Bulletin of theArt Libraries Society ofNorth America

book Collectionofblank and/orimage-bearing
sheetsusually fastenedtogetheralong one
at the otheredgesto form
edgeand trimmed
a single series ofuniform leaves.

art book Book ofwhich art or an artist is the

artist's fcookBook ofwhich an artist is the

book artArtwhich employsthebook form.
bookwork Artwork dependent upon the struc
ture of a book.

book object Art objectwhich alludes to the
form of a book.

Volume I Number6 JH> December 1982

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ext.Nancy Harvey West . Classes of mem Museum Artists' Books Multiple Edition Artists'Books: Contemporary A Bibliographyof InformationSources The A AT in theOnline Catalog Environment ArtDocumentation is published by ARLIS/NA (ArtLibraries Society of North America) five Review Books?Access Franklin Marianne Popkins. August 10 (Oc tober). All Books: Artists' times annually. Microfilms.00 From the Vice-Chair From the Treasurer Museum $12. June 1 (Summer). AZ 85749 178 183 Public TOL Column News fromtheChapters News ofMembers & Friends or air postage outside North America.Jeffrey ..00 MI 48106. 4101 PershingAve. the Traditional Furnace Ephemera Sponsor?$500. other correspondence Docs Professional 663 FifthAve.Karen Sevy Horrell Muller Representatives East.00 169 169 169 172 ArtistBook Collecting& OtherMyths ofArt Librarianship Kibbey. TX 76107 Copy deadlines: December 1 (February).122. On Manager: Catherine M.Caroline to: EditorialOffices.October 10 (December). 10022 (212) Editor: OH 44106 (216) 421-7340. Litera Professional Government Documents: A. New York. Aids: Stephen Reference de Luise & Ray Postlethwaite. Business Affiliate?$60. Architecture SIG: Sherman Clarke. An Overseas Subscription is $30 + postage ($6 surface. terested in visual librarianship. Single issues are $5. Paula Microforms: of Conferences Add surface $5. TOL: Marlea Advertising Artists' PrintedMatter Anne Bonnie VRSIG: or $25. Jack Perry Brown. 284.Nancy Secretary.. Backlund Chairman. Serials SIG: Alexandra of Artists' Acquisition Coordinators: Books: Marcia Reference tion: Susan Swartzburg. Sustaining?$150. edition is available from University 300 North Zeeb Rd.00 per and Publicity From Reports bership are: Individual?$35. 757-6454. Stephanie TOL: Annette Masling.Janis Ekdahl Midwest . Ferris Olin.Loren Singer Jeffcott Parry .Documentation ART Bulletin of theArt Libraries Society of North America Volume 1 Number 6 December Editor: Pamela Jeffcott Parry Editor: Jack Perry Brown An ABC ofArtists'Books Collections R. 174 176 177 1983ConferenceUpdate ArchitectureSIG Column CISSIG Column Serials SIG Column VRSIG Column Microform Copyright? 172 to the Avant-Garde ARLIS/NA News Section Academic volume. 15 Jun 2014 03:00:12 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions ..Nancy Pistorius Art Documentation 3775 Bear Creek Circle Tucson. Museum R.. Shanley. Public Frontz. CISSIG: Deborah Boone. in Su Docs Literature Art Bibliography News & Notes The Book Review Section Cleveland ARLIS/NA EXECUTIVE BOARD Cleveland. It is free as a benefit of Society which is open to all who are in membership. Institutional?$60.79.31 on Sun. $15 air). Student?$20. Preserva Collins. 11150 East Blvd. ture: CONTENTS Introduction Review Column 1982 Canada Executive Secretary(ex officio) .Pamela ISSN 0730-7187 This content downloaded from 62. Chiarmonte. of Art. Academic TOL: J. Retired/Unemployed?$25. NY 185 186 192 & Meetings 192 192 TOL TOL 192 194 194 195 196 196 202 203 Column Column 204 205 206 208 209 210 210 213 Preservation New 1982byARLIS/NA.Barbara Past Chairman Regional Treasurer. FortWorth. Patrick. Warren. Ann Arbor.March 10 (May). Vice-Chairman Allen .

Reactions are are mixed. itwould take too long. Librarian enrich the Clive Phillpot of Modern Museum Art in the tance to those who wish to find out more about artists' books context of the art library. to say. and it is extremely difficult when one is operating in a virtual vacuum. In Form. perhaps on account of the range and apparent numbers of books. According to a major distributor'scatalog published in 1980.K?nstlerb?cher (1979-81) and especiallyRe. over 2. Other seminal exhibition in catalogs clude Artists' Books (1973) fromMoore College of Art. such flux does not.Editor INTRODUCTION please ship seem to be more aware of the phenomenon of Art librarians would artists' books today than in the past. whose materials recent exhibition such as Tim Guest's Books catalogs. a few titles of annotated booklist. and acquisition. It is hoped thatthiscollection of articleswill be of assis information. If some books collection. Artists' books do not have any constant form or content. and to record attempts at their solutions. 169 COLLECTIONS Clive Phil?pot.note theoverlapping and repetitionof different as books. Some are bemused. and classified.Pages of some of thebooks in the (1981) are sourcesof excellent illustrations This content downloaded from 188. Opposi distributor. Most of thebooks included. but in the present context it clearly excludes the conven of letters. of publication?this current practice. word not from our In the spirit of the above. The quantity of mate and there is a corresponding need for more discus and selection of individual works. Help pool of knowledge on thissubject. since his textwas information about artists' books tremen has increased published. intent?that Museum cataloging. Determining intent of an artist is not a simple matter.Quite earlyon theLibraryof Congress began to award certain publications the heading "artists' books. the confines of the art book stray outside collection.but it the very phrase "artist's book" is still of wide compass. after they may do some useful work elsewhere. Cataloging of small print runs. but from the Senior Cataloger ofModern as many artists' books as anyone: who has probably cataloged that the Realize artists' books should not be a problem. essay followed by an extensive which may still be obtainable. preservation. and cannot. classed tions. I say this not just to have sport with the Library of Congress. (1976) fromtheArts Council ofGreat BritainmdArtwords and Bookworks.79 on Sat. theseproblems taken singlyare in factquite familiarto theexperienced librarian. While literature has professional not ignoredthesubject. here is a reassuring at theMuseum Art. They are. More a checklist. Additional information on artists' books in bibliographic form is available from theFranklin Furnace Archive Artists'Book Bibliography published in threesetsof loose indexcards between 1977and 1979.whether theyrelate to or whatever. to artists' books of art librarians Some a delight in the new. and althoughmany titlesgo out of printquickly on account well. and some consequent coverage press. by a number of librarianswith differentperspectives. is to remember that the primary goal of cataloging artists' books access to them. Books Exploring Strategies for Social Concern. Like most areas of knowledge. there has been an inevitable accumulation of titles. As you read through.and theyhave improvedtheirpublicity and distribution. there have been dously. the this case they are indeed attempting the impossible. not try to profferquick answers on how to identifyan artist's book. difficultto disentangle fromregularexhibitioncatalogs or books on photography.4 A 1982/83 addenda from the same distributor is staggering rial sion of evaluation lists an additional 400 works. a more detailed EVALUATION The best overviews of the nature of artists' books remain exhibition Germano Celant's catalogs which contain essays and bibliographies.. and many other I will subjects. Daniel of Modern Starr Art as a primary source of contempo Artists' books have been recognized but have often been difficult to evaluate rary art and documentation. than what writers.. sometimes headings valuable lots?California?Los "Parking Angeles" might provide access do forget the author and title) or sometimes (readers points outside the art world. there are now more outlets for distribution The following introduction will attempt to provide analysis of today's market. The briefdefinitionson thecover of this issuemay help to charta course throughthevarious termsapplied to thisarea of publishing. thoughnot dramatically. might actually be useful to someone Finally.Art Documentation. And and critics. and the enthusiastic. It is also likely that each year sees a greater number of books The outlets for artists' books have increased in number as published. LAICA (1978). exhibitions and articles. Their selection and acquisition in Britain was systemati cally treatedin 1977 by Clive Phillpot. Artists' Books. all. The easiest and simplest?maybe is to treat artists' books as the best?approach artist monographs. But one can also overstress problems of categorization. There are also substantial and increasing numbers of exhibitions in the art of artists' books. and. and integrate them with the main where possible. deter classifiers in Needless theirsearch fororder. heed Janet Dalberto's appeal for more is a profession where cooperation is paramount.2 however. and other familiar liter tional autobiographies. reason for an increased awareness is One of these publications for around Artists' have been published books simply numbers. 14 Jun 2014 13:57:22 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . are out-of-print. collections ary forms. as the artists who Be as creative and whimsical are appropriate within the whatever headings Assign such as wider "ridiculous" scheme of things. another By Artists (1979). Artists' Bookworks (1975) from the British Council.72." It would be interestingto line up all the books given this accolade and try to determinehow orwhy theywere so designated?and why otherbooks were not. easily retrieved once cataloged One of theaims of thiscollection of articles is toprovide accounts of problems. It is hoped thatart librarians who may have been holding back fromgetting involvedwill take the plunge afterrealizing thatwhile artists'books might seem to generate a whole new clusterof problems. There are also many more artists' books on the market. therehas notbeenmuch published in theway of surveys. exist within contrary opinions an apparently stable area of discourse. perhaps for two reasons: the use of a multiple satisfaction of promoting primary source. not to analyze the artistic content or the provide twentyyears. indeed. Book As Artwork 1960/72. and thedifficulty of evaluatingand obtaining them. sponsor. chase. which has thepereniallydifficulttaskof tryingtofind termsto plug but to suggest that in every new leak from the barrel of knowledge. Artists' here may work ACQUISITION OF ARTISTS' BOOKS Finally. Popularly. AN ABC OF ARTISTS' BOOKS 1982 December. As well as numerous on artists' books3 three conferences in the United States alone. is inevitable when one discusses rules forregularbooks will not always neatly apply toworks thatare art as well make artists' of a consensus on the subject. though not all. does indeed refer to a "book of which an artist is the author" (or even the owner). them.127. in its various manifestations5 is an catalog. London. Although theproblems of selectionas discussed by Phillpot remain the same. acquisition I would encourage you to regard these articles as no more As with in progress. they set out to be: notes about work some details are out of date even by the time any article in a magazine. also published also are available for pur by subject.000 artists' books were published in the 1970s. and can therefore be they sometimes mimic other types of publication. note that the publications exhibitedare available from PrintedMatter distributors. itwould be an inevitably subjective answer.1 and acquire. Recent checklistsfrom exhibitions such as Franklin Furnace Ar chive's The Page as AlternativeSpace cl969-cl981 and Vigilance: Art be the beginning can be left to the bibliographers Multiple edition artists'books are increasinglya subjectof interest to art librarieswhich are looking to develop a special collection. besides. literature.

