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In my field, one of the most common questions I am asked revolves

around the issue of premature ejaculation and how to last longer in
bed. Men want to know how they can improve their sexual stamina.
Women want to know how their partners can last long enough to give
them an orgasm. Couples want to know how they can enjoy longer-
lasting sex.

It is every man's desire to be the seductive and powerful lover - one

who has the innate ability to last as long he wants and bring his woman
to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. Sadly, premature ejaculation often
rears its ugly head and makes potentially heart-thumping sex fizzle out
in a flash.

Sounds like what is happening to you most of the time?

Well, you are NOT alone. Between 20 to 40 percent of men have the
unfortunate distinction of being a "minute man", one who lasts no more
than a couple of quick minutes (or even seconds) before making an
early exit.

It is thus not surprising that fixing premature ejaculation is such as

popular topic. Any man who constantly blows his load early during sex
will know the pain, embarrassment and frustration that come with the
inability to last the distance.
No man is born with the inherent ability to endure even 15 minutes of
penetrative sex. By the stroke of nature, we are all genetically
programmed to ejaculate as soon as possible so that we continue to
reproduce in numbers.

But can you actually "re-program" yourself to last longer and enjoy
better sex?

You can!

Although no man is naturally born with superior control over his

ejaculation - just like no one is born to read and write - you can learn
how to overcome your quick ejaculation reflexes until you gain total
control over it.

Ejaculation By Command is all about re-wiring your mental and

physical abilities to totally eradicate premature ejaculation and enjoy
sex that lasts. No pills, creams, lotions, portions or gadgets are

It won't happen overnight, but with the tips, techniques and strategies
laid out in this book, you hold the power to supercharge your
ejaculatory control and gain the confidence to last much longer during
If there is one thing that makes this book stand out from the veritable
avalanche of resources on premature ejaculation, it is the two-pronged
approach of helping the average man improve his sexual endurance,
AND fulfilling a womans deepest sexual desires at the same time.

And this my friend can only bear great news for your partner and
your sex life to boot!

So what does Ejaculation By Command offer you? This book is divided

into two parts.

Heres a sneak peak of the sections ahead of you.

Part 1: Secrets Of Sexual Stamina Mastery

Fundamentals. Here youll discover the reasons why sex is often a

short-lived, embarrassing affair for most men and the myths,
misconceptions and lies that unfortunately cloud the issue and make it
much harder for men to break free from premature ejaculation and
carve out a new, more confident and long lasting sexual performance.

Part 2: Techniques Of The Masters

This is where the rubber hits the road. Here Ill give you all the tools
and knowledge you need to begin re-training and re-wiring your mind
and body so that you can revel in longer lasting sex, and at the same
time, give your partner an erotic experience she never thought was

Exclusive Bonus: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

The strategies in the main Ejaculation By Command program will

require a little time and effort on your part to permanently nip
premature ejaculation in the bud. But what if you need some instant
firepower tonight?

In a separate exclusive bonus report, I reveal 15 tried-and-tested

tactics that you can use right away to put up a respectable
performance in bed and send her into a sexual frenzy!

The insights, tools and techniques in Ejaculation By Command have

been rigorously tried, tested and proven effective not only by me, but
by thousands of other men who are now enjoying lovemaking that
lasts, and relationships that stay ROCK-SOLID - pardon the pun :-)

So mark the date and time - years from now, you will remember this as

And the sooner you get started, the sooner you will reach the level of
sexual confidence and performance that you desire!

With all my hopes for your success,

Lloyd Lester

Table of Contents

Part 1: Secrets of Sexual Stamina Mastery

Chapter 1: The Truths about Premature Ejaculation

- Understanding Premature Ejaculation - How Soon Is Too Soon?

- Causes of Premature Ejaculation
- Does It Really Matter?
- Can Premature Ejaculation Be Cured?
- Do You Need Medical Attention?
- Realistic Expectations
- Gender Perceptions Of Premature Ejaculation

Chapter 2: Myths, Misconceptions (And Big Fat Lies)

- Premature Ejaculation Stems From Sexual Inexperience

- Premature Ejaculation Means There Is Something Physically
Wrong With You
- Desensitizers Are A Great Way To Beat Premature Ejaculation
- Mind Distraction Tricks Will Boost Your Stamina
- Porn Actors Are Born With Super Endurance
Chapter 3: Understanding Male Sexuality

- The Phases Of Male Sexual Response

- Getting To Know Thyself
- The Two Stages Of Cumming
- More On The Point Of No Return
o Exercise: Understanding Your Arousal Patterns

Part 2: Techniques of the Masters

Chapter 4: Empower The Mind

- Instituting The Right Mental Input

- Managing Mental Arousal
- The Breath of Sex
o Exercise: Preparatory Breathing
o Exercise: In-Sex Breathing
o Exercise: Synchronized Breathing
o Exercise: Triangular Breathing
- Relaxation Of The Mind
o Exercise: Triggering A Relaxation Response
- The Straight Scoop On Mind Distraction Tactics
- The Art Of Emotional Connection
Chapter 5: Enable The Body

- Mastering Your PC Muscles o Exercise: PC Flex

o Exercise: PC Clench
o Exercise: PC Muscle Relaxation
o Exercise: Fighting Off An Imminent Climax

- The Sensuous Art Of Self-Gratification

o Exercise: Pleasure Acclimatizing
o Exercise: Pushing Your Limits (I)
o Exercise: Pushing Your Limits (II)

- The Erotic Art Of Partner Stimulation

o Exercise: "Live Action" Stimulation
o Exercise: "The Surreptitious Female Rider"
o Exercise: "Spooning Extravaganza"
o Exercise: "Male Supremacy"

Chapter 6: Enrich Your Diet

- You Are What You Eat!

o Life Is Sweet
o Fruity Temptation
o The Serial Booster - Not Just Kids Stuff
o Go Green For Endurance
o Berry Magic
o Sirloin Therapy For The Loins
o Vitamin Bank
o Cool Sensuous Delights
o Drinkers...Beware!

- The Power of Serotonin

Chapter 7: Enhance Your Skills

- Position Mastery
- Inducing The Female Orgasm
- Foreplay & Female Sexuality
- Oral Titillation
- Its NOT Just About Penetration
- The Best Sex Tip For Men (Its NOT What You Think)

Chapter 8: Embrace The Paradigm Shift

- Adopting The Right Mindset & Attitude

- The Mistake Of Going It Alone
- If All Else Fails, Try Again!

Chapter 9: Summing It All Up

Recommended Resources
Part 1

Secrets Of Sexual Stamina Mastery

This is where your journey begins. Before we head on to the actual

techniques and strategies for lasting longer in bed, we need to have a
clear understanding of some of the fundamental concepts relating to
premature ejaculation.

This section will lay the groundwork that will answer some of the most
common questions that many guys have about sexual endurance, as
well as debunk some of the self-defeating beliefs that will hamper

your progress. It is absolutely important that we get these sorted out


Lets get rolling!

Chapter 1

The Truths About Premature


Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common sexual

dysfunctions amongst men. In fact, according to estimates, as many as
20 to 40 percent of the male population regularly suffer from premature
ejaculation. Not only that, many sexual health surveys, including those
carried out by reputable mens magazines, have revealed that up to 75
percent of men would like to last longer in bed.

Understanding Premature Ejaculation:

How Soon Is Too Soon?

What exactly is premature ejaculation?

Well, there is certainly no lack of definitions and opinions, including:

When a man is unable to last more than 2 minutes

When a man is not able to satisfy his partner more than 50% of
the time
When the inability to last causes distress to one or both partners

Most experts prefer to use this last definition, which is a very sensible
way to describe premature ejaculation. From this point of view, the
number of minutes you last doesnt even matter.

In short, premature ejaculation means reaching an orgasm before you

want to. It means climaxing before you are ready and before you or
your partner is sexually fulfilled. It is as simple as that.

Premature ejaculation, in most cases, is hardly classified as a form of

illness. Instead, it is a relative condition caused by a females need for
orgasm, and her comparative slowness in achieving one through
intercourse alone.

To put things in perspective, premature ejaculation is certainly far from

abnormal; in fact it is perfectly natural for a guy to want to climax within
2 minutes, just as it is natural for a woman to need 15 minutes to
achieve an orgasm.

How long does the average man last in bed?

The answer is 2 to 6 minutes. In fact, some recent studies and

research have thrown up rather shocking statistics: as many as 75
percent of men regularly ejaculate within 2 minutes upon vagina entry.

And a good number of us have the misfortune of blowing our load in

less than 20 seconds - sometimes even as soon as foreplay begins or
within 3 to 4 thrusts upon penetration.

Two minutes may not seem long, but think about this: most mammals
last only 3 to 15 seconds, so a couple of minutes actually represent a
considerable feat of self-control by comparison!

Now here's the rub: the vast majority of women need 10 to 15 minutes
of intercourse to achieve an orgasm. So even 2 to 6 minutes is not
going to cut it!

BUT... losing control occasionally is completely NORMAL

Premature ejaculation becomes a problem only if it occurs all the time.

If you ejaculate quickly when you have sex for the first time, or if you
have not had intercourse for a long while, this is completely normal.
Premature ejaculation can be very embarrassing and frustrating for a
man, and if not addressed or treated, can cause real emotional distress
in a relationship.

The good news? It is entirely possible to permanently cure PE.

There are two key strategies:

1. Learning how to last longer in bed and

2. Learning how to lower your partner's threshold for orgasm so
that she can achieve an orgasm faster.

We will be looking at both strategies later in this book.

But here's the simple truth you should always bear in mind

You only need to last as long as it takes for her to get an orgasm. And it
does not even need to be through vaginal penetration!

You see, women are capable of reaching a climax through a variety of

means. Foreplay, oral sex, and yes - even, mental seduction are known
to cause orgasms in women! So as long as she receives her orgasm,
the amount of time you spend penetrating her doesnt really matter.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Looking for shortcuts that will prevent you from ejaculating early is not
the best solution. If you want a lasting cure to premature ejaculation,
you have to know the underlying factors for your condition. It would be
wrong to assume that all men ejaculate prematurely for the same

PE can be caused by many factors, including genetics, hormones, your

past sexual experiences, as well as stress and sexual performance
anxiety. Also, men suffering from erection problems or erectile
dysfunction are at a greater risk of developing PE, as most of them
tend to hurry through intercourse for fear of losing their erection.

That said, the vast majority of men suffer from early ejaculation due to
six primary factors.

1. Genetics

At the very onset, premature ejaculation is the work of nature... it's

NOT your fault. Very few men are naturally blessed with the ability to
last even 20 minutes during intercourse. From an evolutionary
standpoint, quick ejaculation has a purpose it ensures efficient
procreation and survival of the human species. We are no different
from other mammals.

2. Poor Masturbation Habits

One's early sexual experiences play a contributory role in premature
ejaculation later in life. Many sex therapists believe that due to
"habitual conditioning", quick masturbation in the early years of a man's
life - either of out of fear of getting caught or out of a desire to
experience an orgasm as soon as possible - is likely to trigger rapid
ejaculation during actual sex.

3. Stress and Performance Anxiety

Almost 90% of men who suffer from PE mentally condition themselves

for failure even before they begin! No matter what they are doing in
bed, their minds are already focused on how badly they think they will
perform. In fact, many wonder if they will ejaculate too soon during sex.

Like it or not, such anxieties actually increase performance stress and

ironically triggers PE. Sounds like you? Well, your reaction is pretty
normal. The trouble is, the human mind is the most powerful part of our
bodies. It can influence how the organs in our bodies function. If your
mind is sending out negative vibes to your body, guess what - your
body will just follow the pattern expected of it!

4. Weak Pelvic Muscles

This is the biological reason behind many cases of premature

ejaculation. Your pelvic muscles help you in a number of ways,
including bladder control and ejaculation. Strong and well-toned pelvic
muscles can greatly boost your ejaculatory control during sex. On the
other hand, weak pelvic muscles can cause erections that come and
go very fast, as well as weak ejaculations that have a dribbling effect.

A man's pelvic muscles are often termed the fountain of youth! These
muscles can affect everything about your sex life, including how long
you will last in bed and how much pleasure you can derive from the
But guess what? The problem with weak pelvic muscles is also the
easiest to solve among all the factors causing PE. There are simple
exercises you can practice from home that will significantly strengthen
your pelvic muscles and supercharge your sexual endurance (more on
this later).

5. Wrong Posturing

If you have been experiencing premature ejaculation regularly with

certain sex positions, maybe you should find out why. Truth is, some
positions are deemed too demanding, resulting in excessive pressure
exerted on your thigh and pelvic muscles (the missionary position is a
big culprit!). I am not saying that you should avoid these positions
altogether, but the least you should do is to be aware of those that
cause you to go for an early shower - and make an effort to switch
things up before it is too late!

6. An Unhealthy Lifestyle
An unhealthy lifestyle shows up in the least likely of places (or so you
thought)! Too much high calorie foods and a sedentary lifestyle will sap
your energy levels, hamper blood circulation and inadvertently lead to
premature ejaculation.

So if chips and hamburgers are your favorite buddies, and you hardly
run - even for an emergency - it is time to take a reality check! This
may be damaging your sex life in more ways than you can think of.

Does It Really Matter?

Does it matter that most men do not last long enough?

In most cases it does.

For men, it can be downright embarrassing to fall short when it comes

to their endurance in bed. It can take away the confidence of guys who
are suffering from premature ejaculation.

For women, nothing is worse than a sexual relationship that repeatedly

fails to deliver the pleasure that she deserves. And for guys who
ejaculate even before intercourse (yes, some men have it that bad), it
can put a tremendous strain on the relationship especially if the women
wishes to get pregnant.

Here's How Premature Ejaculation Can Affect You...

