Letter of Recommendation Request

Simon Yoo
Oct 3, 2016
Per advisory

1.​The college that I want to apply to is Art Center College of Design or
California College of the Design. There are more but these two are primarily colleges
that I want to go. The reason why I want to go to these colleges is they are one of the
best art colleges in CA with the high rates out all the other art colleges in CA. They’re all
also large and medium school which will make me feel better cause I like being with
people(I don’t like being alone sometimes).
2. What I want to be my major is to become an animator and a anime artist.
I love drawing characters, background, actions, and designing ships or places. I have
been doing art since when I was 2nd grade. Almost everyday I keep on drawing
monster, ships, robots, dragons, and battles. When time goes on I kept on changing my
art styles and improving my coloring skills. Until when I was 8th I learned how to draw
human bodies and cartoon characters. It been on my habit will always will be because I
can’t stop doing art work. This is my major and my reason of become an artist.

3. My career will be making art works and selling them to people who ever
wants them. Like making anime posters of my characters or fan characters. Making
videos and movies and finally becoming an animator or character design on one of jobs.
Like working in Disney, Cartoon Network, Anime academy, Dreamworks, or Pixar. I
don’t know which one it could be one them.(or not). The reason why is to make money
so that I can repay the things that grandma had gave me. She has taken care of me
since when I was just a baby. Sooner or later I will repay her hard work.

4. My top five qualities is being shareful, nice, annoying, crazy, and cheerful.
I’m very sharful to my friends because they all were nice to me. Sometimes when I have
some food with me. Mostly candies, I shared it out with friends at school, art school,
church school,and neighbor friends. I’m also nice to other when they need help.
Like some of friends need some money or help and so I help them out. Number 3 is me
being annoying. I sometimes annoy people with my voices and hands. One is grabbing
some oy female friends head and the other is making funny noises. This only happens
when I’m bored or when I’m having fun. Being crazy is mostly my thing. Sometimes
when I eat too much sweet I get a little carried away. This is when I get annoying. And
finally being cheerful. Usually this sometimes happen when I cheer of one my
classmates. Or I’m just excited.

5. I’m not a smart person, I just wanna make sure that I can achieve my
goals as passing my high school and then graduating college. I’m one of the tallest
students in ASGL. I most a dependant, since I’m not very smart. But I can keep my
grade good and preventing to have D or F on my report card. I was raised to never miss
a class, which I have mostly. I am also nice to people and annoyed to people. That all I
know of being different from other students.

6. My struggles are test and finals. I keep on getting to much pressure and
always worried about my scores. The only way to overcome this fear is by studying hard
for the test and asking for help if needed. Ms.G, Mr.Oh, and Ms. Montes were always
helpful to me. They give me suggestion of what I should to make sure I don’t get any
struggles anymore.

7. My vision of the world is me being with my happy family. Also, seeing the
end of war, violence, and global warming. All of those to end and don’t have to be
worried about them anymore. I also want to become a youtube star of animating,
gaming, and other that I can do to make people smile. I get better at art and animating.
As for my family, I would make sure that my children will not ended up like me. I was
alone with my grandma with my entire life. Got hit by a car near to death. Finally, having
issues with school. I will make sure that my children will be smart and happy and let
them make their own future and dream a reality.

8. My most favorite hobbies are Drawing, gaming, and hangouts. Drawing is
always has been part of my family. I have drew stuff ever since when I was 2nd or 1st
grade. When time went by my art skills became more and more improved. Art is now my
future major in job and college. Playing games is also part of me. I’m one of my family
members to be born in the future where technology has continued to advanced. I got
addicted to it became my hobby ever since. Along with watching videos, taking pictures,
making videos, and finally drawing on computers. And finally, we have the hang out.
When I go outside, sometimes I feel that I am alone. I’m not one of those people who
talks to other about what happened and other things. I walked with them, listen to
music, hearing of what people had to say, and mostly having fun with them. These are
mostly my most favorite hobbies in my life.
9. In the summer of 2016, I attended a special cultural and educational
program held in Korea. This program was designed for foreign born Koreans to learn its
language, history, and culture. This program allowed me to be away from home, and
care for myself. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the program that provided
me with historical knowledge of my own heritage; and in addition, especially, this
experience gave me a glimpse of what college life may possible be like.
I have served as an altar boy since since the age of seven. This experienced
has benefited me to help my religious community and make friends along the way.
Secondly, it made me punctual and more responsible. As a altar boy, I must arrive at
church half an hour earlier than others to get ready for the mass and make sure mass
goes smoothly. Lastly, it helped me to build leadership as I am helping, mentoring, and
training younger altar servers. I believe the qualities I learned as an altar server will
help me to manage my life during college.
I have been volunteering at a local homeless shelter every Saturday morning
since I was 10th grade. My duties involved serving food to the homeless and cleaning
the center. Even though I have to get up before dawn and arrive at five in the morning.,
I truly enjoyed the volunteer work, because of the positive impact in has on my
community. I understand how much it means to those people in need of help because I
have received help from other individuals from church, at school, and in life. I wouldn’t
be who I am and where I am now if there wasn’t for their help. I am sure there will be
more I can do for others as I am getting older and I will continue to do volunteer work.
10. My GPA in ASGL is 3.2 or 3.1. I have always gotten A’s,B’s, and C’s in my
report cards. My goal was to get straight A’s and never get D’s and F’s.
11. My score on my SAT is 1060 or more. I took two test. The first one wasn’t
good at all. But with more studying on these test, I got it up more and improved my
scores with even a better one. Hopefully, I don’t have to take ACT. Because I did not
take ACT.
12. ​ When I was young I had some difficult times. I had no memory of my 
father and mother. Only my grandma who was always there for me. One day I 
went walking into the streets with my grandma when my shoe fell. I tried to put it 
back on and then suddenly it went pitch black. When I opened my eyes, all I saw 
was blood all over my body, my grandma was carrying me until the ambulance 
came and took me to the hospital. I stayed there for months, until I was finally 
healed. My leg was broken and had some surgreys, my head had some scars, and 
my life had some weird times. (examples of weird times) 

