Thank you for helping us with our Sky High Activity!!

This will hopefully be both fun, and
spiritual for the Young Women.
About Sky High: Sky High is the High School our Super Heroes in training (YW) attend
to learn how to find their super powers. You will be dressed as a quirky high school
teacher according to your given topic and we will provide you with a cape. Feel free to
be silly as you introduce yourself and really get into the part. Each “class” will be held at
one of the campgrounds.
Your Assignment: We will rotate groups every 10 minutes and you will conduct your
class 5 times. We will then meet at the amphitheater for our final class on the
Atonement. There will be about 30-40 people in each group, and they will be led to each
class by someone from the stake.
Please feel free to take what we have written and make it yours.What we have provided
is the foundation and will most likely not take the full 10 minutes to present. Pray about it
and if you need to make some changes, that’s ok. Be familiar enough with what you
would like to say that you aren’t reading, but you are welcome to have a paper with
bullet points on it so you remember everything. As you are directed by the Spirit, you
may need to emphasize different points to each group.
We would like to keep this interactive and fun. Please ask questions, and have a
discussion with your group. You could even do some type of activity that gets your point
across if you would like.
Please let us know if you have any questions, this will hopefully be an activity they will
always remember!

Super Hero Manual (Power in the Scriptures)
Speaker is dressed as an English Teacher with a bun, glasses, a conservative skirt and shirt. Sensible
I am the Language Arts teacher here at Sky High. Do you all have your required Super Hero manuals?
(Holds up scriptures) You cannot find the source of your power without reading the manual.
Your Super Vision and Super Power will come from studying this manual. It will change you. It will open
your minds to see spiritual things not visible to the natural eye. It will open your hearts to the feelings of
the love of God and a love for truth. The Savior drew on both of these sources of power, to open our eyes
and open hearts. (taken from Henry B. Eyering The Power of Teaching Doctrine)
This power is also the power that helps us change and overcome weakness. They contain the answer to
every life dilemma.
Wouldn’t you love to speak with the author of your favorite book every time you read it. With the scriptures,
you can. An important part of studying the scriptures is to start with a prayer. (Discuss the power of prayer
with the YW, have some share an experience with prayer or share your own. Discuss ways to help them
remember to pray.)
You don’t have to read this manual from cover to cover. What are some other ways to study?
Have a discussion on ways they have found to study the scriptures. Some examples are:
Study a topic (use the topical guide, bible dictionary, online study helps, etc.)
Study a person or prophet: Look them up in the topical guide and learn about their life
Seek answers to your questions and apply what you are reading to your life
Look for the Savior and His teachings: Highlight what you learn about the atrributes of Christ and
His teachings
Make a list of scriptures that have special meaning to you. Follow the cross references and see
where they take you.

President Monson taught: Crash courses are not nearly so effective as the day-to-day reading and
application of the scriptures in our lives.” (Thomas S. Monson, “Be your Best self,” Ensign May 2009)

Could equate this to cramming for a test at school. At Sky High we encourage study every day.
“Every time you plug in your phone, use it as a reminder to asky yourself if you have plugged into the
most important source of spiritual power-prayer and scrpture study, which will chage you with inspiration
through the Holy Ghost.” (Randall R. Ridd 2014 2nd counselor in the General YM Presidency)
Have an interactive discussion where the YW talk about how to remember to say daily prayers and read

Sidekick & Villain Training: (Holy Ghost VS. Adversary)
Speaker is dressed like a Super Hero P.E. Teacher. Wears a whistle, a hat and athletic clothes. Clipboard
(blows whistle) I am the PE teacher here at Sky High. I am here to educate you in Sidekick and Villain
Training. It’s simple Offense and Defense People!!
Here’s your offense: Your sidekick. Every Super Hero needs a sidekick. A sidekick always has your
back. They are there to protect you and help guide you through your mission. The Holy Ghost is your
sidekick, a companion given to you by Heavenly Father to help guide you through your earthly mission.
However, he is part of the foreign exchange program here at Sky High. Your sidekick speaks a different
language, the language of the spirit. You will have to get to know him very well to learn his language and
know when he is speaking to you. This is a language we can begin to teach you here at Sky High, but
one that you will need to study your whole life to fully understand.
Elder Benar, talked about understanding how the Holy Ghost speaks to us: ( Summarize & Discuss)
One way is like a light being turned on in a dark room. The feelings come all at once and we immediately
have information and direction. This type of revelation tends to be more rare than common.
Another way is like the gradual increase of light, which comes from the rising sun. “Line upon line, precept
upon precept.” Revelation comes in small increments over time and is granted according to our desire,
worthiness and preparation. This is more common and we can see this in Nephi’s experience of trying to
get the brass plates from Laban and as he learned how to build a ship. (can have YW recount stories)

