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: VII/

Answer the question below by crossing A, B, C, or D for the best answer!

1. Teacher
: Good morning, class!
Students : ................, Sir!
A. Good afternoon
B. Good bye

C. Good luck

D. Good morning

2. Joni
: How are you, Sir?
Mr. Umar : Im feeling great, thank you and you?
:.............. Thank you, Sir.
A. Yes, sure
B. we are
C. Im fine too

D. She is fine thanks

3. Andi
: Can I borrow your pencil?
: Sure here it is.
: Thank you.
: .................
A. Im Sorry
B. Dont mention it

D. Im fine

C. Thank you

4. Mother : Rosi, did you break the glass?

: Yes, I did mom. I terribly sorry for this.
Mother : ................, next time try to be more careful
A. I am sorry too
C. Thank you
B. Thats allright darling
D. Dont mention it
This text is for the question 5 to 7

: Now Each of you need to introduce your self. All right Edo can you try please.
: Hello, my name is Edo.I am twelve years old. I am a student of SMP Negeri 2 Toroh. I
live in Depok. I like swimming and reading books.My favorite color is green.My
favorite food is fried rice.Nice to meet you.
: ............(7)

5. Based on the text above How old is Edo? He is ...........

A. 12 years old
C. 17 years old
B. 14 years old
D.13 years old
6. Each of you needto introduce your self.
What is the meaning of the underlined word.
A. Perkenalan
B. Memperkenalkandiri

C. kenalin
D. dikenalkan

7. What is the best expression to fill out number 7

A. I am happy
C. I am not really well
B. Nice to meet you too
D. Thank you
This is a chart of DAYS. Have a look at the chart and answer the question
8. What is the day before Saturday? It is................
A. Sunday
B. Tuesday C. Friday

D. Saturday

9. What is the day after Wednesday?

A. Sunday
B. Tuesday

D. Saturday

C. Thursday

This text below is for question number 10 and 15

My name is Rina. R - i - n a. I am a student. I go to SMP Negeri 2
Toroh. I am in VII G. I was born in Grobogan on 30th December
2004. I am 155 cm tall. I live at Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 15. My phone
number is 0185 20000981. I like jogging, bicycling, and listening
to music. My Parents names are Mr. Helmi Yahya and Mrs.
YoanaPataya. I have one brother and two sisters. They are Dandi,
Dina and Mandalika. My favourite food is soto. My favourite drink
is Avocado juice. You can e-mail me at
10. Based on the text above how many siblings does Rina have?
She has ......... siblings.
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four

D. five

11. What are Rinas hobbies? Her hobbies are . . .

A. Jogging, swimming, and listening music
C. Jogging, bicycling, and listening music
B. Jogging, painting, and swimming
D. Jogging, bicycling, and painting
12. How old is Rina now?
A. 12

B. 13

C. 14

D. 15

13. When was Rina born?

A. on the thirty December 2004
B. on the thirtieth December 2004

C. on the thirteenth December 2004

D. on the thirteen December 2004

14. How tall is she ?

A. One hundred and fifty five centimeters
B. One hundred and four centimeters

C. One hundred and forty four centimeters

D. One hundred and forty five centimeters

15. What is Rinas favourite beverage ?

A. Lemon juice
B. Lemon Tea

C. Avocado juice
D. Apple Juice

16. Observe the picture! How many giraffes can you see in the picture?
A. One giraffe
C. Three giraffes
B. Two giraffes
D. Four giraffes
17. How many zebras can you see in the picture?
A. One zebra
C. Three zebras
B. Two zebras
D. Four zebras
This text below is for the question 18, 19
Fatimah is my sister, she is a . ... . (18). She works in a .....(19).....of Sukabumi city. She assists the
doctors in doing the job. She always looks very happy in her white uniform.
18. A. Patient
19. A. Zoo

B. Doctor
B. Hospital

Things in Budis bag



20. How many sharpeners does Budi have ?

A. thirteen
B. Three
21. Budi needs . . . to remove his wrong writing.

C. Midwife
C. Post office

D. Nurse
D. Police station

C. Two

D. Four

A. Eraser

B. Pencil

22. How many things in Budis bag ?

A. Twelve
B. Thirteen

C. Ruler

D. Pen

C. six

D. twenty six

This text below is for the questions 23 and 24

Hi, I am Richard I go to SMPN 2 in Toroh. This time I would like to describe my school. The school of
SMP N 2 Toroh is quite big. It has many rooms. It also has a big yard with flag ceremony pole in the
middle. The school is very green. The teachers and students are friendly. There are also many plants
and trees inside the school.
23. What is the text about?
A. Rooms
B. Richards School
24. Where is the flag pole?
A. In front of the school.
B. In the middle of the yard.