Art Libraries Manual: A Guide 335-363. but theformerare targetedby a dot infront of the entry. arrangements directly institutions. In addition to catalogs and checklists. has also indicated an interest in pro Afterimage space for the review of artists' books and publications. which will also by Helen include information on collections.300 plus $50 collection" it encompasses shipping. The Visual StudiesWorkshop Book Service will also work with " librariestobuild a "seed collection.. guage Image. "Books institutions to which allows by Artists. lists the most information and Judy this editor. The best way to evaluate artists' books is to see them before pur are a few bookstores across chase. are placed in boxes recommendations on on the page. Richmond. ment. The present(s) features both artists' books and documentation of artists' catalog books likePrintedMatter. As a "seed artists' books. giving an idea of content. and all can provide catalog started standing order service for institutions which have collections and need continuation. "The Documentation of Contemporary Art. however. them. . to : Janet Dalberto Send information Collection directory.. makes it difficult to grasp the genre FOOTNOTES 1. Your help would be appreciated inexpanding the information on all aspects of artists' books: bookstores.11. previously for Social Books Exploring lists on Fluxus.6 a good source of evaluation of books.etc. Umbrella on artists' books. works by donation. $200 to purchase. For beginning three distributors offer "starter" collec selection is based upon staff knowledge and selection. Manage Commonwealth 901 Park Ave. shows. according to theArt Metropole staff. This content downloaded from 194. photog raphy. There the Art Metropole catalog Writers & Books (formerlythe Book Bus) has a wide ranging works not found in theother two catalog for 1982.Art Metropole will develop lists specifically for of lists on performance and video art are included in Samples their Catalog Visual Studies Book Service's #9. such as pop. The Art Metropole #9 has fewer entries but somewhat Catalog more to the catalog evaluative features. p. informative and selective body of work. regular basis. quality of the press. ally. but not the format or sequence of the book. while the largest (December 1981) both surveyed the reviews of individual art journals.7 Most of the books in Umbrella reviewed in Los Angeles. This article and the following lists are steps toward sharing information about artists' and bibliography books. clients.. with evaluative notes which simplifycatalog skimming as well as puttingArt Metropole staff between to be little duplication appears and Printed Matter's. for compilation collections. Vigilance: as well as specialized Concern. in a number found of Umbrella has consistently. Beth Houghton. is also a small collection of ten books available for Matter's Heart There $50.. as well as persons who pay or have grants to use are also available of the books in this way Many produced some presses will make distributors. "Artists' Books and Book Art" inPhilip Pacey.. whose Board of Directors selected books forHeart: A Col Printed Matter's lection of Artists' Books for Libraries. 2.According toNancy Printed Linn. Flue. art. One of the best of are books which come from artists' for collections quality materials on a or workshops from persons involved with the presses presses.While theHeart seems to be a bit large. facets of the many feminist. The 1982 International Artists' Book show catalog from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has black-and-white illustra as well as a set of approximately tions in the catalog. title and publisher's as a brief description a quote and sometimes from a tion. Virginia University. Here the criteriaof the author's reputation. but will work with li braries to determine a basic list. Books: Alternative Space or Precious Void Magazine and. two libraries have purchased the director. insteadof buying blind. Sequence. Object?" and The Village Voice sometimes look Stone. pp." ArtLibraries Journal 5 (Autumn 1980). informa author. 40 accompany ing color slides which can be purchased. The New (January 1982) and Art News field.since its inclusion in thepublication is an indication theeditor thinkswell of are either available it. which is a samplerof therangeof artists'books. $1. Journals/Correspondence/Notebooks. " a more ". classics of contemporary .9 In the catalog. Janet Dalberto Virginia CommonwealthUniversity from a pub a collection. this sampler collection of ten works a bit too small and wide ranging. minimal. According to their1982pamph let.which allows selection by press.) In addition to "starter" collections. is arrangedby publisher. There the country which sell artists' books (list follows). 16. thecollectionwould be approximately 15-30 books (threetofive per category). occasion (1982). collection lists which include Lan specialized and Visual Diaries/ Documentation. Art Metropole offers an exhibition. Umbrella lists of these catalogs and ad publishes as they become sources dresses available. while individual others have selected collection. Rolling at artists' books. Strategies flip books and photography. buying some material sightunseen by catalog. are other smaller distributors which are excellent sources There for artists' books.. available presses. TheirFall 1982 Complete Book List. check to see if there is anything new "10 Heart has 200 books which sell for in itsentirety. Clive Phillpot.Art-Rite (Winter 1976/77). as well as extensive informa tionon exhibitions and catalogs. Printed Matter's specialized bibliographies include: Speaking and the Volumes: Modern Women's Artists' Books. Workshop are in development. bookstore directly from the artist or from Artworks alternates short synopses with long reviews which gener Afterimage critical of the artists' intent and the scope of artists' ally are more books. Umbrella forum. Artists' mentioned." collection is perhaps rent the show thenkeep the copies of themultiple edition artists' books for the collection. contemporary Several periodicals section should Yorker treat artists' listing artists' are books books books. Art Com. interspersed with illustrations from the pages of the books. sometimes with a price. by recommendation. According it introduction. Flash Art.Dumb Ox (1977) and Tri Quarterly provide as well as past reviews Current reviews (1975).216 on Sat. tions. The listingsaremainly descriptive with as much as information the artists have provided. bibliographies. These can be purchased as a collection. into a working manual/ etc.29. has indicated an interest in expanding Hoffberg. VA 23284. catalog ranging and comprehensive listing. A good example of this criticism isMartha Gever's analysis of the Synapse "Artists' Press publications. Phillpot stressed that "(the) passive acquisition of informationshould ideallybe augmentedby the active foragingof the librarian.170 Art Documentation. the publication of Franklin Furnace Archive.12 Like Printed Matter. reviews or exhibitions.which lists literary catalogs. complete items. ACQUISITION The current Printed Matter 1981 Catalog runs 150 pages and has an Addenda for 1982/83with 400 entries. as well review may be included. viding more The process cooperative tion which The Visual StudiesWorkshop Press is planning a book on thehistory and criticism of artists' books Brunner. from with INFORMATION more of building artists' book collections necessitates is already the publica sharing of information. 1982 December. however. 14 Jun 2014 20:20:27 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions to Resources and Practice. Anything in thebrochure (firstprinted in 1980)which has gone out of print is replaced by another item. Items of special note. Additionally. Artery provided (April 1982).The catalog is extremelylarge because Printed Matter follows a policy of accepting any artists' book for distribution. The printed information is computer gener ated and tightly fit. For initial purchasers of artists' books this may be a difficult to use without prior evaluation. Library. There isno criticalevaluation of thebook listed. The ".many of which will become sheer volume of work. even though they receive copies of generally does not review works. or rented as an exhibition (approximateprices are $75 to rent. and general knowledge of artists' books are called into play. so the librarian has to rely on not always possible to see the books. relyingsolely on "8 a blurb or buying second-hand it is However. Art Metropole doesn't have a pre-set list. Museums and Collections. the line. it is the most wide However. or a quick lisher.185. conceptual. but artists'books which are. all three distributors have specialized listsof books which tendto targettitlesincategoriesbetter than general staff consultation and lists. a complete forum for artists' several magazine issues have for example: books.

