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1. General (retired) Raheel Sharif appointed as a chief of Saudi-led Islamic anti-terror alliance of 39th Muslim nations.

2. Lt. Col (R) Ayub Khan is appointed as minster of counter terrorism punjab.
3. Om Puri, Indian actor died on 6th january 2017.
4. Pakistan has successfully Test-Fires Submarine launched Babur-3 Missile in January 2017 with
range of 450 km.
5. Utad Bade Fateh Ali Khan pakistani classical & Khyal Singer belongs to patiala family died in
Islamabad on 4th January 2017.
6. Blakh sher badini, notorious commander and handler of social media of Baluchistan Liberation
Army (BLA) surrender in January 2017.
7. Justice (retired), Saeeduzzaman siddiqui, 31st Governor of Sindh died on 11 January 2017.
8. PM Nawaz Sharif attended World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held between 17-20
January 2017 in Davos, Switzerland.
9. Balraj Manra, famous urdu Novelist of India died on 16TH January 2017.
10. Turkish Cargo Jet has crashed near Krgystan's manas airport on its way from Hong Kong to
Istanbul, Airline ACT Airlines
11. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was Co chairing the 47th world economic forum Annual Meeting. She
was the first pakistani to Co chair the Meeting.
12. China has handed Over 2 Navy Ships to Pakistan for Gwadar Security named after two rivers
Hingol and Basol.Two more ships will be soon handed over named after Baluchistan Two
districts DASHT and ZHOB.
13. The privatization Commission's board agreed Tuesday to a proposal to lease out Pakistan steel
Mills (PSM) recommending that the length of the lease agreement be 30 years.
14. Eugene Cernan, the Last human on the moon passed away at 82.
15. The commander apollo 17 and the last man Astronaut Eugene cernan, the last human on the
moon passed away at 82. Eugene cernan has passed away in Washington D.C USA.
16. Cernan was flied to space three times and to moon twice. He was one of the 14 astronauts
selected by NASA in October 1963. he piloted the Gemini 9 mission with Commander Thomas
P. Stafford.
17. He ended his historic space exploration career as commander of the last human mission to the
moon in December 1972.
18. Current prime minister of canada is Justin trudeau.
19. Muhammad Irshad has been appointed as new Chairman FBR. He is BS-22 officer of Inland
Revenue Service (IRS).
20. Nisar Mohammad Khan has retired as chairman Federal Board of Revenue (|FBR) on 18th
January 2017
21. New elected president of European Parliament Mr. Antonio Tajani on 18th January-2017
belongs to Italy.
22. PM Pakistan met with following Business Leaders in 47th World Economic Forum on
18th Jan 2017.

a. Met with group Chief executive officer of Standard chartered Bank Jose Vinals.
b. met with the Chief Executive officer of proter and Gamble David Taylor.
c. met with Group CEO of VimpelCom Jean Charlie.
3. Scientists have named three relatively little known diseases, #MERS (Middle East
Respiratory Syndrome), # Lassa fever and #Nipah virus as the next potential global health
emergency threat.
4. 9th BRICS Summit-2017 will be held in China.
5. Donald trump has just taken the oath of office to become the 45th President of the USA on 20
6. Participants Donald trump
45th President of the United States, Assuming office
Jhon Glover Roberts, Jr
Chief justice of the United states
Administering oath.

Micheal Richard Pence

48th Vice President of the United States.
Assuming Office.

Clarence Thomas
Associate Justice of the Supreme court
Administering Oath.

7. Current Federal Ombudsman of pakistan is M. Sulaiman Farooqi

8. USA has withdrawn from Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) organization of 12 countries, based
in New Zealand on 23rd january 2017.
9. Khwaja saad Rafique is the current minister of railways.
10. PSX tests 50,000 barrier in intraday trading for the first time in its history.
11. KP Government made education compulsory, government will provide free compulsory
education to all the children.
12. Pakistan successfully Test new Atomic Missile ABABEEL Range 2200 km Approximately.
13. Metro Bus inaugurated/started in multan on 24th january.
14. US 45th first lady Melania trump belongs to Slovenia.
15. Mike Pompeo is the current director of central intelligence Agency (CIA).
16. Multan Metro Bus project inaugurated by PM Nawaz sharif on 24th January 2017
completed with cost of 28.88 billions Rs. its route length is 18.5KM.
17. Pakistan has witnessed improvement by two points and has moved to 116th position in
Transparency International's 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index.
18. Saudi arabia pledges Rs. 3.4 billion for Construction of swat Expressway. The 113- KM long
swat Expressway will connect chakdara with kalam.
19. Coca Cola Intends to invest $ 200 million in Pakistan.
20. The annual corruption Perceptions Index, released by TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL
(TI), has ranked pakistan number 116 of 176 countries that were included in the index for the
year 2016. The rank indicates a high level of corruption in the country.
Here is top 5..
1. Denmark
2. New zealand
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5 Switzerland
in south asia pakistan on second after china and over all 116.. Denmark on no1 and somalia at

