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Construction Equipment
We deliver more than machines. We build valuable business relationships.
We take genuine care of our partners ensuring we take the time to listen to
and understand them. We are committed to keep our partner's business up
and running today and to support their long-term growth. So we offer a solid
range of quality products with solutions that spur their success. And we offer
personal training and consulting to our dealers as well as prompt and reliable
aftersales support, to help them to maintain this success in the long run. At
Doosan Infracore, we always put people first. This is what our partners can
rely on and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

A Soild Promise

“Growing together. Together we
can build an exciting future.”
“You and Doosan – it’s more than a business
relationship, it’s a commitment. We’ve got you
covered, so you can focus on your business”

“At Doosan, we are focused on one thing:
your success – because we are committed
Your reliable partner - to delivering solutions that make your
“ We are not here for the immediate gain, business more successful.”
we build long term partnerships.”

“It’s the people behind the product that
means you can count on Doosan”

Doosan Infracore Korea Office (HQ)
27/F, Doosan Tower 18-12, Euljiro-6Ga,
Jung-Gu, Seoul 100-730 Korea
Tel: 82 2 3398 8114

100 rpm .1m3 (2.547lb) 21.Increase the versatility of your excavator .6~7.5m (4.000kg (30.0HP)37.5~4.28m (1.29yd3) 29.Applicable Model : DL200A / DL250A / DL300A / Tier-III 164PS (162HP)120kW DL420A / DL450 / DL550 2100J 0.09m3 (0.900rpm DX140LC / 140W / 160W 0.Applicable Model : DX55 / DX60R / DX80R / DX140LC / DX340LCA DX180LC / DX220A / DX225LCA / DX300LCA / DX340LCA / DX420LCA / S225NLC-V / S255LC-V / 1.05~2.5yd3) 3 DL420A / DL450 / DL550 137mm 24.000kg (44 sh th) QUICK COUPLER DX220A 500HP(368kW)@2.5m3 (0.25 ~ 2.77~0.7~3.51~1. .600kg (54.5m (0.200 rpm 57mm Heavy Construction bucket shape 10.89 yd3) 3 3 200J . soil blasted rocks.840kg (3.3~4.100rpm 17.35~3.7m (5.4m3 (2.34~0.8~1.600kg (11.603lb) DX80R Tier-III 469PS (463HP)345kW Tier-II 210kW(281HP)@2.100 rpm DX53W / 55W / 55E / 60R 13.88~2.5m3) . Time saving .Optimum digging profile .29m3 (1.86m (1.2~6.415 lb) .7HP)40.229yd3) DX160W 5.5kW 1.5yd3) 107mm 21.Applicable Model : DX140LC / DX180LC / DX220A / 8.PR Weight : 102 kg~760 kg .550kg (12.000lb) DX180LC Tier-I/II 316PS (312HP)232kW FORESTRY EXCAVATOR 28. CRAWLER EXCAVATOR 0.045m ~4.125kg (68.07yd3) S420LC-V / DX53W / DX55W / DX140W / DX160W / 34.Flat bottom shape 90kg Tier-II/Tier-III 21.800kg (43.900kg (103.474lb) Tooth Bucket DXB170 Tier-III 54.63~4.400kg (106.19yd ) 3 3 Tier-II 134PS (132HP)99kW 2.71yd ) 3 3 18m3 (23.6~2.26~4.120kg (24.144yd3) 0.31~0.5yd3) 156mm 49.67yd ) 3 3 Attachment 21.400lb) DX140LC Tier-II 316PS (312HP)232kW DX300LCA 0.175m3 (0. Safely operate and rapidly change attachments Tier-II 150PS (148HP) 110kW DX225LL .44~2.Cap SAE: 3.21yd3) 375HP(276kW)@2.904lb) 0.839lb) DX210W / S180W-V / S210W-V Tier-II 265PS (247HP)195kW DXQ55S DXQ140S DXQ210S DXQ300S Excavator capacity Weight 5~6 14 19 ~ 25 30 ~ 31 .2HP)40.2HP)15.0m3) 47mm DX225LCA / DX300LCA / DX340LCA / DX420LCA / DX480LCA / DX500LCA / DX700LC / S225NLC-V / DX27Z S255LC-V / S420LC-V / S470LC-V / S500LC-V / DX30z DX55W DX140W / DX160W / DX210W / S180W-V / S210W-V DXB20 0.5kW DX700LC 14.42m3~4.01~3.89 yd3) DX35z DX140W .306lb) 400J Tier-I/II 323PS (318HP)238kW .600kg (45.24~0.05~1.11m3 (0.5~5.3HP)17.CAP SAE : 0.036lb) DX180LC / DX220A / DX225LCA / DX300LCA / Tier-III 150PS (148HP)110kW DX340LCA / DX420LCA / DX480LCA / DX500LCA / Bucket Capacity Breaker S225NLC-V / S255LC-V / S420LC-V / S470LC-V / Operational Weight Quick Coupler S500LC-V / DX53W / DX55W / DX140W / DX160W / DX225LCA DX210W / S180W-V / S210W-V Engine Power Ripper 0. 