Laurent Ann Kalmbach. 9. at Bookworks: 1982.WA 98111 206-623-6381 Umbrella Lake Huron. Leifs VAG 112-237 00 as visual by artists. Rhinebeck. Center Mid-City Box 651 Dayton OH 45402 The GreatestLittleBookshop World in the 3412 22nd St. Assoc. 1. 1971) 6. Bookshop Lispenard 212-925-0325 Artworks 170 S. Currentpamphlet isVisual Studies Workshop 1982 SELECTED ADDITIONAL SOURCES ARTISTS' PRESSES Conrad Gleber. NE AtlantaGA 30312 PrintedMatter Salle 303 Press M5V ContemporaryMedia Study Ave. TheHorsefetter. 11. inPrint Stan Bevington. Visual StudiesWorkshop Book Service. etc. Always a Nexus Kansas City.West Projections. Washington September-October. Back works Goodman Beyond.WA 98121 206-623-6381 CA Sangamore Leif Eriksson. discussion 8. DC 20004 202-347-8304 31 Prince St. Empress Bullet: an Allegory. NY 10013 2T7 Bookworks ART METROPOLE 217 Richmond Street West CA 360 FortuneSt.216 on Sat. Don Russell Director: Rochester. Visual Studies Workshop. (Heart 1960/72. see note 9. Conferences have been held in Chicago (1978). This content downloaded from 194. NY 10813 212-989-3356 and Gary Super. Rochester. 2. NY York. Bethesda. Market St. no. 9. include: Ten Photo with Instructions. NY 12572 914-876-6776 TylerOffsetWorkshop Temple University Press 31 Prince St. discussion '' " 10. SpringSt. Center 1727N. etc. 14 Jun 2014 20:20:27 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions 1982" and Judith . Art In Form 2237 press." pamphlet Director: St. WI53202 Compiled by Don Russell for "Bookworks: Hoffberg inUmbrella. Review. Rochester. 12. PO Box 3692 Glendale. Executive Director: JosephFlaherty Currentcatalog is 1982with addendaFall 1982 CompleteBook List. etc. Linn. 360. Germano Book Celant. and Penrose Beech Artists' Nigel Greenwood. Kevin Osborn. at Bookworks: 1982. 7. Publications include: Sea Ribbons. Publications include: Sweet 1981 Services: distributor. Sheila PO Box 5 Rosedale. GA 30312 404-577-3579 Open Studio 187 E. Summer 1982. Publications A Trip Browser's Nations. p. bookstore. bookstore." and Cheese Wedgepress de Brettville. Canada 416-977-1685 Second Seattle. Telephone interviews with Ann McFarland. Chicago Books 144FranklinSt. in Bookform Artwork pamphlet. PRINTED MATTER 7-9 as Artwork 12)\Interfunkttonen. PA 19126 215-224-7575 Visual StudiesWorkshop Women's Women's Catalog 1981.NY 14607 716-442-8676 Graphic Building 213-221-6161 Women's Bjarred.NY 14620 716-473-2590 Don Russell. Judith Hoffberg. Dec. 41 Sloane Gardens Book. archive. Michael Press Services: publisher. NE Atlanta. IL 60605 312-663-4243 167SpringSt. (Autumn 1972). bookstore.Seeing Egypt. advertisements Barbara Moore. CA 90036 213-934-2205 Book Space 703 Dearborn Chicago. St. Toronto. Literary as well as visual books. New York. "Artwork Matter (1980).NY 14607 716-442-8676 Woodland Pattern PO Box 92081 Milwaukee. Professor. Rope Trick. 48th St. "Options in IndependentArt Publishing" (1979).. Canada 416-977-1685 M5 V 1W2 San Francisco. 415-282-5666 Art Research Center 922 E. op.185. VH101. Musical George Ave. Becotte. Greenwood. 1974. in Bookform" 4. Studio Workshop Toronto. 892 S. London. New York. 1981. Clinton New 212-226-8456 Coach House Press 401 (Rear) Huron St. (London: no. Phillpot. Nancy Linn. cit.29. England SW1W 8EB Parallel. 1 (Sept. Printed collection). 5. NY 10013 212-966-7044 Visual StudiesWorkshop Book Service Washington Project fortheArts 400 7thSt. Chicago Skyline. NY 10013 212-925-0325 1982. This excludes periodicalswhich are in themselvesanthologiesof artists' productions. Rochester. vol.MO 64110 Artexte 3575 St. Publications include: Map Nurse Duck Takes a Walk. Lispenard December. and "Bookworks: Philadelphia. Printings include: Passport. 11. Linn isPrinted Matter Nancy catalog ?li 1982 mdAddenda 1982/83 VISUAL STUDIES WORKSHOP BOOK SERVICE 31 Prince St. Publications include:Real Lush. NW Washington. CA 91201 Publications graphs distributor.Messages from Quasha. The include: Salvage. and Art Metropole.NY 14607 716-442-8676 WRITERS ?fe BOOKS Book Bus) (formerly Nigel no. 4 art of the of experimental 'Documents 50'sand 60's. Jon Hendricks. 217 Richmond St. Paid Associates BOOKSTORES* Michael Student Elkins Park. 1981. Labrea Jaap Reitman Los Angeles. Rd. such as Art Journal. Sweden books. 7. publisher. exhibitions consultants publisher. Current New York. on contemporary Booklists 325 SpringSt. When I Was Toronto. consultants Art In Form PO Box 2567 Seattle. Publications art. Two. Literary as well Laura Millin. OpalL. consultants exhibitions. 3. New York. M5S Canada 416-979-2217 2G5 360 FortuneSt. Around Nexus Junk. Joan Lyons.MD 20816 301-299-0930 7-9 Canada H2X MAJOR DISTRIBUTORS (and theircatalogs) 1W2 Book Service: Ann McFarland Currentcatalog isCatalog #9 Services: distributor.mdData. Los Bridesmaid.Blue Silk Silo. Art Metropole Montreal. Obscura: The Journalof theLos Angeles Centerfor thePhotographicArts. NY 12472 914-658-9133 Writer's CenterOffset 4800 Booklists Ltd.Art Documentation.