Not being able to last long enough can put considerable strain even in
the most enduring sexual relationships. Even if your female partner
says she doesn't mind, the simple truth is, she will almost certainly
wonder what sex would be like if you (or any other men) could last long
enough to bring her to an exquisite orgasm.

It is not unusual to hear of love affairs and even marriages hitting the
rocks due to unsatisfactory sex lives. And I don't need to stress the
impact this could have on a man's self confidence in the long run if
premature ejaculation is not treated properly.

Can Premature Ejaculation Be Cured?

Premature ejaculation is a treatable sexual dysfunction but most men

are either unaware of this fact or they are simply too embarrassed to
even talk about it.

Here is the simple truth: If you find yourself climaxing too soon, your
courage to admit this problem is the crucial first step in prolonging your

For most men, premature ejaculation is a learned or conditioned

response. As mentioned earlier, when we were younger, we tend to
speed up the process of masturbation. This is borne out of an inherent
fear of being caught flat out for our sexual indulgences.
The net result?

Speedy ejaculation will manifest itself during sex. Unfortunately without

proper "un-conditioning", this behavior tends to persist in our respective
sex lives even as we age and often bears a curse in our sexual

But here's the good news

The fact that PE is largely a learned or conditioned behavior also

means that you can reverse this behavior with the proper treatments,
strategies and techniques.

Unlike some of our physical traits, our sexual abilities are not cast in
stone. These abilities, including ejaculatory control, can be learned and
practiced to perfection.

There is a fallacy that adult movie actors are naturally blessed with
superior sexual endurance. The truth is, most of them started out just
like any of us. Their exalted sexual stamina comes from practice
rather than genetics.

While some guys prefer to bring their problem to a doctor or a sexual

therapist, most of us are embarrassed to bring this problem out of our
And this is where many commercial firms are quick to capitalize on one
of men's most pressing needs in the bedroom - the ability to last longer.
Pills, creams, sprays and even specialized condoms that claim to add
minutes to sexual intercourse are the rage these days.

Although effective to certain degree, these are usually not long-term,

permanent solutions to cure PE. If anything, an over-reliance on these
"quick fixes" can do more harm than good to your sexual image.

What good would it do to your self confidence if you have to unravel

that pack of special condoms in front of your wife or girlfriend before
every lovemaking session?

I don't know about you, but it sure seems embarrassing to me

What About Using Drugs Or Supplements To Prolong Your Sexual


There are oral medications and supplements on the market that are
used to treat premature ejaculation. These are primarily anti-
depressant drugs known as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake
Inhibitors) that have the side effect of delaying ejaculation.

While these drugs help to raise the level of serotonin in your body
hormones that reduce your urge to ejaculate prolonged usage is
believed to have side effects, including erectile dysfunction, dampened
sex drive and sometimes the inability to achieve an orgasm.
Read the last sentence again

You want to delay ejaculation, NOT stop ejaculation altogether!

Using drugs to curb PE is not always recommended due to the side

effects on your body and the fact that you have to be continually on the
Premature ejaculation can be permanently cured in almost all cases. It
does take some effort. By using simple training and conditioning
techniques that will be shared later in this book, you can rid the curse
of finishing too soon in bed, for good!

What Counts As A True Cure For Premature Ejaculation?

My definition of a good cure is a solution that permanently prevents

PE while at the same time, does NOT affect your sexual experience in
any manner.

Many commercially available solutions - such as desensitization

sprays, creams and gels - all claim to help prevent premature
ejaculation. But in reality, these products only work as long as you use
them. These work on the basis that they dull or desensitize the
sensations in and around your genitals. Net result? Sex doesnt feel as
good as it should be!
Similarly, expensive drugs and supplements may have different effects
on different men, and they work ONLY as long as you continue to
consume them.

Mental distraction (thinking of non-sexual thoughts) is also one popular

method to last longer. But I wouldnt recommend this method because
like desensitizers, it robs you of the pleasure of sex.

The best solution - and only true lasting cure to PE - is to adopt a

holistic, natural training program that improves your bodys ability to
withstand physical and mental stimulation and keep your ejaculatory
reflexes at bay.

In a nutshell, when it comes to selecting PE solutions and treatments,

you should focus on two criteria:

1. The cure should permanently reverse the underlying factors or

causes of PE (rather than just providing a quick fix)

2. The cure should be natural and does not produce any adverse
side effects that can potentially damage your privates or your

Do You Need Medical Attention?

For most men, premature ejaculation is more of a psychological/mental
condition than a medical one, although there are guys who are
physically predisposed to ejaculate early due to genetic conditions.

Unlike erectile dysfunction - which is primarily due to physiological

factors - PE is often due to a man's lack of practice in controlling his

But perhaps the most significant impact caused by early ejaculation is

on your self confidence. There are many men who shy away from sex
simply because they are too embarrassed of ejaculating as soon as
seconds into intercourse.

Usually there is nothing medically or physically wrong with you. But of

course, if it puts your mind at ease, seeing a doctor about your
condition is a good start. Your doctor may also a recommended
specific course of action that you can take to nip premature ejaculation
in the bud.

Realistic Expectations

Do you need to last ten minutes or more, so that you are no longer
considered a premature ejaculator?

Absolutely not!
The truth is that most women are not aiming for hours of sex. Ten to
fifteen minutes is usually the average amount of time needed for
women to hit a sexual climax. And there are ways to bring down that
"level of threshold" for women. You can prime her mind and body so
that as soon as intercourse begins, she is almost ready to reach an

Sounds far-fetched? Not at all - with the proper amount of mental and
physical foreplay, you can build up her sexual anticipation to the point
that she is on the orgasmic edge, ready to tip over.

Women are emotional creatures. As much as she likes to reach an

orgasm during sex, she also relishes the way she is brought to a
climax. It is not just the end goal, but the journey to the end goal that
she really wants!

So the trick really is to understand the sexual preferences of both you

and your partner. If she is happy with a couple of minutes of great sex,
then all is well!

And of course, if you really want to add a few more minutes to sex,
there are several commercially-available aids that can help you, such
as desensitizing creams or sprays for external application (although I
dont recommend these as a long-term, viable solution). Alternatively
there are condoms with specially-created numbing gels to give you a
quick boost in staying power. Many men also swear by self-gratification
before engaging in a sexual act. The early release of semen will ensure
that you don't climax too soon during the actual deed.

But of course, learning to permanently manage your early ejaculation

triggers without using these temporary aids is the best way to go. You
wont go from a minute man to having superhuman endurance right
away, but with enough practice, you can certainly last much longer than
you did yesterday.

Remember patience is a virtue.

Gender Perceptions Of Premature Ejaculation

In my years of working with guys suffering from premature ejaculation,

as well as speaking with their female partners, there are two recurring
themes I always hear.

It goes something like this

The man would say he was very turned on by his wife. Foreplay was
great and fun. But when they started having intercourse, he would only
last like 30 seconds flat. He would try using mind distraction
techniques; they didnt work. And neither did different kinds of
condoms, sprays and creams.
On the other hand, the typical woman would lament that her husband
always ejaculated quickly during sex, leaving her to finish it off herself
while he showered. She even went as far as thinking her spouse
couldnt wait to finish sex in a hurry because he didnt want to be with

These ARE typical issues that I hear every time. And these issues
really reveal exactly how differently men and women perceive
premature ejaculation!

Premature ejaculation can be a really painful, embarrassing and

frustrating problem for any guy. It can be really hard to figure out what
to DO about it. On one hand, the guy has his hands full trying out the
myriad of different products on the market - in other words, he is
looking for a PHYSICAL solution

On the other hand, the woman is worried about his feelings of

embarrassment. And worse, she is worried that her man is hurrying
through sex because he does not enjoy being with her. In other words,
she sees this as an EMOTIONAL issue.

You see, such differing perceptions are detrimental to any sexual

relationship, especially if they remain unresolved and not talked about.
The man and woman would both be doing a lot better if they had
swapped their perspectives and started talking about it.
Communication is key here and this is something I will go into
greater details in the later part of this book.
In my experience it is way harder for men to talk about PE than women
- so heres what may happen

At first the guy may get angry and become defensive... but if his
partner is committed to working this out TOGETHER with him, and
actually shows it through her words and actions, then he will feel a
burden lifted off his shoulders.

It is so much harder for you and your wife/girlfriend to just pretend that
there is nothing wrong (remember the story about two people talking
while an elephant stands in the corner of the room, and both of them
pretending not to see the elephant?). The lack of communication
makes the problem ten times worse.

The simple truth is this when couples work on improving their

intimate relationship together, they BOND together. And when you
accomplish results together, believe me you will feel stronger and
more connected with each other than before.

Plus, working on a PE problem can be great FUN once you've

overcome the initial stress of bringing it out in the open.

Think about this if your wife or girlfriend is so hot that she sends you
out of control every time... well, in some ways that is a good problem to
have, at least for a start!
Chapter 2

Myths, Misconceptions
(And Big Fat Lies)
Being a guy frustrated by the problem of premature ejaculation is bad
enough, but its made a lot worse by the myriad of myths,
misconceptions and lies that surround this subject.

These myths can cloud the issue and make it so much harder for you
to overcome your endurance shortcoming and carve out a new, more
confident and longer-lasting sexual performance.

So lets quickly run through what these misconceptions are and do

away with them for good. Were going to separate fact from fiction.

Myth 1: Premature Ejaculation Stems From Sexual Inexperience

While this may be true for young men new to sex, it is an absolute
fallacy for others. There are many men who love sex, have plenty of
sex, but fail to last beyond the first minute of intercourse -
embarrassing but true!

And then there are men who have an illustrious history of long lasting
sex and then suddenly have difficulty holding up their ejaculation. In
short, sexual experience does not figure prominently in the cause of
premature ejaculation.

But here's the thing

If you think your lack of sexual experience is causing you to climax too
soon, this will inadvertently affect your REAL performance in bed.
Performance anxiety is one of the leading "killers" of longer-lasting sex.

Myth 2: Premature Ejaculation Means There Is Something

Physically Wrong With You

PE is a result of stimulation to the penis beyond what a man can take.

But this does not mean there is something physically wrong with you or
your male anatomy. Premature ejaculation is different from erectile

If you suffer from PE, your sexual response cycle is still fully
functioning. The only difference between you and the guy who can go
the distance is that you go through the entire stimulation process in
double quick time. What takes a guy 10 minutes to go from arousal to
full orgasm probably takes you just 1 or 2 minutes from start to finish.

In other words, your only problem lies in lasting through the cycle. It
also means that if you can last one minute in bed, with the right
endurance practice and conditioning, you can last any amount of time
you like!

Myth 3: Desensitizers Are A Great Way To Beat Premature

I am sure you have heard about this before. Guys who want to last
long will resort to numbing sprays, creams or ointments to kick start
their sex sessions. While this is one way to last longer, I would not
recommend this approach.


Well, as the name implies, these will "numb" or desensitize your

pleasures during intercourse and reduce your enjoyment. More
importantly, the basic factors for your premature ejaculation syndrome
are not addressed at all. Without these "aids", you will NOT be able to
last the distance.

Myth 4: Mind Distraction Tricks Will Boost Your Stamina

This is another fallacy that has no scientific basis. Thinking about

mathematical problems; indulging in a mental game of football;
imagining having sex with a big, fat, ugly mammoth.

Think about this for a moment

What is the purpose of having sex if you are going to avoid the
pleasure by putting your mind somewhere else? There are a number of
'experts' who would advise you to think about other things during sex
so that you can avoid a premature ejaculation. This is NOT the best
solution, and hardly practical at all if you truly want to enjoy sex.
Myth 5: Porn Actors Are Born With Super Endurance

Premature ejaculation can happen to anyone. In fact studies have

shown that even the most sexually active men will experience PE once
in a while. Adult movie actors are no different. Even though they have
better stamina than the average man, most of them do not start out
that way. That they are able to last for what seems like an eternity is
due to natural training and conditioning techniques and I will share
these with you in a moment.

Remember it is what you DO, not what you are born with, that affects
how long you last in bed.

Get yourself acquainted with these myths and misconceptions about

premature ejaculation.

That is the first important step towards banishing PE from the bedroom
and watching your sex life take a turn towards greatness!
Chapter 3

Understanding Male Sexuality

Without a proper understanding of how your body responds to sexual

stimulation, you will never be able to control how soon you ejaculate
during sex.

The first step towards controlling your ejaculation is to become fully

aware of the different levels of sexual arousal. When you are able to
pin point the sensations as you approach an orgasm, you will be in a
better position to control your arousal levels - and consequently, your
ejaculation - before it is too late.

The Phases of Male Sexual Response

A mans sexual response cycles can be differentiated through 4 distinct


1. The phase of excitement

2. The plateau stage
3. The orgasm
4. Final resolution - a return to the pre orgasmic state

This concept was originally explained by sex researchers William

Masters and Virginia Johnson ("Masters and Johnson") in the 1950s. It
is important that we take a look at these phases in greater detail.
Stage #1 - Excitement

This is marked by an erection of the penis. It may be triggered by a

number of factors - notably physical stimulation, sights or even erotic
thoughts. The erection can come about in a matter of seconds. A
smaller penis will usually experience a more dramatic change in size
compared to a larger one when it is erect. The erection occurs because
there is an increased flow of blood into the erectile tissues in the male

When there is an erection, other subtle changes also occur in a mans

body. This is the basic response a man will experiences as a result of
sexual stimulation. Other muscle groups will contract during this time.
Some men also experience changes in the breasts, although this is not
common. Some may even experience a sort of reddish rash all over
the body during the initial stages of arousal. This is perfectly normal
and nothing really to worry about.

A man will also experience changes in the scrotum and the testicles
during this time. The skin may thicken and the whole scrotum may
elevate. The cord that holds the testicles may shorten and gets pulled
closer to the body. One testicle may rise faster towards the body than
the other.