30~38t .76m3 (0.24~0.700kg (39.776lb) DX80R Tier-II 163PS (161HP)120kW Tier-II 224kW(301HP)@1.1~5.63~3.For digging blasted rocks V-shaped bucket helps penetration High material density of rocks.8yd3) .670kg (3.651lb) Tier-II 157PS (155HP) 115kW 4000J 1.382lb) DXQ340S DXQ420S DXQ480S Tier-III 200PS (197HP)147kW 34~38 40~42 47~52 DX300LCA 0.2m (2.680kg (5.99yd3) 6~8t 500kg Tier-III 56.933lb) Tier-III 120PS (118HP)88kW DX220AF 21.175m3 (0.515lb) .23yd3) DL250A 2.236lb) 11.4HP)41.For loading and stockpiling loose materials.Applicable Model : DX55 / DX60R / DX80R / DX140LC / 29.660kg (38.0m3 (5.400kg (75.100 rpm S180W / 210W / 225NLC-V / 255LC-V 24.11yd3) 1.06~1.For excavating blasted rocks.69yd3) 4.5yd3) 940kg S225NLC-V 19.89yd ) 3 3 Tier-II 134PS (132HP) 99kW 3.8~2.76m3 (0.92~5.900kg (48.491lb) 5.1yd3) 1680kg S255LC-V 17.660kg (8.380kg (18.750kg (30.4PS (56.22yd ) 3 3 18~28t digging earth.CAP SAE : 0.35m3 (1.069lb) DX500LCA 13.83yd3) 0.2~5.5~4.08m3 (0.6m (2.28m (0.Applicable Model : DX140LC / DX180LC / DX220A / DXB35 0.314lb) DL300A S255LC-V / S420LC-V / S470LC-V / S500LC-V / 330kg Tier-II/Tier-III 26.059~5.8kW Heavy duty [HD] 14.8kW Tier-II 297PS (293HP)218kW Tier-II 52.81~1.28m3 (1.93m (0.5PS (54.175m3 (0.75m3 (1.950kg (2.5t 3.Applicable Model : DL300A / DL420A /DL550 26~32t 1850kg S470LC-V 19.640kg (38.9yd ) 3 3 BUCKET [WHEEL LOADER] 1000J 77mm 70.595lb) Tier-II 200PS (197HP)147kW RIPPER .250kg (32.38~0.5PS (21.3kW 0.95~3.9~7.18m (0.67~1.703lb) Tier-III 55.73~3.9yd3) 40.0m ) 3 DX55 DXB45 0.1PS (51.65~1.1m3 (3.3yd ) 3 3 DX140W / DX160W / DX210W / S180W-V / S210W-V 660J 51. Tier-III 50.For excavating and loading sand.6~5.5m3(4.0~4.5m3) 8.9yd3) 2550kg S500LC-V DA30 .7PS (23.0~5.2m3 (4.99yd3) 14.5m (3.8~1.900kg (43.9m ) 3 0.200lb) 31.790kg (6.007lb) DX210W .0~5.51~1.011lb) 1.000kg (31 sh th) DX340LCA 0.92m3 (1.Abrasion resistant materials DX30Z / 35Z .864lb) ADT Rock Bucket [V-Shape Bucket] DXB260 Tier-II/Tier-III 96PS (95HP)71kW .2~6.500kg (65.1HP) 19.Tough applications and .23yd3) 2.67yd3) 4.12yd3) DX480LCA 0.81~0.75yd3) .5PS (26.229yd3) Cutting Edge Bucket DXB90 5.871lb) DL450 .86m3 (2.4HP)37.150lb) 41.4kW 48.5~2.16m3 (1.8~1.200kg (31.5~4.300kg (64.Cap SAE: 2.000kg (46.500kg (47.06~1.General Construction .6~5.587kg (4.180kg (7.366yd3) 20.550kg (12.100kg (112.PRODUCT LINE ATTACHMENT MINI EXCAVATOR WHEEL EXCAVATOR WHEEL LOADER BUCKET [EXCAVATOR] BREAKER Carrier weight Operating weight (Top type standard) Energy/blow Tool diameter Carrier Compatibility DX27z DX420LCA DX53W DL200A General Purpose [GP] DXB10 0.99yd3) DX225LCA / DX300LCA / DX340LCA / DX420LCA / DX480LCA / DX500LCA / DX700LC / S225NLC-V / 4~6t 3.73yd ) 3 3 142mm 46.Dual and single radius Tier-II 127kW(170HP)@ 2.900kg (110.93m3 (0.4m ) 3 Segment Edge Bucket DXB190 S210W-V .76m3 (0. digging earth.300kg (55.59~0.7m3 (2.67yd ) 3 3 12~16t .Cap SAE: 3.175m3 (0.Single radius bucket .100 rpm DX60R 17.889lb) 70mm Tier-I/II 323PS (318HP)238kW Tier-II 156kW(212HP)@2.281lb) DA40 Tier-II 150PS (148HP) 110kW 24.100kg (77.Applicable Model : DL200A / DL250A / DL300A / 3400J 0.5~4.28m3 (0.955kg (49.Light duty applications 1~2.8kW Tier-II 121kW(162HP)@2.500kg (91.Applicable Model : DL420A / DL450 / DL550 6000J 2.297lb) 25.656lb) 17.021lb) DL550 Tier-II 152PS (150HP) 112kW .54yd ) 3 3 .3m (3.74yd3) 5.100kg (154.800~15.7kW S180W-V .7~7.05~1.930kg (13.399lb) DXQ55S DXQ140S DXQ210S DXQ300S Static Tipping Load Tier-II 150PS (148HP)110kW Body Capacity Excavator capacity Weight 5~6 14 19 ~ 25 30 ~ 31 DX300LL 35.100rpm 0.9PS (54.55~5.236lb) 2.690kg (2.4m3 (31.20yd3) 20.1yd3) 170kg Tier-II/Tier-III 23.50~1.7PS (50.Cap SAE: 2.31~0.44~1. 0.619lb) DX180LC / 210W / 220LC / 225LCA Tier-II 170PS (168HP)125kW Tier-II 294kW(394HP)@2.5~3.5t 2.628~33620lb) DL420A 3.0~2.