4) An attempt ismade to include in the college VisitingArtists Program thoseworking in some capacity in thisfield. ready fora new spot in the library. measures Book Collection in order to reach all possible patrons. still need to be taken to publicize the Artists' But. Students The spend long. All thesefactionsare consideredduring thecollectinbuildingprocess. During these case Books thatare objects and unique ExhibitionCatalogs can request secured glass cabinets. A into the circulating collection. a bit easier. ARTISTS' 1982 is on file by subject as resource material. or a book thatcould help a studentdevelop an emerging idea. Selection in the early days was Collection 5) Weekly visits into the studios to see individual students'work (usually upper level) so that I can recognize whether certain there are approximately overall collectionholdings exceed 1. alumni. and. the research featured in our display cases. are delivered in spot-light books students need desirable mode to see a particular artist's are available in the same room to listento thesoundworks. While researchingold records for theBookworks Conference in I studied old invoices this past October. Consideration of the theftproblem ledme to reducewhat was once a large office to a small centrallylocated "nook" surroundedby the rarebooks to the left. with theproliferationof the artists' book phenomenon. dealing perhaps that individualizes the librarian-patron relation ship. a mis At ACA. Students book on display at any time. While capitalizingon thevisual orientationand browsing natureof artistsI trytomaintain sound librarianship with proper cataloging and classification of all materials for the specific of patrons as searches well. lectures 3) Books of Documentation recordings anyway. and was dis Philadelphia to discover how much of what was once selected. placed are on shelves above books and objects/bookworks oversized Folios. theartists'books. leisurelyafternoonsat thatcounterexploring thecontents are in process box. These can now be used and monitored at the same time. have completed to access been placed in the card catalog in the artists represented but since our students are basically browsers. of Art College clarification. the title "Artists' Book Collection" is actually nomer. publication get to this important collection. that one of the most orientation. building renovations. One reason that the artists' books were a target for theft in the past was or classifi the lack of proper accessioning.This is often their first To explain further. but most decisions for the selection gory.79. It also proved helpful thatwe had thecomplete supportof theUniversity Librarian. In addition to the ACA and reference in others actively collections. the counter as are the collections of small press publications. Temporarily. 500 books in theArtists' Book Collection. artists' books are in acid-free folders. collection. The New Jersey Committee for the Humanities came to our rescue financiallyby providingmoney for a symposiumon the subject. Although theArtists' Book Collection ismy favoritein the library. ''Mini-lectures'' given through-out the year at lunch time. center around one cate of materials It is obvious. we were fortunate to receive from Franklin Furnace Archive and the International Paper The Committee examined artists'books fromall over theUnited States. Theft was a lation and many other services in the library has helped reduce the prob lem. It should really be called the "Artists' Publication Collec counter as the books for quick answers. No formal cataloging cation system was used for them either. who was head librarianfrom 1977-1979. Ann Montanaro. collec audio/sound recordings. This content downloaded from 62. but since the title"Artists' Book Collection" ismuch more enticing to the student artist. circulating developed a small rare books clude videotapes. to the small numbers due were purchased available in print and poor accessibilityand distribution.21 on Sat.But I remain committed to the futuredevelopment of the ACA Artists' Book and as long as I can manage. mayed and part of the ACA collection. it is used I discuss conjunctionwith themonthly exhibits. and Edward Pason crea tivelyand patientlycoped with each of these crises. Earliest Book as well as several lectures on the collection.000-volumeACA Library. A stereo unit and headphones share my introduction to the art of the book. and selected 40 artists. They provided us with copies of artists'books produced in multiple editions.000 pieces. staff of the High Museum. Last year David Buchan fromArtMetropole spenta week in the library Artists' Periodicals Audioworks/sound a enthusiasmwith the studentsdirectly. and lack of staffand fundinghave in common? They are all obstacles which theArtists' Books committee(atRutgersUniversity)had toovercome inorder to arrange the 1982 exhibitionand symposiums. The exhibition was thefirst"art" exhibit in recent times tobe held at theAlexander library of Rutgers."Artists' Books: From theTraditional to theAvant-Garde.Hendrik Edelman.A numberof publicitymethods employed at theACA Library include: 1)Monthly exhibitionsin the libraryproper.Now. and artist files/exhibition catalogs. in spite of inflation and the a sizable measure to devote I hope of my bud boom.which could be displayed and examined by visitors to theexhibit. 14 Jun 2014 20:11:39 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .I can cope with the loss of privacymore effectively thanwith the loss of library materials. perfor a strategy I also worked closely with him in developing for the future of the collection. Cataloging and classification and should cross references this school year. JudithBrodsky. this considering in collections important and popular Library is the Artists' Book Collection. Library. my first allegiance?artists. they gener of each be ally go directlyto thecollection topull boxes at random. many books resource books were that were actually in the Artists' Book included Collection. Lynn Miller. theMail Art file has many articles right thereon the same institu degree-granting tionwith a working library that circulates to many factions. and Atlanta Arts Alliance employees all enjoy circulationprivileges in the 15. Various collectionsof books fromsmallpresses (accessed by press) The collection is not thereforecomprisedpurelyof artists'books. If a student happens upon of correspondence art and needs back-up information BOOKS example ACCESS AND PUBLICITY The Atlanta is a four-year. in alphabetical to the former librarian that order. inboxes.I'll listwhat is found in theACA collection: Books to see and handle 2) Bibliographic instructionlectures are required for all students through the academic program of the college.and to therightalong a long counter. Ferris Olin. but thetighteningup of circu collections and with the same issue. Atlanta College ofArt bad problemwhen I firstcame toACA. with books housed in in point. purchased. tion. In the past. several times before I inheritedthem. The curatorial staff." Evelyn Apgar.The Newark Public Library co-sponsored theexhibit. December.122.172 Art Documentation.whose unique book objects would be assistance Company. another 125 books repre senting the Artists' giving mances. Associates of theCollege. was no longer to be found. the only drawback being lack of privacy for thehead librarian. actual selection ismuch more involved. small presses. students. Itwas obvious so the artists' books were moved this wasn't working. I must carefullybudget my time on the job in order to fulfill themultiple responsibilitiesof a one-librarian library. which or artists in the collection." Librarians tend to get caught up in semanticplay and this is a Artists' an or ARTISTS' BOOKS: FROM THE TRADITIONAL TO THE AVANT-GARDE What do two years. with Presently available records the periodicals reveal that artists' and books soundworks. faculty. I am now inmy fourthyear as librarianat ACA and I inheriteda collection of approximately250 books. I have problems with the title "Artists' Book Collec tion" because there are so many categories of information and materi als included in the collection that aren't actually artists' books at all. tion. They are now cataloged bibliographyof such titlesis available in theResource file. Jo Anne Paschall Collection. especially when one considers that the location of the collection is outside the mainstream of normal libraryactivity. In addition. I unfortunately get to spend the least amountofmy work week with it. The collection began todevelop rapidlyduring the tenureof Gary Sipe. This placed my librarianshipinto thehighly the fromArtMetropole as early as 1975.the sound recordingsand listeningarea to the front. in archival boxes. The collection was put in verti cal files.and a selectionof relevantperiodical articles book.

photography.NJ 08903. just as theyare. discussed unique and sculptural artists' books. The modern art movement and video. Now that artists' books are firmly entrenched as a reality in the art in the contemporary art world. Kathryn Markel. food. sandpaper musical and gorgeously decorated neckties notations. 1982 173 together on hangers. your and place theworks in referenceinPrincetonfiles or otherstandardshelv ing aids. I don't think we should be too concerned about classifi cation schemes. could not Many bear to go throughtherituals of acceptance at gallery shows and the resultingprintedreviews. unique covers. the need for someone to found a business to dis tributethistypeofwork. mid-Manhattan with artists and col gallery. 14 Jun 2014 09:12:07 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . mimeography. instance. approximately lovers. however. genuine succession. more ephemeral items. For individuals. One book by Rot Dieter is described "Cut thusly: up books were and newspapers mixed with water and gelatin or lard and spices and stuffedinto " stored in the refrigerator. as gifts. Xeroxed and decals. The great except for electronic intellectual movement art music. and interestedpeople gathered tomark the exhibit.92 for the cover numberfor theartistor title. his illustrated talk gave an excellent overview of the the remarks of the other speakers.Her galleryprovides exhibition space forworks on paper by American artists. aesthetics. of what we understand today as artists' books. theNew Yorker but sees cartoonist. of all format. and even printed matter inserted into themiddle of the back of a blue denim jacket. We have used the umbrella number of 700. It is especially in the formatarea of originalityand inventiveness that the prototypes of artists' books began to appear in our various collections. She will soon be publishing thework of Ros Chast. These in the or in a combination used for production. etc. either visual or ideological. started in 1905 by Picaso and Braque with Cubism has literallyrun itscourse. more than that are needed. opus?his more came Works. videotapes. with the possible exception bution. Alexander Library. sheets. For We began to acquire the 20-volume Dieter Rot opus as a donation.many of which are extremelyself centered and highly subjective. What do you get foryourmoney in the content of the current crop of book-like works by artists? The answer is a varietyof topics and themes. particularly pervasive technology. Like mass production. book 3. These prototypes quency with greater fre include fold-out books. Artists' outgrowthof therise and progress of multiple reproductiontech niques. As librarians. pop-up books. The job was tomake theworld less cluttered. they come in two basic formats?those unique or very limited are usually edition publications which custom-made deluxe works. Artists' books stressed at and were ideas. which they sometimes regarded as unproductive artists with a message. of the Artists' Books Committee.and f?e along with your usual vertical file material. Once however. Howard Gold (Former) Exhibit Coordinator the stein. in a scrapbook format. the modern movement grew up in a time when the rise of a Lastly. we received was given the seriesbut didn't want itbecause it Another institution didn't fit in theircollection. Many artists' books modest in their production spirit of distri costs. photographs. I propose to describemy experiencewith artists'books and their I have worked in the collections with over the last 20 one. poetry. These talents are the beginning.more substantial. mystery. when her artists introduced her to the format. The route has been a wandering by a fasci nation with unusual formats and/or avant-garde content. These good for artists' books. by computer.00.Director of theLibrary of theMuseum ofModem Art and author of the introduction to the catalog which the dis accompanied play. and workable classification arrangement. by chance. December.special humor. now talk much of the post-modern Architects movement. extra factors may be found in content of the work. You mightwell ask "What are thesedoing in a public librarythat takes itself seriously?" we There have an outstanding artist. SupervisingLibra rian and Curator of Prints in the Art and Music Department of Newark Public Library. artists' books utilizemass-production techniques and are largely the products of commercialprintingand reproductionprocesses. of course. economic but that technology is information downturn. balloons. More and more hardwarewas clutteringup theworld. a natural least in the mass-produced books were category. some of these books. Today. the technology of mass production. they are being written about more literature. librarians. 1982. it was Dieter Rot's magnum cepted. many artists. Ferns Olm RutgersUniversity Remarks: the answer is "yes. April 60 artists. and the tool for the job was functionalist the situation is slightly different. in a way. and. is dead. and the voy antecedents age has only justbegun. Project Director summarized the day's activities with the word "fun"?and that they were. allowing the artists' book format to take precedence in classifying. theprerequisiteforpurchase is chiefly interestin reasons the item. coincided with a prolonged economic downturn. The last speakerof theday was William Dane. She got into exhibiting artists' books contemporary through the back door. the Newark Public Library. for smaller. of Franklin Furnace. Place the works in one or two categories.and museum libraries. 1. Rutgers Univer sity. Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the exhibition catalog should contact Ann Montanaro. days. not objects.philosophy. Clive Phillpot. They called to offerus a long series of books by Diderot (thinkingtheywere his encyclopedia).establish a verticalfile heading.Exploit thecollectionby showing This content downloaded from 194. I feel thatmany artiststurnedto themass produced artist's book as a way to make a personal statement. can be kept under the artist's tight control. . label the items. human relationships. owner of Kathryn Markel a Fine Arts Ltd.which are done with vivacious abandon. and unusual magazines. skins. I would like to commenton particularaspects of thepro cessing of artists'books in librariesand thephilosophical justification for purchase or for accessioning from gifts. and other public libraries in New Jersey. gave thekeynoteaddress. Lynn Miller. and is part and parcel of the few remain ing vestiges of a true avant-garde spirit in the 1980s. and the whole enterprise. Printed format and pasted down on pages sausage materials often give clear evidence of an amazingly high degree of originality and inventiveness. probably of materials would include Samples rubber-stamped images. We ask thatyou pay in advance for the catalog which ? costs $5.It is time to thinka littleaboutwhy and how artists'books About 15 years ago.230 on Sat. Book art is a democraticartwhich needs neithergalleries nor criticsfor itsdissemi nation. began to seek ways and hostile. Be certain to leave the odd formats.Although he tookexception to thetitle of the exhibit. He that multiple artists' books have the strongly believes greatest potential to help art reach the largest audience.. including a great many developed. women to circumvent the art-world estab artists. The marriage of traditional to the newer art form library materials of artists' books is important. printed messages strung boxes with printing on the outside. lishment. I'd like togive a littledefinitionofmine which I thinkis It is simply: book-like works by artists. The exhibitwas on display fromFebruary 16 toApril 16. For larger. Let's considercontentfirst. metal. Collected artists' books in Afterwards. For libraries. pornography. books with spiralbinding. catalogers book-like a practical in cooperation establish with works. shoppingbags. there we have an author. However. in the materials three.The burningquestionwas "What todo with their talent and training?" Artists' books were the answer for some.Art Documentation.New Brunswick. spoke of her experiences lectors. again we have therise of a particularlypervasive technologycoincidingwith a prolonged technology. Firstof all. artists' books are a definite area for a genuine and pure avant-garde are in the 1980s. First. there we have a book designer or a productiondesignerwho understandwhat you can do with books. Format andmaterials are two of themost intriguingaspects of the artists' book movement. characterized years. art. to counteract the vast amountof stuff which gets churnedout by computers. Examples of such themesare love. Sample formats would include: loose-leaf. and some surprises.. Clive topic and complemented felt that book art was a more accurate term to apply to this essentially art form. Finally. His edited remarks follow this report. or the mass-produced items which are turned out quickly and cheaply. inexpensive. He described work of Franklin Furnace and his personal affinity towards books. Except for the unique item. On Saturday. information technology is a mixed blessing.185. We ac and when it came. folded leaflets. Since that time it has traveled to the State Library." You might well ask "What's the question?" It runs something like this: "Are artists' books and The same positive answer can public library collections compatible?" To begin with be extended to universityand college libraries.

