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Practical Pump Technology


Selection, Applications, Operation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Course Description

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the various types of

reciprocating, rotary and centrifugal pumps. The basic design and specification
characteristics, selection criteria, sizing calculations, sealing arrangements, common
operational problems, repair techniques as well as preventive and predictive
maintenance of these pumps are covered. All methods used to enhance the performance,
reliability, troubleshooting and maintenance of this equipment are discussed in detail.
This program is a MUST for those who use this equipment. It covers how pumps operate
and provides the guidelines and rules that must be followed for their successful application.

Program Objectives

Instructor: Philip Kiameh, M.A.Sc., B.Eng, D.Eng, P.Eng

Philip has over 20 years experience teaching

courses and seminars at the University of Toronto
to working engineers and professionals from
around the world. During 27 years of practical
engineer experience with Ontario Power
Generation, he worked as Training Manager,
Engineering Supervisor, System Responsible
Engineer and Design Engineer.


$1150 pp + tax Includes lunch, refreshments,

student materials and a copy of 'Power Plant
Equipment Operation & Maintenance Guide' by Philip
Kiamah. This book provides extensive details
about the operation and maintenance of all types
of pumps used in industry.

Time & Location

Date: May 7th & 8th, 2012

Time: Daily from 8:00am 4:00pm
Location: Source Atlantic Training Center,
331 Chesley Drive, Saint John NB

Maximize the efficiency, reliability and longevity of all types of pumps.

Size and select, out of the various types of dynamic and positive displacement
pumps, using the performance characteristics and the selection criteria that you
learn in this program.
Carry out diagnostic testing and inspection of critical components with the knowledge
of common failure modes of pumps by applying advanced fault detection techniques.
Select bearings and lubrication, pump sealing arrangements, meet commissioning
requirements, troubleshoot, provide predictive and preventive maintenance, enhance
reliability, and reduce cost.
Determine the maintenance required to minimize pump downtime and operating cost
and maximize its efficiency, reliability and useful life.
Gain a thorough understanding of pump characteristics.
Understand all the causes of failures in pumps.
Determine all the design features that improve the efficiency and reliability of all pumps.
Design different types of pumping systems.
Gain a thorough understanding of the various types of sealing arrangements used
in compressors.

Who Should Attend

Engineers of all disciplines, managers , technicians, maintenance personnel and other

technical individuals.

Contact Julie Boudreau (506) 658-4973

Note: Course subject to cancellation if there are

not a sufficient number of participants registered.

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