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Job Training activity is carried out in the project Construction of Grand

Viveana Hotel which is located at Jl. Pajajaran No. 73A ,Bandung. The project is
to build seven storeys from basement two until rooftop. The owner of this project
is Mr.Ducky and the source of the funds come from his own self. Type contract of
the project is lump sum and unit price.
This development project carried out by a contractor CV. Bumi Subur
Sejahtera , which is a kind of self-management contractor. ANSCON as a
planning consultant. Construction of Grand Viveana Hote Project began on
October,2015 and is planned to end on March, 2017.
A review carried out in this project is the method of implementation of the
work of reinforced concrete structures (columns, beams and slabs). The work
includes work measurement, reinforcement work, formwork, foundry work,
demolition formwork and maintenance work.
In the field implementation of these jobs are often occurs problems both
technical or non technical issues, but it can be overcome by controlling and
implementing solutions to problems that occur so the implementation of the field
work is still going according to plan.
The results of the implementation of the work under review is largely
lacking implementation procedures as it should be, but the project can run with
the building quality was quite good and made safe because rapid handling the
problems that occur. The results of the project implementation process until the
month of August in terms of time makes no delayed because of weather, late
arrival of materials, and other causes. However, from the structure itself remains
completed by the end of August that is up to the foundry rooftop.

Key word: Hotel Grand Viveana, structure, reinforced concrete.