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Integrated Lessons Block Plan

Day 1 Afternoon Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Day 1
Lesson Math Science: Guided Reading Science: Science: Writing:
Erosion STEM STEM Letter
Objective(s) Students Students will Students will be Students will Students Students
demonstrate an complete and able to compare begin to will use the will
understanding record the and contrast ponder simple available recognize
of the scientific fiction to machines and materials to the pattern
relationship process to test nonfiction how to use create a trap which
between the the effects of based on an them. to makes up a
numbers on an erosion understanding -Students will demonstrate letter by
analogous clock through their of text features. begin to create their using each
and the time by experiment. In guided an effective understandin of the five
creating their Students will reading groups, trap by g and parts in the
own model of a recognize the students will discussing experimentat correct
clock. patterns and explore and possible ion through format.
While working create make blueprints for a STEM. Students
in groups, hypothesis of predictions of leprechaun will retell
students are the effects of the content trap in groups their
able to display erosion on based on key after exploring experience
the correlation certain features in the a variety of from
between the landscapes by text. materials. science
minutes of an completing a class by
hour to the booklet. showing
place of the the order of
minute hand on events
a clock. through
Standards 2.M.5; 2.M.6 2.ESS.3 2.RL.2.4; K-2.E.1; K- 2.W.3.3
2.RN.3.1 2.E.2; K-2.E.3
Materials Materials for An example Magazines for A variety of Supplies for A large pad
each station i.e. of a mass of each student, items for each students to to create an
Easter eggs, land, water, Dr. Seuss station: use to build example
dice, clocks, and science books, and cardboard, their project and a letter
supplies to booklet worksheets ping-pong worksheet
create a clock balls, yarn, etc.
Body/activities Students will Students will Students will Students will Students Students
rotate between experiment read both a test a variety will have the will learn
stations. with the nonfiction piece of materials to entire time the format
(SumDog, effects of and fiction and choose what to build their of a letter
Easter egg water on land, compare they want to trap. and then
matching, clock and be characteristic of use, and begin create a
building and introduced to each text. to plan their draft.
manipulation) other traps.
concepts of
Assessments Students will Science The students Examples that Quality of Students
create and booklet answers during students come the trap draft of a
manipulate small groups up with at each which was letter about
clocks. Later in and completion station, and built. their
the week of worksheet their blueprint STEM
students will discoveries
continue to
work with time.
Safety If students are None of the
not handling items are
the materials sharp, nor can
safely they students throw
can only objects
watch the