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Committee on Codes



Assemblyman 5th District

January 6, 2017
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
247 Harris Road
Bedford Hills, New York 10507-2400
Dear Parole Board Members:
We, the undersigned State representatives, are writing to express our opposition, in the
strongest possible terms, to the prospect of the granting of parole in the case of Judith Clark.
Judith Clark, at the time of her sentence, was a devout domestic terrorist. Her long
association with the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organization dedicated to
committing a host of violent crimes and striking fear through terrorist activities, is well
Judith Clark was not at the time of her affiliation with this terrorist organization merely
a nave adolescent who tagged along and dipped her toe into a pool of radical malcontents.
Judith Clark was an organizer and a facilitator in putting her terrorist organization's plans into
action to strike fear into the hearts of every day Americans, with complete disregard for the
sanctity of human life or the destruction caused by her actions.
Many of these co-conspirators, and the crimes that they committed, are unknown to this
day because Judith Clark has never cooperated with authorities to bring these people to justice.
In today's environment of lone wolf and homegrown terrorist attacks happening
throughout this country and overseas, releasing Judith Clark will send the wrong message to
potential domestic terrorists, that if you commit an act of terror you will not be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law.
In making your determination you must take into consideration the increase in the
attacks on our police. You must consider the number of police officers killed in the line of duty
as a result of the targeting of law enforcement officers.

ALBANY OFFICE: Room 433, Legislative Office Building, Albany, New York 12248 518-455-5937, FAX: 518-455-4784
DISTRICT OFFICE: 991 Main Street, Suite 202, Holbrook, New York 11741 631-585-0230, FAX: 631-585-0310

New York State Parole Board

January 6, 2017
Page 2
Judith Clark helped to plan the Brink's Robbery. She further helped to acquire the guns
needed to carry out their plan. During the planning, they contemplated what would happen
should they be stopped by police. They devised a plan where the two individuals who carried out
the robbery would be African Americans but to fool the police they would have two Caucasian
individuals driving the van. When police stopped them, the female driving the van lulled the
police into a false sense of security to set them up to be executed. Their plan succeeded.
During the robbery, Judith followed in a backup getaway car. After watching her plan
fully executed, she attempted to flee the scene with her co-conspirators, crashed her car, and
when the police arrived she reached for a nine-millimeter automatic pistol before giving up to
the police. Further, it was reported that at the time of her arrest her car contained bomb making
materials and the blueprints of six New York City Police Precincts.
Because of Judith Clark's actions and total disregard for human life, coupled with her
terrorist propensities, Police Officer Waverly Brown, Police Sergeant Edward O'Grady, and
Brink's Security Officer Peter Paige, were gunned down in the most violent way, with no regard
of their value as human beings. The sole purpose of these acts were to strike terror into the
hearts of Americans and to help fund future terrorist attacks on our nation.
Following her conviction and sentencing, Judith Clark has already attempted to avoid
doing her imposed sentence by planning an escape. After Judith Clark was discovered planning
her escape she was placed in solitary confinement. During that confinement, she realized that
the only means of her escaping her sentence was by seeking clemency from the Governor and
she has been going through the motions since that time to achieve her goal.
Though the Governor has pointed to her co-defendants' sentences and concluded that
she received one of longest sentences, what he fails to realize is that Kathy Boudin entered into a
plea agreement and we have no idea what that plea agreement entailed. Another co-defendant
died while in custody. The truth is that all her co-defendants should be sitting in jail beside her.
How can citizens respect our laws when once sentenced, a defendant can simply wait for
time to pass and receive a reduction in their punishment at a future date? Is it the intention of
our justice system to impose harsh sentences to appease the public at the time when the crime is
fresh, but then years later arbitrarily reduce them and paint the defendants as victims of their
convictions? In today's environment of heightened terrorist alerts and attacks, releasing Judith
Clark would set a dangerous precedent that those who commit these crimes will not be faced
with a punishment to the fullest extent of our laws.
Further, it is not appropriate to grant this application for parole of an individual involved
in the execution of two police officers and a bank guard. Especially in today's anti-police
environment, where police officers around the country have been ambushed and executed for
wearing a police uniform and patrolling our streets in an effort to make them safe for the
citizens of our country. What message are we sending when we show that in New York you will
not be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if you kill a police officer?

New York State Parole Board

January 6, 2017
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Lastly, at the time of her arrest she had plans to commit further terrorists acts by
bombing police precincts and killing more police officers. She was found to be in possession of
bomb making materials and blueprints for police precincts.
Police Sergeant Edward O'Grady, Police Officer Waverly Brown and Brink's Guard Peter
Paige cannot get a commutation of their death sentence imposed on them by Judith Clark and
her co-conspirators. Because of the actions of Judith Clark, these families had to go on without a
father, a husband, a brother and a child. Her actions have destroyed these families. She can do
the most good by staying behind bars where she belongs. She can continue her good works in
prison while serving out the lawful sentence that has been imposed on her. Her daughter is still
able to see and speak to her. The same cannot be said of the children of the police officers and
the bank guard that Judith Clark had a hand in ending their lives.
For you to grant this application for parole of Judith Clark would be sending the wrong
message to potential terrorists that if you commit a terrorist attack and kill innocent people in
our state, you will not be punished to the fullest extent of our laws.
We would ask that you deny Judith Clark's application for parole.


Alfred C Graf
Member of Assembly
5th Assembly District

oseph M. Giglio

Anthony Palumbo
Member of Assembly
2nd Assembly District

//X 6374 :co. f."ot

Michael A. Montesano
Member of Assembly
15th Assembly District

134th Asse


y District

Dean Murray
Member of Assembl
3rd Assembly District

New York State Parole Board

January 6, 2017
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Andrew Garbarino
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21sti, se ly D istrict

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64th Assembly District

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98th Assembly District

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101st Assembly District

New York State Parole Board

January 6, 2017
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Peter Lopez
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102nd Assembly District

Kieran Lalor
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