thesmophcres-c- (Admits Aspirant. Door closes, Clltps of Thunder) Neophy;te- (Finds himself surrounded with fire. g'riUia:nt light) G. P.-What dost tho_Li demand, :1nd what has brought thee amongst


Neophyte-f$eek to penetrate theArcan~a of Nature.

G. P.-What hast thou done to obtan this favor?

Neophyte-=-I have studied the significatronof Symbols.

G. P ._-That ·is something but more, is, reqUired fromthee,

G. P.-Wha~ means the' Pyramid', with the SUfi over it?·

Neophxte-Tt is 2, SyrnboJ 'which gives us the idea; of petfection.,

and~~iod'S us of the acqu,irement of Art; the virtues We 'pro4 P05(!, and the labours of the Hierophant and the Two. MystagoguC$: In' attencf'ihg to the three Fires, as Gu~rdian in the 6Qo, we Jearn these inscriptioos-( 1) Practise virtue and. flyvil:e, be


docile totlre voice of nature, reason, and conscience, (2) 'Seek in the visible marvels of the Universe the Knowledge of TS.A.O. TV. and His perfections. (3) Love-thy Kind, .Seek to be useful to them~ and thine own interest in the co rnrno n well be ins. Such tasks are but the pure doctrine of om divine Master whose h~ach rllg; in the lap~e of ages, has been disftgured by; ignorance, supet~ stitidn and avarice.

G. P.-Give me an' explanation pf the 3 Sym:t:,€lIic fires? Neop.-\'V'esee the goddess Isis with her tson Horus seated upon her knees, and these 3 ;fircsburning upon ,5 ,Altar's before; helMarf is body; Soul and Spirit. Each of the 3 e1~m.ents, whkh can. sritute out body is te:rnaty,and 'OffI!TS the general 'emblems, of nature, as Symbols' to our Spirit.

(7; ,F~-_ -How do you look on the voice from the burning bush? Neop.-- -As a figure of speech, It exp,resses thel:ire ofinteUigence, the voice of conscience, which permits no man to oppress his brothers.

G.P.-What. idea have you formed of the record of a. man and a in a Garden or Eden ;or 'in- a State: of innocence, and their expulsion?

Neop;-'It is an allegory whichexpresses the obedience wlich man owes to the laws of nature, In justice and humanity. When he forgets these Jaws he tenders himself unhappy,. infiFm,lgnorant; he de$t_roys the rights of society, and overthrows the l:l.wS which T.S.A,'O.T.U. has imprinted on creation,

G. P;-Brdthet Odos, I give you the parble,

Odos.s--. .]I;£y brother, the instruction of this grade ascends to (he highest antiqnity.TIreMagi who were its founders in Persia, arose in As 13" in the primitive 3,ges.and carded their science to the ~ymn~sophists and to rne Brahmins, They: had anciently in tbe Chaldean- town pf Hypernil,lm a celebrated .school, where' aJI human virtue was' concentrated, and which spread tiviH~ition Over the world, but it was more, especiallyIn Media that these


Illustrious Masons, as we have loqg used, the word, celebrated their Mysteries and taught those forms and principles, which spread to Rome and thence to Britain, those waves of light and truth which T.S.A.O.T.U. had placed in the hearts of the Hierophants of learned Egypt. Even the Jews, in their captivity profited largely by the. learning. of tfle Magi. The City of Ecbatana, in imitation of the tower of Babel, was protected by 7 circular walls within each other, each higher than the last, and were coloured so as to represent the seven planets known to all the ancients.

• The principal aim of this order is the perfedionment of man, and his reapproachment towards that source whence it eman-ated: .that is to say his rehabilitation and reintegration in his primitive rights. The OCOJlt schools term it Union with Deity. Contemporaneously with this d.ogma, as a consequence, is born the prinCiple of Spirit communion; the doctrine of a dual nature in mali, exemplified in magnetism. somnambulism, dreams, prescience. 'sympathies and antipathies, and above all ecstasy, and yoga. These doctrines were a.1I well known to the ancient Sages, and at one time, Pythagoras was their most celebrated interpreter, and. was followed by the almost divine Plato. In our times Swedenborg and St. Martin have pushed them to their limits, and have had nurnerous and enlightened disciples; and besides these there were divers orders of Illuminati such as those of Stockholm, which followed St. Martin.

When man by a new and exemplary life of active good work is conducted to his primite dIgnity, he approaches his creator, is animated by a divine breath and is, Initiated. By, tHis acquirement he becomes a Master of the Occult Sciences, the secrets of Qature, high-chemistry, entology, and astronomy.

The Secrets of this degree can only be acquired by prescribed studies, and severe trials, which were in reality a course of religion, and morality divested .of Superstition. It was necessary for admission to unite elevation of mind to great moral purity, which was enforced by a terrible oath ·j·n the new life qn which they entered.


wings, spread out. -at. th~ two sides, Upon the door are these words in hieroglyphicaI characters: "Dogoodupoo this earth; Or dread to be accursed." The Ne,ophyte pIa-ces his offering in the alms-box, The -door opens and he enters with the Thesmo, pho:rus ~ large Hal! designated:-


Neophyte enters it, supported on the arm of the Golde. But

. what l grevious ruin! The silence of d.eathrests upon the crumbling stones, seen -by the pale light 'of the Moon. Overturned 4piblls obstruct the entrance; pillars, here and. ,_there~ ate seen standing erect; but sustairto'nly the air, and are no longer the marvellous erections on whilZh Srulptors had engraven the Mysteries of Science,and the annals of :hi_story.

Thesmophores-s-The Egyptians, Persians, and other primitive peoples, N~ophyte-l think, wi'th bitterness, that the hand of man has contributed more than the elements to the destruction of the innumerable monuments, which civHitation has spread with such

profusion, '

Thesrnophores=-The Egyptians, Pe'rsians,.an other primitive peoples, were in the ha,bitof symbolising in stone the grafJd accidents of nature, and their high philo${)phicspeculations. The common people understood these emblems literally; for the -symbolic doc-

trine was tati.ght only to Init:iates. -

The Egyptians, (or inst;t,nce,symbofised. nature by Isis, a-ndher mysteries by the V eilwhich enveloped the' Statue of the goddess. :a Veil . whiCh fell- not evert before the eyes of the Hierophant. It was ,thus, 'aga:in, that the Greeks symbolised high Science by the Sacred Curtain of the Temple of Apollo, Dost thou understa.n,d the Amrnonitelangvage?

