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Uwrt 1102

Austin Maxwell

May 3rd, 2017

Prof Connie Douglas

Critical Analysis of The E-Portfolio

This Portfolio was made to show off the best work that a student has done in class

regarding the line of inquiry the student picked earlier in the semester. This specific E-portfolio

deals with gun control and the assignments the student has created around the topic.

The portfolio designed for ease of access and understanding to the readers. While each

part of the Eportfolio is made to be separate and easy to access. There is nothing to distract the

readers from each individual post or to make the reader focus on anything but the posts. It is

simple yet understanding. Also, there are no separate pages within pages and besides the

Daybook page, there are no blogs that have more than 8 posts so as not to bore or prolong the

reader. All the pages are simplified into individual categories that focus on the content of the

page. All the articles inside the pages have connotations that either describe the work, explains

the revisions, or gives short explanations about the piece. All artwork that serves as an entrance

into the page either represents what the author feels about the topic or writing and typing in


The work in this Portfolio is the students best dealing with gun control. All works

information is gotten from peer reviewed sources about Gun control found in the Uncc Library

databases. All information recovered is cited at the end of each artifact or inside the Artifact
itself. Through this assignment, the author learned that poetry has a big influence on what he

feels about writing and literature. Although this wasnt new to the author it became prevalent that

the Eportfolio will allow the author to highlight his or her skill in poetry.

The Line of inquiry was difficult because the author already knew that there is a lot of

controversy concerning gun control in the society and that a lot of people favor guns. Although

the author thought originally that Gun laws and regulations help crime rates and firearm fatalities

but unfortunately that isnt the whole truth. Society isnt open to the true statistics and facts about

gun control and how many people are affected by the laws and regulations that are forced on


Reflecting on the assignments done in class and making the E-portfolio, the author

believes that these assignments were not only helpful and aggregable but necessary to improve

his or her skills as a writer. To Clarify, making a portfolio would be like bringing a portfolio into

a job interview. Also in highlighting the best works to the public, the author believes it shows the

growth and development the authors writing has taken over the course of time.

The Pages that have been rewritten and revised for regrading are the annotated blog,

roundtable essay, and the Gun control rhetorical analysis essay. These pages have been rewritten

by correcting grammatical errors, Citations, Topic fluctuation, information, focusing more on the

overall objective of each individual essay.

The E-portfolio reflects the growth the author has had in writing ability over the course of

the semester by compiling all works into a single entity and being able to compare the original

works to the final artifacts. The author has truly grown through grammar, sentence fluency, and

the ability to focus on the topic.