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People are like garbage trucks.

They run around with garbage; they’re full of disappointment, full
of frustration, full of anger. And when their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it on. And
sometimes, they dump it on you. But you know, you don’t have to take it personal(ly), you just
wave, smile, you wish them well and you move on. Don’t let their garbage spread to people at
work, at home or on the streets. You love those who treat you right, and you pray for those who
don’t. See, life is 10% of what you make it. The other 90? It’s how you take it.

 Vocabulary
1. be full of, to contain many things of the same kind:
- Life’s full of surprises / coincidences, isn’t it?
- Boston's streets are full of history.
- His essay was full of mistakes.
- There was a time when the future seemed to be full of limitless possibilities.
- Kids will run around like mad, seemingly full of energy, for a while, and then crash and fall
2. disappointment, n., [uncountable] a feeling of unhappiness because something is not as good
as you expected, or has not happened in the way you hoped; [countable] a person or thing
that is disappointing:
- They expressed their disappointment at what had happened.
- Ethan noticed the disappointment in Lisa’s eyes.
- I just can’t face the disappointment of my family and friends.
- I’m afraid I was a sad disappointment to my mother / family
- Home-baked pizza is often a disappointment because of one simple error: too much sauce.
3. frustration, n., [uncountable] the feeling of being frustrated; [countable, usually
plural] something that causes you to feel frustrated:
- People often feel a sense of frustration that they are not being promoted quickly enough.
- I understand the frustration of the police, who are trying to prevent a possible tragedy.
- She took out her frustrations on the children.
- Every job has its difficulties and frustrations.
- I'm so tired of the stresses and the frustrations and the confusion at work.
4. pile up, phrasal verb, to increase in quantity or amount, in a way that is difficult to manage:
- Work always piles up at the end of the year.
- The work just keeps on piling up and makes me want to scream.
- Problems were beginning to pile up.
- The traffic signals have failed and cars are piled up.
- As her debts piled up, she came close to a nervous breakdown.
5. dump, v., to get rid of something you do not want, especially in a place which is not suitable:
- The company had illegally dumped toxic waste into the ocean.
- Any vessel dumping at sea without a licence will be prosecuted.
- Who dumped all these books on my desk?
- Don't dump your troubles on me!
- He's got no right to keep dumping his problems on me.

7.. . . pray. .I don’t know why he stays with her – she treats him like dirt. / My mother was crying as I waved goodbye to her. .He prayed for good weather.We prayed (that) she would recover from her illness. .People treated us with respect and we treated them with respect..My parents still treat me like a child.Within weeks.The people on the bus waved and we waved back.I'll pray for you.Don't take his comments personally.Anna took it personally when the boss said some people were not working hard enough..She prayed to God to help her. v. . . v. to affect or make something affect.Please don’t take this personally.I’ve moved on since high school.: .After he was laid off. or be used by more and more people: . v. .I've been in this job long enough—it's time I moved on. idiom. wave. but would you mind leaving us alone for a few moments? . say hello.Who's that waving at you? .I just want to be treated fairly. to speak to God.People who want to get rid of old cars sometimes dump them by the roadside / in the woods. spread. Yemen.Should girls be treated differently from boys in school? 11. . he moved on and started looking for another job. Egypt. be known by. . .She treats me like one of the family.The Arab Spring or Democracy Spring began on 17th December 2010 in Tunisia and spread to five other countries: Libya. . and now I don’t have much in common with some of my old friends. .Why did you wave at / to him? . etc.The disease is spread by mosquitoes. especially to give thanks or ask for help: . his confidence had spread throughout the team. take sth. 10. to move your hand or arm from side to side in the air in order to attract attention. to start doing or discussing something new: . . personally.Can we move on to the next item on the agenda? . their holy day of the week. . . .The cancer had spread to her liver. to behave in a particular way towards somebody / something: . phrasal verb. Syria and Iraq.6. treat. . . you know? .Martin has a habit of taking things personally.The disease spreads easily.My mother was crying as I waved her goodbye.Muslims also pray in mosques on Friday. 9. . move on.He spent his time in prison praying and studying.. to be offended by something: . 8. v.