Neophyte-No. lam but an Initiate of the Minor Mysteries, and. unable to comprehend this Mysterious language.

Thesmophores=-Look upon' this Obelisk, mutilated' by the hand$ of barbarians, It still preserVes ,th~ Mysterjous ch~,ra.cters traced by


the hands of our ancestors, Behold the nie;mil1g:.-"Mortal! apply thyself to conceive .sorne gnmt and noble :id.ea; consecrate thy' life to its realization, and thypllssage upon' earth will not be bar-ren QJ'so.od. '!bOU wilt thus fulfill a providentialtnissiont if thou but prop0'Ses an aim useful to humaniJY·'·

" -It is only by return to ~he worship or lHe Unity that mankind Irtarone day nrrive at a termination dfantagonistic sent'imeht and discord ..

Besides tbis half dvecfhrqwn column, th?" seesta griffin pushiog a wheel before 'it, What does thisemblem signify?

Neophytc---J consider the Griffin to be an emblem of the .Sun ; and th:it the wheel which is parted by 4 spokes; represents the fouf seasons;

Thesmophores.-And this cross caned the Diagimma) Neophy,te-. It is formed of 4 ganiIilas, joined at their points,. and represents the ~pparent revolution of the Sun.

Thcsmophores.-Artd this figureholdihg forth the Iefthaad? - Neophyte-Itreeteserils good. faith.

Thesmophotes.-An'd this semi-nude figure, with head thrown to. the 'e~ght?

Neophyte.-The sun is never entirelycovered at the, same time to

all the woehl.

Thesmopho res ,,-. Whf is the hair shorn off,even to the roots?

Neophyt~.-It ROints out this inextinguishable star has the faculty

of rebirth, .'

ThesmopbOfes.-Whatsig~ifies the wings, the urrr, ~n.d augudaI baton?

Neo.phyte .. -1Jie wihgspoint out the rapidity of the Sunscourse; the urn in the .right hand announces that it is the source of all good'; and the Augurial baton in the left hand is a happy emblem of the solicitude. with whiCh it forestalls the needs of mankind.

l'hesmophor:es.-. Behold this 'framed symbol to the right, what does it signify ?

Neophyte.-Tw0 objects capable of softening t.S.A.O.T.U., the t tongue fot prayer, an'" the han~_ fo.rofferings.

The Neophyte now advances to the Symbolic tomb, when two masked, and black robed brothers, bar h'is_ passage, arid demand the word.

Neophyte.~Amoun-be discreet (word -of the 52°)

A yoice.-(tC) N90phyte) Con~irler. th;ttir long labours, prn(otind studie~,a.nd rt1d(!, trials, are -reqllired for the Exoteric degrees; how much more is tequir,ed for those of Esoteric Nature._ No issislance-no council-no enco.utagemel1tis- ghren to him who dares venture to penetrate the Inner Secret. It is only by forc;e of spirit, and divine inspJration, ~hat ~hiscal1 be done. There are Mysteries with i n .M ysteties.

Neophyte advances with prudente,but nothing indicates' an entry by which he t;:an descend intq the vauit. After much search he discoversa trapdoor and, without thinking: of danger, he pre'pares to descend into .the Cavern,

A VQice.~ (to Neophyte) Whoever shall penetrate into-this vault alone will be purified ., • he will eome out perhaps ... from the bosom of the earth, and his Soul will be prepared for the revelation of the Mysteries. Child or Earth •. sound the mostsecrel cornets of thy heart,-K-now thyself. Thls Knowledge i$: (he grand principle of ail our dogmas:; thy soul is a rough stone; which thouf:Jlust polish inorcter to carve thereon the' perfect plan ... Be good, sweet, huina:he,charitah1e~ Jove thy kind, tonsole the afflicted, pardon those whog~veoffem::e , . -. May the S. A.O. T :U.ptotectihee

111esmophores.-Hast thou- courage, to follow out this adventure. to the end.?

\Vi:~hout teply" the Neophyte hastens to descend the -v:mlt. 'He thus finds himself led ·onward by a' gentle slope into a cavern 'where he. espies a Labyrinth which IS terminated by a double' dootGf Lead,owhkh open$ -of "itself, without pfodudrig the least Noise; Upon this door is the ward Beab,i1bd, (resignation).


A sliflirtg .atmQspherc, cha'eg.ed' with vaj;joe oppeess_es the Jungs and he hastens his march in-dread of suffocation. Following some windings. he finds 11i:mseIf before a second door oJ Till, upon

whiCh i~ written Malhok (sweetness). .

A Voice.-ChiId of Earth, labour to per'fect thJ bqdy, and thy s-oul; strip off the Vices which a-profane world hathcr_eat~d. Bteak the chains w:i~' "which prejudice hath bound tbee,apd thou wilt become the cherished Son (Jf out Order ; of creati-on; and the .li},st light of i(1tdJigehce. Strike this door- with thy B9-to_Q. It. wiU open to thee the passage which leads Irem the East to _th~-West; .ir points out the beginning and end of human life, and it is the course which the Sun overruns daily.

The Neophyte acts as the Voice directshim.~nd, marching resolutely arrives- before a third door of Copper, on which 'he reads the word Serrel (intelligence). Th is door opens of itse'If, and heats asonorous-c-

A Voice.___;FCnQw that amongst all the good things which the S.A.n.T.U. hathbestowed on Man' the pleasures of reason, and the joyso'fthe senses, co n-sistin these things-health, peace, necessaries: Realm can only be' ohla,iried by temperance; peace is the app-anage of virtue; Good and bad men arc equally able to' :1I:quit~ thegi:tts of 'fortune., but the pleasures of enjoyment are dim'inished iORroportion to the wickedness, by which they have been obtained.