Stage #2 - Plateau
The excitement of a man usually peaks during the initial phase itself.
There is little difference that takes place in the penis during the plateau
phase. The only difference that occurs during this stage is that the
penis head may deepen in color and increase in diameter by up to 50
percent. The scrotum and the epididymis will also tighten in response.

During this time, the breathing rate increases and so does the heart
rate. The man also experiences an increase in the blood pressure
levels. There is further tightening of the muscles - both voluntary and
involuntary. There may be spasms along the abdomen and ribs, and
even the face. The buttocks may also tighten and this may further
increase a mans arousal.

During this phase, there is often a slight discharge from the penis. This
is the result of the stimulation of the Cowpers glands. This discharge is
often called the pre-cum. It is different from the semen that is
ejaculated during ejaculation, but it still contains thousands of sperms
all the same. So, a woman may become pregnant even if this enters
her vagina.

Anyone can see that there are differences in the stages of arousal, but
the basic rationale is the same. It happens when there is an increase in
the tensions of the different muscles and the increased blood supply to
the different (sexual and non-sexual) organs. This arousal peaks when
there is an orgasm.

Stage #3 - Orgasm
The primary indications of an orgasm are the tightening of muscles
throughout the body and the ejaculation. A man also experiences a
euphoric feeling, especially at the lower abdominal muscles. This
feeling lasts throughout the phase of ejaculation. The spasms may last
for around 4/5th of a second and subside after the initial burst.

The process of ejaculation is a complex one. Fluid that contains

millions of sperms is accumulated in the ampullae. These are organs
that contain the testicles. When these contract, they throw out the fluid.
The prostrate also contracts and sends the fluid into the urethra. A
bulb-like structure present near the base of the penis will increase in
size. When there are contractions in this bulb, fluid is expelled at great
force. Older men will experience contractions that are weaker in
general. It is also noted that the urethra will undergo minor contractions
even after the ejaculation is apparently over.

These are very obvious changes that take place in the penis. However,
there are changes that are less obvious. There is an increase in the
blood pressure and the pulse rate. There is also an increase in the sex
flush. The different muscles may also respond in a different manner.
For instance, a man may frown or grimace during these moments.
There may also be muscular contractions in the legs and arms and
both the man and his female partner may grasp each other tightly. Most
men are unaware of these subtle changes in their bodies and it is
common that some guys may experience muscle aches the following

Stage #4 - Resolution

One of the basic functions of an orgasm is the release of muscular

tensions and blood pressure. The penis goes back to the limp stage
and the testicles also descend to their normal state. The breathing and
pulse rate also go down.

An important part of the resolution phase relates to the refractory

period. This is the time between two erections - a period when a man
cannot be stimulated. Young men usually have shorter refractory times
- often less than half an hour. In older men, this may last at least a few

On average, men experience refractory periods that last for an hour.

Women are more fortunate in this regard! Since most women do not
ejaculate, they do not have a refractory period and may experience
another orgasm within a few minutes if they receive the right
stimulation. That is how they become multi orgasmic!

Getting To Know Thyself

Another approach to portray the male sexual response involves

breaking down the cycles into ten specific stages, using a pleasure
scale of one to ten (instead of just 4 phases). This is the approach we
will use in this book as it allows you to accurately identify and isolate
each stage. This is particularly useful when it comes to controlling your
arousal levels.

This pleasure scale is really simple and straight forward:

Pleasure Scale

The most important thing you can do about your sexual arousal is to
learn how to monitor and measure it, using the above Pleasure Scale.

Why is this important? Every man is unique. You need to learn how to
read yourself so that you know exactly where you are during the throes
of sexual ecstasy. When you discover where your arousal level lies and
what causes the excitement, you can indulge in all the pleasures of sex
while prolonging your enjoyment and that of your partner. This is
absolutely vital for stopping premature ejaculation in its tracks.
Here are the 10 distinct stages of arousal a man goes through during
sex, as well as an understanding of the processes involved in each.

Stage 1 - You are starting off with feelings of excitement. This is the
beginning of sexual arousal although there is no erection yet.

Stage 2 - You start to develop the physical signs of excitement, namely

a flushed appearance and an increased heartbeat. This is usually
during foreplay, for example, when you engage in kissing, touching or

Stage 3 - There is some contact with your penis, and it can occur
through stimulation from your partners hands, oral sex or during

Stage 4 Your sexual arousal and excitement continues to rise

Stage 5 You are already well into intercourse

Stage 6 Youve moved pass the mid-point on the pleasure scale.

Youre already fully aroused, with your breathing and heart rate

Stage 7 - You begin to peak in your excitement. This is the beginning

of the "point of no return", or PNR.
This is also known as the ejaculation inevitability.
Stage 8 - Your muscles start contracting, with face flushing and the
whole body starting to arch in pleasure

Stage 9 - This is the final point just before your pleasure peaks.
Usually at this point, there is NO turning back, and there is NO way you
can will yourself back to ground zero. Ejaculation is IMMINENT.

Stage 10 The final point where orgasm and ejaculation occur,

followed by a refractory period where you temporarily go limp and
cannot get an erection

These are the 10 basic stages of a man's sexual arousal. An

understanding of these different stages will come in handy when you
start doing the targeted exercises in the second part of this book.

With some practice, you will know exactly when you reach the different
stages and how they feel like. Only when you gain a better
understanding of your own arousal levels, can you start to achieve
better control over your ejaculation.
The Two Stages Of Cumming

As youve learned earlier, there are many obvious signs that lead up to
a male orgasm.

For example:
- Your breathing rate escalates
- Your heart rate goes up
- Certain muscle groups in your body begin to tighten, most
notably your abdominal, thigh, buttock and pelvic muscles
- Your testicles will elevate and move closer towards your

While most men clearly enjoy the ooh and aah moments of an
orgasm, what most of us dont know is that the male orgasm consists
of two separate and distinct stages. Lets take a quick look below.

Emission Stage: Also known as the point of no return or ejaculation

inevitability, the emission phase is characterized by seminal fluid
entering the urethra - the tube that is responsible for carrying semen
and urine through your penis and out of it. The prostate gland releases
the semen which builds up in the bulb of the urethra. This is akin to a
gun with the bullets fully loaded and the firing mechanisms ready to

Expulsion Stage: The emission gives way to expulsion. Rhythmic

contractions of the PC (or pubococcygeus) muscles propel semen
through the urethra and out of the penis glans.

The very muscles that result in the release of semen are also the same
ones that give you the great erotic pleasure during sex.
Thus one of the keys to lasting longer - as you would later discover - is
to tone up and strengthen the PC muscles so that you develop the
ability to completely relax these muscles AT WILL.

More On The Point Of No Return

The orgasm cycles of a man are different from that of a woman.

Women do not experience the Point of No Return (PNR) and the
Refractory Period - two distinct phases that a man will go through
during sex.

The PNR, as mentioned earlier, is the point where ejaculation becomes

inevitable. Even if you stop thrusting and stay clear of all forms of
stimulation, you will still come.

The PNR is seen as both a blessing and a curse. It gives you an

impending great pleasure, but once the semen goes into the penis
shaft, there is no way you can stop the climax. Her granny could walk
into the room, and you'd still be primed to blow your load off.

After ejaculation, you go into the Refractory Phase, where you will stay
limp and unable to achieve an erection.

Depending on various factors such as your age and overall physical

well-being, this Refractory Phase can stretch anywhere from 30
minutes to 2 or 3 hours. In layman terms, your penis basically needs to
take a break :-)
Exercise: Understanding Your Arousal Patterns

This is the first practical, hands-on section of this program. It is a

simple, exploratory exercise centered around masturbation to help you
better understand your own levels of sexual arousal.

1. Start Right: You a need a good, silent place to begin. Your

bedroom should be ideal, but a locked bathroom is okay too! Sit on a
chair and start to stimulate your penis. Do not rely on pornography,
lubrication or your partner when doing this.

2. Feel The Difference: Once your penis is erect, shift your mind to
the feelings you are experiencing. Are you breathing faster? When
does your heartbeat go up?
Which muscles are you clenching when the arousal peaks? These
questions will help you identify the subsequent stages of your arousal.
Build it up slowly, so that you can identify each stage individually.

3. Build It Up: Continue stimulation and note the different feelings

you experience at each stage. For instance, what are the sensations
you feel in your head, stomach or arms? Your transition between the
different stages of arousal should be slow and well marked out. The
point is to become very familiar with the different levels of arousal you
are going through, so that you can keep yourself confined to one when
you feel like it.
4. Take Your Time: It may not easy to determine the different stages
right away. Take your time. Concentrate on identifying the stages
initially and then the feelings you experience at each stage. This will
help you control your sexual responses better.

5. Understanding Your Peak: Try and find out when your ejaculation
occurs - the point of no return. How long does this take? Can you
identify the exact feelings you get just before you come? Finding out all
these points is the purpose of the whole masturbation exercise.

Most men may find it difficult to identify the thin line between an
arousal plateau and the point of no return. This is because the
transition may take place within a fraction of a second.

But with repeated practice you will begin identify the stages better. This
will help you become more conscious about what gets you going and
more importantly, how you can control your arousal and last longer.

Once you understand how your body works, youre in a better position
to develop greater control and improve your endurance in between the

There is more

So weve reached the end of Part One of this book. Weve come a long
way in learning about the fundamental concepts of premature
ejaculation, myths and misconceptions, as well as how your sexual
response cycle works.

Part Two awaits and this is where the excitement really begins -
excuse the pun :-)

Keep the lessons and concepts youve learned here, and Ill see in you
Part Two. This is where the rubber hits the road - youll learn
techniques that masterful lovers use to last like a stallion in bed.

Part 2

Techniques Of The Masters

This is where the REAL action starts.

Here Ill give you all the tools and knowledge you need to begin re-
training and re-wiring your mind and body so that you can revel in
longer lasting sex, and at the same time, give your partner an erotic
experience she never thought was possible.

This is basically a techniques section, so be ready and get some

target practice going!

Chapter 4

Empower The Mind

The biggest sex organ in our bodies lies NOT in between our leg, but in
between our ears. Most people think that our bodies play the main role
during sex, but in fact its our minds that control most of what happens
(or doesnt happen) when we have sex with another person.

The body, after all, is controlled by the brain - our minds rule our
physical selves. Take control of your mind and you can take control of
your body. Nowhere is this more useful or productive than when a man
suffers from premature ejaculation and wishes to solve it.

Almost every guy has experienced PE, especially as a young man. Sex
is very exciting, and when you get over-stimulated, you simply lose it.
Since you really do screw with your brain and not the delivery system
between your legs, you need to train your brain not to get overly

Instituting The Right Mental Input

Did you know that your mind controls about 75% of premature
ejaculation? If you can manage to control at least a part of your mind,
you will be able to last much longer in bed. The part of your brain that
is called the cortex influences your ejaculation to a large extent. So the
next time you get excited when you see something erotic, you know it
is your cortex that is largely at work!
It naturally follows that any amount of control you can exert on this
cortex can help you last longer. For instance, if thinking erotic thoughts
gets you aroused, then thinking about something relaxing will always
calm you.

We all know that a relaxed mind causes your body to relax as well, and
this can do wonders to extend your time during sex.

Here are several techniques for overcoming mental barriers to sexual

endurance. This will help rein in your sexual arousal and keep it in
check (these are not your usual mind distraction tricks that many men

Focus On Sensuality, NOT Sexuality

Much of a man's inability to hold back an ejaculation stems from

psychological or confidence-related issues. The very thoughts that run
though your mind during sex will affect your sexual endurance. Some
guys allow the sensations of intercourse to rule over their head and
that is a quick and surefire way to blow early.

You must learn how to control your arousal right from the beginning.
This can be achieved by focusing NOT on intercourse but on the entire
sexual experience.
This is a huge difference

To develop mental or arousal control, you need to focus on the ALL the
sensations you experience and GIVE during sex, and not just focusing
on how you feel in your own genitals.

For example...

Focus On Pleasing Her, FIRST

To hold off an early climax, try to prolong foreplay. This will give you
time to get relaxed and comfortable. And its great for women too.
Many women complain about their men skipping foreplay altogether, so
focusing on pleasing her before intercourse can only be a good thing.

Youll see that after a few minutes, youll be much calmer and relaxed.
Plus, your partner will be much more turned on than if you had just
skipped foreplay and gone straight to penetrative sex. With the right
amounts of foreplay, sex becomes much more pleasurable when you
begin penetration.

Release Your Past Sexual Baggage

What you did in the past does not define what will happen next time.
You see, it is very easy to panic and get anxious just before sex. You
may find yourself reliving your past sexual experiences where you
came early and ended the sex before it even got started.

Heres what you should do instead: let go of those embarrassing

experiences and focus on the present. Your sexual encounters in the
past DO NOT dictate what will happen the next time you have sex.
YOU dictate it.

Stay Away From Mental Distraction Tactics

Sex is meant to be pleasurable. So dont do what so many guys do by

thinking of baseball statistics or visualizing math problems in an
attempt to distract yourself from the pleasure in order to increase the
time you can last in bed.

Instead, stay relaxed and in the moment. As soon as the stimulation

gets too intense, back off and relax. This will help you manage your
arousal better.

Re-Position Your Mind

Mind re-positioning refers to adjusting your perspectives about

premature ejaculation. For example, instead of thinking about PE as a
problem, why not think of it as an opportunity?

Often times, premature ejaculation is the result of being too

preoccupied with your own shortcomings, especially with regards to
your sexual performance. It can lead to a vicious cycle spiraling out of

Instead of looking at premature ejaculation as a curse, see it that you

are blessed with a responsive sexual system something that men
with erectile dysfunction would die to have!

Unleash The Power Of Positive Visualization

You may have heard about this before, but it helps to illustrate the
power of positive visualization. A football coach experimented by
dividing his lads into two teams of players with almost the same
talents, performance and experience. Over a period of time, while one
team physically practiced scoring goals from dead-ball situations such
as free-kicks and penalty kicks, the other team simply visualizes
scoring goals under the same circumstances. When the two teams
competed, the players who practiced visualization were actually more
proficient and successful!

