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Definition of family ethics- values relating human conduct in family scope

which include rights and duties of men and women, husbands and wives and also
parents and children

Social Interaction

1)Prohibition of looking with desire at the opposite gender

Muslims are commanded to lower our gaze with opposite gender as it is
purer for us. The heart is the king that controls human being and the eyes
are the gate of the heart. Inappropriate gaze might affects our heart

2)Prohibition of improper dress

Proper dress in Islam should have 3 characteristics; modesty, comfort &
The dress must not be transparent, revealing what is underneath it as it
may draw mens attention to her concealed adornments

3)Prohibition of excessive beautification

4)Prohibition of khalwah
def of khalwa: man being alone with one woman who is not of unmarriageable kin
(mahram) within an enclosed area in such a way that a third party is unable to see or enter
upon them
The Prophet of Islam said, Never is a man alone with a woman except that Satan is
the third party with them.

5)Prohibition of boyfriends , girlfriends

may lead a person to commit khalwa
their romance may sometimes drives them to hold hands or to the
extend of having sex

Benefits of Marriage in Islam

1)Offers tranquility to the soul
Allah created mankind out of one living soul , and created of that soul a
spouse so that he might find comfort and rest in her.

2)Live together in harmony,love, mercy and cooperation

Marriage which is based on religious and moral grounds according to a
hadith perfects ones personality
When one is married, he secures half of his religion. So let him fear God
in the other half [Hadith]

3)The foundation for raising a Muslim family in a nurturing and sound

Children out of marriage are the best type of investment which one
derives religious merits. Among the everlasting benefit until akhira is the
prayer from our children.
Selection of wife/partners/spouse
Islam regulates not just the marriage contract but all the preliminary
steps towards it in order to bring about the establishment of a happy,
enduring and fulfilling union between the husband and wife
A woman may be chosen for her wealth, or for her beauty, or for her
nobility or for her religion. So choose a religious woman and hold fast to
her [hadith]

Applicable to selection of spouse in general

How these criteria contributes to a happy marital life?

Religion Top priority is to the ones prospective future spouse piety and
practice of Islam. Their fulfilling of the wajib and the avoidance of the
haram. Entails future peace, harmony and barakah in marriage.
If someone with whose piety and character you are satisfied with comes
to you , marry to him.If you do not do so, there will be trials in the earth
and a great deal of evil [Al-Tirmidhi]

Wealth stable economy

Beauty We have to be satisfied with regard to personal appearance

and beauty by seeing the potential bride or groom in a careful manner
without dating. Important step whose neglect may result in divorce or
unhappy marital life in the case that one is not please with his or her own
spouse later on. Prophet said The best of you women is the one who,
when her husband looks rather, pleases him

Noble descent Basic element in bringing about mutual trust between

them late on

Foundation of marriage
1)Marriage must be as permanent as possible
2)Marriage must be based on mutual consent
3)Reasonable dowry
4)Both (husband and wife) have similar rights of good treatments


Party Responsibilities
Child Treat parents with kindness and
Husband To provide suitable maintenance
for wife and children
To be kind, accommodating and
treats his wife in a loving
Wife To create a comfortably soft and
relaxing atmosphere
To be loving and obedient to her
Not going out except with the
husbands permission
Both husband and wife To help each other to follow the
right way and practice Islam and
safeguard him/her against evil
and sins
To be kind, understanding,
forgiving and treat the spouse in
a tender and loving manner
To meet the psychological and
physical needs of the spouse
Focus on positive aspects and
appreciate them. Avoid focusing
on negative ones and try to
tolerate them
Parents towards children o Selection of good parents
o Right to legitimacy
o Right to life
o Right to equal life chances
o Right to general care

Family Planning in Islam and its relation to birth control