The -Neophyte tomes, to a 4th door of Iron, on which Is "Emobnah' (Sfrength) and hears a strong

Voke.-What are thy views on MQrality?

NeoFhyte-'Mbrality i$ the point at which all human sentiment unites, It ;is the good way;, tQeis$ured means -of a hapRyIife,; the faith,(ul mirror of virtue; and the interpreter of conscience. Without it all else IS, vain; with it all things become useful and profitable;_ as man approaches that point he presents bimself under a new and interesting aSpect ; the moral sent_imentraises him towards the Author of all; he sees himself surrounded by


men who resemble himself, of whom he has need, and whom he can assist. ft is .a precious knowledge,and the intimate conviction of his duty towards God, his neighbor,. and ·himself; it i~ the Sum of all his obligations.

The Voice.-t am satisfied. Continue thy journey, with courage and perseverance .

. A door opens of itself, and the Neophyte advances as chance leads him. He hears a noise like that of heavy bars of iron rolled upon an uneven pavement. He perceives a light, towards which he ~dvances carefully, and finds himself before a heavily barred vault, with a door of bronze (or mixed metal) upon which is written the words Cob-er-Eloab, (Love of God), He opens the door, and also a panne! of the stone wall before him. Upon this 3 armed men, with swords present themselves before him, one says:

First Brother.-We are not here to retard thy progress. (Pr~sents a book bound in red Morocco) Write here thy name, age, and thy Masonic qualifications. (He does so).

Second Brether.s-=Pardon everything to others, nothing to thyseJE. Third Brother- (Presenting a Mirror). Behold! It reflects thy past, seeks motives of hope in it for the future. In following the Voice of nature thou rnayest obtain happiness; it is a: <Ju~iity of celestial origin, which all the world may obtain; for- to obtain· it we support life. :and yet fear not death. It offers good things to us, but we must not seek it in extremes; to acqui re it we must actin a sensible spirit with an upright heart.

The Universal Oi.use ads by gen~ra:1 laws; and gives true happiness; order is the first of heaven's laws; this teaches us that happiness should apply equally to an, and to leach it man must be sociable; forget it not. Pursue thy route, it will lead thee to the Temple of T1'IIth.

The Neophyte walks painfully along a rough road, until he arrives at the 6th door of Silver, and he knocks with his Baton. Upon it is the word- Tsedakah (Justice). It opens with a great noise. He penetrates this Assylum of death, and, at the same

instant, two lions, of tenibk grandeuf.,advanx:e. put out their paws, and make a frightful roar (dle,cted by mechanism). 'Be _at rest' . His courage .is unshaken, ~-y this .trial, 'He ady;t,mres, holding theb:r:anch of myrtle in his right hand, which issa symbol of strength governed by prudence. In the midslof thiS room is 'a Column of brass in whiCh is depo!iit~d the'sd_d'ea Goff"e,_ and the Book -ofT,raditions. Near it burns spirits of wine upon an ahtiqll~ tripod., the qhlish-whit~f1:ames of which resemble the warm hue of,aniunetll .meteor. fie hears himself addressed by a man Iy and deep

Voic~Wh9 comes here?

Neophyte~-A Neophyte, who aspires to~ wisdom.

Voi,ce.-_In order to arrive at Wisdom, it is necessary to face without terror the Mystery of death.

He is 'qhes ti 0 ned" out of our Lecture's, on the- first, the Me-diate,. the moralcause, space" duration, life, death, Uberty, the will etc.

VQke.-p~tiry ~hy heaH; s.owin th~ world .wQrd~of wisdom.

Teach ma.nkind to love each other ; lead back those. who stray from virtue, instruct-the i~no,rant, relieve those who suffer. St.rike with thy, branch, which is the symbol of Initiatlon. upon this brazen .colurrm ..

Neophyte does 'so, arid a sma-ll door opens, which show-sa golden casket altd a book

Voke:-Take up this coffre, 'whichencloses a: golden delta, 'and. the book is that of the Grand Mysteries. Thou wilt be _ permitted to place them upon' the Altar ih the Temple of Truth. Adieu, my brother, may the Spirit of T.S.A.O. T.U. rest ever upOt;1

lli~ ,

Neophyte journid, in: complete silence;'tiI he arrives ~at the foot of asplefldid Portico. Heascends the 7 s~eps and knocks at a gold; or gilded door, according .to the ba~tery of the grade. Upon the door is the wordsSbor-Libdn (Purity). Here he. -,sintroduced by the Thesmophores to the outer Courts 'of the Temple •.


Thesmophores.-I will now go and request admittance for thee to the Assylum of Truth.


Thesmophores.v=G. P., I come from the Neophyte to request that

he may enter the Temple of Truth.

C~ .P.-Hydramo5, wilt you introduce the Neophyte. Hydramos.-(Goes. an shortly knocks 7777777}

G. 'P.-Atise to ord~r,ntybrother5.

They do so .. Doors open mechanically. The Neophyte advances with his Guide, The Standard unrolls before him its glorious folds, and he reads thereon,-

"Architect of an worlds, to thee be gforyand praise, Thy will contrails all things with unerring regularity, Only in thee rests the power to banish all our ills, To thee we consecrate the humble tribute of our labours."

The Stars in, Sacred number, and Mystic order, burn in the East. Incense burns tipon the Altitr of Oaths ; and harmony celebrates the entrance of the Neophyte.

G. P.-Advanceand give me that Colfre. Thou eornest to acquire the right of Knowledge. Listen! Guard thee against passion and prejudice, for their indulgence will draw thee from the true way to be happy. To govern thy heart and feelings, fix thy thoughts upon the Divine being. If thou wouldst learn to travel the true road to felicity listen to the voice of conscience, and it will enlighten thee with that true Inner light which will eondudthee in the way of truth. Listen to the voice of sympathy, and thou wilt walk in sentiments of virtue. Thou hast vanquished all the trials to which thou hast been subjected. Come! Child of Celestial labours and researches. Come and receive the new life prepared for thee! Swear obedience and subrnissionto the Rules of our ancient and venerated Institution, and promise never to reveal the secrets which will be submitted to thee.