So what can you do with this technique? Simple! Set a goal in your
mind for how long you want to last in bed, and picture yourself
achieving it. This is an extremely powerful mental technique.

Banish Self-Defeating Thoughts

Negative thoughts are the bane of our sex lives. At any point in time,
our human minds are EITHER preoccupied with positive or negative
thoughts. For most people, it is far easier to allow self-defeating
thoughts to creep in. With premature ejaculation, these can really
snowball and worsen your problem over time.

The next time you experience a negative thought, recognize it, and
immediately replace it with a positive thought. Adopt a positive mental
outlook. Envision yourself achieving success, rather than failure. Make
it a conscious effort to do that every time. Before long, you will
condition your mind to stand up to your negative thought patterns and
play out positive outcomes instead.

Dont Make Sex Out To Be A Big Deal

Many men place great importance on their abilities to perform in bed,

and for good reasons too. The trouble is, when you get too excited
about sex, your mind will inevitably and subconsciously contribute to
the release of dopamine and testosterone hormones into your blood
stream - a surefire way to climax in a hurry.

Do not view sex as the all-encompassing element of a relationship. It is

not. Sex is just one part of a healthy, stable and enduring relationship.
No matter how little you have of it, never make sex a huge issue. Just
look upon it as one of your daily routines. Believe me, getting this
paradigm right is one of the keys to curing premature ejaculation.
So how do you make sex seem like a normal, every day thing?

Have Sex More Often

One of the best ways to remove some strength from any drive pressure
is to satisfy that drive more frequently. Try to have sex as often as
possible. Rather than shying away from it, take it by the horns and see
every sex session as an opportunity to improve your sexual endurance
and your sexual intimacy.

As with any self-improvement endeavor, practice makes perfect. Use

these as opportunities to get to know your own sexual response cycles.
Above all, practice some simple maneuvers with her, such as varying
your positions to reduce penile stimulation as well as understanding
the types of movements and intensity that will lower her threshold for
an orgasm.

Even if you do ejaculate prematurely, you will recognize there is always

another time when you can improve your stamina in bed!

Managing Mental Arousal

If you want to last longer in bed, you need to learn how to control your
sexual arousal. There are plenty of quick fixes out there that promise to
help men cure PE and last longer during sex. But if you fail to control
your arousal right at the beginning, then regardless of the product or
technique you are using, you wont be able to last long. Once you get
overly excited, it's game over almost as soon as it begins!

So how do you control your arousal?

Get Familiar With Your Reactions To Arousal

Remember earlier when we talked about the various stages of the

male sexual response? There is a "point of no return" during sex. This
is when a man's arousal levels are pushed over the edge such that
ejaculation becomes imminent and inevitable. How quickly a man
reaches this tipping point depends on how he controls his arousal at
the onset of sex.

You see, most guys who are inexperienced in sex simply allow their
arousal to rule over their heads and do not control their stimulation until
it is too late.

You have to understand that you cannot wait until you reach tipping
point to take action - or in most cases, to completely stop all action and
just stay still, hoping that the sensation will subside. To completely
control your ejaculation, you need to know how to maintain your
arousal levels at ALL time - until the time you choose to climax.

Here is a simple technique you can use

All you need is to establish a mental pleasure scale of one to ten.
Heres a recap of what you learned earlier.

1' on the pleasure scale is when sex begins and you are not at all
stimulated. '10' - as you have probably guessed, represents your

Here's what you do:

1. Keep the pleasure scale in mind as soon as sex


2. At all times, be aware of where you are on the pleasure

scale. This will allow you to keep in control.
3. When you reach around '6' on the scale, how long have you
engaged in sex? Just a couple of minutes? If so, go to step 4. If
you have already lasted several minutes, then just carry on with
what you are doing.

4. Before you hit '7' or '8' on the scale, DO something to

reduce your arousal level. This could mean switching to another
less stimulating sex position, varying the depth of penetration, or
simply to slow down your thrusting. Doing so will help push back
your arousal level and help you last longer.

The key is to always stay 2 to 3 steps ahead of Stage 10 - the point of

no return, until you decide to climax. This will DRAMATICALLY
improve your sexual endurance, without fail.

The Breath Of Sex

When having sex you will notice that are several bodily functions you
cannot control - for example, your heart rate, blood pressure,
perspiration and even getting an erection when aroused. Breathing is
the only physiological system in a mans body that can be voluntarily
Fortunately, breathing is also one of the most important components in
managing your arousal levels and eventually holding back your
ejaculation during sex. Thus it also goes that by learning and practicing
the proper breathing techniques, you can supercharge your sexual
stamina. The way you breathe - the speed and duration (or depth) of
each breath - is critical.

To give you a better idea, lets look at the Pleasure Scale again, this
time by illustrating the breathing rate of the average man as he
progresses through the pleasure scale of one to ten.

Notice how as your arousal levels increase, your breathing rate gets a
boost as well, and spirals to the maximum as you get closer to an

If you focus on your breathing and concentrate on slowing it down

while you're having sex, it can help you last longer by not only dividing
your attention so you're just distracted enough to not 'come' but it also
naturally helps to control your excitement level.

Many Tantric sex teachers, for example, teach methods to prolong

orgasm for many hours. Sting, the rock star sort of brought this practice
out into the open in recent years, even though it's been practiced for
hundreds of years in the Far East, where men are known to be superb,
and sensual lovers.

There is a whole science of sexual breathing and a whole set of

strategies that have literally been around for centuries. Believe me
they CAN make you an insanely amazing lover, but you DO need to

The Right Breathing Technique

Many guys try to control their breathing but are simply doing it the
WRONG way. This can actually increase your anxiety levels and push
you towards the edge of ejaculation even faster. Many men dont know
how to breathe properly during sex and end up tensing their bodies
and ejaculating too soon.

This is how you adopt the correct breathing technique.

1. Focus your breathing patterns from the lower part of your
belly. Instead of sucking in your belly like most guys do when
they breathe in, push out your stomach as you inhale.

2. Keep your shoulders level at all times. If your shoulders

move up and down, you are adopting anxious breathing which
significantly reduces your sexual arousal control.

3. Do not make the mistake of taking quick, short breaths

during sex. Maintain slow, deep and steady breaths. This gives
you greater control.

4. Most importantly, keep the pattern of your breathing natural.

Don't consciously force your breathing to be regular. Forced
breathing actually increases your sexual anxiety and makes your
body tensed - a sure way to ejaculate quickly.

If you can find 10 or 15 minutes a day to practice your breathing, you

will notice a profound change in your overall stress levels. And the
reduced stress levels will directly keep your arousal in check and help
you control premature ejaculation more effectively.

Exercise: Preparatory Breathing

Before you blame yourself for your lack of sexual endurance, there is a
simple preparatory breathing technique you can use to last longer in
bed. It works very well for me and once you master this, you can
achieve enhanced sexual stamina straight out of the gate without fail.

As the name suggests, preparatory breathing prepares you for the sex
that is going to happen. The best time to start off preparatory breathing
is during foreplay. You should begin this technique before you engage
in intercourse so that your breathing will fall into a naturally deep

This is what you do:

1. At the Onset: Do a few deep inhalations. As far as possible,

make sure this is not obvious to your partner. Just take some
deep and slow breaths and hold it after each exhalation.

2. Continue With It: Take deep breaths, making sure that you
move your lower body, and not your chest or shoulders. Your
belly and the lower ribs should be moving out every time you take
deep breaths.

3. Put It In Words: Every time you feel like you are slipping
away, say these words to yourself: "in...out". Repeat it and
breathe in coordination until you feel yourself gaining back
4. Repeat: Do the above every time you are getting ready for
sex. It will help calm your sexual nerves each time your partner
caresses you or even just undresses in front of you.

The best way to tackle premature ejaculation is to remain calm and

focused when it matters most. And the preparatory breathing
techniques illustrated above will help you do just that.

Exercise: In-Sex Breathing

This is a breathing technique you can use during sex. It will help slow
down the build-up of sexual tension in your body and also helps tackle
a sudden surge of sexual arousal during sex.

This is what you do:

1. Breathe Deeply: Your breathing control should carry over

from the preparatory breathing you just learned earlier.
Remember, you can only control your breathing and orgasmic
tension up to a certain level. Beyond that stage, there is nothing
you can do to rein in your ejaculation. That is why it is very
important for you to start controlling how you breathe at the
moment you begin making love.

Important: As you breathe, your belly should come before your

chest and your shoulders should not accompany the breathing
2. Watch Out: Every few seconds, evaluate the stage of
excitement you are at. The moment you feel that your excitement
is peaking too fast, SLOW DOWN. Breathe deeply every 10 to 30
seconds and practice conscious relaxation. Try relaxing your
abdominal and buttock muscles and feel the tensions ebb away.

3. Control Your Penis: Concentrate on the sensations around

your penis glans (head). Is there a build-up of tension? Your
breathing can help it relax.

Try This: Take shallow breaths. Inhale for 2 seconds and exhale
for 4 seconds. When you are sexually excited, you tend to
hyperventilate. This will slow you down and reduce the sexual
tension to a manageable level.

4. Do Not Force It: It is natural for your body to want to return

to a natural pattern of breathing after you have done the above
for some time. Do not force it. Allow your breathing to become
normal for a while.

5. Once your initial excitement has been effectively controlled,

you have just added at least a couple of minutes to sex.
If you feel yourself going through the different stages of sexual arousal
rapidly, try practicing this breathing technique. For once, you will be
able to turn the tables on your quick ejaculation.

Exercise: Synchronized Breathing

This is another technique that will keep early ejaculation at bay. You
should keep doing this throughout your time in bed. It is called
synchronized breathing and can be very effective when you want to
last longer.

1. Synchronize your breathing with your thrusting movements

2. This may sound counter-intuitive, but when you are

penetrating, try to exhale; inhale when you are withdrawing your

3. Remember, you cannot do this at every stroke. Your

breathing pattern should remain SLOWER than the speed of your
thrusts. Perform this form of breathing for every 5 thrusts you
make during sex. This creates a pressure on your pelvic muscles
and there is little chance of you ejaculating before time.

Exercise: Triangular Breathing

This is one of the most powerful breathing methods for controlling
ejaculation. It allows you to stay far more connected with your lover
while you are doing it.

This technique is based on a simple yoga breathing exercise to relax

your mind and will prevent your heightened sexual arousal from tipping
you over. And while this technique takes a little practice, it works
almost like magic when you figured it out.

This is how to perform triangular breathing:

1. Inhale very slowly and steadily and count to 5

2. Hold your breath for the same 5-count duration

3. Exhale slowly, making sure that it lasts exactly as long as

the inhalation and the hold

4. When your lungs are empty, repeat the breathing pattern.

The next step is to add the visualization of a triangle in your mind. Try
to visualize or imagine your breath as a beam of light moving along the
three sides of a triangle (see diagram below)
Your breathing should be very slow, even and deliberate. You can
practice this breathing technique before you actually use it for sexual
control. In fact, this trick will come in handy whenever you want to
reduce your stress level. It is a very effective way to get yourself
centered and feeling calm whenever you feel that stress or anxiety is
getting a hold on you.

When you become comfortable with this technique, you can begin to
apply it to reduce your sexual excitement and anxiety.

As you feel your sexual arousal rising during intercourse, try practicing
the triangular breathing. You should be able to do the breathing
exercise and the visualization, while staying connected and engaged
with your partner.

Remember, you should practice these 4 breathing exercises until you

are comfortable with them.

You may falter initially. That is okay!

After all, when it comes to fixing premature ejaculation, you should not
expect a quick fix, but a permanent solution.

Give it time.

With enough practice, you will even outlast what the average guy can
muster in ten lovemaking sessions combined!

Relaxation Of The Mind

No matter how many techniques or positions you use to increase your

stamina in bed, the fact remains that you have to be relaxed when you
are practicing them. There are very clear steps by which you can relax
yourself - even during intercourse.

Why Is Relaxation So Important?

It is through relaxation of the mind and body that you can prevent an
early ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is often (although not always)
the result of the involuntary contraction of the PC (or pubococcygeus)
muscles and a corresponding heightening of sexual pleasure.

When you make a conscious effort to remain mentally calm and

relaxed during sex, you are in a better position to control your PC
muscles. After all, all those sex positions and techniques are not going
to work if you are not able to control your PC muscles. It is analogous
to trying to drive a car when you do not even know how to put your feet
to the peddle and your hands to the wheel.

The Keys To Relaxation For Better Ejaculatory Control...

Well, it is easy for me to say "relax!" But how do you really go about it?
It is pretty simple - just follow these 2 basic principles.

1. "Mind Over Body": Focus your mind on the different

sensations that are going through your body. Instead of focusing
on the sensations in your genitals, try to turn your attention to the
feelings in your abdomen, legs or your chest. If you feel a
tightening in any of the muscles in those areas, take a deep
breath and relax these areas consciously. Not only will this help
you keep off premature ejaculation, it will also let you continue
receiving sexual stimulation without blowing early.

2. "Forced Indifference": The only thing you need to do is to

feel the arousal, but from a separate and "indifferent" angle - as if
it were happening to someone else. For example, take your eyes
off your woman for an instant and consciously relax your body.
Focus your mind on other areas of pleasure and try to keep the
arousal from becoming overwhelming. This technique can be
highly effective.
Exercise: Triggering A Relaxation Response

The therapeutic use of relaxation techniques in stress-related disorders

- including premature ejaculation - is well documented. There is a
strong correlation between relaxation of the mind and lasting longer in

Do you remember what your body feels like when you are nearing an
orgasm? You will feel your body muscles tensing and contracting,
especially those around your butt, stomach, legs and anus.