Sometimes the sunrises on a morning that is cloudy or foggy. Because of the overcast conditions,
perceiving the light is more difficult, and identifying the precise moment when the sunrises over the
horizon is not possible. But on such a morning we nonetheless have sufficient light to recognize a new
day and to conduct our affairs. In a similar way, we many times receive revelation without recognizing
precisely how or when we are receiving revelation.
In many of the uncertainties and challenges in life, God requires us to do our best, to act and be acted
upon, and trust in Him. We may not see angels, hear heavenly voices, or receive overwhelming spiritual
impressions. But as we honor our covenants and keep the commandments, as we strive ever more
consistently to do good and become better, we can walk with confidence that God will guide our steps.
(Elder Bednar, the Spirit of Revelation. April 2011)
Ask the Lord in prayer to help you know how He communicates with you and then practice!
Your Defense: The adversary. You Must know your Enemy!
Our biggest adversary is Satan. He is a dropout of Sky High. He knows us well because he knew us
before this earth. He is diabolical and sinister. He glories in our weaknesses and he entices us to turn
away from out Father in Heaven and when we are at our lowest lows, he leaves us to fend for ourselves.
Our Super Hero Manual (scriptures) gives us game film of others that have versed Satan and won. Moses
and Joseph Smith both faced the powers of Satan. As they called upon God in prayer, they were able to
overcome his power. This is our defense against him: To call upon the powers of God through prayer,
scripture study, and standing in holy places.
The good news is that he cannot possibly win the fight and his power has limits. We know the end to the
story, Heavenly Father wins. We want to be on the winning team.
Here are some Defenses you can use (taken from God Needs a Powerful People by Sheri Dew)

PRAY- Satan’s powers have limits God’s doesn’t, prayer is one of our biggest defenses against the
STOP- There is no such thing as Satan made me do it! Next time you are tempted to gossip or be
disobedient think of a big STOP sign!
OBEY- Don’t believe the lie that doing whatever you want is freedom, it’s not. There is sagety in following
the rules and being obedient.
CHEER- Satan wants us to think we should have a chip on our shoulder whenever someone is successful
at something and that it isn’t fair, that there can only be one “winner” We are all winners and need to cheer
each other on! It’s ok to be disappointed, but we can still be happy for each other.
FOCUS- It is easy to get distracted in everyday life. Call him out when he tries to distract you!! You can’t
afford to drop your defenses for one moment!

Suggested Activity- While teaching about Elder Bednar’s talk you can do an object lesson.
Materials needed:
-Strings of round bulb lights (I found plastic ball lights at walmart, but the glass are brighter)
enough bulbs for each girl to designate one as her own.
-Cord without lights

-Names of girls written on tag with different colored string/ribbon (if you are going to give these back I
would recommend each ward have their own color)
-Zip ties and rope to help string the lights securely after the activity
-Power source if you don’t have electricity (we used Goal Zero Solar Power generators) make sure it can
handle the voltage
Object LessonHeavenly Father gives us all the Light of Christ to start with (hold up cord) just like this cord that has great
potential for power, so is the Light of Christ. To experience the full power it contains we must be baptized
and confirmed (lightbulb) and make sure our connection is tight and secure otherwise like this lightbulb if
it isn’t tight or secure it will flicker. We also need to plug into the Power source which is our Heavenly
Father, through prayers and scripture study, going to the temple etc. (Turn on lights) Your homework for
tonight is to put a tag with your name on it, on the cord by one of the lightbulbs. As the day ends ponder
on Elder Bednars examples and think of ways in which Heavenly Father distinctly speaks to you through
your sidekick. We are all different and he speaks to us very personally, maybe it’s a certain word or
phrase or feeling. ( Have the girls find their lightbulbs)

Super Hero Tech (using Technology Wisely)

Speaker is dressed like a Nerdy Computer Science Teacher. Maybe a lab coat, glasses, etc.
I am the Science teacher here at Sky High. I am over R&D. I develop all the awesome gadgets you get to
use when you are out fighting the adversary. All tech can be used as a tool for good or evil, it just depends
on who is using it and their purpose.