C. School buildings

D. Trees at school

C. In the classroom.
D. In the field of the schools garden.

This are the things I want to buy

Some celery

1 ounce garlic

1 ounce onion

1 kg chicken

kg carrot

kg tomato

1 pack salt
25. What kind of text is it?
A. a food label B. a shopping list

C. a short message

26. How much garlic does the writer want to buy?

A. one ounce
B. two ounces
C. three ounces
27. Which store will the writer not go to?
A. a greengrocers
B. the butchers

C. a grocers

D. an advertisement
D. four ounces
D. a bakery

28. From the text above we know that the writer probably wants to cook
A. fruit salad
B. black forest
C. chicken soup
D. chicken curry
Mrs. Dina
Mrs. Dina is my aunt. She is an English teacher at SMPN 13 Bandung . She is 35 years old. She is tall
and beautiful. She has round eyes, and a pointed nose. She has straight hair. Her hair is fairly black. She
has white skin. She is very smart. She is also very diligent and patient. She is never angry to her
student. She is a kind teacher and we love her very much.
29. What is Mrs. Dina?
A. My aunt

B. Doctor

C. Teacher

D. Nurse

30. How old is she?

A. thirty

B. thirty five

C. twenty

D. twenty five

31. Which statement is NOT true about Mrs. Dina?

A. She has round eyes, and a pointed nose.
B. She is tall and beautiful.
C. She is very diligent and patient.
D. She is sometimes angry with her naughty students.
32. What is the color of her skin?
A. white
B. fairly white

C. black

D. fairly

Text for no 33 - 35
How To Shop At Supermartket
1. Write a shoppinh list
2. Go to supermarket
3. Looks for the things you need
4. Pay everything at the cashier
5. Go back home with your shopping
33. How many steps to shop at the supermarket?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
34. What is the second step?
A. Writing a shopping list
B. Pay everything at the cashier


C. Go to supermarket
D. Looks for the things you need

35. What do we have to do after looking for the things to buy?

A. Make a shopping list
C. Go to supermarket
B. Pay at the cashier
D.Go back home
Text for no 36 - 39



Orange Juice
Ice Cream

Rp. 10,000
Rp. 15,000
Rp. 8,000
Rp. 9,000

36. Where do usually find this list of menu?

A. At the supermarket
C. At the bar
B. At the cafeteria
D. At the fruit stalls
37. How much is a glass of Cappucino?
A. Rp. 8,000
B. Rp. 9,000

C. Rp. 10,000


38. Which food is the most expensive?

A. Burger
B. Pizza

C. Spagheti

D. Steak

39. what is the name of that restaurant?

A. Jakarta Food
B. Fast Jakarta

C. Jakarta resto fast foodD. Jakarta fast food

Rp. 15,000

40. Jakarta Resto is a fast food restaurant. The underlined word means something to
A. buy
B. drink
C. meal
D. smell
II. Essay
Fill in the blanks with the word in the box!


They it


Hi, my name is Inge. I am from Surabaya. Here are my friends. This is Yadi and Radik. (a) are
from Solo. This is Riski, (b) is from Bandung. This is Widya, (c) is from Jakarta. (d) are
students of SMP Al Hadiid. (e) is a school in Cileungsi

Please describe the animal


Arrange these words into good sentence!

Persib goes to Senayan Persija Damar the game between versus to watch.


balls - are - in the box - There - two.


Hello, I am Aldi. I (has/have) curly hair. This is my brother, Zidane. He (has/have) straight
hair. And we (has/have) pointed nose.