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Senam saya
terkena nyeri
Usia > 50 tahun
Kaku sendi pagi
hari < 30 menit
Segera mencari pertolongan
Berbunyi saat dokter:
digerakkan Jika terjadi bengkak, demam,
Nyeri tekan pada kelamahan /kesemutan pada
kaki/lutut untuk mendapatkan
sendi lutut terapi yang sesuai dengan
Bengkak pada
sendi lutut
Perubahan bentuk
Apa yang dapat anda
Hindari menaiki anak tangga,
berlari dan mengangkat
beban berat
Diet: jaga berat badan,
nutrisi sehat
Senam lutut rutin

Nyeri yang dirasakan
disekitar sendi lutut

Pengapuran sendi
Kerusakan tulang
rawan sendi
What to Include? You might want to mention a few
of your most impressive clients
We know you could go on for hours here:
about how great your business is.
Big, important company
(And we dont blame youyoure
Really well-known company
amazing!) But since you need to
keep it short and sweet, here are a Very impressive company
few suggestions

Focus on What You Do Key Offerings

Best Dont be shy! Show them how
You might try a summary of fabulous you are. List or
competitive benefits at left and a summarize key points here about
brief client success story or some what you do. And heres one more
of those glowing testimonials here tip for the road
in the middle. For example:

Your company is the greatest. I

Make It Picture Perfect
If you replace a photo with your
cant imagine anyone living without
own and its not a flawless fit for
you. Very smart customer the space, you can crop it to fit in
The right side of this page is almost no time. Just select the
perfect for a summary of key picture and then, on the Picture
products or services. Tools Format tab, click Crop.

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