Now what do you think will happen if you can keep these key muscle
groups completely relaxed or loose, even when youre highly aroused
and excited? Well, you will gain the coveted ability to prolong your
ejaculation for as long as you desire!

Staying calm and relaxed is the perfect way to last longer during sex.
But, we're all so stressed out in our daily walks of life, that we actually
need to learn how to relax. In other words, we need to voluntarily
induce a "relaxation response" in our bodies, or basically, to chill out

The term "Relaxation Response", pioneered by Dr. Herbert Benson MD

of the Harvard Medical School, invariably changed the way people
perceive stress. Our minds and bodies are inherently connected. This
means proper stress management can yield significant benefits on
ones physical and psychological well-being.
The Relaxation Response is all about getting your mind into a calm
and composed state. This is also known as the "parasympathetic"
state, which is essentially the opposite of the sympathetic "fight or
flight" response (which arises in a situation where we are faced with
imminent danger and forced to either fight in self defense or flee to
avoid injury or even death).

To bring about that calmness in your mind, you need to make a

conscious effort to bring yourself into that relaxed state. This is not
exactly an intuitive thing to do, but can definitely be achieved with
some practice. Once you are conditioned to induce the Relaxation
Response at will, you can expect to achieve better prospects - both in
health and sexuality - and your ability to last longer.

This is a simple approach to induce the Relaxation


1. Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably, preferably

when youre alone

2. Close your eyes and allow all the muscles in your body to
relax completely

3. Take in deep breathes and exhale slowly. To help you stay

focused, try counting your breaths, or repeat a word as you
exhale. Alternatively, try to visualize calm, relaxing images, such
as a surreal waterfall or a clear blue sky.

4. Perform this for 10 to 20 minutes. When you are done,

remain seated for a few more minutes before slowly getting up.

5. If time permits, try practicing this once or twice daily.

Most people experience an increased calmness in their mind and body

within a few days. The important thing is that with consistent practice,
you will experience a profound reduction in your stress levels - and a
significant boost to your sexual endurance.

The Straight Scoop On Mind Distraction Tactics

When it comes to preventing premature ejaculation, there are no lack

of myths and misconceptions about techniques that work and those
that don't. One of the most common techniques you would probably
have heard of is using distraction of thoughts during sex.

Does it work? Well, let's find out the truth.

Distraction techniques function on the basis of pre-occupying your

mind with something else when you are close to an orgasm. Some
guys think of non-sexual things such as sports or even ugly
personalities to pull their minds off sex for a moment.
It all sounds logical and some guys claim that this technique works for
them. But there is an underside: you are taking away the joy of sex
instead of staying in the moment to savor and fully experience

Would sex be as fun and tantalizing if you were to think of something

else? I think not

Use this as an acid test: Would you prefer to be thinking about the
wonderful woman you are making love to, or would you rather drum up
some images of a dirty, scruffy football player?

I think the answer is pretty obvious to you.

This Is What You Should Do Instead...

Now, instead of "tuning out" from sex using distraction tactics to delay
ejaculation, why not "tune in" to sex? Well, this may seem counter-
intuitive at first. You see, you may think that the very reason you are
ejaculating prematurely is because your mind and body are being
stimulated too much too soon. That is true, and that is probably why
you are trying to distract yourself to avoid blowing too early.

On the contrary, you should immerse yourself totally into sex, but the
key is not in focusing on the pleasure of your penis in her.
Focus on the whole-body experience of sex instead of what you feel in
your genitals

Instead you should focus on the whole-body experience of sex. You

stay 'in tune' by:

- Heightening your sensate focus, or simply embracing all

your five senses - touch, sight, sound, smell and taste;

- Taking the focus away from YOU to HER.

By focusing exclusively on the full-body experience of sex and on

pleasuring your female partner first, you will divert attention away from
the pleasures in your genitals. You will also enjoy the fact that you are
keeping her on the edge instead of yourself. This is surprising easy to
do, and very effective in increasing your staying power in bed.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Of course staying in tune with the whole experience of sex cannot be

mastered right away. It takes some practice, but it is something well
worth doing and practicing. And your woman will certainly thank you for
it when you are able to last long enough to give her that much
deserved orgasm!
The Art Of Emotional Connection

There is a rule in psychology and NLP that says: You can't accomplish
anything that you can't first IMAGINE yourself accomplishing. In other
words, if you just can't even see how you could ever be the guy that
lasts as long as you want... how will you ever accomplish it?

You've got to believe in yourself and your ability to do this - and do it

easily. You've got to be able to clearly visualize yourself as that man
who has total control.

Once you can visualize it clearly, then you can begin to take steps to
actually accomplish it.

So for now - the brain is the enemy.

Conversely, trying to distract yourself by thinking about baseball

statistics, or trying to control your erection by will power simply
creates more anxiety.

Anxiety is a mans biggest enemy in the bedroom.

If youve been telling yourself you've got a problem lasting longer,

wellyou've just convinced yourself that!
Get it out of your head and into your body... and specifically, get into
your HEART.

Focus on emotionally connecting with your woman when making out.

When you begin actual intercourse, go as slow as you can and stop if
you need to. Above all, try NOT to think about your penis...

Work on just building that connection with her. Hold eye contact, smile
at her, stroke her hair, tell her EXACTLY how you feel about her, and
become completely present in the moment.

This is not only the most effective way in learning how to control your
ejaculation it is also by far, the most rewarding!
Chapter 5

Enable The Body

Adding physical control to mental control will allow you to totally re-wire
your ejaculatory triggers so that you can decide when you want to
ejaculate. Japanese Geisha's have this natural ability to bring a man to
ecstasy without having him prematurely end the fun. If they can do
that, you can too IF you know your own body.

Knowing your body's primary arousal points can help you last longer. A
good physical condition is crucial in enduring the physical task of
keeping it up longer. Do not underestimate your muscles' participation
in your endurance quest. Ask your partner to assist you in this self-
discovery and sex will never get boring.

Mastering Your PC Muscles

Training your ejaculatory muscles is critical to developing physical

control. No fancy pills or props are necessary. No gels, lotions, potions
or oceans of information are needed.

PC contraction exercises, for example, are amongst the easiest way to

not only improve your penis size, but to also toughen up the muscles
that regulate ejaculation control and offer you more sexual control
when you're in bed. And while sexual therapists and counselors have
been recommending this for years only recently have ordinary men
caught on.

Superior sexual endurance all starts with strong, well-toned pelvic

muscles that can completely relax at will, as well as having the ability
to clamp tightly for a good few minutes when you want to. To have
these abilities at your disposal, you need to start a daily routine of vital
exercises to strengthen these muscles.

Your PC muscles (or pubococcygeus muscles) belong to a group of

pelvic floor muscles that control urination and ejaculation of semen.
The PC muscles are located in between the anus and scrotum (or
testes). But the muscle is not something you can visibly see (the
diagram above shows where the PC muscles are located).

Whats even more important is for you to identify and "feel" the muscles
from the inside.

To locate your PC muscles, simply try stopping your urine midway; you
will find one muscle near the anus that flexes or contracts inwards.
When you relax the muscle, the urine will flow again. This is the PC
muscle at work.

Once you're clear where your PC muscles are, what it feels like to
clench and relax them, you can start a series of exercises to
strengthen them.
By strengthening the proper set of muscles, you will be able to control
your ejaculation at all times even with the most intense sexual

A poorly toned PC muscle can lead to:

Erections that come and go very fast

Ejaculations that are weak and have a 'dribbling' effect. This
reduces the pleasure for the man.
Lack of understanding of the different levels of excitement,
and therefore a failure to control premature ejaculation

Longer span of time between an ejaculation and the next


Let us take a look at a series of exercises that will help build up your
PC muscles and boost your staying power.

Exercise: PC Flex

This simple flexing (or contraction) routine is also known as a Kegel

exercise, pioneered by Dr. Arnold Kegel.

This is what you do:

1. Flex (or contract) your PC muscle and hold it for 2-3

2. Release the muscle and relax for 2 to 3 seconds.

3. Perform a set of 20 flexes, 2 to 3 times a day; aiming to

build it up to 75 flexes per set

4. Hold the muscle as you breathe in and release as you

exhale, relaxing all other muscles as you do so.

You can do this with a limp or half erect penis. I recommend you avoid
doing these exercises with a full erection. You don't want to get in the
habit of flexing your PC muscles when you have an erection, since that
could essentially train yourself to make the mistake of flexing (and
ejaculating) while you're having sex.

It is likely that you will feel a weakness in your penis in the initial week
after you begin the exercises. This is a very natural progression and a
sign that your PC muscles are beginning to adjust and adapt to the
new routines.

Just like when you first started building your biceps, you will experience
soreness and weakness in the respective muscles.

Do not panic and give up

In just another week or so, your PC muscles will start to strengthen and
give you far better ejaculatory control than before. Stick with it and you
will be richly rewarded with transformative sex later on.

Exercise: PC Clench

This is a more advanced technique that builds on the PC Flex. The PC

Clench requires you to hold your contraction for a longer duration. It is
more rigorous, requires a little more effort but will keep your PC muscle
in optimal condition.

This is what you do:

1. Contract your PC muscle tightly, holding it for 10 seconds

2. Release and relax the muscle for the same amount of time.

3. Perform a set of 20 reps, twice a day at first; aim to build it

up to 75 flexes per set twice a day

Important: Pay attention to your breathing when you're flexing these

muscles. You should treat your PC muscle exactly the same as any
other muscle you would exercise. Inhale when you flex the muscle, and
exhale when you relax it. The surge of oxygen during inhalation will
introduce more energy during the muscle contractions, making the
exercise more effective.
Both PC Flex and PC Clench are remarkably easy to do. The harder
part is to make a conscious effort to practice these exercises regularly.

To maximize the benefits from doing these exercises, you should

commit to making your PC exercises a part of your daily routine right

Heres one suggestion

Find a few times and places where you will remember to perform these
routines every day. For example, you might do them when taking a
shower, when youre commuting to and from work or when youre
watching TV commercials.

The beauty of PC exercises is that you can practically do them

anytime, anywhere, in any position! Whatever you choose, make sure
you do it regularly so it becomes an integral part of your daily routine.

Exercise: PC Muscle Relaxation

In addition to the contraction exercises described above, keeping your

PC muscles relaxed during sex is one of the keys to managing your
arousal and prolonging your orgasm.
Notice how you tighten your PC muscles when you are having sex, or
nearing an ejaculation? This heightens the tension within the muscles
and can result in a faster ejaculation.

The basis of this technique is simple - as long as you keep your

muscles relaxed you will NOT ejaculate.

How do you know if your PC muscles are relaxed?

1. It is the middle point between these muscles tensing

inwards and them tensing outwards. Inward tensing occurs when
you try to hold back urination; outward tensing occurs when you
try to force urination or move your bowels. Now find the midpoint
between these two, where your PC muscles are neither pushing
or nor pulling. They are in a nice relaxed state.

2. Keep your stomach muscles relaxed too. A tensed belly will

cause your PC muscles to contract, invariably affecting your
ejaculatory control.

So, the next time you want to last longer in bed, relax those muscles
very consciously. You should practice this control right from the start -
from foreplay and then through intercourse.

Exercise: Fighting Off An Imminent Climax

This is often used as a tactic of last resort - that is, when ejaculation is
imminent. It is more advanced and requires a little bit more practice.
You need to physically train and strengthen your PC muscles to the
point that they can keep off an impending ejaculation.

This is how it works:

1. Stimulate yourself as you would when you are

masturbating. Just avoid reaching an orgasm too quickly.
Remember, if you try to do it too soon, you will end up getting an
ejaculation sooner rather than later. Keep the pace of stimulation
slow and unhurried.

2. When you think you are about 2-5 seconds from

ejaculation, clench or flex your PC muscles REALLY TIGHT. Flex
the muscle in an "upward and inward" motion and hold it there.
You can even flex your abs so that you get better control. Breathe
during the time; just don't take too deep breaths. If you do, you
will find it harder to flex your PC muscles.

3. During this whole period, concentrate on lowering your

arousal. This will help you stay calm and relaxed - without feeling
like you have lost all the excitement. Once you do this for some
time, you may experience minor waves - just as you would if you
were to have an orgasm. The fun part is that you are still holding
4. Make sure you keep your pelvic muscles firmly flexed when
you are trying this out. Else, you will ejaculate the moment you let

Time is of the essence when you are practicing this technique - leave it
too late and you will not be able to hold back your ejaculation. For this
reason, it is very important for you to get into repeated practice as
often as you can. This will ensure that you are fully prepared when the
moment is just right.

Although no man is naturally gifted to control his ejaculation, that does

not mean he cannot train his reflexes to achieve an endurance that he
can be proud of.
Follow these simple strategies and you will experience transformative
improvements in your sexual stamina, giving you the ability to ejaculate
almost on command!

The Sensuous Art Of Self-Gratification

You may not know it, but how you masturbate will either help or worsen
your premature ejaculation condition.

Why is this so?

You see, most men are conditioned to stimulate themselves to a climax
really fast. And this habit will carry itself over to sex. Quick release
during masturbation will inevitably lead to quick ejaculation in the
actual deed.

It may sound counter-intuitive at first. But you can actually use

masturbation as a journey of self discovery to improve your ejaculatory
control. Over time, you will gain superior confidence to withstand
extended periods of sexual stimulation.

This section will teach you how to perform 3 solo masturbation

exercises that will improve your sexual stamina.

Exercise: Pleasure Acclimatizing

Let us recap the Pleasure Scale as this will come in handy when
practicing and mastering the next few self-stimulation exercises.
With this exercise, you will be focusing on bringing your arousal to
specific levels and then stopping stimulation. The key lies in upping the
ante at each stage while you are approaching the Point Of No Return
(Stage 10), but without tipping over.

