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Block 10, Lot 3 San Mateo, Banago Bacolod, Negros Occidental
Birthdate: July 03, 2016
Age: 31
Religion: Aglipayan
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 55kgs

+639753419084, Telephone number (34) 7084864

Amiable, outgoing personality and easily adapts to a new environment
Self-motivated in rendering quality nursing care.
Able to learn new skills and procedures in a fast manner.
Hardworking and can work under pressure.
Determine classification of each work in a professional way.
Strong communication skills with all colleagues.
Respects patient spiritual and social values.

Registered Nurse (licensed # 0427385)
Laser technician
Staff Nurse/General
Nurse Technician/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (licensed # 11-J-N-0049941)
Certifications: Basic Life Support/KSA
Intravenous Therapy Licensed
Seminars Attended in Hai Al Jamea hospital: Subclinical
Hypothyroidism, Surgical Infections, NAFLD, Pre and Post-Operative Care,
Medication Management Day, Communication, Hospital Codes and Disaster
Plans, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Crash Cart, Care of Bedridden
Patients, Fire Drills, CPT Drill intra-unit.


and Post-operative care dental surgery. Molo. Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Relapse PTB. Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Antique. Cases Handled: Type I & II Diabetes. Acute MI or STMI and for coronary angiography. and educational aspects of nursing care delivery to patients of assigned nursing unit. 2014-February 23. Al Sira. March 2002 Elementary: Anini-y Central School. telemetry. Care and monitoring stable patients with RTA mild to multiple injuries of stable.  Complies with the general policies and procedures of the hospital.BSN: Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod at B. Sickcle cell crisis. laparoscopic procedures and drains in wound area. syringe pumps. Epilepsy and Seizures.  Reports and documents relevant information through established oral and written process.  Providers a safe. Al Attira Street. CVP monitoring. Acute Gastoenteritis. February 24. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Maritime High School. Encephalitis and Meningitis. administrative. Acute and Chronic renal failure. 2016.  Provides and ensure minimum standards of care and procedures/tasks related to job position. therapeutic. Iloilo City. .  Responsible for rendering of high quality nursing care to patients within the unit of the hospital. Falls among children.S. Machine/Equipment Handled: ECG machines. Anini-y. Caesarean mothers. Accommodate 70-80 beds capacity in all departments. Philippines. April 2006 Associate Degree in Nursing. Philippines. Severe asthmatic attacks. March 2004 Secondary: John B. Influenza. March 1998 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE/DESCRIPTION: Staff Nurse/Nurse Technician/General Nurse: Hai al Jamea Hospital. Poblacion. COPD. cardiac monitors with pulse oximetry and glucometer for diabetes patients. Bacolod City. infusion pumps. personalized physical and psychosocial environment for patient care. Aquino Drive. Cardiovascular disease with leftsided weakness. Negros Occidental. same school. suction machines.  Assisted Head/Charge Nurse with the overall clinical.

safety and supportive treatment. Others: Given various medication therapy. Gastric pains. significant other health care personnel. observed and assisted ER. 2007-September 30. Cases Handled: Daily wound care. With bed capacitty 20-30 within clinic and ER department. carried out new written doctors order. urinary tract infections and coughs. January-May 2011. common fever. Handled internal medicine cases. Pneumonia and Mild stroke. preoperative and postoperative surgical procedures on day .  Ensures effective communication within the unit or department between staffs. With 30-40 beds capacity. June 2011-July2013. Poblacion. 2013-January 31. various injectable procedures. Anini-y. August 31. Street. Ward. ECG machine. 2008.  Performs applicable tasks and procedures for all personnel aspects as hospital established. Machine/Equipment Handled: Laser machines. and ICU. Hands on application to ECG machines and telemetry. Assisted in birthing process of mothers. Al Safa district. Nurse: President Diosdado Macapagal District Hospital. November 12. routine daily care. BP monitor and Crash cart Nurse Trainee: Bacolod Adventist Medical Center. common fire accidents and lasers. skin rashes. Antique. Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Machine/Equipments Handled: Different sizes of syringes used for injetions of medicine. treatment of mild sunburns. Cases Handled: Birthing and Lying In for normal delivery of mothers. Transferred and endorsed critically ill patient from ward to ICU for emergency management as per physician advice. General Nurse. Beds capacity 10-15. minor stab wounds and cuts. Attends meetings and lectures as required. Nutrition for children and Dental. Bacolod City. Conducted Expanded Program on Immunization. Taculing. Common colds and coughs. Antique. assisted in caring bedridden patients and educate patient’s family about the disease process. Sharbatly. patients. Nurse: Municipal Health Office. mild motor accidents. Derma Nurse/Staff Nurse: Mustasharak Medical Center. Assisted in the implementation of Maternal health care programs. Machines /Equipment Handled: Same as mentioned above. Philippines. Cases Handled: Seizures.IV Therapy training. Tobias Fornier. wound dressings. digital thermometer and manual BP apparatus. 2014. Immunization Programs from newborn to children aged 0-3 and provided food for malnourished and vulnerable children of each community.

D. Asma Eid General Practitioner Medical Ward Resident Doctor Hai Al Jamea Hospital +966507705603 Madam Venjie department. RN MSc. Infection Control Practitioner Hai Al Jamea Hospital +966542537043 Dr. Obstetrics and pediatric diseases and treatments on monitoring critical care patients. Yolly Cabanas. RN Mustasharak Medical Center +639275326228 Dr. RN Medical Ward Head Nurse +966530832381 . REFERENCES: Dr. M.FICA Nursing Supervisor. Nabil El Naggar. Municipal health Officer Anini-y Health Center Joan Hermosilla. Suguitan. MBBCh. Diabetologist & Head of Diabetes Center Hai Al Jamea Hospital Chairman of Jeddah Diabetes Charmaigne P.