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Escobar is located in Buenos Aires Province,

50 km from the capital city of Argentina. It
was founded in 1959. It's well known
because of its field production, the most
important one concerns flowers.
Escobar, the city of flowers has lots of things
to offer and show! Such as: Temaikn, our
Japanese Garden, the traditional Flower
Festival, and more!!

Our first attraction is "Temaikn, a Bio park where you
can see different types of animals and find places to eat
and play. Kids wont get bored. It's amazing! It also has
an institution to save endangered animals.
It opens at 10 am and closes at 6pm from Mondays to
Fridays. The ticket costs $360. You can buy tickets there
or on the parks site
Buying them online will get you a special price.
In the park you can see all kinds of animals: birds,
sharks, bats, fish, farm animals and more. It is a big
park full of nature and a great place for a family day.
There you can also buy interesting souvenirs and taste
food in its restaurants. A highly recommendable place is
Munchis ice cream shop, which has one of the best ice
creams in Argentina and it is next to the park.
You can call to 0348 443-6900 if you need more

Paseo Mendoza
"El Mercadito" is located in Ing. Maschwitz.
It's on Mendoza Street, next to
Panamericana Rd, 10 kilometers from
It's a beautiful place where there are lots of
little restaurants with different styles and a
great variety of national and international
dishes The best restaurants there are
Cata, where you can eat international
food, Dream Catcher, where you can eat
pizza, and Ley Primera, there you can't
miss the traditional Argentinian barbecue.
You shouldn't leave without visiting some of
them and tasting their delicious dishes!

Flower Festival
The third one is not a place; it's a traditional
festival. It's called "Fiesta de la flor" where
you can see different types of plants,
flowers, and incredible flower arrangements.
You will love it.
There are different exhibitions divided into
separate sectors, you will be able to learn
about plants, how to grow them and more
interesting details!! There are also shops to
buy plants, souvenirs, food and games for
children. And on the last day there is a city
parade, where there are lots of floats made

with flowers. An amazing experience you

shouldnt miss!!!

Escobar! A flower Paradise near the

Capital city!
So if you want a day to enjoy nature
you shouldnt miss Escobar! It has
lots of surprises for you.

Emilia G. 5th

Escobar city

There are several attractions that make

Escobar one of the most interesting options to

National Flower Festival

As from 1964, the National Flower Festival is
celebrated with parade floats with hundreds
of flowers of all types, sizes and colours.

Since the last week of September until the

first days of October, the estate has a
permanent exhibition of flowers, plants and
gardens, plus a large trade show, (food,
clothing, gardening, furniture, regional
products, gifts, etc. )

Temaikn Biopark
Temaikn is located in the District of Escobar
, Province of Buenos Aires. It was designed
in order to surprise the visitor as he moves
through, giving the possibility to observe
animals in their habitats. Temaikn provides
true entertainment and learning for all
ages , visitors discover different animal and
plant species in their natural context. The
multiple sectors are carefully adapted with

native and exotic plants , as well as rocks

and lakes.

Japanese Garden
This beautiful park was inaugurated on
October 4, 1969 on the occasion of the
commemoration of the fortieth anniversary
of the arrival of Japanese immigrants to this

city and in gratitude for the hospitality of the

people of Escobar.
Lampposts and fish were brought from
Japan. Its building style it is unique in Latin
The Garden is called " Tsukiyama Sansui. In
general, it represents the small-scale nature
and has an area of 2,500 m2.

Craft Brewery &

This beer garden and restaurant is located in

Escobar, near Temaikn. It
has several
attractions to entertain people of all ages,
including a mini golf and an archery range.
The Restaurant has a unique decoration and
open kitchen. You can enjoy outdoor tables
and a scientific ride. It has a parking space
for 150 cars and a shop to buy souvenirs

Sebastin C. 5th

Come and visit us!
Escobar has many places and attractions such as:
Temaikn Biopark, rural tourism, the National Flower
Festival, the Japanese Garden, Munchis and you can
also enjoy spot fishing in Paran river.

Temaikn is a natural reserve. It has the required
facilities for spending the day with friends and family.
You will see different animal species in a tidy and
environmentally friendly park. Visitors of all ages will
enjoy it. You cant miss it!

Munchis is a very popular ice cream shop where you can
try one of the most delicious ice creams made with
Jerseys cow milk. Its premises offer a high quality
service and pleasant atmosphere for the visitor.

Japanese Garden:
This park opened on October 4, 1969 in
commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the
arrival of Japanese immigrants to Escobar to thank the
hospitality when welcoming the Japanese community.
Once the garden was finished, this wonderful work
became pride for the local Japanese community.

National Flower
The National Flower Festival was born in Beln de Escobar
on the initiative of the Rotary Club. A parade of floats

decorated with a wide variety of flowers perform every

year. There are also exhibits of flowers, plants and flower
arrangements. The election of the "National Flower Queen"
and "Cocoon Children's National Queen" are also an
important part of the festival. In the different halls you can
see plant species from different regions of the country and
learn about new techniques and interesting tips to arrange
your garden.

