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Course Code: EDL 205

Credit Units 6

Course Objective:
Present day market is competitive, dynamic and volatile and managers are required to take
decisions in the fast changing environment. Unlike in the past, managers cannot take decisions
based on the experience and hunch; rather decision must be based on scientifically collected and
rationally analyzed information.
This course in marketing research aims at familiarizing students with the methods and techniques
of data collection, data analysis and utilization of information so collected for effective decision
making. Besides the course work students are also required to undertake a marketing research
project as a part of their project work.
Course Contents:
Module I
Nature and Scope of marketing research: Marketing research as input in decision making process,
Marketing research and marketing information system. Applications of marketing research,
Planning a research project: Problem identification and formulation. Research Design:
Exploratory, Descriptive and Experimented research designs, Market research on the Internet.
Module II
Data collection methods: Observation Methods and Questionnaire Method, Questionnaire
Design: Steps in constructing a questionnaire, types of questions. Attitude measurement and
Scaling techniques: Ratio, interval, ordinal and nominal scales. Likerts Scale, Thurstone scale,
Semantic differentiation method etc. Projective techniques, Multidimensional scaling and
perceptual mapping, Sampling decisions: Sampling frame, sample selection methods
Probability and non-probability, sample size, Application of sampling methods to marketing
Module III
Data collection and field force: Field work procedure. Common sources of error in the field work.
Minimizing fieldwork errors, Tabulation of the collected data
Module IV
Data analysis-I: Tests of significance Z, t, F and chi-square, Data analysis-II: Correlation and
Regression techniques, Data Analysis-III: Over-view of Multivariate Techniques-Factor analysis,
Conjoint analysis, Cluster Analysis, Research Presentation and Research Process Evaluation:
Report writing- Types of research report. Evaluation of the research procedure, selected
applications of marketing research: Identifying market segments, Product research, and
Advertising research.
Module V
Pre-writing Considerations, Format of the Marketing research report, Common Problems
Encountered when preparing the marketing research report. Presenting the Research Report.
Examination Scheme:
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