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Mention a few evils in the society that you would crave to bring a change

in, even if you fail to be a civil servant.

India has a very diverse and rich culture. There are many rituals in India that
have been followed for a long time and now have transformed into social evils.
These social evils have hindered the progress of India. Some of these that need
to be changed as soon as possible are poverty and improper sanitation and

Poverty refers to the absolute deprivation of basic human needs which
commonly include food, water, shelter, money etc. Without fulfilment of these
basic needs, life becomes very difficult for poor people. The major causes of
poverty are overpopulation and illiteracy. People don’t get proper education
which decreases the amount of good jobs they can do hence leading to poverty.
Also, when resources and opportunities are limited and the population is high,
there arises a situation of joblessness which ultimately leads to poverty. As a
non-civil servant, I would try my best to decrease poverty by teaching the
illiterate people especially the poor children as they are the ones who would
support their family in the future. If these people understand the value of
educating their children, it would help them to live a better quality of life. If a
child is not so inclined towards studies, I could help him/her develop any skill or
talent he/she has so that they can progress in that field further. Also, I would
inform these people about all the benefit schemes launched by the government
so that they become aware of their rights. I could help some willing people to set
up businesses which would help them become successful entrepreneurs and rise
from the grip of poverty.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

Despite these improvements. including increasing teacher accountability. and 43 percent before finishing upper primary school.Put your views on primary education in India. largely due to various programs and drives to increase enrolment even in remote areas. Most of their graduates migrate to Western countries. the public school system also needs a better general management system. Additionally. Primary school enrolment in India has been a success story. keeping children in school through graduation is still an issue and dropout rates continue to be high. which if not transformed and strengthened. . such as the IITs. Raising the amount of time teachers spend on-task and increasing their responsibility for student learning needs improvement. India's key challenge is to rapidly provide its rural population with opportunities to become literate. Changing gender mind-sets seems to be imperative and gender-studies education is one way of doing so. and develop basic leadership and problem-solving skills. High school completion is only 42 percent. The "top heavy" elitist structure of Indian education has left a weak and tottering foundation. Of the literate population. a significant proportion lack basic vocational skills. India also faces many challenges that could be tackled through the education system. they remain isolated from the larger community and society. IIMs and medical colleges. Many problems of access to schooling have been addressed and improvements to infrastructure have been a priority to achieve this. Without immediate and urgent help. entrepreneurship and material standards of living. the quality of learning is a major issue and reports show that children are not achieving class-appropriate learning levels. will become a massive drag on India's social and economic development. India has made significant progress on access to schooling and enrolment rates in primary education but dropout rates and low levels of learning remain challenges for the state and central government. This will require attention to many things. and so improving the quality of learning in schools is the next big challenge for both the state and central governments. The number of illiterates in India is estimated to be over 400 million of which 75% live in rural areas. In recent decades. Emphasis on skill development in order to make school education more practically relevant has to be registered. to raise productivity. children cannot effectively progress in the education system. While India can boast a few world-class institutes of higher learning. Part of this process requires better assessments at each grade level and more efficient monitoring and support systems. Overall. For one gender issues have come to the fore because of the spate of recent cases of violence against girls. providing them with a valuable supply of intellectual capital. Nationally 29 percent of children drop out before completing five years of primary school.

I would strive hard to fulfil my duties and help in bridging the gap between public and the executors. Besides this. three other main functions would be maintenance of law and order.) As an administrator. I would be proactive while dealing with the public at large. To achieve this. As regards law and order. . It would involve dedicated efforts in changing the perception and mind set of the general public. revenue administration and implementation of govt. My main focus would be to improve the administrative procedures of recording and registering data and make them fool proof by using latest technical tools. The police would be asked to be in regular contact with resident welfare associations and municipal corporations to act upon immediately on the grievances faced by the people. the work ethos of the police would need to be of a very high order and would require an efficient and responsive work culture in the police department. My role as a revenue administrator would involve an efficient system with the help of the latest responsive and user friendly technologies available. I think it would really help me in knowing my capabilities and would also help in further honing of my skills. I would be wiser which would help me in becoming a better citizen and a contributor in the betterment of the society. What are your expectations from "बब ननययद” and how do you think you can add to the society? (In 100 words) I have high expectations from this society. By regular discussions and interactions within the society. policies. my aim would be to instil a respect as well as a fear for the law of the land. I can add to the society by having peer to peer conversations and discussions to help others in any way I can whether it be college or daily life. I would also develop an unbiased feedback from the stakeholders through various modes like suggestion boxes. my primary task would be the general administration of the area under my jurisdiction. mobile apps and websites in order to feel the pulse of the people.How do you see yourself as an administrator? (200 words max.