lost when he was relegated time. Every Edward 1903-1928. (Artists' Boote. writers. why and what-for of thecollection and itshistory. was which tarnished by automatic preciousness procedures binding resulted in securely encased "books" inmotel-colored plastic covers. was again triggered by the announcement Awareness of the publi cation S. I provide fronted aesthetic sensibility. Lutwidge Yorkn. With more than answers. are concerned with making these works available. in printing library concern. nature of many books' The formatmade itnecessary to put them intovertical file foldersoften uncataloged. Oldenburg.Where did itall begin? How did theArt Library get involved? The beginning occurred long before the descriptive term A notice in a journal of Edward about the early works appeared. One note of caution: many of the works are terribly personal. uncertainty in my if the broken plate was damaged in transit or. was Jean Tingueley "Meta. to pause and reflect on intention: was this work Here it is necessary in Wonderland. Non-cooks qualities purpose the library was unknowingly involved in collecting and livingwith artists' books. Weg. Des 1937. York. 1964) and thoughttheseefforts worthy an eye of attention.S. almost doubled. by nature. York. Wilhelm on Building Store Days. More often than not. library museum or art gallery. The flavor of a gumbo is not the result of carefully fol lowed amounts. rather than trying to evaluate rial intoa preconceived concept of library method! The which and agencies begin idea grows. (fold-out) Claes Los des munitions? Story.M. cover?paper air cushion) Karl Modernes cover) (embossed till insight was triggered by the request that the piece be a conversa same talk-awareness can never tion." case and carrying handle) A Humument: . at first was. Folded Ruscha. is a similar S. "There is no reason why books of visual artists might not eventually a become " That is certainly even element in any library collection. Novel.His doubts were laid to rest forevershortlythereafter. 1976.v.M. Alice London. Wright to thatarea of social significanceNX? Surely his patina of cynical Books originatingon the other side of theworld are accessible through the postal services. and for some libraries. Mr. are a legitimate art movement of the To conclude. be it a real partner of artists' book activity or not. S. Dark Al 1962. issue with des 1967. 1968. 1970. What of the Ruscha in the know?have pieces? We?smugly over the early classification chuckled of his titles?Dutch numbers NA at the same 2835: HD Details. William Dane Newark Public Library SOME OF THE BOOKS PRESENTED AT THE SYMPOSIUM BY WILLIAM DANE Die Wiener Le Werkst?tte 1929. Letter Edged in Black Press. Warja Honegger.There soon was interestby the teaching staffforexamples to show classes which were ever. 1968). (magazine).. matter books by_?"Librarians should listen to their patrons' questions as a beginning. and directions) 1974. All good librarians must be voyeurs. contents include nine (vol. not just its documentation. Your collection by a sort of art instantly becomes involved with dissemination of Your your artists' books. was some of the sting of Ed Ruscha continuing of his aesthetic process. Other and muddled.230 on Sat.S. it became another however. or through of us are not. and ifyou search long cart in the serials departmentwhere a totallybaffled serials librarian pasted samples It is impossible forme towrite (talk) about an art librarycollecting some at the same time exposing and keeping artists' books without most personal evaluations of art librarians and art library collections. the interest expands. tion and not merely The Dean's concern was calmed temporarily by a letter from the delighted instructor as to the worthiness of our excessive graphics expenditure at its early demise. Poppetgom. but by the cook's and combine the ability to evaluate a similar compari can make of a day's produce. ous Small Fires (Los Angeles. questions Apology: Most was a-day tamperingreallywrong? Edward Ruscha might find ita rightful libraries. thus we make excellent politicians. These book-like works are of considerable interest to librarians and library users. Merci: Tell. Victorian Carroll).S. Angeles. In many in libraries. logis. Collected Works. throughbook shops. Wright's since it was asked and response. 1968. (New York.M. 5. There are several positive points for acquisition by all humanities cost relatively oriented little. can this stubborn inability be overcome. New Studio Scarab?e. Gilbert Tom Phillips. the works in your exhibition them easily accessible spaces and make to all staff and visitors who show the slightest interest. Dodgson ("Pop-up York. themes. 1) Sac New 1980. recognizable more true now than in 1977. London a Treated no. when. held no compunction imposed by his ego nor af no footnotes. Shadow (fold-out) Los Los Bengston. Stuttgart. trying to decide even more confounding. opened with on can.29. (book with snap-shut and George. they initiallydemanded little concern a special about their protection. I was asked toproduce thisarticleon The Universityof Iowa Art Library's collection of artists' books.and 50-minutevideotape) Charles New There is yet anotherFrank LloydWrightmyth. inclination London. ARTIST BOOK COLLECTING AND OTHER MYTHS OF ART LIBRARIANSHIP Quotation: find on the structure. In this nature. This discussion is not as rewarding as was the initialrush of rough thought?how perfectly in keeping with the aesthetic of artists' books. Not even by virtue of being born and bred in the Southland where one really learns to talk. itmay be better to ac those which have more universal quire the less subjective materials. (special editionwith print. 1971. The first issues of this startling innovation instructor. the monetary value of S. (tin box. or to share in the larger contemporary world of ideas. Some 12-15 years laterLC would add theheading to its subject list.M. 1976) nor intent. canons Corbusier. When piece became or when new editions appeared. Booklets. Basle. (music magazine. and becomes art. from an alert and aware graphics triggered excited giggles On the other end of the spectrum. Article: Artists' books. Strip. Real Estate Opportunities. carnival barkers and cooks. Paris. keeping on those dark edges of activity where a spark just might concentrated be igniting a new flame.174 Art Documentation. wrapper Source und sein Kunstgewerbe the Sunset Billy 1-6. (furmusic ramento. 14 Jun 2014 09:12:07 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions mate to crop up and those . can opener. (sandpaper cover) no. One can be part of the movement simply for the fun of it.S.s. artists' books 1980s. the Dean of Libraries showed concern when he discovered an issue spread across a book alarmed 1969 number son to a politician's ability towork a crowd. New Angeles County Museum. or ink and paper. Vienna.p.The bewilderinguncertaintyof thepur pose of an artist's book provoked similar asked Bibliographic referenceswill be clearly enough defined tobe located by any reader who should so wish. 257. 1975. was followed Ruscha of a student assistant closely by the comments who had seen Twenty-six Gas Stations 1962) and Vari (Los Angeles. in making involved names were scarce books. itwas an actual part of the publica whether some bizarre hazard of packaging. it documented. Angeles. avant-garde as evidenced can thus reflect the current art world. 1966. They can go together just as naturally as bees and honey. (Lewis Classic") ********** I am sure you will enough by an all too innocentowner of a house notdesigned byWright forhis for this title. That of the native southerner resist a soap box. opinion not volunteered.d. stances. Gunnar Pontus Hulten. the question "Do Rather than "Do you have any artists' books?" you have any artists' known. As Clive Phillpotwrote in the 1977ArtLibraryManual.185. documenting the how. Modest as theywere in price. De venter. and with thisapology I begin. Artists' books the creators are part of a genuine movement. The serials librarianwas relieved of all responsibilityby an agreement with the art librarian to accept the pieces uninspected. Dieter Rot. 1982 December. than Edward how Ruscha.. This content downloaded from 194. indeed.

