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1) Submit: Define what demographics and psychographics are:

Demographics are known as a statistical study of populations. It consists of the size,

structure and distribution of these populations, along with changes in response to birth,
migration, ageing and death. Demographics are known to be personal characterizes used
to collect and evaluate data on people within the given population. Some demographic
factors include age, gender, martial status, race, education, income and occupation.
Psychographics is known as the study and classification of people according to their
attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research. The
collected information can be contrasted with demographic variables, behavioral variables,
and organizational demographics variables. More than often psychographics are confused
with demographics.

2) Submit: What is your zip code? What is the name associated with that zip code?
(I.e. West Chester, Brooklyn, etc.) - List at least 5 of the indicators (income, race,
My zip code is 11218 and the name associated with my zip code is Brooklyn
(Kensington). Five indicators within my zip code are:
The most populated race/ethnicity is White followed by Asian
The highest income range within a household is <$25K followed by $100-150K
The highest household composition is known as other, no children followed by
married, w/children
The highest population by age within my zip code is 21-34 and the lowest
population is 55-64
My zip code consists of more Not Hispanic/Latino than those that are

3) Submit: State the television show you watched and what network it appeared on:
The television show I watched is called Law and Order: SVU and the network it
appeared on is Ion Television.

4) Submit: Based on your analysis of the show, which includes paying attention to
the subject of the show, actors, and advertisements, what is the demographic
and psychographic profile the network is going for? Do these follow what the
network demo and psychographics were from the question above?

The demographic and psychographic profile Ion Television is going for is taking
situations with our society and including it to a story line. Their viewers demographic
include 40% men and 60% women. In terms of demographic profile, I believe the
network is working to grab the attention of adults older than 18. A few shows on Ion
television include Blue Bloods, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and Saving Hope. They
are constant series and contain elements not for a younger group. The psychographic
profile the network is going for is to have its audience connect their society to the show.
Adults tend to watch the shows on Ion television when it reflects what they see around
them or if they can relate. Based on the definitions above, I believe the network demo and
psychographics go hand in hand.
5) Submit: Select three of the commercials viewed during the show. Indicate what
demographic and psychographic profile you think they are going for. Does this still
match watch the Networks demo and psychos?

Three of the commercials viewed during the show are Ashley Home Store, Lumbar
Liquidators and Trivago. The demographic and psychographic profile they are going for
are adults 18 years or old. These commercials are shown on Ion television because of the
audience whom are watching. It is older individuals that are home repairing, and also
traveling. I believe it still matches the network demo and psychos.

6) Submit: Put these three commercials on a YouTube Playlist and send me a link in
the Insert Text portion of the assignment. If you cannot find the exact commercial
you viewed, that's fine. As long as you find ones similar so I can check your analysis
that you understand the demos and psycho's as you view.

I could not find the exact commercial I saw during the show so I tried my best to find one
that was advertising something similar.