1. Current Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar khan.

2. Sindh Passes law to prohibit child labor.
3. Pemra Bans Amir liaquat from appearing on screen.
4. Pakistan stock exchange 100 index closes above 50000 for the 1st time in history on January
5. Donald trump ban on this 7 muslim countries: somalia, iraq, iran, libya, sudan, yemen, syria for
granting US visa
6. USA will build wall on maxico border. Cost $20 billion.
7. shahid afridi steps up to rescue 30 pakistani languishing in Dubai Jails.
8. Deputy speaker National assembly Murtaza Javed Abbassi.
9. Speaker National Assembly Ayaaz sadiq.
10. SERENE AIR to start commencing operations from 29th jan 2017 (karachi, lahore, islamabad,
peshawar, quetta, Faisalabad)
11. Salman haider kidnapped blogger returned home.
12. State bank maintained interest rate at 5.75%.
13. Rai manzoor named pakistan's first ever integrity idol winner.
14. Monetary policy updates 28 January, 2017: Current account deficit increased to USD 3.6 billion
in the first half of FY17, from USD 1.7 billion in the same period last year ; Large scale
manufacturing grew by 3.2% during the first five months of the current fiscal year;The average
inflation clocked in at 3.9 percent during the first half of the year, lower than the earlier
projections; private sector borrowed Rs 375 billion in first half of FY17 as compared to Rs 282. 6
billion availed in the corresponding period of last year;monetary policy committee decided to
maintain the policy rate at 5.75%.
15. Chief Executive officer of world bank Kristalina Georgieva.
16. Total electricity generation capacity of sahiwal Coal power plant is 1320 MW.
17. PML N Muhammad Zubair to take charge as new Governor sindh.
18. Muhammad bello abubakar dies leaves behind 130 wives and 203 kids in nigeria.
19. Lashkare jamatud dawa chief hafiz saeed put under house arrest.
20. National Health care programme to cover entire counter except kpk sindh as they have
launched their own each family will be given 50k.
21. PEMRA issues Notice to BOL TV for Dr. Shahid masood show, Focused on Civil Military
22. Afridi signed contract to support Mass communication dept of karachi uni.
23. New islamic international airport at islamabad to be ready in july 2017.
24. Amjad Hussain silal New secretary General of SAARC from pakistan nominated to replace
Arjun bahadur khatmandu.
25. APP Based riding services UBER & CAREEM criticized and to be shut down.
26. Governor SBP inaugurates exhibition of pencil sketches of Abdul sattar edhi by jimmy
27. Lady also known as the "Iron lady of manipur" (India) has the world's longest hunger
striker for 16 years (2000-2016) naming, irom chanu sharmila.
28. Most wanted Lyari gang Noor Muhammad alias baba ladla killed by rangers in karachi.
29. US Senate confirmed tillerson as secretary of state.
30. PML N muhammad zubair take oath as 32nd governor of sindh after death of
31. PM Nawaz sharif has inaugurated 75-km long section of karachi- Hyderabad motorway
(total length would be 136 KM) on 3rd february 2016 which is called M9 Motorway
32. Uras Mubarak of Hazrat shah Rukn e Alam in Multan- 2017 would be no of 703.
33. Bano Qudsia, Pakistani novelist passes away on 4th February 2017 at the age of 88
34. Iris Mittenaere, who was crowned Miss Universe 2016 on 30 January 2017 in Manila,
Philippines, belongs to France.
35. Ex MQM Member saleem Shahbaz arrested at Karachi Airport
36. Dr shabina Raza Appointed DG Health n services.
37. DNA Test made mandatory for rape cases in sindh.
38. Qatar Airways is the new titleholder for the wprld's longest regularly scheduled airline
flight. the airline on sunday inaugurated service on the 9032 mile route between its
DOHA Hub and Auckland, New Zealand.
39. Red warrant issued to Altaf Hussain.
40. PM inaugurates south asia's largest brass mil at POF.
41. Saudi arabia deports 39000 pakistanis in last 4 months.
42. UK Miitary Jets Escorts PIA Plane to stansted.
43. Queen elizibath 2 marks 65 years on british throne.
44. Bhikki power plant, District sheikhpura has intalled capacity of 1180 MW.
45. 38 or 36 ----- not confirmed, countries had conducted international naval exercise
"AMAN-17" from February 10-14 2017
46. New elected president of Germany in February 2017 is Frank- Walter Steinmeir
47. PM appoints tehmina janjua as New foreign secretary.
48. Donald trumps security adviser "flynn" Resigns.
49. North korea fires Ballistic Missile successfully.
50. Pakistan going to attend Moscow Conclave on 15th Feb in russia.
51. Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan currently appointed as adviser to the prime minister on
aviation PIA.
52. The 13th meeting of the ECO Heads of state/Government on 1st March 2017 will be
hosted by Pakistan.
53. Aizaz chaudry appointed as new ambassador to USA.
54. South-Asian speakers summit 2017 will be held in Indore, India
55. Suicide attack outside punjab assembly lahore.
56. DIG Captain mobeen and SSP Zahid Gondal died in chairing Cross Lahore Bomb Blast.
57. Pakistan went to attend Moscow Conclave on 15th Feb in Russia.
58. UAE plans to build city in MARS.
59. India succcessfully put a record 104 Satellites from a single rocket into orbit on
