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Criteria For Food Safety


Food not cooked to required minimum temperature

Hot food held above 140F (ask what temperature the hot food stations are)
Frozen/ partially thawed are being cooked that way (hazardous)
Cold food held above 41F (to prevent freezing, and ask what temperature the cold food
stations are)
Check for canned products (are they swollen, away from food, dented)?
Is raw food being washed?
Does anyone preparing food appear to be ill?
Does anyone have any exposed cuts or burns (no gloves)?
Are they using utensils to eliminate bare hand contact with cooked food?
Are they cleaning their hands after coughing, sneezing, smoking, handling raw food,
eggs, etc.?
Toxic chemicals improperly labeled, is it close to food
Liquid, sewage waste on food storage and preparation areas
Unprotected, hazardous food re- served (ex. unwrapped crackers, pickles, bread, etc.)?
Is food discarded when contaminated (ex. raw chicken touching lettuce)?
Are thermometers being used?
Evidence of rodents and other pests near food and storage areas (droppings: in food,
around food, in bathroom)
Live roaches

Filth flies in food preparation area

Food preparation on unacceptable surfaces?
Hand washing/utensil samitizing facility not near food prep area
Personal cleanliness inadequate (soiled outer garments, hair restraints in food prep
Tobacco use, eating, drinking from open container in food/ dish washing prep area?
Food protected from these potential sources of contamination?
Food contact surface not washed, rinsed, or sanitized (ex. old debris on machinery,
Utensils improperly used or stored?
Wiping cloths soiled or not stored, in sanitizing solution?
Facility is not vermin proof? ( what are the conditions)
Toilet facility not maintained (toilet paper, waste receptacle, self-closing door)?
Any ventilation, mechanical/ natural (bathroom, hooded kitchen, grease collected on