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Entrepreneurship is much broader than the creation of a new business

venture. At its core, it is a mindset a way of thinking and acting. It is
about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value.
Fundamentally, entrepreneurship is about opportunity; the ability to
recognize a new opportunity, to methodically analyze the opportunity, and
ultimately, to capture the value of that opportunity. Such skills are
important for those seeking to establish new ventures, and critical for a







marketplace where rapid technological innovation and globalization has

changed the very nature of work.
Aspiring Entrepreneur in Myanmar
One of the famous Entrepreneurs in Myanmar is Dr. Sai Sam Htun who
have the ability of creativity and innovation. Dr. Sai Sam Htun, is the
founder and chairman of Loi Hein Company Ltd. Dr. Sai obtained a medical
degree (M.B.B.S ) in 1971 and MBA degree from the US in 2008. He lived
for 5 years in Canada and the United States from 1987-1991. After he
returned to Myanmar in 1992, Dr. Sai assisted with the distribution and
marketing of a local cigarette brand Duya manufactured by Myanmar
Foodstuffs Industries (MFI).
In 1996, all the factories are under control of the Government and The
Government could not manage for Marketing, Distribution and Branding.
Therefore, Dr. Sai realized and seized the opportunities of the situation.
During 1992-1994, Dr. Sai analyzed the Myanmar Human Nature and
Consumer Market. In Consequence, Dr. Sai acquired the knowledge of How
to allocate all the resources.
Dr. Sai also taking the risk to invest His Business. He decided all his
savings US$ 20,000 to venture for his business.
In 2000, Dr. Sai started to build own manufacturing company and own
brand and detach from the joint venture with Osotspa (Thailand )

Company Limited and started to launched the SHARK Energy Drink which
could gain the market leader in Myanmar. In 2002, LHC Launched its first
own brand, Alpine, which quickly became the market leader in bottled
purified drinking water. In 2008, in association with the Green Spot Co.,
Ltd. (Thailand), LHC developed and launched a non-carbonated California
Orange soft drink. In 2009 LHC was appointed as the exclusive distributor
for the SPY wine cooler manufactured by the Siam Winery Co., Ltd.
In 2000, He built his own Brand, Loi Hein Company Limited which is a
FMCG giant engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distribution
of consumer products in Myanmar. It is the market leader of drinking
water & energy drinks in Myanmar. Alpine is the trade mark of Loi Hein Co.
During the construction of his own business, he faced the financial crisis.
He doesnt have any more investment, shortage of capital. It is very
difficult to deal with the banks to take the loan. Fortunately, he got a loan
from his friend, U Ai Tun (from AWB Bank), MMK 3,000 million because U Ai
Tun trusted his integrity, capability and potentiality.
During 5th to 11th August 2015, the Loi Hein Company Ltd daily donates
more than 300,000 bottles of Alpine brand purified drinking water to floodaffected areas because of the cyclone Komen. Furthermore, the Loi Hein
Company also donate for the natural disasters areas.

Benefits of the entrepreneurship

Opportunity of gain control over your own destiny: owning

a business provided entrepreneurs with independence and the

opportunity to achieve what is important to them.

Opportunity to reach your full potential: Entrepreneurs businesses
become the instrument for self-expression and self-actualisation.
That is, his/her talent, his/her own energy

Opportunity to reap unlimited profits: The profits their businesses

can earn are an important motivating factor in the entrepreneurs

decisions to launch companies.

Opportunity to contribute to society & be recognized for your effort.
Opportunity to do what you enjoy: Most successful entrepreneurs
choose to enter their particular business fields because they have
an interest in them and enjoy those lines of work.

Drawbacks of the entrepreneurship

Uncertainty of income: opening & running a business provides no

guarantees that an entrepreneur will earn enough money to

Risk: starting or buying a new business involves risk, and the higher
rewards, the greater the risk entrepreneurs usually face. This is why

entrepreneurs tend to have evaluated risk very carefully.

Financial risk: in most new ventures the individual puts a significant

portion of his or her savings or other resources at stake.

Career risk: This is a major concern to managers who have a secure
organizational job with a high salary and a good benefit package.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity as the capability or act of conceiving something original or
unusual, while innovation is the implementation or creation of something
new that has realized value to others.
To run the business, it is importance to have creativity & innovation. The
best way to identify opportunities for business is having the sense of
creativity and innovation.
Trade Mark means a mark used or proposed to be used in relation to
goods for the purpose of indicating or so as to indicate a connection in the
course of trade between the goods and some person having the right,
either as proprietor or as registered user, to use the mark whether with or
without any indication of the identity of that person.

In the absence of specific trademark law, Alpine registered in Myanmar

Registry Office under Section 18(f) of the Registration Act and Registration
Direction 13 by means of declaration which is a solemn statement of facts
made by the trademark owner.