A Super Hero never uses tech for evil, they know it is to be used for the greater good. It is to be used to
build up our citizens and protect them. However, I have been getting reports that some are misusing tech.
Our arch enemy, Satan is using tech by making what is wrong and evil look normal, humorous and
exciting. (For the Strength of the Youth) This will deplete your Super Powers and make you unable to do
the Super Hero work you were sent here to do.
Our tech should never be used for corruption, destruction, or excessive distraction. It should be used to
lift, build, and inspire.
Talk about the most popular ways to abuse tech:
Pornography: (Discuss ways tech can be used to view pornographic material with the YW: t.v.,
phones, internet, etc) This is especially dangerous and addictive. Avoid this at all costs. It is a poison
that weakens your self-control, destroys your feeling of self-worth, and changes the way you see others. It
causes you to lose the guidance of your sidekick, the Holy Ghost and can damage your ability to have a
normal relationship with others, especially your future spouse. It limits your ability to feel true love. If you
encounter pornography, turn away from it immediately. (For the Strength of the Youth) If you find it difficult
to do this talk to your parents, your Bishop or someone you trust. The Church has website where you can read about pornography and addiction.
Object lesson: Take a crisp $20 bill, hold it up and ask the girls if they want it. Then ask them if it was
crumbled up, stomped on the ground, written on, soggy, etc. Would they still want it? (yes!) Why?
Because it is still of worth regardless of all of those things and so are you!! The Savior has made it
possible for you to be clean and crisp again, regardless of how battered you feel, you are of worth!!! Use
the Atonement!
Bullying: (Discuss ways yw can be bullied online, or have been bullied) As heroes, we need to know
who we are and our own worth. If we know this, we don’t feel the ned to tear others down to make
ourselves feel more valuable. Quentin L Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught “One of your
greatest protections against making bad choices is to not put on any mask of anonymity. If you ever find
yourself wanting to do so, please know it is a serious sign of danger and one of the adversary’s tools to et
you to do something you should not do.”
Excessive use:(When do we know our use of media is excessive? How can this be harmful?)
Elder Bednar explained that this is one of Satan’s tools to get us to disconnect from our physical bodies. If
he can do this, we miss out on our relationships with others and our own physical experiences while on
the earth. (Elder Benar, June 2010 Things As They Really Are) When we over use Tech our relationships
with our friends & family suffer.
As Super Heroes in training, you must learn to use your tech for the greater good.
Discuss ways they can use technology to learn, build others, to spread the gospel, and to do the
Lord’s work. Ideas include: Posting church videos or messages on their FB or IG pages, send a
friend an encouraging text, do family history work, use the Church websites to learn about a
gospel topic, make your homepage, share your testimony online, follow the apostles’ on
facebook and other sites, etc.
Because you understand technology better than any other generation, you need to understand its real
purpose. “The divine purpose of technology is to hasten the work of salvation. The Lord expects you to
use these great tools to take His work to the next level, to share the gospel in ways that are beyond my
generation’s wildest imagination. “Where generations past influenced their neighbors and their town, you

have the power through the Internet and social media to reach beyond borders and influence the whole
world.” (RAndall R. Ridd 2014 General YM Presidency)

Protecting your Identity: Your Origin Story

Speaker is dressed as Edna Type character from the Incredibles

I am the Design Teacher here at Sky High. As Super Heroes you must protect your identity! It is your
greatest Strength!
Your identity stems from your origin story. Every Super Hero has one. It’s where you came from. You
came from royalty and are destined to return. You have an eternal identity and were given divine gifts
before you were sent here.
Let me tell you a little about where you came from. It was a wonderful place, and it was a training ground.
There was a great war, a war of ideas not of earthly weapons. You fought with your faith and testimony.
You stood with the Savior because you knew Him, and you knew He would fulfill His mission upon the
earth. You also were given a mission, you were eager for this mission because you were prepared, ready
& you knew you could make a difference. Heavenly Father gave you special gifts and abilities to help you
be successful.
President Benson: For nearly six thousand years, God has held you in reserve to make your appearance
in the final days before the Second Coming of the Lord.. God has saved for the final inning some of his
strongest children, who will help bear off the Kingdom triumphantly. And that is where you come in, for you
are the generation that must be prepared to meet your God.
All through the ages the prophets have looked down through the corridors of time to our day. Billions of the
deceased and those yet to be born have their eyes on us. Make no mistake about it- you are a marked
Let us talk about your Spiritual Gifts Darlings! Every Super Hero is unique in their abilities. You are royalty
for heaven’s sake! Pull Yourselves Together!!
What are some ways to find your spiritual gifts?
There are many, some are easily recognized and some are more subtle
Ask others to let you know
Look for gifts in adversity:during hard times, choose to discover your best qualities & gifts
Pray for help
Branch out, try new things
Search the word of God. Make a list of qualities you see in people you read about D&C 136:23
Look outside yourself: Serve others. As we do this we will see our many Christlike gifts
Think about people you look up to. Celebrate the qualities you have in common
Reflect on your family. What gifts do you see in family members? Chances are you may share the
same qualities.
Find your passions. In them lies some of your greatest gifts.
Let us talk about the Care & Maintenance of your Super Suit, or your bodies. I don’t do capes and neither
does Heavenly Father!