WOW! Sensation this may be hismost adequate information becomes into a usable..) We have to act now and I can give only partial answers since we book. display. Our first dealings were with Art Metropole. rians. The governing numerous scholars of this archive have received in when possible. Enough said. intern positions and then decisions about its destiny are made by all concerned. very little money. A. an artist's book. activity and movements: left. Calif. This material will be processed The Visual Studies Workshop is seeking information on ar tists' book collections to include in its upcoming publication. if answered correctly. however be thoroughly and ac ephemeral.The delightgeneratedby a shipmentof artists'books with their incessant bafflement may be reward enough. put them on a reader table. could provide if they insist. fora copy of the survey or further information on the project. having realistically defined its pur of peripheral mate poses. How much of thismaterial will be worth further consideration? After several spaced let your eye and studies. ribbon clerks. 14 Jun 2014 13:10:37 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . This contain are December. and where should it be Again. Thank you inadvance foryourhelp on thisproject. We do not have a book according into a folder to standard librarydefinition.) The collation is somewhat richer than usually tion is not gathered from the usual sources. chance. and a survey of artists' book collections. Dare to be wrong. like all ephemera. starts with an object.An object? Archival document? Could we ever convince squeeze that armor-plated guardian together Chinese jades and of treasures. Very devastating but you can hardly go wrong. openhandedlygive the librarian For to be a librarian rather than a storekeeper. beads. crepe paper. silver plate English to give room to thisnot even semi-preciousobject? NO WAY!! Is it worth all of thisfuss? (The matter of value other thanmonetarywill be looked at a bit later. a descriptive list of stores and distributors. with removable 4 4 X 7 cm. twigs and a Some unused glass case. title. Even classification numbers. you can label it "artists' books. can be applied. reprints of significant articles.. and is faced with the taskof describing the subject?"YUK!" production.NY 14607. urge. everything from 1960 protest comic books to artists' books. When he person way to fathom the mysteries ally. who graduate much less an index. could not expand to include this avalanche to without further obligation rial. In conclusion. The archive. kept? The unforeseen and exciting part of the venture (and at the moment it is little more than a gesture) is student involvement. 175 on the early some adaptation still learning to cope. What of the future? At The University of Iowa.229. for you.. there is rarely a need for immediate action beyond this point. to which he has a definite response. An example: A never used a library catalog. time here is your friend. Harlan L. At thistime. but it is a beginning..229. to art One of the great benefits librarianshipin a large universitysystem is themagnificent service and consideration received from those departments where routine is paramount. What is thisobjectwe are confronting and is itpossible to fitit intothe library concept of a book? ficult. 1980-81. for user interest is most often general rather than particular. toss the works into a tray. What librarian can resist making order out of this chaos? Again. the hard part: what is it. 716-442-8676. The finalresponse to artists'books will most probablybe thatof the librariansfoolhardy andwise enough to collect them. and if you can come up with one cardboard and you can always box. Actually. but bafflement must stillbe faced afterpassing fancyfalls away." store itunder your desk. and let them fulfill their brief moment of consumption. 6 Disposable 4 match-books objects. has been struggling for months in his desultory of librarians' methods.We have cartons and cartons of stuff. an an notated bibliographyof criticalwriting. It cannot be pressed for the vertical file. wear (perhaps even more than critical judgement) have made all the choices to your budget. Why bother? Ifwe wait a few years longermany artists'books will some may is If money away. A few gaps thorough this is not too dif Author. It is firstsorted. you can acquire a modest The University of Iowa acquired the LAICA Art Words & Booksworks for transportation cost as itwas a problem to for LAICA store. ' If you or your institution has a collection of artists books. There is no attempt here at pulpy catalogs accurate except in the awareness of The University being historically of Iowa's collection.identifiedand describedby studentsin SOURCEBOOK ON ARTISTS' BOOKS original 1982 and collectors. similar to acquisition If you can badger a stor in museums. The ever perception! modest librarianis queried about all thosedivinelydescriptivedetails which are the glue thatholds everythingtogetherand which gives access to that treasury of human effort we expectantly guard. contact Helen Visual Studies Workshop. when these same creators love and demand that these items. even those behind the scenes never seen by the human not primarily resources then we may as well for learning. not even the budget committee. etc. but you really can give it the treatment: formal descriptive cataloging Yampolsky. scheduled to be published in thewinter of 1984. covers are film whose cover. 31 please Brunner. here and there. (The catalog entryforDinosaurs writtenby an internat The Uni versity of Iowa. You have offended no one. start arriving on the desk. will articles. You take whatever Dada. I have been fortu nate to profit from the spin-off from the Dada Archives located here. or if you have information on the location of other collections. are become Sifford The Universityof Iowa This content downloaded from 91. collector's curio cabinet (A possible the aesthetic alikeness between should be the wandering investigation so to the artist's book and equally and the 18th-century pamphlet Victorian ladies' craft objects of cotton wool. numbers are in business! age closet and some shelving?Eureka?you Conservation will to the unsolved be added problems in due course. Dinosaurs on Fire. even more. regarding or art objects? Under such circumstances it was duty fees?books some reasonable to make necessary arrangements with those wonder ous folk in technical processing. have wheezed available. At the moment. a lot of ingenuity and.We have a pink plastic box filledwithmatch books. can the librarianadd yet anotherresponsibilityto the agenda when he shouldreally be filing all thosecatalog cards?Once to resist that carnival barker's it is impossible again. If you so desire. wearily already have. 18th-century to the art museum.96 on Sat. There is some conflict. 1977. and tagged. If libra eye. Rochester. has probably student. found and the informa To thispoint all is smoothas silk.) few dabs of Elmer's? storage space and allow for glue. The physicalpresence looms. and in the privacy of his own thought. of quiries from purveyors neo-dada materials. area of seems to be an answer. "contact sheets" in plastic container Los Angeles. transferable He must code/abstract format. and so the library has consented receive it. however. Artists' Books?A Critical and Historical Sourcebook. some choices about cataloging.Art Documentation. you can take the creators at their word. Fortunately for all concerned.. there is no problem in acquiring material of earlier art is for example. acid free tissue your intelligence make and the curio cabinet. All those who participate will receive a copy of the survey results. and documented. One is curately cataloged photographed at the quantity of material one can obtain gratis for the prom amazed ise of documentation. gives direction to the total situation. but thenthe troublesbegin. for lack of a better word. Why resist? opportunity collection of works.thisis all indelicate balance.Thus to thatfirstquestionwhich. Someone at Iowa had caught this information in a conversation and wrote a letter. an Artists' books. Time. It won't fit on the book shelf. the Canadian and as I remember there was a problem dealers. Prince St. Michael (?) theAuthor.

