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ACME Development Corporation: Statement of Work




in this case. development. the Project Management Office (PMO) will use the scheduling tool developed earlier to program and as well manage the projects that need to be accomplished. In the implementation as well as testing the scheduling tool.ACME DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ADC) 2 Introduction ACME Development Corporation often abbreviated as ADC develops or produces apartment and homes complexes. purchasing equipment and managing contractors based on how they would see them fit into achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Presently. Therefore. ACME Development Corporation seeks to create a Project Management Office (PMO) to monitor and manage all its projects. In every branch the project manager operates as a spate individual in his or her work. it will also be necessary and significant to train the end users and the principal administrator at different levels within the corporation on how to use the scheduling tool (Kerzner. ACME Development Corporation (ADC) is an international level corporation with their offices across the country. and the administrators will take 90 days. implement and test a scheduling tool within the enterprise or corporation to enhance the performance of the firm within the market and industry as well. all the project managers are required to utilize the tool to track and schedule their project frequently and note the project’s growth and development as well. would help the . The corporation wants to use its resources to find out the appropriate level of growth. setting the goals or objectives of their projects independently. testing and even training the end users. Objectives The project’s goal is to choose. The entire process would also include implementing. Thus. ACME Development Corporation (ADC) has about 40 project managers at every branch across the entire country. 2002). and nature of business as well. The scheduling tool.

it will be undertaken remotely for all the project managers out of Chicago.ACME DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ADC) 3 corporation or the enterprise to reduce aspects such as expenses and gather the best suppliers and quantity discounts as well. It will also enable the aspect of the central purchasing system within the organization. train the administrators and the end users and lastly implement aspects of maintenance and upgrading as well (Kerzner. which shall be achieved through a software termed as the Web Ex. The supplier taken to implements and test the scheduling tool will undertake the installation process of the software. 2002). By doing so. By doing so. 2002). will help the ACME corporation to undertake decisions at a conventional platform implementing all the decisions to all the company locations efficiently (Martin. will help the organization or the corporation to keep the project’s budget under control and monitor every step taken in the implementation of the budget. . At this. it will assist in sharing responsibilities among the individual employees within the firm. With the scheduling tool through a suitable work plan can help in the elimination of the unwanted efforts resulting to the streamlining of the workforce within the corporation. point the aspect of training both the end users and the administrators will be performed. Scope of Work ACME Development Corporation (ADC) in this case establishes a Project Management Office (PMO) and consider a scheduling tool in the 4th quarter of the Fiscal Year 2017. 2010). hardware. Also. Location of Work Most of the activities towards the completion of the project will be undertaken at ADC’s information technology center based in Chicago Illinois (Kerzner. The administrators will perform their training on site in Chicago Illinois which is the corporation’s headquarters. which in turn helps in the reduction of data cost.

2002). which would include a break for the reason of Thanksgiving holidays within the process. and training of the end users and administrators as well (Kerzner. 2017 Operating Systems and hardware 1.ACME DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ADC) 4 Performance Period As indicated previously. over time needs to be approved before the consideration of the additional work. the deliverable schedules would. 2002). As noted from the billing hours additional hours have also been allocated taking control of the unforeseen overtime experienced within the process. 2017 Software and hardware to comply with the expected requirements. .1 Updating the necessary April 4th . The 90-day period will include aspects such as both testing and implementing the software and the hardware. which includes four full-time employees from the supplier or vendor performing their tasks or duties for four hours per week for about 12 weeks (Kerzner. in this case. 2017 April 9th . brings forth the due dates for the project’s deliverables. In that. Task Rank Deliverable Completion date The last Due Date expected 1 Reviewing both the present March 19th . 2017 March 24th . By going with the scheduled period or time. the Project scheduling tool will take about 90 days within the 4th quarter of the fiscal year 2011. In this case. the billing hours is 3000 hours. in turn. incorporates the dates of completion for the project’s development within the expected period which is 90 days. the project commences on March 19th and should be completed by June 20th this year. Deliverable Schedule The deliverable schedules in the project.

2017 scheduling tool 2. By doing so. Therefore. 2017 4 Both Administrator and end June 16th . 2017 User training Applicable Standards Applicable standards refer to the corporation or industry standards that need to be met for the project to fulfill the contract order based on both the client and the company specifications (Kerzner. 2017 3 User Acceptance May 10th . 2010). Acceptance Criteria or Standards At this step of the Statement of Work (SOW). the project scheduling tool hardware and software should meet what is termed as the Service Level Agreement (SLA) incorporated in the contract or project not less than 99. In the case of ADC. It also includes the objective criteria to be used by the client or the buyer to approve the deliverables as well. Thus. 2017 April 22nd . 2017 April 15th . 2017 June 20th .95 percent uptime valued or measured within a period of one year (Martin. 2002).ACME DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ADC) 5 2 Installing the project April 11th . 2017 April 30th .2 The Software functional April 18th . the following need to be considered:  The system need to meet the acceptance standards of the user as noted in the satisfactory survey  The system should meet all load balancing and functional testing concepts .3 Testing of the load April 26th. the applicable standards need to be considered for the success of the project. 2002). 2017 June 14th . 2017 testing within the corporation 2. completed on time and with minimal issues. it specifies of gives the criteria of how the client or the buyer determines whether the service or product is satisfactory based on the requirements (Kerzner. will ensure work efficiency and appropriateness of work standards and ethics of the corporation. for AMCE to ensure that the project is within the budget.

H. Therefore.ACME DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ADC) 6  And all the users should be trained appropriately before June 20th. (2010). M. Reference Kerzner. Strategic planning for project management using a project management maturity model. . Management Concepts Inc. (2002). through all these steps of the Statement of Work (SOW) ADC will be in a better position of achieving their goals and objectives based on the installation and implementation of the project schedule tool. Martin. John Wiley & Sons. G. 2017. Delivering project excellence with the statement of work.