As time goes by, I wanted to forget my horrors of that day. Covered in blood, near 
to death, and being in the hospital at night, was terrifying. Even though I’m home 
sleeping, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night. 4 or 5am, I wanted to 
call my grandma but she wasn’t home. I was scared and sometimes wanted to go 
where my grandma went when it was dark, even though it was still my bedtime.  

But that day all changed when I first laid my eyes on the tv. It was a cartoon show 
that made me happy, excited, and I never wanted to stop watching it. Now at 
night I could now sleep and never be afraid in the dark for at time I now imagine 
some of the characters of the tv show for they said ”you never alone for there will 
be friends for you to have and will leave you”. In that time my had changed again 
and this time into a brighter path.  

                 It was first day to be in elementary school where then I could learn 
some new stuff and do what I do best. There I had made some friends, my 
teachers liked me, and everywhere I go in that school I always hear ”Hey Simon”. 
I was happy and I had continued to move on. I also now go to this new after 
school. It called UC education afterschool. There I made more friends but the 
teachers were different. They are nice, but different emotions. Some were strict 
and scary, other were just serious. I had my fun time in that place. My limit of 
time going there was until I was 8th grade. My life in middle school was at ASGL 
RFK school. It became my living hobby, because I go there everyday except the 
weekends. But it also reminded me some of the horrors. Of course test and 
quizzes were a pain in the ass, homework was ok, but most of all I made a lot of 
new friends and teachers. They were better than elementary schools. The one 
thing that I hate in that school is the… lunch food. Some were good, other nasty. 
Not saying the school food was bad, just saying I don’t like what they give out.  

The one thing that reminded me in the past was watching this horror movie. Many 
of the students and my friends wanted to watch scary movies. I’ll be honest, I 
never love horror movies, it too much for me. It was called “Final Destination” 
and when I saw someone got killed it reminded me of what happened to me in that 
car crash. Then I cried, because it was my first horror movie and seeing organs 
coming out of a human body. I got to say to these people. Why do you like these 
stuff, there nasty. But when became 8th grade I somehow wanted to watch horror 
movies and I wanted to do it alone. That time I get jump scare easily but not 
anymore. Then I began drawing dead bodies on my art. This was when my violence 
began more violent. But mostly on art and I still hate horror movies. But my life 
began to get a little more difficult. When I graduated middle school and entered 
high school I heard that you most enter college after high school. I didn’t know 
what college was until I heard it a lot harder than high school. But it life you have 
to move on even though it doesn’t make you feel better. Many of my favorite 
teachers moved to a different school. Most of them like the most. When goes by I 
started getting use to it. Now I’m ready to go to college, the only thing that makes 
me worry is living in college and working in college. But here are the good ones. I 
finally found my major and my career and that is to be an animator or a photoshop 
artist. My life of being in the dark has finally moved into the light.   

                When I was young I have never seen the face of my mom or dad. Unless I 
have forgot of them of who they were. But in that time, I had no parents. I was 
left alone with my grandma for my entire life. Even though I had no parents, I was 
still raised well by my grandma. The one who gave her life to me. Everyday, she 
was always there for me when I needed her. Meanwhile, I had an uncle and 2 
aunts that were also there for me. They both almost played the role as my parents 
even though they weren’t my parents. The one’s that made me more happier was 
my 2 cousins. They always played with me when I was young. I will never forget 
how fun it was with them. They always visit me in LA. Mostly every summer. My 
youngest aunt help me with all the studies. My uncle sometimes teaches me of 
what to use and when to use. Finally, the oldest aunt and her husband takes me to 
some places that I have never went to.( mostly the husband). When I was still 
young my dad sometimes calls me at the phone. He was checking on me to see if I 
was ok. He always gave me a birthday gift. In my head I thought he and mom were 
together at korea. But when I was 10th or 9th grade, I found out that they were 
divorced. It made me not myself that time. For all those days, I have wonder what 
will mom be like. But now, I guess that imagination is now crushed. I decided to 
move on, forget the things that makes me uncomfortable. For all those times, it 
was only a lie but it now it nothing to me. Where ever my mom is right now, I 
didn’t care anymore. Cause I don’t know her and I intend to keep that way. It my 
grandma that matters to me. She’s my real mom. But now her time has come to an 
end. It’s my turn to take care of her as she did to me. In my opinion, I had both 
good and bad life.  

                    13.​ My joy and happiness, has always been in my life​ and I wish I 
continue to have this in my future. Having fun drawing and playing games. Hanging 
out with my wonderful friends. Taking care of my grandma for her hard work over the 
past few years. My opinion with success and happiness, everyone can have these if 
they are willing to make it happened. I have had also talked about my future and my 
life in my middle school graduation. Now I only hope that I can graduate College and 
make my life even better.