This is what you do:

1. Pleasure yourself slowly, allowing yourself to enjoy the

sensations flowing through your body. If you like, you may use
some lubrication to increase sensitivity.

2. As soon as you reach level 4 on the Pleasure Scale, stop

all stimulation, take in deep breaths and completely relax your

3. When your arousal tapers to level 2, resume stimulation.

4. When you hit 6 on the scale, stop stimulation, relax and

breathe deeply.

5. When your excitement falls to 2 again, begin pleasuring

yourself again.

6. When you reach 8, stop, relax and breathe deeply.

7. When your excitement drops to 2 again, resume

8. When you reach 9, stop, relax and breathe deeply

9. Repeat this exercise and see how close you can get to 10
(point of no return) without ejaculating.

This exercise is really to help you identify your OWN level of arousal at
each stage of the pleasure scale.

Exercise: Pushing Your Limits (I)

This exercise will focus on extending your stimulation time without

ejaculating. You will aim to maintain an erection without ejaculation for
15 minutes, and then work up to 30 minute of endurance without
spilling over.

This is what you do:

1. Start stimulating your penis using a dry hand. As soon as you

reach level 6 on the pleasure scale, stop all stimulation, relax your
muscles and take in slow deep breaths, while allowing your arousal to
drop to 4.

2. Repeat step 1 five times.

3. Repeat the above process, but this time, bring your arousal up to
level 8, and then allowing it to drop to 6.

4. Repeat the same process and bring your arousal to level 9, and
then allowing it to drop to 7.

5. Continue to extend your sexual pleasure using stopping and

starting. Stimulate yourself up to level 9, stop and then continue again.

6. If you accidentally tip over and ejaculate, it is OKAY. Just relax

and enjoy it the process. There is always another time. The good news
is that you are continually pushing your limits. With enough practice
you can hit the 15, 20 and even 30-minute mark.

7. When you can maintain self-stimulation for 30 minutes without

climaxing, repeat Step 1 through Step 5 using a lubricated hand.

If you can endure continuous stimulation for 30 minutes (the

breakthrough point), you can literally endure much longer.
Replicating The Exercise With A Pocket Vagina

While your hand is as good as it gets for masturbation, it can never

replicate the warm, moist and highly stimulating environment in a real
vagina. One solution around this problem is to use what is called a
pocket vagina.
This is basically a life-like sex toy for men (just like a vibrator or dildo is
for women) that enhances the training of your ejaculatory control.
There are many commercially available brands. One of the most
popular ones is made by FleshLight, including its legendary Stamina
Training Unit that comes with a super sensitive inner canal texture -
specifically designed to replicate the incredible sensation of sexual
intercourse in order to help you find your rhythm and obtain peak
sexual performance.

You can repeat the entire process above using a pocket vagina and
see your endurance levels soar through the roof.

Exercise - Pushing Your Limits (II)

This exercise builds on the previous exercise. The difference is that

instead of entirely stopping stimulation to bring down your arousal, you
will make small changes to the way you pleasure your penis - for
example, by slowing down your movements or stroking nearer to the
bottom of the shaft instead of the head.

This technique is particular helpful when you dont want to break the
momentum during actual sex - especially when your partner is clearly
enjoying the moment.

This is what you do:

1. Stimulate your penis up to level 6 with a dry hand.

2. Instead of stopping stimulation altogether, make small

changes to what you're doing to reduce the arousal (for instance,
from 6 down to 4). You can slow down the strokes or reduce the
pressure you are applying to your penis. Do whatever it takes to
bring down the pleasure and arousal.

3. Follow the same process as the previous exercise,

repeating each series five times up to levels 6, 8, and 9 or more,
and then bringing down the arousal to the respective levels (4, 6
and 7).

4. Now extend your pleasure stamina using subtle

adjustments. Stimulate yourself up to level 9, vary the
movements to reduce arousal and then resume stimulation again.

5. When you can endure 30 minutes of stimulation using

subtle adjustments, repeat the entire process using a lubricated
hand (followed by the pocket vagina if you like).

These 3 simple exercises will train your mind and body to delay an
ejaculation even when it gets too close. By mastering these
techniques, you can get yourself in that near orgasmic state for 20 to
30 minutes. Once you get
in the zone, it is the most explosive sexual experience any man could

The Erotic Art Of Partner Stimulation

In the previous section, you learned various solo exercises to train

yourself to withstand higher levels of sexual arousal and stimulation.
Here well take that even further, where we bring in an important
element to your lovemaking - your sex partner.

Having a partner who is supportive of your endeavor to cure premature

ejaculation and last longer is crucial. It takes two hands to clap, and
certainly it takes two persons to enjoy amazing sex!

This section will detail 4 simple, proven exercises you can perform with
your female partner, with the goal of improving your sexual endurance.

Exercise - Live Action Stimulation

This exercise will help you achieve a better understanding of your

sexual arousal when you are in contact with a sexual partner, but
without proceeding to intercourse yet.

This is what both you and your partner will do:

1. Being with a relaxed mind and body. Take deep, long

2. As she begins to touch you, allow your body to tune in to all

the sensations.

3. When she starts to stroke your penis, be totally aware of

how your body responds. [It is also important for her to start slow;
it enables you to get acclimatized to your own sexual arousal].

4. With your partner stimulating you, it can be a tough

challenge to keep your arousal under control. Continue to take in
deep breaths and relax all your body muscles, especially those in
your stomach, butt, legs and your pelvic area.

5. If you feel your arousal and excitement rapidly escalating, it

is OK to ask her to slow down her movements or even stop
stimulation, until you regain control.

6. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 at least four times. At the fifth attempt,

do not try to curb the climax. Just let go and enjoy the orgasm!
With just a few practice sessions like this, you will begin to have
greater understanding of how your body reacts to stimulation
from your sexual partner.

Once you feel you can keep your pelvic muscles relaxed and prolong
ejaculation without having your partner to slow down or stop, you may
repeat this exercise with the use of lubrication. This will scale up the
stimulation, and is a step closer to what it actually feels like in a real

Exercise - "The Surreptitious Female Rider"

At this stage, you should be familiar with the breathing techniques

outlined in Chapter 4. You are also acutely aware of the sensations that
course through your body during sexual stimulation by your partner,
and you are able to keep your PC muscles relaxed and under control.

If you feel confident in these areas, its time to proceed to the next
partner exercise that will involve real intercourse!

This exercise involves your partner getting on top of you while you lay
on your back. This is the easiest position to keep all your body muscles
completely relaxed as you do not need to depend on your arms and
legs for support during penetration. There is also minimal thrusting
involved, which will further relax those love muscles.

This is what both you and your partner will do:

1. Begin with foreplay with your partner, and tune in to all the
sensations that you are experiencing, while making sure shes
getting a fair share of stimulation as well.
2. Lay on your back and allow her to apply generous amounts
of lubrication on your penis. This helps reduce friction and
stimulation on your penis head.

3. She will begin to stroke your penis slowly for about 2 to 3

minutes, and then position herself on top of you.

4. Upon entry she will begin with slow, short penetrative

movements. At this early stage (2-3 minutes), the sensations in
your penis are at their most intense. That is why it is important for
her to keep things slow. At the same time, you will focus on taking
deep breaths, tuning in to all the sensations moving through your
ENTIRE body, and keeping your PC muscles relaxed.

5. At any time you feel your arousal getting out of control, it is

OK to ask her to slow down or stop.

6. Allow your partner to run her hands and fingers over your
chest and focus on the sensation this causes. This will help
prevent you from paying too much attention to the genital

7. After 2 to 3 minutes, your partner can increase the pace of

8. When you feel you cannot hold it any longer, just let go and
allow the incredible orgasmic sensations to course through your

9. Practice this exercise as many times as necessary until you

reach a stage where you can hold it in for up to 10 to 15
minutes, or for as long as it takes for the both of you to feel

Dont worry if it doesnt go to plan within the first few practices. Stay the
course. Practice DOES make perfect!

Exercise - "Spooning Extravaganza"

Once youve made some progress with the woman-on-top position, it is

time to practice the side-by-side penetrative movement, commonly
known as spooning.

This position is more challenging than the earlier one as it requires you
to use a core set of muscles - the abdominal muscles (this can
precipitate an early ejaculation compared to the earlier position where
all muscles are kept relaxed).

This is what both you and your partner will do:

1. Begin in the same way as the previous exercise, taking
slow, deep breaths and tuning in to all bodily sensations, starting
from foreplay.

2. When the both of you feel sufficiently aroused, lie down

side by side, with her back facing you, and penetrate her from
behind. Begin with slow, shallow movements.

3. Keep going for at least 2 minutes and slow down whenever

your feel your arousal getting out of control. Once you feel
comfortable, increase the speed and depth of penetration.

4. This position will put some strain on your abdominal

muscles. The key is to keep your PC muscles relaxed even as
those abs tighten during intercourse.

5. When you feel youve lasted long enough, allow yourself to

come to a climax.

Like the previous exercise, the goal is to continue until both of you are
happy with the duration of sex.

Exercise - "Male Supremacy"

This traditional sexual position requires you to lie on top of your
partner. It is a conventional position that most guys stick to, but its also
the position that kills most sexual encounters in a hurry!

But if you diligently practice the above two sexual positions, youll
progressively develop a superior endurance - so youre not going in
with zero preparation.

This is what both you and your partner will do:

1. Being in the same way as the previous exercise, taking

slow, deep breaths and tuning in to all bodily sensations, starting
from foreplay.

2. The first time you practice this exercise, make sure you use
some lubrication. This will help reduce excessive penile friction
and stimulation.

3. Lie on top of your partner and begin with slow and shallow
thrusting movements. When in this position, it is very easy to
forget to adopt the right breathing techniques. Make a conscious
effort to take in long, deep breaths.

4. Try to get past the crucial two minutes of intercourse.

Beyond that point, things will get far easier for you.
5. Once you get managed at least two minutes of intercourse,
try increasing the speed and depth of penetration.

6. Ask her to run her hands over your back during intercourse
and tune in to how that feels to you. This will divert attention
away from the sensations in your penis.

7. When you feel you have lasted long enough, allow yourself
to come to an ejaculation.

Unlike the earlier positions, it is more difficult to keep your PC muscles

relaxed here. This is because most of your body muscles are tensed,
making it difficult to isolate and relax the PC muscles.

But fret not! It just takes a little bit more practice to work out which
muscles to use for body support and thrusting and which muscles to
Chapter 6

Enrich Your Diet

Nobody can deny the health benefits of eating right and exercising. But
did you know that eating the right foods can have a dramatic impact on
keeping premature ejaculation at bay? It's true! The right diet can
enhance your virility and help you enjoy sex much longer.

So what foods are best for preventing an early ejaculation during sex?

You Are What You Eat!

Natural foods are one of the simplest and most effective premature
ejaculation fighters you will come across. So, before you rush to buy
that bottle of enhancers, spare a thought. Invest in these natural foods
and give your body a fighting chance to tackle that premature

Life Is Sweet
Honey is more than just for the sweet tooth. Just one or two spoonfuls
of this substance can give you the energy and explosive power to last
all night long.

Yes, that bottle of sweet, golden liquid in the kitchen cabinet, which
rarely gets opened, is packed with powerful nutrients, and is one of the
fastest at providing your body with sexual energy and keeps you going
during sex because it is very easily digested by the body.

Fruity Temptation

Avocado is another delectable food you can add to almost any meal or
snack, and quickly increase your intake of powerful nutrients to help
get both your body and your brain ready for a wild, passionate night.

Aside from being very low in Cholesterol and Sodium, avocados are a
good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin K,
Folate, lots of minerals, protein, and amino acids. All of these nutrients
provide your body, and mind, with sex-boosting power.

The Serial Booster - Not Just Kids Stuff

There is nothing like cereal that gets a man going in the morning. If you
have been avoiding that bowl of cereal at breakfast, it is time you
change your habit! Breakfast cereals contain the all-important thiamine
and riboflavin. These two important components help you store energy
better - and they naturally help you last longer in bed.

While you are at it, you should also try to include breads and cereals
that contain niacin. This is because niacin helps in the secretion of
histamine. Histamine is the deciding factor when you are talking (or
thinking!) about explosive orgasms or longer ejaculations. So increase
your intake of these vital substances - whether in the form of breakfast
or just a healthy snack - and see your sexual stamina soar.

Go Green For Endurance

This is a crunchy stick that is a common part of most salads can do

you oodles of good in bed. Celery contains substances like
androstenone and androstenol. Besides helping you to last longer
during sex, celery also helps to boost your virility and makes you even
more attractive to the opposite sex. So, think again before you shove
this stick to the corner of your plate!

Berry Magic

Blueberries are in all honesty the best "sex pill" you can get! These are
natural anti-cholesterol miracles. They push all the cholesterol down
your bloodstream, before they have had a chance to stick to your
arteries. They also relax you and result in better blood flow to your
extremities, giving you a better erection ability and enhanced sexual
Sirloin Therapy For The Loins

Even the all-delicious steak can boost your sexual stamina. Steak
increases the levels of dopamine in your blood. If you don't already
know, dopamine increases your 'feel good' factor and helps you
become more sensitive to sex. It helps you develop a better awareness
of a pending ejaculation so that you can deal with it and keep it at bay.

Steak also contains important substances like zinc. It reduces the level
of prolactin in your blood and tweaks your libido! Do we see you
grabbing for that steak?

Vitamin Bank

Liver contains large amounts of vitamin A. This vitamin can do a lot of

good for your sperm count, libido and your staying power in bed. You
can also get this vitamin from carrots and some other vegetables.
Besides, liver also supplies you with the all-important zinc I mentioned
earlier. Remember, you lose about 30% of the total zinc in your body
with every ejaculation. So, you would do well to stock up on all the zinc
you can!

