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“This call may be recorded or monitored for training or quality assurance purposes.”

“[This is an attempt/we are attempting] to collect a debt and any information obtained
[may/can/could/will] be used for that purpose.”

Any income from alimony, Child support or Separate maintenance need not to be revealed
unless you want it to be considered for the repayment of this debt.

You may apply as an individual for credit, whether you are married, unmarried or separated. If
you are married and would like to rely on your spouse’s earnings to qualify for this loan, you
should apply for credit together. If you would like to apply for joint credit with someone other
than a spouse, please have the other individual call me to provide his/her part of the joint

For verification purposes you authorize us to obtain information such as credit and employment
verification. You authorize us to share information concerning your credit experience with us to
guarantors, other creditors, consumer credit reporting agencies and others who may properly
receive this type of information.

Do you give us, or anyone calling on our behalf, permission to contact you at this cell phone
number using an automatic dialing system, pre-recorded messages, and/or electronic text

2015© Copyright LanguageLine Solutions Confidential Information

BANKRUPTCY “To the extent your original obligation was discharged. date of birth and an identifying number such as a Social Security number. or is subject to an automatic stay of bankruptcy under Title 11 of the United States Code. street address. [_________ /the securitized creditor (Securitized)] retains certain rights under its security instrument. What this means is that wen you open an account. We appreciate your cooperation. verify and record information that identifies each person that opens an account. 2015© Copyright LanguageLine Solutions Confidential Information . However. including the right to foreclose its lien. [Do I have your permission to proceed?]” PATRIOT ACT To help the US government fight terrorism and money laundering. we will ask you for your name. Federal law requires us to obtain. this call today is for compliance and/or informational purposes on your Home Mortgage only and does not constitute an attempt to collect a debt or to impose personal liability for such obligation.