1) B 2) D 3) A 4) B 5) C 6) D 7) C 8) C 9) C 10) B 11) a. Use F=ma and F=-kx and rearrange to find answer given b.

Find k by using F=kx sub this into T= then 1/ans to find frequency = 1.11Hz

12) a. Not too sure, but, Beta can pass through body; can then be detected by a magnetic field? bi. bii. Use A=A . Where A = 1.5Mbq, = and t = 1. Rearrange for answer = 1.64 Mbq

13) a. Not completely sure but I wrote about how the angle of parallax can be measure which can then be used to find the distance between us and the star. b. The diagram c. I wrote about standard candles 14) a. I said that alpha radiation can only travel a few cm in air and won t even be able to get out of the case bi. + . Multiply that by 1.67x to get answer in Kg = J. Change this into Mev, answer = 5.69MeV


bii. Mass of: Am-(Np+ ) = 6.053x . Mulitply that by = 9.1x

c. I spoke about how the half-life of americium-241 is much longer than the life of an average human. 15) ai. Use aii. Use F= aiii. L=4 T=2.898x where =5.2x . Then re-arrange to find T=5600K W . Therefore r=7.4x m

. Rearrange for L. Sub in the values. L= 3.8x . Rearrange for . Sub in values. =5.4x

b. I spoke about the temperature and the density too. 16) a. I put constant temperature and behaves as an ideal gas bi. Find volume per minute, then find volume per second, Mass = volume x density therefore Mass= 1.25x Kg

bii. Use E=mc 17) ai. Use a=

. M = answer to bi, c=1000, r. Find by using = . T=

=17.6, therefore E=2.2 J per second, which=2.2W =1.6 Hours, which= 5760s. Therefore =1.09x .

Sub back into original equation to find that a=8.3m aii. Use F= a and F= . Rearrange to Find = . Sub in values, give M as 5.99x Kg

b. Spoke about how galaxies are moving away from us and away from each other, the red shit is the space moving not the actual galaxies themselves moving. I may have missed the point though? ci. Spoke about the speed of light, how far it has travelled is the age of the universe, explained it in better English though. cii. Use = Age of universe. So = 12 x 3.15x . =3.78x . So = 2.65x

ciii. Spoke about how distances used to work out constant are so big so are uncertain, which make the constant uncertain as well, which makes the age of the universe uncertain. 18) a. Resonance, when driving frequency= natural frequency bi. Any point where the velocity=0 bii. Any of the maxima or minima, or the pointy bits of the curve c. Use = r. Where a=0.89 and r=35x Sub in values, v= 0.18m . Rearrange for =5.04rad . Then use = .

d. Spoke about energy is lost to the dampers, ie less energy for oscillations, have to be heavily damped to stop oscillations quickly so as not to cause danger for the public.

BTW I m not saying that these are the correct answers, just the answers that I have seen some of you guys write, and some of the ones that I think vie got right, main problems are with the wordy questions, so any advice on changing this will be taken on board .

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