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Independence day

It is my pleasure to address this speech to each and every one of you on this
glorious occasion that marks our independence day. It has been 69 years since our
independence and we have come a long way. Even after 69 years there are so many
beautiful things in our country that we would always cherish as Indians. We still live with the
concept of "Unity in diversity" with diverse language, culture and religion. We have about
325 spoken languages and 18 official languages. We live in harmony with over 8 religions
and celebrate each others festivals with love. We welcome people from other country with
respect and care. We have not forgotten our traditions and values and we never let one
another to forget them either. Regarding the positive changes that we have achieved in 64
years; we have emerged as the one of the world's largest democracy and economy. We
have achieved success in green revolution, telecom industry and Space Technology. Now
we are an emerging power in IT.
Though it has been many years since our independence, let us not forget to remember the
great leaders who fought for our freedom. Most importantly let us remember the way we
achieved our freedom. We were the pioneers of non-violence freedom movement in the
world. Non-violence is concept that has been preached in almost all religions, we had
implemented the same under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi to attain our freedom. We
achieved our freedom assertively without being aggressive. We still stand as one of the
great country and mysteries in the world because of our soft yet strong nature, diverse
culture and values.
India has been a country that has marked her place in history even thousands of years ago.
She has been mentioned and praised in trade journals and historical documents of ancient
countries and civilizations. Even some of those civilizations have disappeared but yet India
still stands. We might have not be known as India back then, also she was divided and ruled
by many kings however she was addressed as a whole as Hindustan. One might commonly
conceive the reason for her popularity to be her wealth. But wealth and power alone cannot
give eternal glory. People of India not only had wealth they also had good values, open
mindedness and welcomed anyone who came in for help. She had such rich culture,
knowledge, values and diversity that were awed by others. We were also pioneers in science
and research even during ancient times. These attributes encouraged other civilizations to
establish relationship with India. I am sure that India is considered as one of the great
countries in the world because of her richness in people, culture and values.
We might not be treated well by other countries, but we treat those who come to us with
respect. Our neighbours try to encroach into our borders, but we do not do the same to

them, however we try to protect ourselves with courage. We are strictly against any type of
terrorism and fight against it unlike a few. Some may quote such attributes of our country to
be weak, however I can surely tell you these are the attributes that has made us survive
thousands of years. India may not be aggressive but she is assertive.
Yes indeed there are some setbacks including as corruption, poverty, ignorance; however
one cannot deny that even the most powerful nations have these setbacks. We have the
freedom to talk about corruption or anything perhaps, to take steps against the corruption
and most importantly freedom of expression. People have the power here. Though India did
not have good economic background in the beginning, our current status in global market is
appreciated and envied by many. We have also developed in great deal in the areas of
science and research. Slowly we are trying eradicating poverty and one of such initiative is
self-help groups. There are many NGOs that try to provide awareness in various areas. This
is indeed a great feat achieved after our independence.
In this day of independence let us remember how India has set an example to entire world
by means of assertive freedom struggle. We may not be a wealthy power in the world yet we
are recognized as good human beings in a great country. Everything in the world changes
but not principles or human values. India is known to be a great country that follows these
principles. Let us thank great leaders who fought for our freedom assertively and for setting
us a good example. Let us thank our country for recognizing eminent researchers especially
Dr. Abdul Kalam who was even made president of India. Such level of recognition indicates
how our country strives growth in all areas most importantly knowledge. Knowledge is
always the key for success and growth.
Most importantly let us not fret about the things that we don't have. Let us strive to make our
country a better and safe place by following the values and principles taught by our great
leaders. Let us spread awareness, knowledge, values and gain wisdom. Let us make this
our Independence Day resolution. If each individual of our country follows these basic
principles he would grow, so would his family, his surroundings and eventually it would lead
our country to become a great nation. Therefore let us make a promise in this
auspicious Independence Day and let us make India our motherland shine even brighter
into our future. I am so glad to be given the opportunity to address this speech in front of the
eminent guests and my fellow citizens on this day of Independence.