Wednesday in the latest triumph for its famously frugal space agency.
60. Oprah Winfrey sells Klimt painting for an astounding $150 million.
61. Scientists discover new planets, including "super Earth" that could support life.
62. Fine of Rs 1 million imposed on Bol Network for making baseless allegations against the
Pakistan Army and ministers.
63. Governor punjab approves Drug Amendment Bill 2017.
64. Current chairman senate is Raza Rabbani.
65. Current deputy chairman senate is Moulana Abdul Gafoor haidri.
66. 38 countries conducted international naval exercise "Aman-17" in the Arabian Sea off
the coast of Karachi from February 10-14 2017.
67. Bhikki power plant, district sheikhpura has installed capacity of 1180 MW.
68. The 6th International Conference in support of "Palestinian Intifada", in march 2017 will
be hosted by Iran
69. Security conference-2017 held in Munich, Germany.
70. New appointed national security adviser of USA by donald Trump in feb 2017 is HR
71. In C-SPANs latest survey of presidential leadership,Abraham Lincoln remains Americas
best president. Obama was ranked 12th.
72. United Nations Secretary-General Antnio Guterres today announced the appointment
of Jean-Pierre Lacroix of France as Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping
Operations to replace Herv Ladsous, also of France.
73. Yahoo to be named Altaba, and CEO marissa Mayer would step down from board after
the closing of its deal with verizion communication.
74. Foreign Direct Investment Jumps 10 pc: Netherlands invested $459.5 million in
December alone, which pushed up the FDI figure for the six-month period and showed
positive year-on-year growth.
75. Global growth projection done by IMF (Global Emerging Economies): 3.4 for 2017, 3.6
for 2018, 3.1 for 2016 (Noticeable increase).
76. Switzerland has topped the list as the most competitive economy for the eight time
consecutively. Singapore and USA are at the 2nd and 3rd position; respectively.
77. Srinlanka 71st, bhutan 97th, nepal 98th, bangladesh at 106th, pakistan at 122nd, china
28th, india 39th rank.
78. Pakistan leaves India behind in World Economic Forum's development index: India
ranked 60th, Pakistan 52nd among 79 countries.
79. Construction of world's biggest cricket stadium in Gujarat started by india at cost of $100
80. Alibaba founder expresses interest in pakistan's e-commerce sector.
81. Blochistan govt buys MI-171 Helicopter from russia.
82. Jazz,warid consolidate franchise network.
83. Ex-banker atiq-ur-rehman arrested, a former employee of the SME Bank, for making fate
bank accounts against parlimantarians.
84. Pakistan improves slightly to 116 rank on global corruption , index. The annual
corruption perceptions Index, released by Transparency International (TI), has ranked
pakistan number 116 of 176 countries a "high" level of corruption in the country.
85. Dubai's Abraaj group invests in 50 MV wind power project in sindh, jhimpir.
86. A 42.8 pc decline investments by pakistanis in UAE property market declining.
87. Exports to china fell to $770m in july-dec.
88. SBP signed Accord with World bank to achieve strategic goals.
89. Pakistan will be hosting an organization od islamic cooperation |(OIC) summit in
islamabad on march 1.
90. Tariq bajwa appointed secretary finance.
91. Total foreign loans and grants amounted to around $27.8 bn.
92. Total external debt and liabilities, rose to $74.6 bn from $60.9 bn during the same
93. Foreign exchange reserves 23 bn
94. Public sector investment 348 bn
95. Govt entered into a 10 years contract with a chinese firm for operation and maintenance
of the controversial nandipur power project at a price shrouded in mystery.
96. The chinese government has decided to invest $24.8 billion into laying a highway
network in the muslim majority Xinjiang region for improved connectivity with Pakistan.
97. Pakistan and Asian development bank signed $325 m loan deal for clean power supply.
98. State bank signed MOU with Nepal Rastra Bank....
99. In January, a Chinese led consortium, consisting of china Financial futures exchange
company limited, shangai Stock Exchange Shenzhen stock Exchange and two local
financial institutions, namely Pak-china investment company bought 40 percent stake in
the PSX against approximately $85 million.
100. Four Chinese directors took oath as board of directors of the pakistan stock
exchange by February 10.
101. ECC approves another Rs 30 bn loan for power sector.
102. Pakistan's fiscal deficit touched 2.4 pc of gdp in the first half of years.
103. The seventh round on the free trade agreement (FTA) with thailand is scheduled
to be held on March 7 in bangkok.
104. Britian's tesco tests waters in pakistan with Alpha supermarkets tie-up.
105. Rania mahmoud nashar had begun work as chief executive officer in saudi stock
106. An agreement signed between pakistan ordinance factories and Italian defence
company Bretta for (Joint sale of weapons in pak)
107. Cuurent account deficit widened by more than 90 pc year on year to $4,7 billion
in july-jan the state bank of pakistan reported on friday.
108. Its imports rose by 9.1 pc over the same period