Why law?

That is a question you are going to be asked over and over again if you are starting to think a career in law
might be the one for you.
It has some variations- “why do you want to be a lawyer?” and “why do you think you are suited to a career in law?”But it is basically the same question.
During the interview before entering law school, the Dean asked me, why do I want to take up law; the question was
again asked by our professorial lecturer in Family Code, I jokingly answered that my original plan was to take up
Medicine since my undergraduate course is Medical Technology which is more inclined with Medicine, and that I took
up law since it was less expensive. But the truth was, I wanted to see the world in its judicial aspect. I believe that I
have seen the world in its scientific aspect although just a glimpse of it, now, I want to understand how the law really
works in our country. Why, again? News nationwide is mostly about injustice, extrajudicial killings, and graft and
corruption for public officials.
Everywhere you go, whatever you do is related to law. But what is a law and how important it is?
Law is a system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. The importance of laws are
paramount to the survival of our society as we know it. Without laws, the society in which we live in today would be
far different as we struggle to remain in control of our future. The bullying few, would decimate our society into either
of two forms, an anarchical society where people do as they please, or a society on the brink of extension due to the
lack of civil order.
Protection against violence is something that most of us take for granted. We have a strong legal system that is put in
place to protect us from people intent on physically harming us. Physical violence can often lead to murder, rape,
torture and other life-threatening situations. The safety of society is key to the continued success of a particular race.
Laws are there to protect people, it won’t actually stop a person with no moral compass, but will in general stop an
aggravated person from committing potential life-threatening violence as the consequences alone, deter them from
carrying through what their mind wants them to. One cannot dispute this as protection laws have been successfully
implemented in most continents around the world.
Respecting human rights promotes the common good within people. People who respect law, understand its
significance, and abide by it, generally have better and more fulfilled lives. Those who respect law can move freely
around whereas those who break it are punished in most cases with their freedom being taken away. The Buddha
made a speech in which he said that “set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again, and you will be filled
with joy”. He shares the same idea that the common good often results in a better healthy lifestyle for people. Laws
help to promote the common good by setting out a line of laws that prohibits persons from infringing on those that
may cause harm or offense. No one would like to live in a society where people only have self interest at heart.
The laws of the land are there to protect not only us but our property too. The importance of laws in our society are
absolutely key to the safety of our lives. They are there to protect our rights as human beings, to promote the
goodness within ourselves. To deter criminality with the punishment of imprisonment or worse. Laws are important to
the progression of society where education and technology are protected so that they can flourish.