Deborah Kowalski

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Subje English


Grad Kindergarten

Learn a) Identify and name the uppercase and lowercase letters of
ing the alphabet.
Objec b) a) Print uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet
tive independently.


ty I always found jeopardy fun when I was a kid. I think that it would be
difficult to have a Kindergarten class do it, but if I can get the same control
over my class that my observation teacher has then I wouldn’t have a
problem at all. This would be a game to play on a Friday definitely towards
the middle of the year when the students have good understanding of
printing letters. The questions from 100 – 200 will be identifying letters and
their sounds. The questions from 300 – 400 will be actually writing the
logy Techno

letters that they hear. I will put sound bites into the questions that
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