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I.- Complete the chart with the correct word.

I have I have notebook

You have yours You have pencil case

She has She has her jacket

He has He has wallet

We have ours We have pens

You have You have pens

They have They have pencils

I have book. cover is black

* The possessive its is used only with a noun following it.

II.- Complete the rules:

1. A is used alone, without a noun following it.
2. A is used only with a noun following it.

III.- Rewrite the following sentences. Substitute possessive pronouns for the bold words
(use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence)

1.- Their house and our house are on the same street.

2.- Those jeans are my jeans.

3.- The dictionary is Paul's.

4.- The black car is my mother's car.

5.- Is this your dictionary or my dictionary?

IV.- Choose the right answer to complete the following conversation.

Ann: Whose keys are these, or ?

Paul : I'm not sure. Ask them if the keys are .

Ann: Ok. Let's go.

Paul : Wait a minute. I can't find my wallet. It was next to .

Ann: Yes, I have it. Take your cell phone, I forget at work.

Do the exercises below on possessive adjectives and click on the button to check your

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on possessive adjectives)

Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives:

1. Where is (I) my book?

2. Here is (we) our teacher.

3. She goes to school with (she) her brother.

4. (They) Their father works in a car factory.

5. (You) Your laptop is very expensive.

6. (He) His favorite hobby is tennis.

7. (I) My husband and I want to go to Paris.

8. We want to see (it) its historical monuments.

9. Leila likes (she) her dog !

10. (It) Its name is Bobby.

Choose the right possessive adjective:

1. Two students didn't do their mathematics homework.

2. I have a car. Its color is black.

3. We have a dog. Its name is Pancho.

4. Nancy is from England. Her husband is from Australia.

5. Ann and Nadia go to a high school. Their little brother goes to primary school.
6. Alan has a van. His van is very old.

7. We go to a high school. Our high school is fantastic.

8. I like singing. My mother sings with me.

9. Franois and Alain are French. Their family are from France.

10. Mary likes her grandmother. She often visits her.

Choose this, that, these or those from the dropdown menu.

1. Look at this newspaper here.

2. These are my grandparents, and those people over there are my friend's grandparents.
3. That building over there is the Chrysler Building.
4. This is my mobile phone and that is your mobile phone on the shelf over there.
5. These photos here are much better than those photos on the book.
6. That was a great evening.
7. Are these your pencils here?
8. That bottle over there is empty.
9. Those bricks over there are for your chimney.
10. John, take this folder and put it on the desk over there