Neophyte;-- {Placing right hand en Sacred Bo,Qk) I swear it

Four brothers' then advance to the font of the Altar, and place their Glaiv~s on his head.

G. P.-(Raises 1;heflaming swordaod says.) To the· Glory of T.S.4.0.T.U. 1 receive and Constitute thee, a Sag,e of Mythras. l give t,hee this sword. Forg~.t not that it is the, Symb01 of honour, and that we are the Evangelists, of sympathy; Insigp. of Adoption I invest thee with this Insignia, sacred to us. (opens coffre and takes out the Sacred Delta}, Receive this (p~rple) Cordon with the Saered Delta u:poJ;! which is engravcn the Ineffable Name. ltgiv:es thee the right of 3. Seat ,among us, and thou ought never to present thyself in' the Temple ot Truth without it. I to you .our Secret Mod;e of Recog-. nition 'in this degree.

S;-Place right haQd upon the heart" then look to' right, to left,and

raise right hand the eyes to heaven.

T.-Jo:in left hands, release them, join the right. W.P.-_ (Same as previous degrees)

W.S.-NEST-OAL. '(Aged child, as ati emblem ,of life and death.) Battery-7777777.

Jewel and Symbol.-- - A delta. in' the -rniddleof which is a parallogram, with 7 points.

G. P.-Conduct the Aspirant to the HJerostoli.sta. that he may be instructed i'n our Secret cypher. af~er which let him beseated.

TheHydranos-takes him to the Hierostolista.

Hiero.-- Our Ammanian Alphahet is tbat 'Of t4:~ aneie-ntEgypti;1r:t Priests, and formed ,Qutof 3 diagrams, 1st the A lhe origin: of aU things; 2nd tb~ 0, orsi~n of. truth; 3rd the X, whi,Chwas the, N° of perfection. If rourun the triangle- round about its centre you ,obtiin this figure ~. With these cyphers you obtain our A~phabet. It was called the Ammanian, an<;J the Royal Building beam. Consult Plutarch Deampre 'Eralermo, Divdorus Siadus ift A"ditiqnibus; Boehardt Can .. xxi, p. 17. I Maccsb. #i~ 20 Menlow's OdentltlTrdveJI, p. 13.


These signsrnay again be urritecl in one thus [see AppendIx] which theypreser:ved in Spll;rta under the name of Decona 0.[ the RO,yal Building Beam, Some term it the Sign of Castor. 1£ you take the sides of tMsfigute to' pieces you have these letters:

[see Appendixl

You will now take your seat.

The Hydranos Je~ds him and he is then


To the Glory ofT.S.A.O.T.U., and in the name of the G. fl., Sublime Masterof Lightc,1 proclaim, for the present and for alway.s, Member of the Grand Cops:istor:y of Sages of Mythras Thrice ni .. ·. B. ·.AJl and request you to recognise him in that capacity; and. to aid and protect him. Join me,lJI. ~.Bros.·., in felicitating ourselves upon the' happy acquisition which we have this day made. To me. (All give Sign .and Battery.)'


G. P.~· Bro.t.tst Mys.,What is the aim of oue.labours? 1 Mys.-To teach virtue and 'combat vice.

G. P;-What are the main principles of this degree?

i Myst.-To know. 'obey, and command. To kqoy;: in piety, hope, and love. To obey in truth, justice and humanity. To command according to reason, wisdom and virtue.

G. P.-Bro. 2 Mys. Has the hour to suspend a.rrived? 2 Mys.-!Les,. G. >P'J it is' 9' o'clock in fhe morning.

G. P_-·T.hen it j~ the hour to ~uspend our labours. Join me; my Brothers, in this proceeding:

Passes the word etc., to Hy<!ranos, who carries same to 1st and 2nd M ystagogues.

G. P.---$~A.O.T.U.,kindlein onr heatts, the sacred love; df mankind. Inspire in our hearts the desire of un(elaxing work for: the good pf humanity which is the constant aim of one Sublime 'In-


strtutiorL Preserve in our consciences :£l1epurity which Thou hast plated there; and kc't?p tar from aU things which might be inTuriQus._So be 'it to US;' so be it to ail mankind! C~mtiiIu,e to direct our labours, more-and mote tGward,s perfedign. Glory to Thee G 'Lord! Glory to Thy Name, Glory t9 Thy Works, To: the Glory of T~ S. A.. 0. T. U. the labours are suspended. Let us retire in peace, my Bros, and may the :spidt of God perpeht· ally watch over us, (Battery) To me, my Brofhers, (AU g-ive the S'igfl and the UaUery).

65!? GUARDIAN QF SANCJ1:1ARY-43E,AND INSTALLATOR TheE,nglfsh have printed Rituals of 65,- 66, 67° .A.merita has none.

S.-Place the right hand. on the heart,raiseeyes to heaven. tarry hand to poCket and tnenextend horizontally, Implying Faith. Hor-e. Chariry.

T.-The 1irst~or fTlan's grip, symbol of reason, The hu_man face of


W.P.-{Same as last .for all Codsistory degrees) W. P~-HATP. (The builder, the Iormer.)

. B attery-' 333 ':'33 3 - 33;.

Jewel an SyroboL- .. Wipgedegg.3drdeswithin. a triangle.


The EngHsh have printed Rituals of 65, 66,_ 67°._ America has none.

S.-UpJi ft both naqdsas iniilvocatibn and then lower them by three ~qual acts, inhalio.g ,aod ex-haling mentally a breath. [Ye-

Ho-Ha,the equivalent pi the Brahminical A-tJ·M.) -

T.-The second or Eag'le's"grip, symbol of prevision and intelligence.

The wings of the Sphyn~,

W. p.~l:IPEN. (The Spirit or sacred breath.) Battery·.-· 3-3';-333·333

Jewd and Symool.-'Winged egg. on wbithisa circle with three stars, 1 and'.2.