Virtue means purity. It begins in the heart and in the mind. For how you think is how you will act. Sister
Dalton said “virtue & chastity are inseparably connected. A return to virtue is a return to chastity. The Latin
root for virtue is virtus, which means “strength.” Some have said that virtue means being kind or honest or
having integrity. But the center of a virtuous life is chastity, and one simply cannot be honest or possess
integrity in the absence of sexual purity. It is impossible.
Without virtue there is no strength. and without virtue there is no spirituality. It is clear that once you really
understand who you are, you must be pure because purity precedes spiritual power”
We live in a world that is overly concerned with cleanliness and purity. The cleanliness of the air, the water
we drink, and even our food. Yet society tolerates moral pollution in the form of pornography on billboards,
television and the internet, entertainment and other media. We tolerate filth that invades our minds though
suggestive lyrics, music and language. In some respects we are an organic generation ensuring purity
and quality in our lives, and yet we are polluting our moral fiber.”
In the BOM there was a man named Captain Moroni. He was committed in the cause of righteousness.
The society he lived in was in turmoil. The desire for power and wealth and status had caused some of
the strongest and most determined to “be poisoned by degrees. (Alma 47:18) In other words, those who
were initially fixed and determined not to compromise were slowly persuaded to do just that. It was in this
climate that Moroni unfurled his banner- The Title of Liberty- calling for a defense of families, of women
and children, and of religion and God.
You are the modern day banner! Your lives of purity and virtue are the banner that will cause the nations
of the earth to look up. They will see your example and be drawn to you and to the Savior. As they are
drawn to the Savior they will be drawn to the gospel and to the temple. As you remain virtuous, you will be
led by the Holy Ghost and your personal virtue will qualify you to the temple often.
We say “We are daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us and we love him” every week. We get it, we
understand it mentally. I make sense, we know the plan of salvation. But do we KNOW it spiritually. Do we
have a testimony and knowledge that we are daughter of God? If we do, it will change who we are and
what we do. We will have an inner strength and conviction. We will care more about aligning our will with
God’s will for us rather than the will of the world. It will radiate in how we act, how we dress and how we
treat others.
Protect your identity! Protect your virtue! And remember, no capes! I am off to Milan, my darlings!

Super Hero Headquarters (Sanctuary)

Speaker is dressed like a Super Hero Shop Teacher. Apron, shop glasses, maybe missing finger.
I am the Shop teacher here at Sky High. I assist in the building and design of Super Hero Headquarters
Every Super Hero needs a headquarters. This is where a hero goes to get inspiration, and information.
It’s where they go when they are beaten down from fighting all day and they need refuge from the fight.
You have been given the most amazing and unique headquarters. It is the temple. As we attend the
temple, we are blessed with power and protection. The prophet Joseph Smith made this clear in his
dedication of the Kirtland Temple in D&C 109:22 “that thy servants may go forth from this house armed
with thy power, and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them, and thine
angels have charge over them.”
The temple is a refuge. As Super Heroes you will be battling around every corner. Satan knows who you
are and know your worth. He will come up with any diabolical plan possible to thwart your mission. In the
coming years, the world will become more wicked and it will become more and more difficult to find refuge
from your fight. Make the temple the place you turn to find this peace.
President Monson said, “As we attend the temple, there can come to us a dimension of spirituality and a
feeling of peace which will transcend any other feeling which could come into the human heart. We will
grasp the rue meaning of the words of the SAvior when He said:”Peace I leave with you, my peace I give
unto you... Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Such peace can permeate any heart-