(both records posters. typed and collaged. the small. at a recent entry into our collection. Most reflect Eastern their respective cultural and political South American and Russian European. techniques more artists take advantage of transfers. shiny red seal. as underground societies Bookmaking communication.Art Documentation. does he not?" But Aballea's the children's unlike book. and performance artists. folded so that the text. In addition. judgements at Franklin made. They classification If artists' filmmakers.74 on Wed. or political There donor). our to better house one can This learn much spring we re ceivedGuide toColoring Hair by Ann Fessier. the Netherlands Iceland. Zimmerman's Prom.of special concern is data on the number of copies printed. In the Netherlands. Many. Many of paper to print on. like JohnPfahl 's 1974Piles (appropriatelytitled. painting and drawing. but findingan appropriate is a real problem. is communication. in a usual are not books sense. as well as changing There is a regular performance installa as a space tions within the gallery space. come from cities or from regions near schools. In Iceland. a postcard and at least thatmany pieces of mail art. Xerox. We also have pop-up books. to avoid of the preciousness many artists choose printed bookmaking most unique artobjects. and collage. gether. collection The collection is thoroughly international.108. Eastern Europe (Czecho and Hungary). its current theway). It was printed involvement Press) with the close edition of 400. Japan and Australia.printerand method of printingwhen not and a statement by the artist on his or her intent. since the mid-'60s. handworkXerox) reflecttheexigencies of which individual open discourage as a subversive act. for and unnumbered. 11 Jun 2014 02:21:40 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Anne Edgar . belief are art forms. One which utilizes both handwork and a found work. Poland Yugoslavia. Although this and the mail work. FRANKLIN FURNACE Franklin is an archive Furnace of artist-made printed matter. they make with much care or great abandonment. Martine two evocative has made France. cloth books. as a book archive. We ask artists to submit three copies of their books is available for traveling shows. most written in the artist's own hand. Franklin Furnace strives both to protect that spiritof freedom and to provide useful organization. sponsors programs promote art series. central aspect of this work is an assertion of the power of an individ ual's voice. In theUnited States. Geographic metaphor. are painters. read game. it is definitelynot a manual for coloring hair. itmay be no more than a broadside. we have also developed travelingbook exhibi As a partof thiseffort." Their also published.which ironi cally subvertstheapparentpurpose of thebook.000 other itemswhich include. assorted and audio work reference materials. the raison d'?tre of themajority of the books the archive receives from these countries. most of our books as might perhaps be expected. as bookmaking. perhaps most. revealing printed object isMonty Cantsin's (Istvan Dantor) two books. of our books books. which information. idea or feeling. books. "A Media " Space. discourage artists who make them. and is unsigned This is typical. composed a Canadian in artist who also works in which books the form acts as a single sheet of paper is Despair. Many to with consumate but they are just as often stapled craftmanship. a over hundredbulletinshave been published by thegallery. worked. mail art and ephemera. one can make about the format of the books The only generalization at FranklinFurnace is thattheydefydescription. and the last left unused for the archives. To classify thisbook solely under the sub ject heading "hair" would be misleading. Suzanne has made which Lacy Aballea. Artists asked tofill out bibliography sheets. As an institution. Many conceptual to work in various media. Six years afteritsfoundingbyMarthaWilson. whether them large or entertain. we give us an original source for our catalog a project resumes to collect have begun from those artists in our for whom we have little or no biographical data. transparencies) (color Xerox. itwas printed at a small press (Magnolia in an of the artist.Much of collectionofmore than 100oversized books and periodicals.organization. accordian-foldedbooks. as such. the other for they can afford to. their peculiar visual characteristics and their cheapness (as was seen in thejuried exhibitionheld at FranklinFurnace inwinter 1982. We more tain by other means. in offset or Xerox. Most of all. put in "found" plastic or spiral bound at a copy shop. are reflectedin theausterewhite books which theyhave Similar works has also been supported more recently De Appel. has Aballea despair. bound with metal binders. rings. the presence of Dieter Rot. Franklin Furnace and tapes).Other artistsdevote themselves solely to thecraftand artof printingbooks. "Art and Proj ect. sculptors. it is the toneof thisbook which is so of much artists' contemporary representative at Franklin documented It incorporates Furnace. from video and artists choose to soundwork painting and photography. A less formally institutional a group of Canadian artists. that concepts and their disavowal of artobjects. from the artists them Furnace. categorized or a slip of paper. has stimulateda whole crop of young artists to creative book printingand design. the result thatmost of the Dutch books in our collection are by conceptual artists. We then obvious. Franklin Furnace originated to work not comfortably where artists choosing in media shown in traditional galleries and museums could find an outlet for their work. if selves. storage equipment Although by looking there is no "typical" artists' book. like books in our collection.They employ offset. 1979) are planning Horvitz's Sick of Love. to continue books so too do the facile categorization. or to convince. times they are hand bound. This pluralism and diversity is the to Whether artists make books very heart of artists' bookmaking. date). South America (espe cially Brazil and Argentina). with by theAmsterdam gaUery/prmter/arcruve/bookstore. on each petal is only a single word. itsmedia (carbons. books which utilize computer imagery and word processing. hand stamping. Franklin Furnace has acquired titlesand a totalof about 10. those notes/handpuppets/omenswhich open petal by petal to ask "Does he love me. no answers. the work we and South America is best receive from Eastern Europe a as mail art. a high percentage of these books are a ephemeral conscious rejectionof the livrede luxewhich has for so long founda home in galleries and museums. thevarietyand locationsof artists' bookmaking are too diverse for any generalizations. colored. as well as every medium and format. They in many media. historicallysignificant The that a country books best known becomes for abroad can be the resultof the prolific activityof a single artist. 176 1982 December. France. Artists' books are printed on anything from fine rag paper to news of our artists purposefully choose the most print to tissue paper. published work which is sent surreptiouslythrough themail or is delivered by hand to avoid thecensorshipof officialculture. 1965). It's an old and delicate struggle. found photographs (guidingwomen in coloring hair) with originalwriting. "Copy a number of in the last year. This content downloaded from 195. stitched or perfect bound. to puzzle. They may include photographs as copying become more diverse and sophisticated Today. they are collected and exhibited at Franklin Furnace and recognized tobe work. Red and Blue Passport Passport for West Europe for East Europe are nothing more books than his own passports. and Italy). Cantsin's (no on which he has drawn. (like Suzanne or ob to purchase. of spare and seemingly emotionless continues around and around until the reader is caught in his or words. her own particular "geographic In Intolerable. or group of artists. although an the reader has to violate symbolically in order to read by breaking its One book may measure 20"x24" are that we have collected to mean has come self Russian books a term which and material. One are in-house use. Also. and mix tures of these techniques. is General group of bookmakers we have from whom received five books. challenge the parameters of book conceivable container books in every of our artists strive to make the book form itself express Many a book.78. slovakia. FranklinFurnace has followed itsorig inal policy of accepting any artist's book sent to it (by artist and are no qualitative. Rape. in random order. Not surprisingly. from Eastern Europe. Since its inceptionin 1976.besides titles: artists' periodicals. They may be boxes containing loose pages (likeDieter Rot's Copley Buch #12." made a bookmuch like thepaper creations thatlittlegirlsmake. There is no formal budget for purchasing books so we rely on donations. The "samizdat" publishing. Idea. In the first. or have are often artists who work. theymay be scrolls. round and Phillip (like Joan' Lyons ' and another. provides on how one opens the book. store these documents. Besides functioning also which other text-related forms. aesthetic. letter press. 1979). primarily to us. we have received Cat Show"). depending We have books of every size. espe approximately 3. form. who has been working thereon and off since the late 1950s. tions and an internship program. Franklin Furnace has over 100 picture. environ work is political. these works ments. art we receive. duplicate catalogs. printmakers. A high percentage of the artists' books which we have receivedfrom Australia have been published by theactive artistcenter. We have an especially large collection of work fromWestern Europe (mainly England. It is offsetand.500 cially artists'books.