The English have printed Rituals, of 6'5. 66; 67°. America has


S.-.Make a sign of borrow, stroke hand over forehead, and then interlace the Ji n,ge is and bring the backs to the brow ; then extend 'Jhe arms upwards"

T.-TIle third or lion's grip, symbol of 'Divine strength and truth,

The li9n-hody of the Sphynx.

W. P.-MEHK. (The Son, "whose manifestation is his birth,"] Battery .-333'-333·,333.

Jewel and Symbol.-Winged 'egg; .on which ts a tayed ttiimgle with "G" in the centre.

68° pATRIARCH, OF TRUm Of this degree you have ;t ,Printed Ritua1.

S.-Point to Heaven with right thumb;' <;itrry the open: hand to the forehead i then point witll th~ index finger to' the earth. '( Signi'fyi'ng, G&f, Intel l!gence, f:Uh1rity.)

T.-With tight thutnb bafaoce3ce; ra1m to palm. balance ,: lock

index Anger. balance ice. .

W.P.-' (as for an the: Consistory)

W. P.-BAf~: (Nitr;ne of t,he Mystic Section of Memphis where the Symbolic Pa)f11 tree was Iound.)

W, S.-ATECHS. (Mysti!= Valley, near HeliopoIis, where the Patriarchs of Truth assembled.)

B,a ttery .-33 :;-4444-2 2:~,

J~wel and Symbo.l.-On winged egg, a ,square from which p(o~eeds 4r.ays inthemid~le of the sidesj In centre a delta upon. thecentre of which is a Star.


S.D~-To enable you to proceed I confer upon you the 690 namely the degree of Golden ,Brand, 'of Eleusis, (Give secrets)


It is an explanation efthe-Syrnbol of Initiation, and; refers to the Pythagorean dogma,-"the path or Virtue and Vice resembles the. Jetter Y;'" 1t symbolises that double path, poe leading to Elysium the other to TartarusIn the 'scenic drama. The Ist, or narrow p:ath,: as the poets ~ar;-' slippery, muddy, stoney ana, narrow;' the 2nd broad and ~y. It was symbolised by ~ Golden Brandt So named from the-excellency of the Symbol" broken off so as to, show the 2 paths. The Sybil gives it to Aeneas-as his passport to the 2 spiritual worlds. EIeusisused the Myrtle, HeHopoIis the Ivy';

India the Papyra, Masonry the Acacia. '

S.-Draw sword and extend horizontally; raise it to the h~ight of

the head and return 10 the scabbard: .

T.-· Place tight hand on each others. head. W. P.-(as before]

W.S. NOIMYDNE (Cavern of the '640)' Battery.-l

jewel.rand $ymboJ.-Wingedegg, with :tcirde in which is the Y branch.


We have thePrinted Ritual of this degree.

S.-Point with isword to the .Orient:

T.-(As- last)

W. P.-( As all degrees-of the Consistory) . W. P,-. NUONNlfOD~ (The abode of U1e Lord.] Batte~.-·333~4444~i2'

Jewel and Symbol.-A Star within -a cSquare.



Here we have 'Printed Ritual.

S,-, -Point to Heaven withrigh't finger.

T.-,As last

W.P.-lst EGIS;, 2d EHTELA. W.$.-lst ECNELIS; 2dHTIJRT.

W.S.-, INGA,ANURAU, STUREM (A.U~M.) Battery.-333~444-22

Jewel and Srm;bol.--Crescent, with a centre square.

S;D.-To enable you to proceed I now confer upon you these

;degrees;- '

720 Sublime Master of \Vis,dom. 73'° Doctor of the .Saered Fire 74° Sublime Master of the Stoka

75° ,Knight Commander of the Lybie Chain


Concerns thc:seneral asp.ect: of our JnstitvtiofJs~ Or:iginally the Mysteries were the Greater and, Lesser, 'but seem tqhave had subdivisions and under the Ptolernys were increased to Seven •. O( a Square u,n"der a Triangle,. These are st.ill 'represented by the. 7 sections, ordasses of our Rite, the itltermediaxy grades being schools of Instruction in matters of Science which may beelabCitated ceremorrially ; whilst the combined 7 sections tepre,sent the dogmas of the primitive system. They again correspond with the, 7 states, of' Macrocosm, ,ahd 'Microcosm'.

S.-" Raise sword. and place flatoh forehead, then salute thriuin front, twice to left, and twice to right.

'f.-Grasp the blade of :each others sword.

'W.P.-(as before)


Sa ttery .-' 333 -4444.

J~wel and Symbol.-A triangle, orpyramid, over which 'is: it sun.


granted by the Egyptian, and other Oriental Kings as a Mark of R-oyal favour. TIle Hierophants wore gold chains from which was suspended a Sun. .Memphis, Thebes, and Heliopolis formed a Delta of Cities.

S.-Place left hand tr-iangplarly, kiss sword thrice. T.-Keep the left hand on side-grasp right hand.

W.P.-(The same) S.W.-AIBYL

Battery-3 3 3

Jewel and Symbol-A square containing two deltas, point to poi-nt. Alphabet-[See Appendix]



We have a full ritual of this degree Secrets.

S.-Draw the sword across the neck and then point it upwards, T.-Mutually place a hand on each others tight shoulder.

W. P.-(Same as Consistory).

W.P.-FFOH TEHPMO. (Signifying in Phoenician:-watch and be pure")

W.S.-ALLETS, TEDES' ILAS. (Signifying, Science, Wisdom, Virtue.)

Ba ttery.-3 3 3·4444.

Jewel and SymboL-The winged egg.-A portion ofa Cylinder, with a Square, in the centre, and a point· in its middle.

W.M. or S.D.-To enable you to proceed in your higher Initia-

tion, I now confer upon you these degrees, namely:-

77° Sage Theosopher

78° Pontiff of the Thebiad 790 Redoubtable Sada

800 Elect of Mazlas



Studies the reHgl6usMyths of the ,different ages 'of humanity and admits the most hardy Theosophical studies, It deveIopes the MysHc and transcendant parts of Masonry, [ncluding thosehistoric. dogmas that: have an 'eternal germ of perpetuity. .

