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EDU 403.18: Professsional development of Natural Science


Topic: How can reduce deforestation

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Associate Professor Natural science education
SN College of Education Semester IV
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Topic: How we can reduce deforestation

Forest is an important source for satisfying peoples demands

and needs. Thus undoubtly people would try to exploit forest
resources. This process of exploiting forest is called deforestation.
The clearance of forest done by the human beings in order to meet
their needs is known as deforestation.

In other words deforestation is the process of clearing the forest

by cutting down the trees for fulfilling their demands. Forest has vital
role in meeting peoples needs. Therefore peoples usually cut down the
trees of the forest without having proper knowledge. Human
ignorance and greed are the important causes of deforestation
.Ignorant people were not aware of the harmful effects of cutting
down the trees. Greedy people continued to clear forests for their own
selfish interest. The exploitation of forests is has been done in the past
in the name of so called human welfare and development .The past
centaury raw massive deforestations in India .In India many wild
animals and birds become rare species due to massive deforestation.
Forests are natures protective shields, but this shield is being
eroded by human folly and greed. Indiscriminate cutting of trees leads
to the situation such as: disturbance of ecological balance,
environmental pollution, soil erosion and landslides, floods, water
resources may be get dried, climate change etc.

Due to deforestation, the forest cover India has fallen below the
minimum recommended level. According to experts, forests should
cover about one third of the total area of country But in India forests
covers around 24%of the total area.

Chipco movement was the movements against

deforestation.Realising the devastating effect that deforestation cause
to the environment, this movement varies in support for forest

The evil of deforestation was highlighted by environmental activities.

They embraced the trees which were about to be it and thus created
public awareness about the need of forest presentation.


We want to create public awareness on the effect of deforestation and

to research on ways to reduce negaline impacts to the environment
through using blogger.

I) All nations should promote the regeneration of degraded
forest lands to increase permanent forest cover, reduce
pressure on natural forest, conserve biodiversity ,protected
water sheds and soils and stabilise\ limae.
II) There should be efforts to realize pressure or forests by
decreasing wastes in wood burning stoves and seeking
alternatives raw materials
III) Public awareness must be created against the hazards of
IV) There should be efforts to encourage sustainable forest
management in order to maintain ecological balance;

Thus deforestation is an important issue to be discussed. It has

adverse effects on each living beings life. Deforestation has become a
huge concern in todays life as there has been a rise in the decline of
forests. Deforestation dues have solutions. Its just that the people
must step forward.


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