hearts that are troubled, hearts that are burdened down with grief, hearts that feel confusion, hearts that
plead for help.” (April 2015)
Discuss with the YW how they feel when they attend the temple
How does it change their attitude that day?
How does it help them keep the Spirit (have power) with them throughout the day?
How does attending the temple help them feel their worth as daughters of God?
Have them share experiences of when the temple has been a refuge for them in their lives.
Attending the temple and keeping our recommend current helps us be prepared for our eventual goal of
temple marriage. All the battles you have fought to be temple worthy will be worth it as you kneel across
the alter from your fiancee and know that you have kept yourself clean for him, and he has kept himself
clean for you. “The most important single thing that any Latter-day Saint ever does in this world is to marry
the right person, in the right place, by the right authority. (Elder Bruce R. McConkie)

Combat Training (Power in the Atonement)

Speaker is in Camp T shirt with a crown and cape

I am part of Super Hero Support. We are the SUPERS: The Support Unit for People Exercising
Righteousness Steadfastly. I am an alumni of Sky High and everything you talked about tonight takes a
lifetime to learn, but as we find our powers and learn to listen to our sidekick (the Holy Ghost) it becomes
easier and easier.
Some things I have learned about fighting the adversary are that every Super Hero’s story has its plot
twists. Every Super Hero makes mistakes, but the key to their story is that they find the strength within
themselves to get back up and fight another day. That is what makes them a hero. You are in the middle
of your story; there will be ups and downs but the important thing is to keep going and keep fighting.

Every hero gets wounded in battle, it’s part of the job description. Your spirit will get wounded from sin,
hardships, the cruelty of others, or by just being in the world, it’s part of being mortal. Through the
atonement of Jesus Christ you can heal those wounds and be restored and prepared to fight another day.
Overcoming Sin
Discuss the steps to repentance: Confess your sins to the Lord, seek forgiveness from those you have
wronged, and restore if possible, anything you damaged through your actions. Serious sins such as
sexual transgression, or pornography use need to be confessed to your bishop. (For the strength of youth)
When we repent, we feel peace and joy. Our spirit is truly healed. We have a change of mind and heart.
There is nothing we can do to earn or lose the love of our Father in Heaven. You brought your value with
you to the earth. “Blessings come as a result of good choices, but God’s love is constant. Your
responsibility is to learn to make choices that match your value. You are loved more than you can
possibly imagine simply because you are you.” (Hank Smith)
Overcoming Hardships
Did you know the Atonement isn’t just for people that sin? “Because of His Atonement, we have access to
His grace, or enabling power, and to HIs redemptive power- power that frees us from sin; power to be
healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually; power to mend our broken hearts and to free us from all
manner of captivity (Luke 4:18) power to loose the bands of death (Alma 7:12) power to do good works;
power to turn weakness into strength (Ether 12:27) and power to receive salvation through faith on His
name. It is because of the Atonement that, if we build our foundation on Christ, the devil can have no
power over us (Helaman 5:12) It is because of the power and reach of the Atonement that we can trumph
over death itself and rise again.” (Sherri Dew, God Wants a Powerful People p. 46-47)
Having your sidekick, the Holy Ghost with you is your greatest asset. As you learn to listen to him, he will
keep you protected. By fully participating in the sacrament each week, we are promised we will have the
Spirit to be with us. (Sacrament Prayer) “The spirit is the foundation of our testimony. It testifies of the
Father and Son, brings all things to our remembrance, and leads us into truth” (Dallin H. Oaks, Sacrament
Meeting and the Sacrament. Oct. 2008)
How do we particpate fully in the sacrament? (Have a discussion with the YW)
*Focus our thoughts on the Savior
*Avoid conversations with others, or distractions such as texting, playing on electronics, reading books or
*Get enough sleep so we are not overly drowsy
*Think of ways we can improve during the week
So you see, the ways to get spiritual power from Heavenly Father is much different than the way you get
power in the world.The world tells us it is a competition where we are against each other; the more you
compete against people and win the more power you will have. The more you think about yourself, and
our own desires, and goals, the stronger you will become.
Heavenly Father wants us to come to him with a broken heart and contrite spirity; to be humble and
submissive. The more we help other, humbly pray, study the scriptures, repent, and seek His Spirit, the
more power He gives us. Everyone get to win!