Paran River:

This River is one of the most popular places to visit in

Escobar. It is a beautiful place to spend time with friends
and family. Tourists come to enjoy the restaurants, the
grounds and visit the shops, buy local fishing
equipment, etc. The most popular campgrounds are :
- Quinta Melesi
-Puerto Joy
-El Mal Del Sauce
-El Naranjo
-Camping Los Pinos
-Club de Pescadores Garn
-Camping Costa Brava

Come and visit us!!!

You will be very

5th Year

Beln de Escobar

Beln de Escobar is the original name of Escobar city.

It is situated in the northeast of Buenos Aires
province, Argentina. This city changed and grew
significantly, having a lot of options to enjoy tourism,
relaxing and sport activities.
Many attractions in Escobar are:

The flower festival

Temaikn Biopark
Sport fishing
Camping parks
Japanese garden
Paran river
Bridge of the sand
Historic museum Agustn Campiglia
Municipal palace, etc.


Thirty minutes from Buenos Aires Capital City, you

can visit this unique BioPark in Argentina. There
you will definitely be able to look deep into nature,
as well as see and learn about different animal

This park has a wonderful flora and fauna

respecting the animals original habitats. Temaikn
also has an amazing aquarium, a 360 grades
cinema, a ranch with dangerous animals,
restaurants and the well-known ice cream shop,

If you want to visit the BioPark, you might have a

look at these timetables:
o Summer (01/12 to 28/02): open from
Wednesday to Sundays. Opening from 10:00 to
o Winter (01/03 to 30/11): open from Wednesday
to Sundays. Opening from 10:00 to 18:00.
o Close: saint Friday, 24,25 and 31 of December,
and the first of January.
o On Mondays and Tuesday it will be unique open
on holidays and on winter vacations in Buenos
Aires city.
o The Argentinian jubilates have a special price
for enter in the Bio Park.
o The ticket office and the entrance to the park
close a few hours before the close time of the
o Disabled people have a free entrance.

Barba Roja
Barba Roja Brewery is a family-run company, which
started producing high quality beer in Escobar in 2001,
with many different beer varieties and combinations,
aiming to satisfy the most demanding consumer.

The company has an area of 16.000 mts2 where in

addition to the factory, a resort with cottages, a
restaurant, a gift store, and a park with other
attractions can be found. The factory has one of the
most modern and innovative facilities in the country
and their different beers are produced under strict
quality control processes, using selected domestic and
imported raw materials, resulting in a final product of
quality and presentation.

To arrange a visit or book a table in the restaurant you

can contact them at:
Address: 2567, 25 Road, Beln de Escobar
Phone: 0348.4430080/4432002

Visit Escobar and

have fun!!!!
Mateo U.

5th Year

Welcome to Escobar
Escobar is a very beautiful city located in the north of
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here, for example, you can
visit a lot of incredible places. You can spend a
wonderful day outdoors in Temaikn.

Temaikn is one of the most famous Bioparks in


The ticket is around 250 to 300 pesos, but there are

promotions with different banks. In Temaikn , you
can find mammals , birds, fish , reptiles and even
dinosaur fossils. I invite you to visit the different
sections to discover some of the animals and know
them closely. It is open in summer and winter from
Wednesday to Sunday.
Temaikn is located in the District of Escobar,
Province of Buenos Aires, on Route 25, 1 kilometre
from the Panamericana branch Route National 9.
You can find more information in the website:

The FLOWER FESTIVAL is held in Escobar

This festival is celebrated every year, in the last

weeks in September. The most interesting part in
this festival is the beautiful floats parade, full of
flowers, colour and music!
If you want to come and celebrate the Flower
Festival with us, come on September 23rd at 18 pm
at the grounds of the festival, for the official

inauguration. On September 24th you can see the

children floats parade and the 28th election of the
Child National Queen.
On Sunday, 25th September from 14.30 pm you will
be able to see the Floats parade. And on Saturday
October 1st there will be the 53 election of the
National Queen of the Festival. The cost of the
tickets is between 120 and 250 pesos.

Santiago Ch.

5th Year

Welcome to Escobar!!!
A city located in the northeast of the province of Buenos Aires,
Argentina. It is located in the centre of Escobar, on Route 25,
about 50 km from the city of Buenos Aires.
In Escobar there are three fantastic places to visit:
The japanese garden
Malvinas Fighters Square
The maze.

Japanese garden
It was opened in 1969 as a gift from the Japanese community
on the 40th Anniversary of its establishment in Escobar. Located
in the city center, the bridge has the country's largest granite
and a traditional scenery called Tsukiyama Sansui (mountain water), or " Ikeniwa " ( lake - stone) . Ornamental features are
the stone lanterns.

Malvinas War Heroes Square

It is a square located on 25 de Mayo Avenue and Independence
Street. It was cast in homage to 4 of the Argentine heroes who
fought in the Malvinas Islands which opened in 1997.

The maze

It is a different and original place to have fun. It is a healthy

and fun game for all ages, where with wit and sense of
direction, you must find the way out of this labyrinth. The paths
are carefully designed for this game, you must walk dozens of
aisles formed by more than 5,000 plants. This place is ideal to
spend the day with a group of friends, with family or as an
educational outing (schools, senior centers, etc.).

Felipe D.F..

5th Year