Cool Sensuous Delights

Believe it or not, ice cream contains huge amounts of calcium and

phosphorus. Not only do these help conserve energy in your body
muscles, they also increase your libido and help you last longer during

An average bowl of ice cream contains at least 200 mg of calcium. This

is enough to add the daily punch to your muscles and also helps your
pelvic muscles contract more during an orgasm, giving you better
ejaculatory control.

However, most of the benefits are confined to vanilla-flavored ice

creams. So, if you are thinking about that three-tiered monstrosity -
well, think again! Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against chocolate
or strawberries.

It's just that research has proved the soothing effects of vanilla on the
psyche of men and their endurance in bed. The smell relaxes you,
lowers your inhibitions and creates greater lasting power when you are
having sex.

These are eight super foods that are highly delectable and tasty, and
can give you that edge you always needed in bed.

However, these foods should never substitute a healthy lifestyle. Don't

gorge on ice creams just because they are good for you - you might
just end up with more fat and precious little else!

Start taking them in moderation and you will see the difference they
make in putting the brakes on premature ejaculation!
Drinkers Beware!

Here's a substance that many guys often use before sexual activity, but
can in fact decrease libido, endurance, and even cause temporary

The culprit here is none other than alcohol.

Yes, while a glass of wine or champagne seems to get people more

relaxed and "in the mood," the fact is, it can also easily get in the way
of enjoyable sex, if not consumed in moderation.

Overall, alcohol has a 'slowing down' and numbing effect on the body,
as well as the mind... both of which can cause a decrease in libido and
generally low sex drive.

Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself consuming alcohol
before a night of passion.

The Power Of Serotonin

There has been a lot of research aimed at preventing premature

ejaculation during sex with conclusive proof that there are natural
hormones within the human body that actually make sex last longer.
These hormones will strengthen your mental control and help keep off
the urge to ejaculate prematurely. Curious about what these hormones
are and whether you have them? I thought so too!

The Power Of Serotonin

Serotonin, naturally released in our bodies when we are emotional,

helps in calming the nerves and prolonging ejaculation. When your
body experiences the effects of serotonin, you are better able to handle
the stimulation you receive during sex. What does that translate into?
Greater lasting power, because you don't peak too soon.

You can ensure the natural production of serotonin in your body just by
doing one thing during sex - RELAX. It is the opposite of the wild and
high emotional state you get with the release of dopamine - the
hormones that cause quick ejaculation. Serotonin induces a sensuous-
like feeling - exactly what keeps your ejaculation at bay during the
throes of pleasure.

Do I Need A Pill To Keep Going?

There are pills on the market that help to boost serotonin levels in the
body and delay an ejaculation. These pills are not a standalone cure,
but when used in conjunction with specific exercises such as those
outlined in Ejaculation By Command, can significantly boost your
sexual stamina in the long-run.
You don't need a pill when Mother Nature, in its abundance, has
provided you with just the things you need in the most natural form.
There are a number of foods that contain natural serotonin too. You
can just as easily consume these and enjoy the benefits, without
subjecting your body to artificial substances.

What Are These Magic Foods?

Well, take a look at these!

Butternut, English and black walnuts

Hickory nuts, both shagbark and mocker nuts
Fruits like kiwis, pineapples, tomatoes and bananas

If you are wondering about the exact effect each has, let me tell you
that walnuts are the most powerful of the lot.

In fact, the sexually beneficial aspects of walnuts have been known

throughout history.

You can include these foods as a part of your healthy foods regime, or
take them as a part of your premature ejaculation treatment.
Whichever way you take it, the benefits will be evident in a few short
weeks. Try them out today and see a difference in your staying power.
Remember, delaying ejaculation during sex is also about using science
to find natural cures that work for your body!
Chapter 7

Enhance Your Skills

Skills and techniques are an important part of the sexual game play.
When it comes to lasting longer in bed, it is no different. The positions
you use during sex and the repertoire of skills you bring to the bedroom
all have an impact on your arousal, and consequently, your endurance.

Let us look at some of the important concepts, and more importantly,

how you can apply them.

Position Mastery

The way you have sex is absolutely vital if you are a man who tends to
ejaculate early. What does this mean? Quite simply, there are positions
that are PROVEN to delay the onset of orgasm, and you must seek
these out during sex if you want to truly last longer.
Most couples adopt at most 2 different sex positions during intercourse.
Considering that most guys ejaculate within two to four minutes during
sex, that does not provide much leeway for experimenting with different

But ironically, the converse is also true: the more positions you
experiment during sex, the more likely you will find some positions that
will give you better control over your arousal and stimulation levels.

The Truth About Sexual Positioning

There are certain sex positions that put undue stress on your arms,
legs and other parts of your body. This stress makes it difficult to
control your arousal and delay your ejaculation. The missionary
position is a surefire position for quick ejaculation. Well, this is a
common position that most guys use during sex... so is it any wonder
that many men don't last the distance?

What happens is that this position requires you to prop yourself up.
And after thrusting for a couple of minutes, the amount of stress and
tension in the muscles on your arms and legs will often push you over
the edge and make you lose control over your arousal.

"The Cowgirl"
This is perhaps the best position for you if you are looking to last
longer. With you lying on your back, let her mount atop you while
having sex. There are 2 advantages to this position:
Less stimulation: The part of the penis that is most sensitive to touch is
the frenulum (the small fold of skin located on the underside of the rim
where the penis head meets the shaft). Thrusts that are direct upwards
instead of downwards in a womans vagina will cause less friction, and
hence lessen stimulation on this ejaculation trigger point.

More Control: You can control your arousal completely. This is because
this position allows your body to be completely relaxed and stress-free.
You are lying on your back and just enjoying the sensations coursing
through your body (not just your genitals). When you are relaxed and
your main body muscle groups (e.g. abs, thighs, buttocks and pelvic
muscles) that precipitate ejaculation are not tensed, it becomes much
easier for you to control your arousal.

"The Reverse Cowgirl"

This is another great position you want to try out. This is the reverse of
Cowgirl, where your partner mounts you, but with her back facing you.
You can try this variation after adopting the traditional cowgirl. It can
help vary the stimulation, without losing the fun and pleasure from the

The Power Of The "Spoon"

Also known as the front to back position, the spoon basically

requires both you and your female partner to lie on your sides with both
your legs slightly bent. The area of her hips will be pressed against
your groin while your penetrate her from behind.

This position gives you a lot of control over your stimulation and
arousal levels. Firstly, by lying down, you are reducing the amount of
stress and tension exerted on your arms and legs that are needed for

Second, 'spooning' enables you to adjust the speed and intensity of the
thrusting, as well as the depth of penetration.

Third, this is a great position to slow down your thrusts, lean over her
shoulders to kiss her face and neck or use your hands to caress her
breasts - which greatly helps to divert attention away from the
stimulation to your penis.

The spoon position is great for women too because it enhances the
intimacy levels between couples.

A Naughty Variation Of Spoon

You can add more spice to the spoon position by taking her upper leg
and draping it across your own. This forces her thighs to open fairly
widely, allowing you to thrust deeply and giving you great access to her
Here's another trick to help you last longer: When you sense that you
are close to a climax, withdraw your penis from her until the sensation
subsides. Then switch to another position that is great for keeping
premature ejaculation in check, such as the cowgirl or its variations.

Why Does Changing Sexual Positions Work So Well?

Switching positions during sex does two things to you: Firstly, it forces
you to break the momentum during sex. This presents some form of
distraction and helps to curb your arousal. Secondly, different positions
offer you the flexibility to vary the depth of penetration, speed and
intensity of thrusting. Variation is one of the keys to lasting longer in
bed. Conversely, monotonous engagement is a surefire way to lose
control during sex.

Different sex positions will work out differently for different men.
Experiment with various positions and angles. Find out what
combinations keep your arousal and ejaculation under control, and
those that drive her completely wild.

Invest a bit of time in doing this, because this may just be the thing you
need in order to last longer. For a start, try out the few perennial
favorites I just described. You may be pleasantly surprised by how far
you can go!
Inducing The Female Orgasm

Do you remember the definition of premature ejaculation that we

touched on in Chapter 2? It is not just about how long you last, but also
whether both you and your partner are happy with the sexual

So what does this mean?

The best approach to permanently fixing premature ejaculation is

premised on two key principles:

1. Learning how to last longer in bed and

2. Learning how to lower your partner's threshold for orgasm

so that she can achieve an orgasm sooner.

Besides the tips, techniques and strategies youve learned in the

earlier chapters, if you can also lower the threshold and the time it
takes to bring your woman to an orgasm, you will almost always outlast
her during sex.

Adequate acts of foreplay or even oral sex are great ways to build up
sexual anticipation in a woman and get her all warmed up to the act.
This will greatly reduce her inhibitions and enable her to reach a climax
much sooner.
Indeed, some women can achieve multiple orgasms even during the
acts of foreplay or oral sex. If both you and your partner find this
technique acceptable, then this will greatly reduce the pressure and
anxiety on you to perform during intercourse.

The upside with lowering her orgasm threshold is that once you
consistently bring her to a climax, you will gain greater confidence with
your own sexual ability, and will naturally be able to last longer over
time. After all, premature ejaculation often stems from performance
anxiety or stress.

Let us now explore a few time-tested, proven techniques to reduce a

womans threshold for an orgasm.

Foreplay & Female Sexuality

When it comes to sexual arousal, there is an often-used generalization:

men are digital and women are analog.

Let me explain

Men are either turned on, OR not. When a man is sexually excited, he
gets an erection that lasts until the sexual stimulus is removed or when
he reaches an orgasm. When this happens, he loses the ability to have
sex for a varying amount of time.
On the contrary, women have varying degrees of sexual excitement.
You may have heard of the term multi-orgasmic. Women are capable
of having multiple orgasms. BUT they need to be stimulated in order to
reach a sexual peak that coincides with orgasm. Once she gets one,
she can be stimulated to achieve successive climaxes.

Three things happen during female sexual arousal:

1. Her vagina produces a natural lubricant

2. The vagina enlarges to allow penetration

3. Her clitoris fills with blood and becomes more sensitive

Foreplay is the strategy to increase her level of sexual excitement that

will cause these physiological changes, allowing her to have sexual
intercourse - and to enjoy it.

While your male anatomy is the only point of arousal, women have
plenty of sensitive areas all over their bodies. So, instead of pounding
away like a runaway stallion during sex, take your time to explore her
ENTIRE body, touching and caressing her sensitive zones - and Im
NOT referring to just her breasts and genitals!

Just be sure that you perform foreplay which involves her genitals and
not your penis if you want to increase your time in bed.
Her reaction to your sensual probing will give you a fairly good idea
where her hot buttons are. While she approaches an orgasm with
your purposeful exploration, you will not only learn about her secret
areas and hot zones, but also prolong your own stamina for the final

Foreplay does not technically make you last longer during intercourse,
but it certainly helps reduce the time it takes for your lover to reach an

There are two basic types of foreplay - emotional and physical foreplay.

Let us explore these in turn.

Emotions The Lifeline Of A Woman's Sexual Fulfillment

Emotions play a vital role in ensuring that a woman is sexually fulfilled.

So how do you leverage on her emotional repository and give her the
most tantalizing sexual experience?

The secret lies in building anticipation.

This is where women are fundamentally different from men. Guys are
ready to mount and thrust right away during sex and get off at a
moment's notice.
Women are different.
They prefer a slow build-up to sex. This is how they are biologically
wired. And it is not their fault that most women take at least 10 to 15
minutes to reach an orgasm (compared to just 2 to 4 minutes or less
for most guys).

So don't jump the gun when it comes to sex. It is probably the worst
thing you can do during lovemaking.

Building a connection with her, making her feel safe to experience

these erotic feelings, and getting her highly aroused by creating
"masculine energy" is what will ultimately give her orgasms from sex.

Teasing is one great way to build sexual tension that I think you should
experiment with. Women loved to be teased. If you want to become a
masterful lover in bed, you have to learn how to tease her emotionally.

Make her curious about what you are going to do to her next.

Keep her guessing.

This will keep her on her toes and bring her sexual emotions to an
erotic boil. This makes sex far more exciting, titillating and challenging
for the both of you.
For example, you touch her slowly and move around her nipples or
clitoris in circles, but don't actually touch those highly sensitive hot
spots - until she literally begs you to go further. As you drive her crazy
teasing her in this manner, 2 things are happening:

1. The Obvious: She gets hot and highly aroused from the
sexual tension building up

2. The Elusive: Because you are in full control over her sexual
response, you are assuming the masculine role of leading the
sexual interaction and controlling her body. This masculine
energy will drive women wild.

The art of sexual teasing leverages on the power of the Push and the
Pull - or the intricate art of going forwards and backwards.

What do I mean?

This means you bring her to a state of heightened anticipation, and

then pull away or strategically back off from what she would expect you
to do next.

For example, if you are undressing her, stop halfway and then proceed
to kiss her. When she is expecting you to perform oral sex on her after
some heavy foreplay, turn your attention to her breasts instead.
Tenderly move AROUND her hot buttons, not ON them.
This sensual art of unpredictability will add plenty of sizzle and
excitement in the bedroom. A slow sensuous build-up of sexual
anticipation will soon turn into a frenzied sexual craving for you to
perform the actual deed on her.

Guys, if you want her to have a genuine orgasm during sex, this is the
secret behind it! Your bedroom will never be the same again once you
learn this.

Getting Physical: The Overlooked Hot Buttons That Will Tip Her

Okay, so you know where her clitoris is

But there is much more to sexually fulfilling a woman than just giving
her clit a good time. In fact, head in straight for that hot spot, and you
may be down there for a while. Unlike men, women cannot be sexually
turned on in 5 seconds flat.

