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Name: Leslie Hall

Date: August 5, 2016
Subject: Social Studies
Length of Lesson:
Grade Level: 2nd Grade

Core Curriculum Objectives:

Standard 2
(Citizenship): Students will recognize and practice civic responsibility in the community,
state, and nation.
Objective 1
Examine civic responsibility and demonstrate good citizenship.

Common Core Objectives (ELA or Math): If subject other than ELA or Math,
please show how the content could be integrated with the Common Core.

Writing Standard 3
Write narratives in which they recount a well-elaborated event or short sequence of
events, include details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings, use temporal words to
signal event order, and provide a sense of closure

ELL Considerations:
Using sentence frames for our narrative writing
Visuals through the lesson
Writing in L1 if needed
Vocabulary Development:
Honesty, Acceptance, Courage, Perseverance, Kind, Good Friend, Honesty

Preparation: What materials will be needed?

- Poster
- Computer for Youtube Video
- Writing utensils

Time: Lesson: Management:

3 minutes Introduction: Students are expected to
Youtube show respectful behavior
Video Being A during movie
Good Citizen- A
Book about
watch?v=x3_REZhqR9g Students are expected to
What does a participate in what being a
good citizen look good citizen looks like.
like? On a poster Students are expected to
that says citizenship listen to their teacher and
in the middle create peers when they are talking
a brainstorm of
what we can do to
be a good citizen in
each category
( already have
category and what it
looks like on

Time Content/Activity Management

20 minutes Students are expected to

Introduce write narrative, be engaged
that we get to be a in writing process, and
good citizen in our helping others if they have
school by being completed writing.
buddies with a
kindergarten class
and help them learn
this year.
Narrative about
how we can be
good citizens
( Using

Time Closure Management

1 minute Exit Ticket Students are expected to

Leaves on tree how turn in an exit ticket with 1
can I be a good of the words from our
citizen to my brainstorm to the tree (or
buddy? teacher).


Each week
set class goal of
being a good citizen
and have students
write on graphic
organizer an
example of how
they were a good
watches for clip ups
for showing good
citizenship in the
classroom -- use
vocabulary when
having the students
clip up.

Adaptations: Orally telling teacher/ aid about how they can be a good citizen for paper
What does a good citizen do all day? page for fast finishers ( make it a game?)
Give slow finishers extra time/ buddy up with those who are finished.

- Citizenship Pantomime Activity ( Arts)
- Writing (ELA- already integrated)