. There isna mange in the Universal .law, life and Heath ate imposed on all Nature, but destruction leads to regeneration, Sublime, conceptions of the ancients upon God and Nature., and upon the origin of creation, 'anct the human Spirit.

Allegory of it py[ami~d above whiCh is a Sun. 'S.-·Rest swordon left arm. then raiseitIevel with brow, T.-Tollcheach oth,ers forehead with right hand. W.P.-(The same.} W.S.-.· AIHPOS '(Wisdom) Battery-·· 333·1

JeWel and Symbol-' 11.. circle having two crossed 'hands, in the centre a smaller circle.


Thebes was the most ancient part of Egypt. Diodorusxonsid~red the Thebans to be the most ancient of people; and that the"Eth:iop'ians (,dgina~ed Sacrifices, divine worship and religious Festivals and solemn Assemblies. 'and introduced these into their colonies in In after ages the Delta was' peopled by Arabs, ·Syrians, and by N'egples with whom the older races intermarried.

Bente we nave' Pantheism, DeBic Unity, and Immortality mingled. Lucia" says thal the Ethiep'iahsand Thebans invented lhr; Science of the Stars a'p.d named 'the planets; In time Memphisbecame'tht:: chic! city but succumbed to Alexandria. Thehumanised trinity of Heseri- ., Osiris, Isis, Horus was' preserved at This, ThiniS. or Abydos the birth pla~e of Menes, the lirs~ king of the two Egypts 7000 years; ago, were the enlightened Aposdes of .immortal life. and to Iater times wa.spreserv(:d by the Cenobites of the Thebiad.

The seven first .and primitive orders ,of Gods, deve:loped 12 €osmogonicaJpowers, .and these seven hurnanised deities. Iam151ichus


says that By tis; prophet to King Ammon, restored the Irtitiatoty Rites, even as he. found them recorded at Sai~ in Egypt, and that he gave the names. of the planets, and declared the self.exi~tinggreatGod throughout tl).e Universe.

S.-Place left hand on the heart, light on (ere-head, then 'bow

thrice ..

T.-Join tight han<,1s, and place left hands on ri'ght shoulder, W.P.-.(The same) W-.S.-SITYB (EarJyTheban Priest) Battery-I.!.I

'jewel and Syrnbol.-TWo concenttic circles witMn' a· square,


Sada, in San scr it, means "Ever, always,. con:stantly" and points out that constancy which the members of our Order must observe, in delving into _. the Myster-ies of Nature and Science.

S~-Right_ hand on Sword. draw it, look a,t blade, PllSS it to left hand. To-Join right hands. 'covet bygripp_ing with left.

W: _P.--.(Same) W. S.-- Adas. (Constant)


Jewel and S_y-mboL-Three points, J and 2, overcrescent enclosing :$quare.


Ne~phyte onentetingis surrounded by brethren dothed in' IQng white ropes Jikewinding sheets, A clatter, as of bones is heard. These question .hirn anew on the Myths of the Ancient East, the oogmasof the Vedas, and the living regenerative fire,

S~-CrQss arms on breast, and bend 7 times before Altar. T.-Grasp eaches arm above etbo~w. press 7 times. W.P.-·(SameJW. S.-HG'\NOM NORAHCININ JNIM (1

count-the d~ys of Anger)

Banery-4444~ 333

Jewel and oSy_mboI.-· A squ_ate witQ3 points.



We have the PrinfedRitual of this Degree.

S.-Draw the sword across neck, breast, hips; and then point thrice

to Heaven.

T.--S~ize each arms wit~ bq~h hands.

W,. P.--SURQ:H (The Son" the Mediator.)

W, S.-IRESEH. (nH~ Father, the Meekhearted, the Jl:lstifier~)

Battery.-.. '3 33~4444-22

Jewel and SyrnboL-Cirdewith hexagram, and, .star in centre.

S. 0.-1 will .now confer upon YOu; in order toquaIify you for the Iasr two degrees, the grades which follow.


For this refer back to: the 34° Knight of Scandinavia, In a general. way it represents the' Temple not made with hands eternal in theheavens, that of Brahrna, Kristina, Buddha, Odin, Christ, in Egypt Osi cis, and 'Thoth -orHermes.

S.-Draw swords, rest left hand on it look upwards. T.-Retain pO$ifkm. join ,hands, press ;9 times,

W. P.-(The, same) W. S.-DRAGDIM. (Elevated Sanctuary) Battery-7777777 -22

Jewel and Symb91-A drde intetse~tec:l by 3 lwrizontaland ; perpendiOilar lines,


It isa ,gC'ade to 'test the' me-mor.yol the 'Initiate. There .is the SymboliC palm of the '\I:"aHey of Ocldy:The palm was dedicated to the Sun,w.ith 30:5 p~ropetties. and the prouctiori of a branch each month, or 12 :tnnually. Near Heliopolis therejs a 'Venerable Sycamore, sacred to Isis, who as -the gpdd,ess of the heavenly sycamores pours their virtues on mankind. The primitive Initiations' were under the shadow of trees.


S.-. Rest the sword over right shQulder, eyes on heaven. T.-·Cli:lnge sword to feft halJd.and gr.asp each othefs wrist.

\V. P.-- (Sa-me as before). W.- S.-SIHCYSAS. Ancient Hie!'o. phanf) .


Jewel :.nd Sytriliol~A drde with 1'2 points.


It is .intended for-instruction on the Persian beds" of whom the Ch-ief is Dahman the Kina of Light~ They were created, male and fernafe, by, Orrnuz, anda:mongst them ate Mi'thta and Meher.

'The lsf class of Go.ds are the 7 Amaschpands, of whom Orm1.1% }s Chief. In the 2nd rank are 20 Izeds, In the 'ord rank innumerable Feryers, There: isa Mysti:c cross of the- izeds.

S.--Cross the arms within the sleeve of the rose. T-Formcross by placing hands On eaches shoulders.

W. P.,-(thf! same) W. S.-SIBI (Sacred Stork-. vigilance). Ba~tery-4444

Jewel and 'Symbol-. Three -concentric circles; with point in center.


