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Luca Cambiaghi


Klokkerhjen 9, 2400 Kbenhavn NV, Copenhagen, Denmark

(+45) 50117815


Application for BEST Courses

To whom it may concern

About Me
My name is Luca Cambiaghi, I am an Italian student currently pursuing my MSc in Computer Science and Engineering at
the Technical University of Denmark. I moved just 3 months ago to Copenhagen and Im really loving it so far, I can already
call it home. I pursued my Bachelor in Milan, a city as vibrant and as inspirational. I only look forward to know what this
Master has in reserve for me.

I have participated to a BEST fair during the time of my Bachelor and i was transported by the enthusiasm, commitment
and Team spirit of the People involved in this organization. Since then i was curious about BEST courses. Now I am finally
willing to take the opportunity to be included in one. I believe it would be a chance to improve my social and practical
skills, learn inspiring things and stay in touch with the reality of other countries and other people. The possibility to grow
personally travelling to another country is also very appealing to me, since travelling is a great passion of mine. Ultimately,
I think BEST can give me the most complete experience of this kind.

Why Me?
I believe I have all the prerequisites asked in the general description, I will participate to the course with commitment and
interest, trying to absorb skills and contribute with mines. Apart from that, I can promise I will embark in this experience
with a full BEST spirit, ready to share ideas, develop, make friends, enjoy the city with excitement and be also a party animal
if requested!

NOVEMBER 26, 2016


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