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Mary Ann and Robert £, Davis Blanche Barrow the Last Victim of Bonnie and Clyde PRISON LETTERS FROM 1933 T0 1936 From the Collection of ‘Mary Ann and Robert E. Davis, ated by ‘Eugene Baker, Baylor University Historian Barbara Walker, Research Asistant oprah 2001 Tein Ps y cmon Acknowledgments I would Reto thank my le, Mary Ana, whos nee and cpemnraetent a hatin ie fae fo Donnie and Ce ‘Chris Hear of Dali sea pert and an een preter el fee Charles ped me many tess T prs the chs Hounle ad hye. Ay soft eva res. inluding Harbara Wales ond yr Wendt Spor, eho gate dee ll me nd a {ut to met snmp deadline De Eugene Bak, yr Une ‘ety torn, who can aly answer and puto thre alarm tre 1am despy nse thatthe Dll County Historical Society Ins send sme of my cileton to pt in te Bonne and Gye {atic atthe 2001 State Fro Teas ac my sn Fat a his ‘eo. thanks ee any hors spent stn othe as Ul bonle and hye spol omy daughter Fa ae sot {lon Chick and my three grandsons, Hayden. Asin nd ‘Chandler for their tne bap me ok fo arta of Dae und lye Robert Das