In one view this Egyptian Symbol of .~ winged egg signHie_s the' two eriergies 'of creatiori by which all thingsue produce:d,u'niversals-pirit actingonpdmordial matter'; but in a less recondite sense it repre$ents theproductiv'e world.

W~ have the law of evolution and involution, the descent of body irito Spirit. and reascent to Spirit. At w_oddlydeath, the seven principles. become three .D and 6. ,Dissolution of the, Ka or double; and the irrtmortatity of the SpidtuaHsed_.

S.-Represent oval with thumb and Ierefingers, spreading out th.e fingers as: wings.

T.-Join hands, and touch eaches palm with .fingers. w~ P.-(Satne as 'before) W.S.HPENK (SpirIt)


.t\nawer-OAJ (United 2N~hlres)

Jewel arid Symbol-An oval wit~ .i ,centiaipoint.

86° SHH'LlME PHILOSOPHER 'OF TUE V A LtEY or KAB W~ have the Sublime Rose 9f the Valley Qf Kab. The Pr~ests 0.£ Memphiscconsecrate a. Rose bush to Isis, h~rs~IJ termed the Queen of Roses, It 'has the same'signifidltion as the Acacia.

The Lotus or Mystic water-rose is consecrated to the Sun, and is an emblem of thesarrte nature as Kneph, for bursting its ,seed: vessel over the waters it pcopagatesitSelf.

S.-Dc·nd the head, and ap.pear to be smelling ",flower. T.-Pressea'Ch others hand fltrice and give the W. '5. W. P.-(Same;ls before)

w. S~-BAK(Natrle oJ the MysticSedio." of Memphis where: the: ~Symbolic ,rp$e W3,$ fOUl1d.}

Batfery.-33 3-T777777.

Jewei and Symbol.-A large' square,dJntairiing twocontentric_ squares; with 3 po:in'tsin centre, land 1:.


Wb~n the Ne.ophyte· Is introduced h~ is questioned' anew upon the allegPrkal fables of'an:tiq~Jty; induding the Lybit chain; the palm of the Vallef" Q£ Odqy,; the Mystk Cross of the Izedsjthe Sublime Rose pf Kab; the heralaic crown of the Hierophants, Symbolic allusionsIn the three(olq divisions of the ancient temples of 'Egypt~ Greece; Rome-or Italy, the Western churches, and out 'own MaStinic' Temples.

S.-·P.lace right hand, 'on left forearm, raise the hand and then let it fall on the tbigh.

Tw-Place left ,}land on each. others right,shOtdder and give the S. W.

W.' P.-(As before). W. S.-"sENEM (First I<ing of Egypt) Battery-:333

Jewe_'la:od Symboi-.c1 c:irde 10 which :,S a 4. hesides, it an oval with central poinf.


Clemens AlexandriclUS s_ays -~ha~ in the, temples_ of Egypt -an immense curtain separated the Congr~ga:tiQn from the Sa,hctua.ry. It W<1:S drawoove:r 5 piIJa($. which symbolise the 'senses, and W.:l$ made of 4 Colours in .al~l.1sion both to the 4 elements and to the 4catdinal points.

It is ·3 symbo.lof the cO!lcealJne'nt of the Inner Shrine, or Holy

of Holies' from all but the Priests. It anudes to Jhe: Sacred Curtain of Egypt, but also alludes to thatof the worship of Apollo at- Delphi, and of the Mysteries ofEleusis.

Out .Masonic Curtain frnpJies the conip,lement' of Initiation, and tepre$erlts also the' esoteric teaching ItS' d_i!itintt from tbe Exoteric.

With ,the two foUowi~g tlegr_t:fes the Neophyt~ receives full lnitiatio'n_, and 'is prepared (or that Supreme Ihitiatio:n which he can ,onry r~ceiv.e beyond fhe gate of bodily death.,

S~-Motion with both hands, as if opening a curtain.

T.-· Take each other by bothharid~nd throw':rrm!)ouhVarcl. W. P.-EGElS_ (Silence) Answet;__jEHn!tA. (Tntth). W. S.-SISONG. (To know) Battery.-22-1


Jewel and Symbof.A triangle cpnJaininga raye-dO

89° PATRIAR€H OF THE tvrYSTIC CITY We have Printed Ritual of this degree, apd 'Secrets,

S.-. Jnterla~ethe fingers.; press them h5tfle lips four times, then extend ithe hands sHII clenched to the Orient,

T.-Fou,rstrokes. of the thumb on the first finger, to which the Q,t,herresponqs byseverr,

W. P.-· ,TES. The accnser of Man.)

W. S:-TI:JAT. (The Revealer ; the Ii)e(ender.)


Battery.'---'4444'·7177777. (Alludes to Truth,'Hope. Life and Dea-th;

also the seven virtues to be practised" and the seven vices to be avoided.)

Jewel and Symbol-On a, square is drawn a squ.are board, having two circles lixe ligtl're8 and point in each.

990 SUBLIME MASTER OF THE GREAT WORK The same remark applies hereas in the 89"0.

S. of E.-Draw the sword across the breast from left to right, thentn~ke nine points. to the- right and .nine points back to the left. @n Reli"ring, hring: the sword across the breast and sheathe it.

T.----1:rbree strokes onlirst joint of the _right index Jinger; then

nine, the.n nine on the first joint of second finger of right hand.

W. P.-SISI:. (The generator. The existing. )

W. of R.-'$OG·RlJ-I'ME-O. (Celestial intelligence.) W. S:-(Givert only in Council. Giver of light.) Battery .-333-999999999-


Jewel and SymboL____,IWinged egg, A point in 'the (enUe of 30_ w_hich end in a hipI~A with 2 poi:nts at base.

Alphabet-~Se!i Appendix]



These-were a boHy of Nine- Dignitaries entitled Gra~ld Tribuna! of Defenders of Ih~ .order. The President is named Grand$lIlfete, a word used by the Carthagenians for theft Chief Magistrate,and derived from the Tyrian and Hebrew word Shofet or Sofet-· a judge:

We have printed Ritual Secrets.