oration/alternative will findsworks by themhere. unarticulated to the clients' Engaging yet anothere dialogue. its sole business assistance that time Printed Matter has made Since to the field of artists' publications.) If you have a group of to pique your imagination.122. PrintedMatter's inventory of nearly2. feminism.Accomplished artistsin theirown right. after all. In addition. are arranged under and "exhibitons. image. Just Another Asshole?the comparisons Glier know thesebooks like the backs of theirhands. clas etc. un numbered. or the second-best of anything.aesthetic and practical vagaries of not only individualworks. The most exciting avenue of introduction to artists' where books. this is a com furnished fortableplace to sitand become intimatelyinvolvedwith thegenre of artists'publications. installationsthat. artists' explorations of these subjects have been provocative enough to draw the uninitiated into Printed Matter. fromWally Depew's plastic bag of soil entitledEarthbookword to Dick Higgins' foew&ombwhnw which resembes diBook ofCommon Prayer. flip books. At thatpoint PrintedMatter reorganized and directed all of its energies into distribution. itsconsignmentpolicy is trulydemocratic?if it is original artconceived forthepage. These windows are not promotionaldisplays. it is.unsigned. Nan Becker andMike This content downloaded from 62. Essen tially. These works aremade forprintmedia. theyhave an understanding of themedium that is sharedby very few otherpeople in theworld. They are arranged on shelves alphabeticallyby author's last name. fromMalevitch's book Suprematism toTony Shafrazi's lush and decadent document. PrintedMatter will carryit. from pure text to abstract image. PRINTED MATTER Over thepast few years.where theywill risk incurableaddiction. avant-garde. chairs and a large table. Catalog descriptions are produced with the aid of the sion in anymini-show is startling. 11 Jun 2014 04:11:57 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . plus are avail distributionstrategiesare even debated with equal respect for the political unde inningof artists'bookmaking as a creativepractice as for thedesire to bring in hard cold cash.000 titles runs thegamut.It will often cover the spectrum from Pop toMinimalism. "Speaking artists themselves." seen upon request. Printed Matter's "window shows" have sought response from the neighboring community. itwas clear from the sheernumberof works thatwere being consigned to PrintedMatter for distribution that the most urgent demands of artists' books were for marketing strategiesand dissemination channels. Their knowledge of the thematic. More often than not. It is themost comprehensivecollection of available titles in print today. xerography. The lattersection changes every few weeks and has featured such performance-related sic artists' books. Public Rituals. best utilize the "double page format" of Printed are endless. we are that audience. (Sample copies of the remaining works may be artists who always manage inventory Volumes: are tailored collections titles as drawings. Also of particular interestto librariansand anyone contemplating building a collection of artists' publications is the PrintedMatter catalog. A recent innovationis the temporaryexpansion of PM's distributionchannels to accommodate objects produced fordirectmail orderingby Collaborative Projects. thathas meant providing a service thatwould increase the accessibilityof theseworks to thebroadestpossible audience. Here is you and I come in. a welcome change from the spectacle of neighboring Soho. just offWest Broadway. After publishing nearly a dozen titlesPrinted Matter reassessed itsgoals andmethods. That organization is Printed and it is none of the phenomena cited above. periodicals. from back issues of the infamousArt-Rite to the aural edition of the equally notorious magazine. but specific artistsand artistbook presses theworld over.They are as adept at supplyingbibliographic information theyare capable of (and experienced at) ghost-curatinginnumerable artists'books exhibitionsand collections. catalog Books" (selected by Lucy Lippard). a group years as a co inventoryis available for leisurelyperusal. Having dealt with thesepublications for several years.111 on Wed. Critic Lucy Lippard chooses. For any libraryinterestedin acquiringa selectionof thesepublications. but artworks on their own One of those termswas the achievement of a populist art form throughthismedium. themajor its subsequent addenda. and tobe produced inunlimitedprintings. From International General's early publication of works by conceptual artiststo perfor mance documentationbyMary Beth Edelson inSeven Cycles. A prettywild idea! In addition.. One of PrintedMatter's greatestassets is its staff. listingnew titles and a special section on Areas of the store itselfare set up to suggest comparisons and to lead from one work to a not-for-profit organization. 'sArt Comics for a number of face that in no way resem as a forum for interaction with its audi on topics shows have focused These rangingfrom the arrival of spring to sterilizationto police brutality. about half of Printed Matter's on conceptual for stylistic departures artists' books hitherto many provide Artists' in cahoots of artists who have worked arts organization. Moogambo.its inventory mirrors every aspect of the medium. books the headings "new titles" of "oversized books. as are a number of specialized bibliographies. Among them:"Heart: A Collection of Artists' Books forLibrarians. the photographic books. to her mind.As the only distributordevoted solely to this material.While producingPM Books had been a valuable activity.DirectorNancy Linn. It is also ratherlikelythattheseworks will be somewhat surprising. selections artists' periodicals. Linn ishappy toassist in initial selections.As a result. A perfect example of such an occasion would be Ad Reinhardt and needs.73. to nurture an aesthetic medium thatwould." 177 1982 December. "Vigilance: Artists' Books Exploring Strategies for Social Concern" (selected by Lippard and Mike Glier). Many artistsapproach thebook formas a vehicle Women Inc. in Printed Matter's All works Museums and Collectors".Ms. and Satire. sequently. They are inexpensive. if nothing else. Full of illustrationsand repletewith livelydescriptions(often from the artiststhemselves) it is thedefinitivebibliographic listingof one receives For four dollars these works. records and periodicals is throughdirect contactwith theworks at Printed Matter's bookstore. not as an illustration terms. from proposals by book artists. a block south of Canal Street. chances are you Con state ments thatprovide insightsintopreviously "well-known" bodies of work. Located at 7 Lispenard Street. Matter. The range of artistic expres color. bles the kind of window dressing one would expect to find at Rizzoli 's.makes these threepeople PrintedMatter's invaluable as resource. as well as suggestingarrangementsfor regular updatingand enlargingof collections. theconceptual basis on which take their stance these works is renegade.Art Documentation. from hand-made book able by mail order. circumventthe commercial and critical high art establishmentwhile deliveringprimarywork to the average home. Simply with display racks. ideally. On one wall.They are noteditionsde luxe nor are theythe"multiples" of the '60swhich aped unique objects. as theculturalfocus of New York's Soho has shiftedfrom galleries and alternativespaces for the investigating at least one to art emporiums and fashion thoroughfares. of available to hard-bound. PrintedMatter was established in 1976 as a publisher and dis tributor of books Its intention was by artists. Every month the bookstore puts on a new Matter's ence of two large windows random passersby. to expanding the audi has maintained its commitment organization ence and the power of contemporary art. expansions.

cl982. Metuchen Press. " Umbrella Help for this bibliography came initiallyfrom JudyHoffberg's photocopyfiles in 1979. Rutgers Martha.1980." en Allegmagne Sense De of Ennui. 1982 Books: Furnace Franklin York: A Bibliography of Information Sources** Artists' 13-14. RI: Hera Educational Foundation. of theWomen's Ruffled Pas Chapter New York. (February "Afterimage Interviewdone in 1978. March -(?). "Women catalog Clive. Fuse 5. 1982 December. p.. Review. (The Gilbert and Lila to the A Guide Brooklyn. "The World Through Many as Art: A Variety B. Catalog with illustrations. Schiedam: Stedelijk Museum. checklists are of en Artwork/Obras 1981. a Bookmaker With and for sale. 11 Jun 2014 04:11:57 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .multiple and limited edition books in cluded (watch main entries and duplicates). to the Avant-Garde. no annotations. Osbom's Real Robertson Clive. Includes "Bookworks Print The Revisited. Alliance. 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Introduction is wordwork and unique books. 20. Doris. no. buy a few Drop books.

and good Finkel. vol. '' Kalejdoskop. Ulrich 39 Journal Kate. Amsterdam. No illustrations."Umbrella Letters. Bibliography. 1980). 1979. Jonathan. Can't Tell a Book by its Cover (But You Can its Spine). of books Weese. 1980. Locate "You Clive. Artwords and Book of Contemporary Angeles. p. For Parti. Art Alliance. Dialogue: Judith. Ohio's ArtJournal (Nov-Dec checklist Checklist 2. 3 sets of loose index cards to be interfiled. Books. 1979. Books. Components and Notations. a Text Morgan. Carrion. Works. Angeles: to bookworks. Institute of Contemporary nal.67 on Mon. (Fitzgerald). Long. Palazzo of Great Council toMailworte. Hoffberg. Journal-Southern Joan. Phillpot. Art Metropole. books by New Welsh "swimming" White. "Vigilance: An Exhibition ofArtists' Books Exploring theStrategyof Social Change. Checklist of an exhibition. Would the Tea Leaves 1 (Jan-Feb Arts Guide. ''Robert This content downloaded from 185. North "Ian on based 1978 1979 -. Strozzi. Los Angeles On Morgan's Press. 67. 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della Kunstverein. / Denti e del Libro. Los Angeles: Otis Art Institute. as Artwork "Book 1. The most comprehensive listing of artists' publications. Kunstverein. 1964 Art Today Harold. -. Phillpot. 1972 181 1982 December. no. 3123 Princeton. Copy not seen but flyer indicates "reviews of xerographic Roth. Press. The Anxious Object: Rosenberg New York: Horizon 1964. "Book As Artwork Clive. David. 1973). Box Janet Dalberto la Trasformazioni 1960/70."Studio Victor. reviews. Dieter. " Art Movement. Information. This content downloaded from 185. with NJ 08540. ".44. Chapter on "Art Books. (Dieter Roth. Otis Art Institute. "VH101. Publications By and Worte by Edition Hansj?rg Mayer. London: 36th Biennale. Museum Museum. Performance books especially the Copy Electrographics: interspersed Art Magazine.79. 158 Valley PO " and publications. 1968 Ashton. (Winter/Spring 7 Interview with Ed Ruscha. Bourdon. 1972): Art and Artists 1 (1972): 12-14.Visual StudiesWorkshop. 184 (Sept. Art. Musgrave. 16 Jun 2014 11:22:00 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Happening of Modern 1970. 9 (Autumn 1960/70. Mayer. and Periodicals which consistentlyreview artists' books: Long books. Haags Gemeentenmuseum. Art. wood. Venice. tember1971).67 on Mon. del Drago 1972.Possibilities. Los Angeles. Book As Artwork. New publication. PO Box 3692. 1982. Glendale. 1971 Celant. New York. L'Uomo 1972. most books Virginia CommonwealthUniversity 1970 K?lnischer Rd. Umbrella. New 1 (Sep K?lnischer York: the Organized byKynastonMcShine. 64. 1970. Kind of a Huh!" no.A Willoughby. CA 94119.. reviewed. "Ruscha As Publisher/(orAll Booked Up). Rochester. Arts Contemporary Rinc?n Annex. Milano. Its Audience." Art News 71 (April 1972). Press. Afterimage. Sharp."Data. Luogo E l'Arte. Celant Germano. Cologne. " Book Art. books Germano."Studio (May 1968). San Francisco. & Fluxus. e short synopses Art Com. Avalanche. 31 Prince St. no. London: 1960/72. "Feedback. 20). other photography La Mamelle. CA 91201. listed available from Artworks Bookstore. 1968.. "New York Commentary. Dore.. Edition //Libro Hansj?rg Como Pagina di Ricerca. "The International Unknown Green Nigel 1972). Stuttgart. Collected Works. 1972. vol.NY 14607. 1972 List ofbooks compiledby Celant and LyndaMorris. B?cher undGrafik/Boote and Graphics (Part l)From 1947 Until 1971..Art Documentation.