But fear not. As I mentioned earlier, a womans body is incredibly

blessed with plenty of sensitive, erotic spots that you may not even be
aware of. Sadly, most guys completely missed these but now youve
got an edge over them :-)

Her Ears
Nibbling on her ear lobes is just the tip of the ice berg. In fact, licking
any part of her ears is a highly titillating act for a woman. Heres what
you can do: Lick her just below the lobe and then blow gently on it. This
will send pleasure waves of sensation straight to her genitals.

While you are at it, take the time to whisper something dirty into her
ears. Many women love a little steamy conversation in between the
sheets. Also try teasing her nipples with your fingers for an added
erotic effect.

Her Neck

Once you've given her ears some attention, move down to her neck.
You want to focus along her jaw line and the sensitive spot just above
her collar bones. If you apply pressure to her throat, she may feel like
she's being choked.

Kiss along her jaw. This will relax her and enable her mind to focus
what you're doing. Stroke her collar bones gently, and then kiss or lick
in the hollows just above the collar bones and in the sternal notch - the
dip in her throat right above the breast bone. Her whole body will tingle
with the sensation.

Her Lower Back

The part of a womans back that meets with the buttocks is filled with
thousands of sensitive nerve endings. If you touch or stroke her lightly
in this area, you're bound to run into one of her sensitive spots.
If performed correctly, it can be erotically ticklish for her. But before you
venture into this, ensure that she is totally relaxed and comfortable.
Otherwise, instead of bringing out the delirious lust in her, you may
make her jumpy. She may feel uncomfortable and squirm with your
every touch. But if she's relaxed and cozying up to you, these little
sensations will give her an erotic thrill.

Just don't over do it! Run your fingers over her back without carrying
out the tickle reflex too much. Otherwise you may have a squirmy girl
on your hands, and you'll have to go back to square one to turn her on
her again.

Oral Titillation

Oral sex is an important skill, and one that is necessary for men to
know, so I am devoting an entire section to this, although it is by no
way exhaustive (there are entire books written on the art of giving a
woman sensational oral sex.

The single best way to help a woman reach an orgasm - even multiple
orgasms - is by giving her oral sex. At first I didn't believe it, but
countless studies and surveys have proven that over 50 percent of
sexually active women prefer oral sex to actual intercourse. Oral sex is
certainly easier and much more satisfying for women than intercourse

Now heres the more important thing

If you can help her reach a climax with your mouth and tongue FIRST,
everything else becomes far easier and the pressure is no longer on
you to perform. Once she gets her orgasm, it really doesnt matter how
long you last! In fact, when she achieves an orgasm early on,
subsequent ones during intercourse will come faster and more intense
to boot!

Let's take a look at how you can supercharge her sensations and give
her a great time in bed orally.

Non-Genital Oral Sex

Most men have this preconceived notion that oral sex is all about
putting their mouth and tongue on their partner's vagina. Well, that is
But this is equally crucialusing your tongue and mouth to explore her
ENTIRE body.

A woman's body is incredibly blessed with many erogenous (super

sensitive) areas. Start with these areas first, and when she is
sufficiently aroused and stimulated (you will know, when she starts to
move her body and her thighs begin to open up) move on to the next

Genital Oral Sex

Make sure she is in a comfortable position. Putting a pillow below her

butt is a great way to elevate her hips and give you better access to
her clitoris.

There is no fix way to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue, although
the typical tongue movement can be compared to how a cat or a dog
drinks from a bowl of water. Try observing these animals when they
drink; you will see how their tongues move in and out of their mouths at
a really fast pace. This is exactly what your tongue should do when
performing oral sex on a woman and put her in the mood quickly.

Also experiment and see what she likes most. For a start, you can try
licking the tip of her clitoris, followed by the sides and the clitoral hood.
At all times, try to keep your tongue soft. Some women may find this
kind of stimulation too intense, so it is best to try it out and vary your
techniques as you go along.

Quick Tip: To give your tongue some needed rest in between strokes,
and to spice things up a little, try the "humming" technique. Make use
of any melody that you can think of and hum it, with the position of your
head remaining unchanged. The vibration from the sound you are
making will reach the vagina, providing additional stimulation to her

Pull Out And Go South!

Oral sex is not just an amazing prelude to intercourse. When you're

having sex and feel like you're getting close to an orgasm a little
sooner than you wanted, pull out and give her oral sex. This will
definitely help prolong things at your end and you will blow her mind at
the same time.

Its NOT Just About Penetration

The path to orgasm is very different for a woman than it is for a man. It
is infinitely easier for a man to climax during sex. BUT a woman can
achieve exponentially more orgasms than a man can.

That is if she can come to an orgasm at all.

Sadly many women can only achieve climax through self stimulation or

So how can you make sure she gets one when you are in penetration

The following tips would keep her orgasmic furnace burning hot...
1. Clitoral Stimulation: The Right & Wrong Ways To Do It

A woman's clitoris is a key instrument to bring her to an orgasm. Thus

the way you stimulate this super erogenous zone is really vital. You
see, when a woman is not properly aroused, touching or stimulating
the clitoris may feel uncomfortable for her.

The trick is to give her stimulation indirectly at first. Try running your
fingers on each side of her clitoris shaft and caress her clitoral hood
with your thumb. When she becomes aroused, you will feel her
breathing heavily and the clitoral hood swelling up. This is when you
know she is ready for more.

Giving her the right clitoral stimulation will produce natural lubrication
within her vagina, getting her almost dripping wet with her own juices.

What does this mean for you?

Plenty! Not only does it mean shes crazily turned on and experiencing
a ton of pleasure, it also means that your penis can glide in and out of
her at any speed without experiencing the extreme friction that can
push you over the edge. This is a simple but often overlooked trick to
last longer in bed.

2. The Rhythm Of Sex

Many men are mistaken that women are equally attuned to the speed
and rhythm of a man's touch. This is a fallacy. How you touch and
caress her can vary in speed but the rhythm should not alter.

Starting sex slowly is a great way to get her all warmed up to the act.
As the sex progresses, women prefer the speed (including that of the
thrusting) to increase, culminating to a boil as an orgasm approaches.
But make sure the overall rhythm or tempo remains the same.
3. The Tantalizing Grind

Most women are unable to achieve a vaginal orgasm. Instead, many

climax through clitoral stimulation alone. As you are performing deep
penetration during intercourse (missionary position), try doing so in a
circular motion so that your pubic bone is rubbing against her clitoris.
When she is on top of you (cowgirl or woman-on-top position), instead
of her thrusting up and down, encourage her to gyrate her hips
sideways or front and back instead. This will provide sufficient friction
against her clitoris and prime her for an orgasm sooner.

And when she does achieve an orgasm - either during foreplay or

much sooner during intercourse - the entire game changes in your

You no longer feel the weight on your shoulders to perform. This will
give you massive confidence in bed, knowing that you have enough
"lovemaking arsenal" to fully satisfy her.
The Best Sex Tip For Men (Its NOT What You Think)

In this section I am going to let you in on what is possibly the best sex
tip in the world. It is without a doubt the single most powerful way to
drive any woman completely wild in bed and lets you into her world of
orgasmic pleasure.

The biggest "secrets" in sex are not special moves, tricks or

techniques. None of these things are going to improve your sex life. At
least, not in the way you think.

The Best Sex Tip Is...

To pay attention to HER. Focus on HER body. Learn what is working

for HER.

This technique is incredibly powerful, because:

1. Every woman is different

What works on one woman may utterly fail on another. Some women
may prefer clitoral stimulation while others may prefer penetrative sex.
One may like things fast and furious while another is into slow and
anticipatory lovemaking. One may love lots of foreplay, yet another
may want to make love right out of the bolt (although foreplay is still
crucial in most cases).

There is no universal lovemaking technique that works for all women.

That is why paying attention to what your woman wants in bed is
critically important

2. You convey sexual confidence

A sexually confident man is a huge turn-on for any woman. Women

simply adore men who know what exactly they want in bed and who
feel assured about their own sexuality. And paying attention to her
conveys exactly that image of you.

When she feels complete involvement from you during sex, she can
feel the total sexual confidence in you. And for you, because you are
so focused in her, you will naturally forget about all your own
insecurities and inadequacies in bed!

3. It builds great emotional bond and intimacy

The reason is simple. A woman's ultimate sex organ is not in her

genitals (sorry, guys!). Her head and her throbbing heart are. You see,
when a woman is completely connected and comfortable with you, she
will allow herself to totally surrender to you. All of her inhibitions will
melt away. Know what this means? When she achieves an orgasm
with you, it will be far more powerful and intense than anything she has
ever experienced.

This is the stuff that women's sexual fantasies are made of. You will
create an amazing bond, trust, intimacy and delirious sexual pleasure.

This tip alone, when put into practice, will bestow upon you a sexual
power and create a level of intimacy you might be mentally unprepared
for. There is a certain level of responsibility that comes along with it.

Chapter 8

Embrace The Paradigm Shift

The "mental factor" has a debilitating effect on your ability to last longer
in bed. We as men often demonstrate our masculinity through our
sexual technique and stamina. This is why so many guys have
inferiority complexes when it comes to sexual stuff, especially their
sexual endurance. You are probably embarrassed or even fear the
possibility of finishing too soon in bed. Confidence is a huge issue
But think about this

What if it DOES NOT matter that you ejaculate too soon?

Adopting The Right Mindset & Attitude

You see, one of the keys to overcoming early ejaculation lies in how
you handle its aftermath. You need to adopt the right mindset and
attitude that will NOT make your woman feel disappointed if you climax
too soon.
Youre not going to suddenly prolong your sexual performance from
one minute to one hour overnight. Its going to take some time - even
with the tips, techniques and strategies Ive shared with you.

So, you need to have an attitude that will keep your masculine image
intact and continue to portray yourself as a strong, confident, attractive
man in the mind of your sexual partner.

But how?

Try this

Whenever you shoot too quickly, tell her that she has turned you on so
much that you could hardly get a hold on yourself, but you would like to
continue giving her pleasure. Take a relaxed, confident approach.
Sex doesn't have to end when you ejaculate!

Proceed to stimulate her body and her sensitive areas. Put your hands
and tongue to good use - your penis is NOT the only sex tool youve
got! Your woman will love the fact that she gets you so aroused, and
will respect you for facing up to your problem and seeking ways to
make sure she is sexually fulfilled even when you shoot early.

Your attitude exudes confidence because you are not embarrassed by

the fact that you are on the edge and turned on by her. Youre sexually
confident - and that turns women on. Youre fulfilling your role as the
man because youre giving her pleasure and by being masculine and in

Believe me, this will have an untold effect on your confidence and
subsequent "staying power". This can be a game-changer.

The Mistake Of Going It Alone

One of the biggest mistakes many men make is in trying to fix

premature ejaculation alone. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing
dangerous about this. In fact, you will have to go some of the distance
on your own, for instance, in practicing breathing techniques or doing
PC muscle exercises.
But, if you involve your partner in the whole process, you will gain far
more mileage in your efforts to improve your sexual endurance.
Communicate with your partner that you want to overcome this, and tell
her that her help will make this much easier for you and for her too!

More than that, encourage her to speak up and tell you what turns her
on. Communication is a very important part of the whole sexual
experience. Clever sexual innuendos during pre-sex time and gentle
inquiries during sex will not only give you vital information, but will
stimulate your partner's fantasy which makes her hornier and helps
her reach her orgasm faster! Just before you reach your own

If All Else Fails, Try Again!

There is nothing like persistence and a dogged determination that

makes success tastes sweeter!

Remember Mona Lisa? That wasnt Leonardo Da Vinci's first painting.

In fact, even when he was painting the masterpiece, it certainly wasnt
flawless the first time round. X-ray technology subsequently discovered
multiple layers of painting that revealed even the Master himself
needed several attempts to get things right.

Likewise, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb only after

experimenting with thousands of different filaments.
While you don't have to go to that extent to last longer in bed, it will
certainly pay great dividends by understanding and exploring your own
sexual limits and practicing the tips, techniques and strategies laid out
in this book.

Premature ejaculation is NOT a long-term problem you have to live

with unless you choose to. If you put your mind into it and give
yourself a bit of time, you WILL gain greater confidence, greater
pleasure, more mutual acceptance and trust, and ultimately more
endurance and better sex for the both of you!

Tuning out... for now

In Part 2, youve acquainted yourself with several techniques and

exercises that will serve as a springboard to jumpstart your endurance
in bed.

Learn these well, and above all, dont just read


Let these exercises become a natural part of you. This is the kind of
learning that will take your sex life to the next level.

And talking about learning, there is a lot more.

Ill speak to you in the bonus chapter that comes with this program -
where you will unlock 15 (yes, FIFTEEN) solid, proven emergency
tactics to boost your sexual stamina, if you need it tonight.

Stay tuned!

Chapter 9

Summing It All Up

I believe this has been an incredible journey for you so far, as much as
it has been for me in sharing with you what Ive learned through the
My hope is that this book has provided you with plenty of solid and
proven strategies to supercharge your ejaculatory control and last
longer in bed.

There is a grand overflow of tips, techniques and insights in this book.

All of them are geared towards helping you gain complete control over
how soon you come in bed, and consequently, having an incredible sex

Put what youve learned into practice.

Take consistent action and measure your progress.

But don't be too hard on yourself when things don't go right at first.
Developing ejaculatory control may not be the most natural thing to do

Like all things in life that are worth doing, it does take time, patience
and practice.

But keep your spirits up and try to see the lighter side of things even
when you 'accidentally spill' during sex.

Give it time to let the techniques work their magic. Soon enough, you
WILL turn the tables on premature ejaculation and give your woman
the pleasure you know she deserves.
Now, if there is just ONE thing you will get out of this book, let it be

Sex is not just about lasting longer - although that is important.

It really is about HER.

So pay attention to HER.

Focus on HER body.

Learn what is working for HER.

Believe meonce you do this, youll be amply rewarded with a sexual

experience that 99 percent of other men can only dream about!

So, take charge and enjoy the journey!

Lloyd Lester