S:-Extend the right handhorizontaJly, as if holding a balan~e, then with the left hand, take, as It were, frpm the heaviest scale to put in. the lightest, as if to estabHsh equality. (It is an Egypt· ian design, ~nd 'impfies,-Never weigh thyfeJlows in one scale alone; if evil has the;tdvantage take (com it the human weak. ness with which it is: charged, and let charity do the rest.)

'f.-Press each others handse:v,en. times. (ft implies that a lodge ·is not perfect without the number seven" which isthal of Harmony.Harmony;is born. of justice, which gives true happiness.) W. P.-·· DRAGOIM. (EJevateu Sanctuary),

W. S,.-EERTSA. (Justice)

.. Baltery-7777777

Jewel _and SymboL---4 pointed rayt;'dstat endosin'g a, square with central point.


SevenD:ignitary Offic~r~ of Grand litt,rgical College of Suhlime CatechiJtJ of the Order. inspect the labours of the subordinate. bodies.

S.-Enter with hat on head, draw sword with right hand, hdng it horizontally across breast and return it.

T.-Cross left handsa.s in saluting, raise hat with tight,. or motion

as if doing so.

W. P;-AERTSA. (Justice.) W. R.-ECNELIS. W, S~-HTI1RT. Battery-7777777

Jewel and Symbol-Within wavy lines a 4 pointed star, enclosing central point.


A body of Nine Dignitar;ies who are entitled the 'Grand Centislory of IhJP~"CtO" Regulator! General of the Order,Subordinat~ to G. C. of 94°,

S.-Place ris:ht hand on the heart.


T.-Clasp right hands, then place left on; waist.

Wi P.-THGJL EURT. W. S.-MOOSIW. Battery-' 7777777 Jewel and SymboL-Within a circle, a 4 rayed Star with a central



A body originally 10 and then 7 Dignitaries, entitled Grand Council General of Administrators of the Order, Princes of Memphis. S.-Plac~ right bandon the heart and withdraw it; then make the sign of an Appreatice, (It impHes,-I promise to aid those who are in want" to be, affable and to love my neighbor as mysdf.)

T.-Clasp right hands; then pass the left hand round. each others waist, bringing breast to breast. (It implies,-We venerate the true light which is revealed to us and sacredly treasured In our hearts. )

W. P.-EHTOOGIREZ: (I have seen the true light.') R. W. of.-GIZAMUD. (Free and Venerated Man.) Battery-7777777 -7777777

Jewel and SymboL-Within a double circle. Symbol as last.

Originally 7 Dignitary Officers entitled the Sovereign Sandliary of Patriarch Gra"d Conservator! of the Order.

S.-c.arry the tight hand to the forehead; then look at the celestial vault and place left hand' on the heart. (It impJies,--God. inspires me to excite in an hearts, the sacred fire of truth.)

T.-Place the two first lingers of the right hand on each-others

lips. (It irnpIies,-. Preserve a. prudent silence, and be not even suspected as the holder of a secret confided to thy faith.)

W. P.-ARBA. (Patriarch without stain.)

R. w. of.-RA4. (Truth us¢f.:l;ll'ternan.) 'WI. S~~H"f~Yi:APf RfAJ' (thrzzlifig light.) Age-That of W:isdotn.

Batte!:y-' ]7/''77717 -"1717177· 7777771

Jewel and Sy,mh0L-Within, a double ,ci'rcle,a foul' poin.te,d Star,. en,closing atriMlgle with a cent;rd Jewel'.



i Or'ginally these -were .Six Suhlime 'M-agi, 96°. rresid,edover

by a Grdi1dHiernl!hdITt; 97'°, and the Assembly was entitled Grattd, Arenpd.gtl.! o/lhe Celnlittl Empireo] theStlhlime Mdg; 96?-- Grand and Puissen: Sovereignf of the Order.

Je~~l ;md Symbol-' 'The Cubit Rule and Ostrich feather, Egyptian sy:mbols of Truth and Justice; Also the same SytPbol as 95°, within a triple cirde.


Of late years the head of 96° entitled Imperial COlltJcil Ge"eral.

There is bot one [of] these at any orre time~ All G. M's of S, S. are of the 96°.


In 1862, the Grand Hierophant, 97°; Marconis, united the Rite of MemRhis with the Grand Orient of France, then the high~t of aU aut11oriti~s on High Masonry, inasmuch as it. had received the whole of the- v::uioussystems' into his bosom I1-ncl J. E., Marconis as Grand Hierophant became a member of the Grand Council of Rites. In 1866· the whole system'was revisea~and Egypt chartered.

I -'hereby certifythittha~ fQr~going, iri all 200 pp. [.ric, acttiatly- 156 page! of mdttu:r;cripi] is in,accqrd wil,h the latest o·ffkialre-


JOHN Y ARKER. 9.7°~ Grand Hietophant, Hon, .Member of Egypt.

Withington, or West Didsbuty 27 _April 1911

- Hrr R "d/;,Y-

Jll-M1f11 ~I £raMIJl1dla oR BO/le CJI'Af'r'

.:J! Y 4 If. o. f? OJ 11 l? If r II -t. .. Z(_/> -,.,. 111. 5 't.J: 1: B t ,( /. lJ1 Y-:If-~

b /fdSiZrp 0(/1/ IAr4$ - All1lT;lJl1lan;!lJpAiJ/'..t ./)t!cunlJ -Or liay..;! BtI.I/J~I1'i E"i1.m :J:gf:.

6, JLI L:J 0 C in rvx», x

15'/(;,irJ /,l (0 m»tlIJj/~rafll1t, iYbK ~/J4tn ~ -;:{ rec=i n ,f ~ 7" T ~ ~ -=t' rr ''1 x. 8 ~ ~ :r !-t ';:7 Ir ~'

~a -Sil tt",e J'1lJSlera Ilhe(j red,' X{,rA:

8_ :J mot si 5c! f J' 0 ~. ~'::ZYit R.;, )(1-1 ~ _n_ lJ *f31l1' 5f-f/1t1t'IS[) # I e 4 e rrer I




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